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									Dental Assistant Relationships with other Staff

Having a career as a dental assistant is a great opportunity to work with others in the dental
profession. The most common staff you will work with in a dental facility are Dentists, Dental
Hygienists, and the Receptionist. It is very important that you forge quality relationships with the
other staff you work with. The smaller the dental facility, the more important it is as everyone will
have to work well together to allow the facility to function properly.

 Since you will be present for the procedures conducted by Dentists and Hygienists, patients will
quickly pick up on any staffing issues. I went to a dentist for years. He was great to me and my
children. However, he continually was impatient with his staff, especially the Dental Assistants. We
went for cleanings every six months. We loved the Dental Hygienist. However, she was often in tears
over is behaviors. We also noticed that the Dental Assistant staff changed almost every time we came
in. It didn’t take too many years before he went out of business because patients were tired of seeing
the behaviors and he couldn’t find help that would work for him.

Communication skills are a great asset for any profession, but as a Dental Assistant it is a must. You
will be interacting with patients, staff, insurance companies, and family members of patients. It is very
important you are able to make everyone feel comfortable and that you convey the message that you
are approachable. Poor communication skills can result in your career as a Dental Assistant not
working out for the long haul.

To ensure proper communication among staff members, dental facilities need to arrange trainings.
These should be informative, explaining to everyone what is expected as far as interoffice
relationships. It should be clearly stated that lack of respect for co-workers will not be tolerated.
Policies and procedures should also be in place for employers to resolve any conflicts with other
employers. Everyone should know where they are to report and such issues that they can’t work out
with the other staff member or members.

Many dental facilities require staff members to attend communication workshops. These are often
very fun and interactive workshops, showing more effective methods of communication. They
generally include information on individual communication as well as group efforts. These workshops
are conducted by individuals who customize the workshop to meet the needs of your group. This
makes the sitting more intimate and usable in your dental facility.

To help alleviate stress and issues among co-workers, each staff member should be made aware of
what other staff members are responsible for. Many inter-office struggles are the result of workers
believing others are not carrying the same weight. Most employees complete tasks behind the
scenes, so this assumption is based only on what is being seen on the front lines.
Effective communication is essential in the role of Dental Assistant. It is imperative to your career that
you understand various communication styles. It is also very important that you are aware of your
own communication style. You want others to view you as enthusiastic about your job and willing to
assist in anyway possible.

Effective communication doesn’t mean that you let other staff members take advantage of you or
belittle you. It simply means being able to put forth your best efforts to work well with others. You are
all committed to providing patients with quality care. This can’t be accomplished if you have issues of
communication standing in the way.

Most issues that arise from communication is assuming you know what the other person means or
what they will say. Make sure that you reflect back what is being said to you by other staff members.
This way any misconceptions can be resolved up front before they escalate into major issues that
affect everyone’s work performance. Since we all spend so many hours at our place of employment, it
is very important to make it a comfortable place to be.

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