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									The Ouija board, according to any reliable psychic medium, is a tool used
for channeling that allows you to communicate with spiritual entities. The
board has been known to exist since the 14th century, during the era of
Valens, a Roman emperor. It was even said to have been used long before
the time of Christ, by the Greeks. how to make a Ouija board The first ever
Ouija board that was brought into mainstream attention was essentially two
tools that were used for scurrying combined, with a wheel that had several
letters of the alphabet on it and an inverted wine glass. Of course, this
psychic medium tool saw a true peak in popularity when famed board
games manufacturer The Parker Brothers bought the rights for mass
production and has since been one of the most popular board games along
with Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly up this very day. A psychic medium,
however, can definitely attest to the fact that using a Ouija board is no
laughing matter, since there's a huge possibility you may end up talking to
spiritual entities from other planes of existence. It is with the assistance and
guidance of an expert psychic medium that you are able to communicate
with these beings properly, and can even come up with your Ouija board. If
you want to learn how to make a customized Ouija board, take note of the
following steps:

1. Come up with a rough sketch of how you want your Ouija board to look
like. This psychic medium tool usually has a layout of the word "YES"
placed at the top of the circle, with "NO" situated at the bottom. Basically, a
standard board has all the letters of the alphabet forming a circle, starting
with A and ending with Z. For numbers, 1-9 is usually positioned right next
to "NO."

2. You can then materialize that design by using a piece of paper or
something harder, such as a board. If it is made out of paper, it is
suggested that you place it on a piece of wood, a masonite board or on top
of a table.

3. Leave a bit of space around the board's edges in order to make sure that
your makeshift planchette , which can be a custom-made pointer or an
inverted glass, doesn't fall off the sides of the board when you're using it.
4. You can cover the board with some clear coating or even plastic,
ensuring it's the same size as your Ouija board. This would help maintain a
bit slipperiness which would allow for smooth and easy movement of your
planchette      once you begin to use this psychic medium tool to
communicate with spirits.

The 'Spirit Board' also known as the 'Ouija board', 'Talking board' and the
'Devils Oracle' amongst other names is without doubt the most notorious of
all games. With terrible tales passed down from generation to generation
the Spirit board is in essence a 'focusing tool', through which the user(s)
are able to communicate with unknown entities, possibly the souls of those
passed away, or possibly foul creatures who desire only to corrupt the
souls of mankind. online ouija board Guaranteed to instill fear into the
hearts of many, and guaranteed to spark debate, the Spirit board is
surrounded by stories of life-ruining experiences told with teary eyes, and
barely averted Demonic possessions. Harnessing unearthly powers the
Talking board is used to tap into areas of the human-psyche usually left
unused, acting as a bridge between realms if not used wisely is like an
open door between our world and theirs, an open door through which,
without proper precautions taken, anything is free to enter.

How to Play A minimum of two people should be present in order to play
the board successfully, the planchette or pointer should be placed into the
center of the Spirit board and all players are required to lay their fingers
gently upon the planchette.

Players should then take turns to ask questions of the board (taking care
that only one person asks a question at any one time), should a successful
connection have been established with the 'other side' players should
receive a response within a few minutes. If you are in contact with an entity
the planchette should begin to move in response to your question, slowly at
first and then with greater speed and accuracy, either answering with a
simple 'yes' or 'no' or by spelling out an answer using the numbers or
letters upon the board. The Ouija Board Rules Before you play with the
Spirit board there are a few rules you should make yourself familiar with:
how to make a wigi board

Rule number 1 - never play with the Ouija board alone.

Rule number 2 - do not allow the planchette to count down through the
numbers or backwards through the alphabet, to do so would allow the
spirits to escape.

Rule number 3 - place a silver coin or silver trinket upon the Spirit board
whilst in use. Silver is thought to prevent evil spirits.

Rule number 4 - never mention God or other higher deities whilst
conversing via the board, to do so could enrage the spirits if they are of a
negative persuasion.

Rule number 5 - always say 'goodbye', this is the proper way to conclude
your Spirit board session, and prevents spirits or entities from remaining to
cause mischief.

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