Missing Receipt Purchasing Card by xiagong0815


									                                                                             University of Maine System
                                                                                  Purchasing Card
                                                                      Substitute Documentation Form PC-7
                                            Employee Information

Cardholder Name (First, MI, Last)                                                                      EMPLID


Card Number (only last 4 digits)

Vendor Name

Purchase Date                                                        Reason Original Documentation is not available

                                              Receipt Information

  Item Description (Catalog number, produce keywords, etc.)                   Quantity                  Price

                              Notes                                                   Subtotal

                                                                        Shipping & Handling


Purpose:; (ie, meeting refreshments)
                                                                                   Number of
Description of Group                                                                 People
(ie, office staff)                                                                  Attending

 I, the cardholder listed above, have either not received or have misplaced a PCard receipt. Thbe above described
   expense was incurred on behalf of the University of Maine System. No other receipt for this expense has been
                                         sought or accepted from any source.

                                      Employee / Approval Signatures

       Signature of Cardholder              Date                             Signature of Supervisor            Date

  C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\8215178c-49d8-49fa-97a3-4504c97f252f.xls - 6/7/06

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