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Graphic Design
           WHY Emphasis?

• Simplifies readers’ task

• More Visual Interesting to look at

                             (look at sample of Content Page)
           What to Emphasis?
• Decide what is most important
  – Words, Graphics, Phrases

• How to attract Largest amount of audience

• This is the steps to develop a visual hierarchy
  game plan for your page
          Visual Hierarchy

• Refers to the arrangement of visual
  elements such as type and images on the
  page according to their order of
  importance and, consequently, emphasis
         Establishing Visual Hierarchy
              ASK these Questions:

• What is your primary message?

   Which element best communicates this
    primary message?

   Is there a secondary message?

   Which element best communicates this
    secondary message?
Establishing Visual Hierarchy
      ASK these Questions:

 • What is your tertiary message?

    Which element best communicates this
     tertiary message?
    Which visual elements is the most
    Which visual element is the most likely to
     attract or spark the reader’s attention?
             Establishing Visual Hierarchy
                  ASK these Questions:

   Crucial Information?
    –   Suffer if un-emphasized or unclear?

   Unnecessary Information?
    –   OK to delete?
       Visual Hierarchy
• Use visual hierarchy to create focal point
                    Focal Point
• It is the visual elements or part of a page
  that is most emphasized and
therefore where the readers’ eyes
 goes first.

• Secondary and Tertiary focal points are
  called accents.
Which is the focal point?
           Eye Flow Sequence
1. Color image
2. Large Color Fonts
3. Fonts with special effect
   Emphasis Techniques

• Making it the Biggest

        Making it the Boldest

        Making it the Brightest

        Setting type in bold or italic or both

        Adding a special visual effect to the element;
         for example, adding texture to it
    Emphasis Techniques

   Surrounding the element
    w/ lots of white space

          Tilting it at an angle when other elements are

          Placing the item in the optical center of your
   Adding a drop shadow
• Changing color from the rest
• 1
               optical center
• Placing elements in the center of a page
  emphasizes them.
By dividing the page
In half horizontally a
Vertically; then using
the horizontal line as
guide, move up the
page one third of the
remaining distance.
• Invitation Made-over with Emphasis
  – Use some of the emphasis techniques you have
    learned today to do a make –over on the following
    Wedding Invitation

  – Size 8.5 x 11 inches, 200 ppi resolution

  – You can use some wedding pictures off SXC.hu
Email to:
                        Mr. and Mrs. William A. Thomas, Jr.

Jay1@jexpression.com;   Request the honor of your presence

Jay2@jexpression.com;   At the marriage of their daughter
Jay3@jexpression.com;   Cara Margaret
Jay4@jexpression.com    Jason Johnson
                        Son of
                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert J Smith
                        Saturday, the first of April
                        Two thousand and Seven
                        At two o’clock in the afternoon
                        St. Joseph of Cupertino Church
                        Cupertino, California

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