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									                   The Alfa Kilo Challenge
Event Type: Non-profit and non-competitive Off Road Event only for
vehicles equipped with working 4x4 and low ratio transfer case. (Under no
circumstances will non 4x4 or SUV vehicles be allowed to participate)

Terrain: Rock, mud, water crossings, deep trenches and steep hill

Event Venue: The event is being held at Karjat, 120km from
Mumbai/Pune, off the old Mumbai-Pune highway.

Duration and Dates: This is a 2 day event being held on the 25th, 26th and
27th of June. All participants will be required to report to the venue on the
evening of the 25th of June, latest by 11:30 pm.

Food And lodging: All meals and lodging will be provided, only for
confirmed participants, from the evening of the 25th to the morning of the
27th. We will provide both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food
(participants will have to state their food preference while booking).

Lodging is limited to a total of 45 people, so bookings will be done on first
come first served basis. Once this number is met, bookings will close.

 The accommodation which will be provided at my farm house, is dormitory
style only. We have two private bedrooms for the ladies which can totally
accommodate upto 10 people dormitory style.

The toilet’s available are:
   English style x 2
   Indian style x 1
   Outdoor Trench toilets(NCC style) x 3

Alcohol and cigarettes are not easily available, so we request the participants
to carry their own poison.

We request people to avoid carrying unnecessary valuables to the Alfa Kilo
Challenge as no locker facility is available.
Event Details:

  1.    Reporting for the event is on the 25th of June 2010, latest by 23:30
  2.    The event will commence at 9:00am on the 26th of June. All
        participants will be briefed, and the various recovery equipment/
        techniques used on the trail will be explained, prior to the
        commencement of the event.
  3.    Participants will be randomly handed out AKC numbers which need
        to be displayed prominently on all vehicles.
  4.    Depending upon the number of vehicles, the participants will have a
        staggered start with smaller groups of 6 to 10 vehicles at a time
        entering the trail. This will help maintain order on the trail and
        prevent any mishaps.
  5.    The Event will continue throughout the day and into the evening. On
        the event day a light lunch will be provided on the trail.
  6.    This event is non competitive but the terrain to be traversed is
        difficult and Participants must follow instructions and exercise self
        discipline at all times.
  7.    Participants should understand their own and their machine's
        limitations and not cross these limits.
  8.    All vehicles must be mechanically sound 4wd vehicles, serviced and
        thoroughly checked one week prior to the AKC.
  9.    Seat belts are mandatory for driver and co-driver.
  10.   A maximum of 3 people per vehicle will be allowed to travel during
        the event. At each major obstacle only the driver will be allowed to
        be inside the vehicle. The occupants can observe from a safe
  11.   No drinking alcohol while driving on the trail.
  12.   Please refrain from smoking on the trail to help prevent any
        ecological damage.
  13.   These instructions are not exhaustive. Participants should exercise
        the maximum possible caution.
  14.   At any given obstacle no more than two people should help with
        spotting/rigging the vehicle for recovery.
  15.   This is a totally non-profit event.
                               Vehicle preparation

         Vehicle should be serviced 1 week prior to the event (all hoses,
          brake lines, cables and fluids to be checked and replaced if
         Carry a basic list of spares pertinent to your vehicle
         Ensure you have a minimum of 3/4th tank of fuel before
          entering the trail.(low fuel in the tank will lead to fuel
          starvation at extreme angles)
         Check the condition of your tyres and stepny.
         Ensure you have your basic vehicle tool kit and jack.
         We will provide a mechanic with minimum tools to help with
          minor problems and quick fixes when out on the trail only.

                                 Event Schedule

Date              Activity                                Start Time    Time
                  Reporting time for AKC at Karjat              17:00      23:30
 25th June 2010
                  Dinner & Bonfire                              21:30
                  Breakfast                                      7:00       8:00
                  Briefing & Demonstration of Recovery
                  equipment & Techniques                        8:00        9:00
                  AKC Staggered start at Trail Head             9:00        9:30
 26th June 2010
                  Light Lunch on trail - Approximate           13:00
                  Report to Base - Approximate                 18:30
                  Dinner & Bonfire                             21:00
                  Breakfast                                     8:00
                  Group Picture and distribution of AKC
 27th June 2010
                  memorabilia                                  09:30
                  Departure                                    10:00
                                 Do’s And Don’ts

                 Do's                                     Don’t's
Maintain a safe distance of at least 15    Smoking while on the trail.
feet between vehicles at all times.
Wait for the vehicle in the front to       Throw your litter out (bin bags will be
traverse the obstacle and park before      provided to every vehicle and collected
moving forward.                            at the end of the day)
Before the driver exits his vehicle for    Break convoy, follow the person who
any reason ensure engine Is shut off,      was in front of you from the start.
pull the hand brake and also engage
1st gear to prevent the vehicle rolling.
Respect the rules of the trail.            Honk while on the trail
Respect your fellow participant.           Play loud music or shout on the trail.
Respect nature/ the environment

Individual safety while on the trail

      Every individual should have a raincoat.(no umbrellas please)
      No Chappals/sandals will be allowed, shoes only (at least ankle length)
      Exercise caution while picking up rocks etc (these are favourite hiding places of
       snakes, scorpions etc.)
      Always be aware of your surroundings and movement of vehicles on the trail.
      Please ensure you carry any medicine you may need as the nearest chemist is 7km
       away, over bad roads.
      Every individual will have to sign an indemnity form on the 25th of June.
      Please carry a flashlight/Insect repellant.
Booking information/cost per person:

The cost per individual for the AKC is Rs.1500 only. This includes food,
lodging, tea and snacks plus AKC memorabilia.

The booking amount has to be paid in full before 15th June 2010.

The Amount of Rs.1500 to be paid via DD or online funds transfer.

The DD is to be made out to Kunal Bhaskaran payable at Pune.

Please contact Mr. Kunal Bhaskaran for online account details if you wish to
make an online funds transfer.

Contact Details:

Mr Kunal Bhaskaran cell: 09881341144

. The cut off date for booking is 15                June 2010

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