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									                                 Passive Voice
What Is Passive Voice?
In passive voice, the focus is on the object of the active voice. The subject is not
important, or it is not mentioned.
For example:
Active                                       Passive:
Shakespeare wrote Hamlet in 1599             Hamlet was written by Shakespeare in 1599
The dog buried the bone                      The bone was buried

The Object of the Active Verb Becomes the Subject of the Passive Verb
Active                                     Passive
Everybody eats food.                       Food is eaten by everybody
Your roommates created this mess           This mess is created by your roommates
The professor wrote the calculus midterm   The calculus midterm is written by the professor
Note that we always use by to introduce the Passive Object

What are Advantages of the passive voice?
1. Emphasizes the receiver, events, or results of an action.
2. Avoid assigning responsibility or soften the responsibility.
3. Avoids the first person

When to use passive voice?
    1. When the object is more important than the subject
    2. When the doer is not of interest

Practice Problems
Decide whether the following sentence is written in the active or passive voice.
       1. At this very moment, chopsticks are being used by more than a billion
          people around the world.
       2. Firecrackers and sparklers were developed in China as many as 5000 years
       3. Tara took the next flight to Moncton.

Change the active voice into the passive voice in following sentences.
      4. Joseph founded this institute in 1908.
      5. They purchased this house last year.
      6. I used to break into pet shops.

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