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Photo Story Directions Click start Point to all programs and click on


									Photo Story Directions

    1. Click start
    2. Point to all programs and click on Photo Story
    3. Click on begin a new story and click next

Save Pictures and Music
   4. Save pictures before you start your project or
         use pictures you saved for your Prezi presentation
   5. Click on
   6. Username and password will be provided
   7. Click in the streaming box and type noun
   8. Move down to media and click on the down
        arrow and select song
   9. Click on Jazz Up Nouns
   10. Under the player click on download now and save
        song on your jump drive.

Add Pictures
   11. On the Import and arrange your pictures page,
       click on import pictures
   12. In the file browser dialog box, browse to your
        jump drive where you saved pictures
   13. Add all your pictures (to add more than one picture
        at a time, press and hold the CTRL key and click on
        the pictures you want to add and then click ok)
   14. You can drag a picture to change the sequence
   15. You can click a picture in the filmstrip and click edit
       to change the appearance of the picture by rotating
       it, adjusting the color, fixing red eye or adding effect.
   16. Click next when you are finished making changes to
       your pictures

Adding a Title

    17. On the add a title to your pictures page, click
        the first picture and type Nouns in the text box
        to the right of the picture
    18. You can pick a font style or where you would
        like to align your text
    19. Click on some of your other pictures and type titles
    20. Click next when you are finished
Adding Sound

   21. Narrate your first picture
   22. Click on the red record button to record
       and the blue button to stop.
   23. Preview your presentation to hear your
   24. If you are satisfied click next
   25. Now add your music
   26. Click on your second picture because
       your first picture will have your
       recorded voice
   27. Click on select music and browse to your jump drive to locate music
   28. Click next
   29. Save your Photo Story presentation

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