Planning Halloween Costumes by xiagong0815


									Planning Halloween Costumes: Gangster 1920 in Action

Halloween costume parties are fun and exciting. Each is expected to wear their own
clothes and see what others have chosen. A good suit for such parties to the 1920's
Halloween costumes. These costumes may be different dressing styles. One of the
most popular dressing styles are 1920's gangster. In 1920, many changes occurred in
the economy and lifestyle as well. Gangster costumes were popular for both men and
women and they are still in fashion. If you see a gangster costume, you will find a lot like
today's suits. It is true that the suits we see today has been influenced a lot of gangster
costumes. The original 1920s gangster costume can make you look good and attractive
to other people.
You may have a 1920's gangster clothing to a Halloween party to attend. Some tips can
help you get a great costume. First you must decide your right size, and also you have
to choose how you want your gangster suit. These suits are often called Zoot suits. It is
often that it is better if you buy a ready-made gangster costume. The shop you fit into
different sizes and they sell suits when they buy the costumes of professional tailors. If
you order a tailor to make you a suit, he cannot make it perfect as a tailor does not suit
them every day. So it is better, especially for girls’ gangster suit to get a shop.
1920'S gangster suit is made mainly of check printed clothes and trousers and suits use
the same cloth. Concrete colors are more common in these costumes. If you choose to
wear a Zoot Suit as more colorful costumes may be appropriate. Costumes need
special shoes to wear with. If you do not choose the right type of shoes when your total
outfit can be a failure. Do not destroy the suit with some shoes that are not matched
with the suit.
Some extra accessories can improve the perfection of your costume. A Tommy gun You
can take you to the party. A gun in your hand to make a perfect gangster look of the
past. Little mustache can be used to your personality. Hats are essential gangster
costume. Get a flap hat, which is also known as a sun hat. These hats hide a certain
part of your forehead and make you look mysterious. The gangster suit is really smart
and can look very handsome in those suits.
Choosing The Right gangster suit can be even easier if you take the help of online
sellers. There are many online sites sell and you can buy from them. You can select
your size and place an order for the suit if you know your correct size. Do not waste
your money if you do not know your exact size. You can also find accessories to suit
that makes your outfit more related to the theme.

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