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Social Networking and Commerce
 Consumers are skeptical of traditional marketing
 A friend’s recommendation is trustworthy
 Brand identities get tied to personal identities
 Consuming is more of a social experience

 Greenopolis seeks to increase awareness and recycling activity
 by engaging social networks with green blogs and video
Organizational Mission:
 Integrate four organic growth Initiatives into one
 consumer oriented organization that leverages up core
 services and Innovative Technologies for consumer
 engagement and loyalty.
  1. Think Green Rewards
  2. Curbside Recycling
  3. GreenOPs
  4. Greenopolis
 What is Greenopolis
      What is Greenopolis.com?
                                                                    Product vendors
                                                                  sign up as partners
• Greenopolis was created to raise                                 and register UPCs
consumer awareness of the
importance of recycling and to engage     Packaging is recycled                            Consumers
users on green issues so that they         and re-used in new                           purchase & use
                                            vendor products                              products, learn
might learn, explore and participate in                                                 about GreenOps
offline WM recycling activities

• Bloggers and Greenopolis TV cover
green issues, events and news                 WM collects kiosk and               Consumers            Consumers earn
                                               curbside recyclables            recycle product          points for each
                                                                                packaging at a           item recycled
• Content gets cross-posted on Kiosks,                                         WM GreenOps                (userpoints)
YouTube, Facebook , Twitter and                                               Kiosk or curbside
others                                                                          pickup tracked
                                                                              using the iPhone            Points are
                                                                                application or          redeemed for
• Points earned offline are tracked and                                       TGR Community            Green Products
                                                                               Program (beta)             (ubercart)
redeemed at Greenopolis.com
                                          More Info:
Rewards for Recycling
   Rethink           Recycle          Reward
             Kiosk Stations

             Curbside Pickups

                - TGR Communities

               - iPhone Application
Kiosk Pic 1
Kiosk Pic 2
iPhone Pic
Curbside Pic
Why Drupal for Greenopolis? 1
 Drupal is Flexible
   There is a module for everything.

   The system of nodes, fields, triggers and rules gives Drupal
   the foundations to be used an application development
   Module hooks give developers the ability to hook into and
   customize any point of the web application.
   Greenopolis benefits because the team is impacted by
   many stakeholders and scope changes frequently (SCRUM)
Why Drupal for Greenopolis? 2
 Drupal is Popular
   Popular in the open source community, and growing
     Increases the number of 3rd party modules and tools available
     Increases the base of knowledgeable resources to hire
     Increases the volume and responsiveness of social support
   Popular within Waste Management
     Developers more likely to say “Yes we can do that”, and fast
     Many users have given feedback that Drupal is easier to use than
     other traditional ERP systems (with some tweaks)
     Other WM website teams are considering a switch to Drupal from
     the current CMS’s developed in-house
Why Drupal for Greenopolis? 3
 Drupal is Powerful
   Drupal & LAMP can be fine-tuned
     Built-in CSS & JS caching
     Web server caching : pressflow & varnish
   Drupal can be scaled up for volume
     Load balancers
     Multiple web servers
     Multiple DB servers
     Shared file directories (unionfs)
     Clustered storage solution (glusterfs)
How have we used Drupal?
 Roles, Content Types and CCK Media and Video Upload modules are used
 to allow Greenopolis bloggers and TV videos to be posted and managed
 Userpoints module is used to grant users points for participating in
 recycling programs, and the Ubercart module provides the foundation for
 the reward system
 FBConnect module lets people login using their Facebook accounts and
 Service links and TweetMeMe modules let users easily share content
 Zen-based themes and the Sections module enable
 ThinkGreenRewards.wm.com and Greenopolis.com to be the same site
 The Services and custom modules allow integration with the Kiosk
 recycling machines and iPhone scanning application
 Core framework encourages modular approach to team development
Key Projects
 Upgraded Drupal from 5.15 to 6.x (along with >100 modules)
 in a 2-hour downtime window using Drush and bash scripts
 Integrated with recycling systems and partner rewards
 Rebranded Greenopolis with a new logo & design theme
WM Greenopolis Technology Platforms
    Devices                                             Applications
    In development                                      In development :
•   GO Station -001 > Interactive - Pet / HDPE          • GreenOps Database
•   GO Station - 002 > Interactive - Aluminum / Glass   • Greenopolis Redesign
•   GO Station - 003 > Passive – Various Materials      • Think Green Rewards Point Bank and Catalogue
•   GreenOps Tracking Symbol                            • Consumer/Product Tracking Applications

    Future State/Pipeline:                              Future State/Pipeline:
•   GO Station-004 > Interactive – Custom Materials     • Cell Phone Apps
•   Green Tracker Units (CPG / GreenOps Branded)                    > Virtual UPC Code
•   Cell Phone Interaction                                        > Integration Into Greenopolis
•   Third Party RVM Integration
                                                        • Heavy Industry Tracking Application
•   Handheld and Stationary UPC Scanners
                                                        • MRF Integration Into Segmentation Technology
Where we are now?
       From asking why Drupal?


        Why NOT Drupal?
Future State of Drupal in WM
 We realized and articulated our philosophy to be that a software built on a foundation of
 quality, pride, and love of the subject is superior, if not equivalent, to software built on a
 foundation of profit.

 We have a roadmap to improve and change application architecture to leverage Drupal

 Piloting drupal across different apps: ThinkGreenRewards, WM, internal issue tracking system

 We realize that stable, well adopted Open Source Software can (and in our case, DOES)
 significantly reduce costs.

 The 100% (yes, this is true) uptime of Greenopolis’s Drupal is compelling enough that the
 business does not question our selection of technologies – they are interested in successful
 and sustained outcomes.
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