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									 Class Picture
 Goes in this
New Berlin 2011-2012
Graduated from UNF with a degree in
Elementary Education. She loves her 2
dogs, organizing things, and fourth grade!
This is her 5th year at New Berlin.
• School hours are 8:25-3:10. The late bell
rings at 8:30.
• Please send composition books and
plastic folders.
• Paperwork coming your way! Please fill
out and return ASAP.
8:45 – 9:15 RTI
9:15 – 10:15 Writer’s Workshop
10:15 – 11:15 Reader’s Workshop
11:20 – 11:50 Lunch
11:50        Switch Classes & Recess
1:55 – 2:35 Resource
2:40         Dismissal
Lunch is 1.60
You may:
• Send a check (New Berlin Cafeteria)
• Send cash
• Add money online
• Make sure your child knows how they
are getting home.
•Bus routes can be checked in the front
• If you need a new car tag visit the
•Help support our school by joining the
PTA for 5 dollars.
• The money helps purchase supplies and
supports many of our school events.
• Classes with the most PTA participation
are awarded.
•Please take a chance to stop by our class
wish list on the bulletin board by the
door. All donations are truly appreciated!
•Also, please send in your old ink
cartridges and cell phones. They can be
recycled for cash for our classroom!
Please sign up if you are interested in
helping out! There are opportunities both
in and outside of the classroom.
Our best and most frequent method of communication
will be your child’s agenda. Conduct grades and homework
will be written there daily. Please initial each night.
Another great tool is our class website
Email me at or call 904-714-4601
ext 210. I’ll try my best to return calls and emails within
24 hours.
Mrs. Thompson and I will conference together Monday
afternoons and Tuesday mornings.
• There will generally be homework every
night except over the weekends. Spelling
on Mondays and Thursdays. Reading on
Tuesday and Wednesdays.
• Homework for the week will be written
in the agenda every Monday.
• Read every night for 20 minutes to help
meet your 2500 page reading goal.
A different student will
take Chewy home each
weekend. Food & bedding
will be provided (though
we always need
donations!) He’s very
well behaved, isn’t
stinky, and doesn’t
scurry. Be brave, sign up
to pig sit!
Please purchase your fourth grade class t-
shirt for $8 each. Cash only  Any extra
you are able to pay will go towards
helping provide a shirt for every child. It’s
wonderful to match on field trips and
special days!
for taking the time to attend Orientation!

 I’m looking forward to this school year
   and can’t wait to meet you and your

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