Directions to the Farm from Montreal by xiagong0815


									Driving Directions to the Farm and Jay Peak from Montreal
     Head out of Montreal south towards the US boarder.
     Hwy 10 to Hwy 35 to Hwy 133
     Canadian Hwy 133 becomes US 89 South.
     Get off 89 at Exit 21. Turn LEFT at end of off ramp onto Rt. 78
     Follow Rt. 78 for several miles through the countryside. At one point the road takes a
      sharp LEFT as it goes thru the crossroads of one small town…
     At the junction of Rt. 78 and Rt. 105, make a LEFT onto Rt. 105
     Follow Rt. 105 for about 8 miles to the town of Enosburg Falls
     At the stop sign in Enosburg Falls, turn LEFT and continue on RT. 105 through town
     Follow Rt. 105 as it turns RIGHT at the top of the hill and continue towards the
      Mcdonald’s ahead on your right.

  Then to get to the Farm:

     At the intersection where the Mcdonald’s is, turn LEFT.
     Follow that road for about 5 miles. You’ll come to the “town” of Berkshire, with a village
      green on the Right, and an antique store called “The Old Jolly Store” on the left. The road
      you’re on will make a right-turn around the village green.
     About a half-mile past Berkshire is an intersection with a school on your right. Turn
     After you turn right and drive by the school, you’ll see a wood fence on the other side of
      the road. Parking will be in the lot just past the school, by the baseball diamond.

  Or to get to Jay Peak:

     Continue on Rt. 105 past the McDonalds on your right.
     At the intersection of Rt. 118, turn RIGHT onto 118.
     Take Rt. 118 for about 7.5 miles. The first town you’ll pass through is Montgomery, and
      you’ll want to stay to the right as you go through the town center. The next town is
      Montgomery Center.
     Turn LEFT at the far end of Montgomery Center, at the intersection with Rt. 242. The
      intersection has a small market on the left and the Snowshoe Inn on the right.
     Take Rt. 242 up and over the hill. As you come around the top you should see the
      gondola and some of the ski runs of Jay Peak. The entrance to Jay will be on your left.
      Follow the signs to the main lodge area.
Directions from Jay Peak to the Farm
There will be a shuttle bus running between Jay Peak and the Farm on the day of the wedding,
and we encourage everyone to use that instead of driving themselves to (and especially from) the

       Turn RIGHT out of Jay Peak onto Rt. 242
       Take Rt. 242 around and down the hill into Montgomery Center
       Turn RIGHT onto rt. 118 at the intersection of Rt. 242 and Rt.118
       Take Rt. 118 about 7.5 miles until it hits Rt. 105 at a “T” intersection
       Turn LEFT onto Rt. 105 and be ready to turn RIGHT onto Berkshire Center Road
       Follow Berkshire Center Rd. for a few miles, you’ll know the Farm when you pass it.
        Parking is in the lot just before the school

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