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                                                        911 Franklin Street
Weekly Newspaper                                    Michigan City, IN 46360

                                     Volume 23, Number 29 Thursday, July 26, 2007

                        Bright Yellow Flying Machine
                                                                by Cherie Davich

 Editor’s Note: Once again, feature writer Cherie Davich takes to the sky, this time in the media seat of the Lima Lima Flight Team’s stunt plane.

  The G-force of the Lima Lima, a T-34 Mentor                              when inflated, the vest has the look of the actress
plane, would have taken my breath away if I had                            Mae West. Climbing into the sparkling yellow Lima
not been so focused on keeping my camera straight.                         Lima had the familiarity of climbing onto a horse.
Sitting behind the veteran pilot of nearly 40 years,                       After sitting down, the pilot, Skip Aldous, code name
I was able to experience the exhilaration of being a                       Scooter, began to strap me to my parachute which
passenger.                                                                 then was attached the plane’s seat. Then, he ex-
  As the #15 aircraft started to taxi down the run-                        plained how to extricate myself if the plane should
way, my anticipation of the liftoff was slowly build-                      go down. Of course, in the seven years he has been
ing. I had been warned that some passengers can-                           flying the media in the stunt plane there has never
not hold down their breakfast. A bag to my right                           been a need to parachute out. He further stated that
near the roof release was a constant reminder.                             in all his years of flying he personally has never had
  Before boarding the plane, my life preserver, nick-                      to leave his plane in this unorthodox manner.
named Mae West was placed around my neck and
then tied around my waist. From what I deduced,                                                           Flying Machine Continued on Page 2

                                                                  And We’re Off

Page 2                                                                                                                                                        July 26, 2007
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Flying Machine Continued from Page 1                                                                         and pull my Mae West flotation device cord.
   But, nonetheless the first step is to unbuckle the                                                            Luckily, none of that actually happened. What did
strap that is securing me to the seat. Then, pull the                                                        occur was a thrilling ride of twists, turns, a tremen-
bright yellow lever to release the clear plastic dome                                                        dous force, and a fabulous view. My head and cam-
over my head. Pull my body up out of the seat and                                                            era did more turning and twisting than the plane to
then proceed to stand on that seat facing the wing                                                           capture the beauty of the clouds, the lake, and the
to my left. Now DIVE out of the plane making sure                                                            other Lima Lima’s that flew very close to each other.
I clear the wing. Once the plane has been cleared,                                                           The pilots of these yellow machines have incredible
pull the ripcord with both hands. Skip then said                                                             skills to fly in such accurate, perfect formation with-
once my feet hit the water, to take off my parachute                                                         in such a close proximity to each other.

                                                        My Pilot, Skip into the plane                                                   Fueling Up

                                                     My husband, Jerry Before Take Off                                           We finally take to the sky.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                       Page 3
   At the Gary Air Show on Friday, July 13 through
Sunday, July 15th spectators craned their necks                               Open ‘til 6 p.m.
to catch a glimpse of the planes at the 3rd largest                             Evenings
over water air show in the U.S. The view from the
ground makes onlookers OOOHHH and AAAHHH.
The view from my passenger seat received the same
response. The ironic aspect is the planes are so close
that the passengers can actually see each other               Elegant Apparel for the
wave. What a surreal moment to be in a plane fly-            Fashion Conscious Woman
ing over the lake, look over, and see another person                                                 Women’s Apparel
waving at you. What was even most exciting was it
was my husband, Jerry in a plane next to mine.

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   While Skip and I were waiting to get the all clear
to take off, we had a few moments to talk. In Au-
gust of this year he will be celebrating his 40th an-
                                                              Up To 50% Off
niversary of flying. During his air-born career he
flew a plane at dusk at a low altitude to catch drug
                                                                     Bring in This Ad, and Receive
runners. He stated that it was exciting and reward-             an Extra 10%           Off Your Total Sale
ing. There were a few times that he was shot at, but
nothing more serious than that. Catching drug run-                   409 Alexander Street, LaPorte, IN 326-8602
                                                                    409 Alexander Street LaPorte, IN 326-8602
ners was one of his duties during his 29-year stint                                                of Lincolnway
                                                                      On Hwy 35 - 5 Blocks South of Lincolnway
as an Air Force pilot between 1965 and 1994.
                                                                              Turn right on Alexander
                                                                              Turn Right on Alexander
                                                                    Monday - 10 am to 6 pm Saturday 9:30 to 5
                                                                Monday-FridayFriday 9:30 to 7 Saturday 9:30 am to 5 pm
                       Flying Machine Continued on Page 4

Page 4                                                                                                     July 26, 2007
Flying Machine Continued from Page 3
   According to the website, “Since
formation flying is a uniquely military activity, the
Lima Lima Mentors are painted in original Navy
training colors. (The only exception to this is the
black tail band, which has become the Lima Lima
trademark.) The “Lima Lima” name was derived
from the FAA designator for Naper Aero Club field,
which is LL-10, hence the LL on the tails of our air-

                                                                  Yes, We are at an Angle. That’s Lake Michigan below.
                                                         makes it easy for the air show crowd to observe the
                                                         near collision feats. There can be up to 14 different
                                                         routines. One such routine is deemed the “Heart.”
                                                         Two planes fly next to each other coming from high
                                                         in the sky, they continue together to do a loop, end-
                                                         ing up facing the sky. At a particular point in the
                                                         sky, one heads to the left, the other to the right both
                                                         doing a loop that comes to a peak. While the loop is
                                                         being performed, the plane emits smoke so a heart
                They are Coming to Entertain You         appears in the sky.
   “The Lima Lima Flight Team demonstration is              To experience one of these feats this summer visit
flown with six airplanes, it includes several forma-      their website, There are a still a few
tion configurations, from the six ship wedge and          shows that can be seen in Illinois this month and in
double arrowhead, to the basic finger four and dia-       August through December.
mond formations.”

                                                           Leaving Formation
                     Where are they going?

   “Above all, the Lima Lima Flight Team stresses
precision formation flying, and keeping the team in       Inside Viewing Outside
front of an air show crowd during all of its maneu-
vers, from take-off to landing. Lima Lima has per-
formed in air shows from coast to coast and border
to border, thrilling more than 100 million spectators     If you would like to
with the beauty and grace of their precision perfor-     see these images in
mances.”                                                   visit The Beacher
   The Lima Lima website also states that the team               website
flies with six planes, but during the media dem-
onstration, seven planes were used. With the top
speed at 175 miles per hour and at only 3,800 feet it

July 26, 2007                                                                                             Page 5

                             1851 Lake Shore Drive - Michigan City

  3,500 square feet of new construction of Lakefront living over 3 floors with elevator access to the 700 square
  foot rooftop terrace with unobstructed views of Lake Michigan, the Chicago Skyline and Lake Kai.
                                                                                                Only $1,595,000

                             1304 Lake Shore Drive - Michigan City

                               40’ wide buildable lot available for only $975,000
              Additional 40’ wide buildable lot can be combined to create an 80’ wide buildable lot.

                       Please contact Bill McLinden at (708) 822-4204
            or visit our website at for more information

Page 6                                                                                          July 26, 2007
      Auditions at Footlight Theatre                      DAF presents “Middle School Mayhem”
   Auditions will be held at Footlight Theatre, 1705       Since mid-June, an exciting and groundbreak-
Franklin St., Michigan City, for the play “Dearly       ing collaborative effort has been taking place at the
Beloved” to be directed by Sarah Laurinas and pre-      Dunes Summer Theatre in Michigan City, IN. Our
sented Oct. 5-7 and 12-14.                              new director of education has challenged theatri-
   The cast calls for 4 men and 7 women.                cal novices aged 12-14 to write, produce, and act in
   The Futrelle Sisters, Frankie, Honey Raye and        their own play based on issues that are important
Twink, are throwing a wedding. Frankie has almost       to them.
made herself sick with elaborate preparations for          This weekend, the public can view their original
her daughter Tina Jo’s antebellum-inspired wed-         production self-titled “Middle School Mayhem.” The
ding, and the rumor mill in their small town of Fay-    writers/cast members include: Abbey Jones, Adam
ro, Texas, is working overtime. No surprise there,      Kerr, Colleen Muldowney, Ellen O’Donnell, Rory
the Futrelle Sisters have never been strangers to       Speck, Brianna Weers, and Marjorie Weers. This co-
gossip. After all, they did survive the scandalous      medic, kid-friendly production has been made pos-
breakup of their almost-famous gospel singing trio,     sible by the deft work of our students with guidance
The Sermonettes. All is lost completely when word       from Peyton Daley with additional direction from
reaches the church that Tina Jo and her fiancé have      Mike Dunbar, and Cortny Kramer.
fled Fayro and eloped. The sisters ultimately pull to-      This (one hour) piece of theatre is a comedic pro-
gether to find ways to keep the unsuspecting guests      file of what might happen when a boarding school for
in the pews while a highway patrolman races off to      girls receives their first male student and is based
track down the runaway bride and groom. As a last       on how we deal with rumors. A brief Q&A about the
resort, and to the delight of the citizenry of Fayro,   writing process will follow each performance.
Texas, The Sermonettes reunite and sing again.              Show dates and times: Thurs., July 26, 10 a.m.,
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists        Fri., July 27, 10 a.m., Sat., July 28, 7 p.m., and Sun.,
Play Service.                                           July 29, 7 p.m. Tickets are $5.
   Auditions will be held on: Sat, Aug 11 2-5 p.m.;        The Dunes Summer Theatre is located Michiana
Sun, Aug 12 & Mon Aug 13 7-9 p.m. For more infor-       Shores, IN. Box Office: 219.879.7509. Website: www.
mation, phone 219-874-4035 (Theatre).         

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                     Page 7

     4121 S. Franklin St.
     next to Rodini’s Restaurant

     2146 N. Karwick Rd.
     next to Hacienda Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                                                               Larry Middleton
                                                                                                                                                                                        Licensed in Indiana & Michigan
                                                      2701 Roslyn Trl.,                                                                   501 Lake
                                                        Long Beach                                                                         Shore
                                                     Restored, not re-
                                                     modeled!!       The                                                                     Dr.,
                                                     stately grace has                                                                   Michigan
                                                     been retained and
                                                     complimented with                                                                      City
                                                     structural, mechani-                                                                Great op-
                                                     cal and decorative                                                                  portunity
                                                     upgrades during the                                                                                             133 Shorewood Dr., Long Beach
                                                     last two years. The                                                                 to turn
                                                     gated entry wel-                                                                    this old          Fantastic 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Long Beach
                                                     comes you to a won-                                                                                   on Lake Claire. The house is perfect & the view is
                                                                            house into something new or tear                                               unbelievable! Open concept, vaulted
  derland with fountain, brook, bridge and slate paths,
  centered by the Gazebo and hot tub. Overlook the                          down and build your dream home!                                                ceilings, 4 season porch and great
  extensively landscaped property from a 15’x20’ deck                       Home is situated on 3 lots. Lots of                                            court yard! #188583        $529,000
  off the main level. Balconies off the master bedroom
  and main level offer peaceful privacy. The wet bar,                       potential waiting for your ideas!                                                Call Larry Middleton @ 874-2121
  selectable sound system, and spiral staircase to the                      #185385                    $285,000                                                           ext. 19
  game room are the spice for summer fun and en-             Rick              Call Dianne Phegely @ 874-2121                            Dianne                                                                  Larry
  tertainment. #191312                       $724,500
      Ask for Rick @ 874-2121 ext. 36                       Remijas                         ext. 29                                      Phegley                                                               Middleton

                2708 Duffy Ln., Long Beach                                               2604 Shorewood Dr., Long Beach                                            3711 Powhatan Trl., Michiana Shores
  Lake Clare to the front, the Fairways of Long Beach                       This classic contemporary 3-4 bedroom was built in 2004 and is loaded with     Beautiful 3388 sq. foot 4 bedroom home, minutes from
  Country Club as your backyard and short walk to                           all the bells and whistles you would expect in this price range. Home offers   the beach. Features include a screened porch, cement
                                                                            granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, Jenn                          patio, 3 decks, whirlpool, sauna, 22 x 40
  Lake Michigan Beach. Enjoy this 3700                                      air dual fuel oven, 93% energy efficient furnaces/AC,
  sq. ft. 4 bedroom, 31/2 bath home with                                    with a brick and cement board exterior. This beautifully                       great room, wood stove, large dining
  3 porches and all the 1st class ameni-                                    designed home has an open concept design with the                              room, fieldstone fireplace, large L-shaped
  ties expected in a custom residence                                       best of both worlds in formal and informal dining op-                          kitchen with 11 windows, all custom cabi-
  of this quality. Call us for details.                                     tions, bonus room, inviting fireplace and large deck off                        nets, unlimited possibilities in the 2800 sq.
                                                                            great room to enjoy the private wooded view. A home                            ft. basement, garage and all on 4 lots. Take
  #147469                       $699,000                                    you can truly live in and enjoy! #186252     $629,000                          a look at this one! #137652        $579,900
   Call Steve or Barbara Beardslee @       Steve & Barb                      Call Pat Mathews-Janasiak @ 874-                         Pat Mathews-           Ask for Larry Middleton @ 874-2121            Larry
           874-2121 ext. 37 or 18           Beardslee                                   2121 ext. 26                                    Janasiak                             ext. 19                     Middleton

                 2228 Oriole Trl., Long Beach                                               104 Felton, Michigan City                                               319 Maplewood Dr., Shoreland Hills
  Golf or Beach, That is the Question!-- and there is an easy               Just blocks from the Lake. Enjoy the Beach                                     Lots of room in an attractive and functional floor
  answer--2228 Oriole Trail on the Long Beach                               and this area of newer homes. Home sits on                                     plan. Two bedrooms and a bath on the main level
  CC fairways. Golf is in your back yard, and                               two corner lots, which is completely fenced in.                                and two spacious bedrooms with another bath
  the beach at Stop 23 is a short walk just a                               Home was added onto and remodeled in 1975,                                     up. Kitchen opens to Family Room. Full base-
  few blocks north! Big yard, big deck, big fun                             and the bathrooms where updated in 1990.                                       ment is unfinished and suitable for improve-
  on .7 Acre site with four bedrooms, 21/2 baths                            Large family room is great for family gather-                                  ment as recreation room, offices and bedrooms.
  in this 2002 construction. Contemporary floor                              ings. Now is your opportunity to live within                                   Level 75’x 100’ lot fronts Maplewood Drive and
  plan with informal flair. #176700 $739,900                                                                                                                extends to Duneland Drive. #171097 $279,900           Rick
                                                     Rick                   block of Lake Michigan. #181275 $299,000          Maria                                                                             Remijas
    Call Rick Remijas @ 874-2121 ext. 36          Remijas                                                                   Losiniecki                     Ask for Rick Remijas @ 874-2121 ext. 36
                                                                                      Ask for Maria Losiniecki

Page 8                                                                                                 July 26, 2007
                                                                          Cabaret at the Box Factory
   Arboriculture is the art and science of maintaining trees
  as part of a complex system in our environment. The aim            For one night only
  is to keep a constant balance of the ecosystem in order to      from 6-10 p.m. on
  reduce disease and death and maintain vigor and growth.         Aug. 3rd, the Box Fac-
                                                                  tory for the Arts, 1101
                                                                  Broad St., St. Joseph
                                                                  becomes “La Boite”
                                                                  for a cabaret celebra-
                                                                  tion of Paris. It’s the
                                                                  Berrien Artist Guild’s
                                                                  annual       fundraiser,
                                                                  “Paris in the Box,”
                                                                  and promises to be the
                                                                  soiree of the year.
                                                                     The cabaret show
                                                                  will feature Paris-
                                                                  born chanteuse Clau-         Chanteuse Claudia Hommel
                                                                  dia Hommel who cur-
                                                                  rently lives in Chicago. She will perform a selection
                                                                  of songs celebrating the Paris of Edith Piaf, Charles
                                                                  Trenet and Yves Montand and the Paree of Jose-
                                                                  phine Baker, Cole Porter and Audrey Hepburn. Ac-
                                                                  companying her will be accordianist Don White and
                                                                  bass player Carol Rand of Chicago. Some of our fa-
                                                                  vorite local musicians have been invited to “sit in”
                                                                  for a tune or two.
                                                                     The buffet dinner of French/American food will
                                                                  be presented by Jim Small of the Outdoor Kitchen
                                                                  with baguettes from Panera Bread and desserts fur-
                                                                  nished by Kilwin’s, Bit of Swiss, Elliott’s and some
  TREE ISSUES IN YOUR YARD?                                       of the Box Factory’s own gourmands. Wine for the
                                                                  evening will be the Box Factory’s own special label
 Hi! My name is Christian Siewert and I am president of           furnished by Tabor Hill Winery with Perrier pro-
 C & A Arborists Inc. I am a certified arborist and have           vided by Martin’s Supermarket. Samples of French
 been caring for trees for over 15 years. We work with an         cheeses from Old Europe Cheese will be available
 environmental attitude and aim to preserve the valuable tre-     for tasting.
 escape in the harbor country region. Our services include:          Tickets for the event are $50 per person and in-
                                                                  clude dinner, two wine tickets, desserts, cheeses and
                  • Tree Trimming                                 the cabaret show. Suggested attire is casual artiste.
              • Landscape consultation                            Reservations are required by July 28. A French-
                 • Plant health care                              themed raffle will be held throughout the event and
                                                                  there will be a chance to rendezvous with Claudia
                    • Diagnostics
                                                                  and her musicians for autographed CDs in the eve-
              • Removal and replanting                            ning’s afterflow.
  If you would like to know more about how arboriculture             Major sponsors for the evening’s festivities are
                                                                  Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council, Tabor Hill
   can enhance your property, call me for a consultation.         Winery and Restaurant, Lake Magazine, Lexus of
                                                                  Mishawaka, and Chase. Proceeds from the fund-
                     Christian Siewert                            raiser help support the Berrien Artist Guild’s Arts
                                                                  Endowment Fund at the Berrien Community Foun-

  C & A Arborists                                                 dation and the many arts programs held at the Box
                                                                     For additional information or reservations, call
                                                                  the Box office at 269-983-3688 during normal gal-
                                                                  lery hours of 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Mon.-Sat., or Sun. 1-4

     269-756-2571                                                 p.m. Visit the Box Factory online at www.boxfacto-
                                                         or e-mail to boxfactory@sbcglobal.
                                                                  net. For more on Claudia Hommel, visit her online
 Harbor Country, Michigan   E-mail:

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                                                         Page 9

                              Indiana Dunes              Donna Hofmann
                                               COLDWELL BANKER Residential Brokerage
                                                                         Chesterton Office

  Dune Acres. LAKEFRONT…just steps to beach. Warm                Dune Acres. Not just LAKEVIEWS…but incred-                          Dune Acres. Rare offering! LAKEVIEW building
  woods, beamed ceilings, new chef’s kitchen, main floor          ible lakeviews! High on a bluff, this charming vin-                 site with a history. Woods and rolling dunes was once
  master, 2 guest suites, 2 fireplaces. Multiple decks, very      tage cypress & limestone ranch offers your own                      the homesite of Sen. Paul Douglas, preservation pio-
                                               $1,499,000                                                $1,100,000                  neer of the Indiana Dunes. High, dry, town water and
  private terrace. Garden.                                       slice of heaven.                                                    around corner from beautiful beach.         $449,000

  Dune Acres. LAKEVIEWS. Reminicent of a                         Dune Acres. DUNETOP. Glimpses of the lake &                         Porter Beach. LAKEVIEWS. 280 degree panorama of
  French country cottage, this spacious & charming               incredible treetop views from this charming quad-                   windswept dunes, Lake Mich & the IN Dunes State &
  vintage home offers such charm, space, privacy                 level beach home. Beautiful LR/DR, cozy eat in                      Natl Park. A New England style shake offering beau-
  & beautiful native landscape. Flagstone walkways               kitchen, private bedroom wing & huge family                         tiful spacious 3 level interior. Inground pool/cabana.
  lead to terrace overlooking the lake.   $739,000               room. Around corner from great beach. $525,000                      Extra lot could be excluded.               $1,295,000

  Beverly Shores. LAKEFRONT. Surrounded by Natl                  Beverly Shores. LAKEFRONT. Elegant but informal                     Beverly Shores. Excellent open floor plan w/walls of
  Park, this sprawling contemporary offers inspiring             w/an open plan that offers walls of windows, formal LR              windows, galley kitchen & 1st floor office. Spacious
  lake views from every room. Private master suite,              & DR, custom kitchen, family room w/fully equipped                  bedrooms open to balconies. Loft. Two fireplaces. Wrap
  huge ‘fun to cook in’ kitchen, office/library & much            wet bar seating six. Master suite w/office. Elevator. Out-           around decks & walkways thru the WOODS. 2 blocks to
  more. Furnishings could be included.     $1,299,000            door kitchen & hot tub overlooking lake. $1,750,000                 beach.                                      $549,000

  Beverly Shores. WOODS. Surrounded by woods & wetlands          Beverly Shores. New Listing! WOODED. This ‘like new’                Beverly Shores. Coastal style cape that’s absolutely ‘MOVE
  offering an unusual open two level floorplan. Spacious great    prairie style 4 bdrm/4 bath home offers an open plan w/central      IN’. Newly renovated, decorated, furnished and landscaped.
  room incl. living, dining and white on white fully equipped    4 sided fireplace to enjoy from all the formal spaces & kitchen.     3 bedrooms/2 baths. Charming living room w/fireplace, for-
  kitchen, master suite, 3 guest bedrooms, family room & li-     Mission style red birch cabinetry, solid surfaces, SS appliances.   mal dining room, 4 season sunroom and very spacious galley
  brary. Huge screened porch.                       $475,000     3 finished levels. Flat screen/surround incentive. $695,000          kitchen. Being offered fully furnished. Darling! $419,000
                         Preview these & other fine properties on my website at

Page 10                                                                                                                     July 26, 2007
                                                                                        “Kiss Me Kate” at Memorial Opera House
                                                                                          Two Portage High School graduates take on Cole
                                                                                       Porter’s biggest and best musical, “Kiss Me Kate,”
                                                                                       at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso.
     SATURDAY, JULY 28                                                                    Bryan Conger a 1997 graduate and Craig Gol-
                                                                                       besky at 1998 graduate, participated in “Godspell”
     WE’RE OPEN                                                                        and “The Wiz” while student actors at Portage High
                                                                                       School. Now they are testing their friendship and
     ‘TIL MIDNIGHT                                                                     artistic visions and combining their passion for the
                                                                                       theatre as they collaborate for the first time.
  Cruise the Red Arrow Highway until Midnight                                             Conger and Golbesky are familiar faces to regu-
     for fun, shows, discounts, excitement,
               specials, and more.                                                     lar theatergoers in Northwest Indiana. Conger has
                                                                                       been on stage in shows such as, “Chicago,” “Parade”
1. STUDIO FINE ART SHOW & SALE Join Susan Henshaw and her friends at
    her home studio/gallery. See her latest works from her artist-in-residence         and “Titanic.” Golbesky has been recently seen in
    at Porcupine Mountains State Park. 5 p.m. – midnight. (269) 469-2018               “Titanic,” “Pajama Game,” both of which he vocal
2. THE PLUM TREE What are we doing staying open until midnight? Are we                 directed.
    crazy? No, Mad! 15% off everything including our many one of a kind items.            Both are experienced directors as well. Conger
    6 p.m. – midnight. (269) 469-5980
                                                                                       has directed the award winning “Little Shop of Hor-
3. LOCAL COLOR GALLERY Come join us for the one & only sale that we have
    all year long. 20%, 30%, and even 40% off artwork in the gallery. 6 p.m.           rors” at the Memorial Opera House and Golbesky
    – midnight. (269) 469-5332                                                         directed “Damn Yankees.”
4. ACORN GALLERY The collision of two forces, that of the Revolutionary                   Now they take on a one of a kind musical, KISS
    Element made up of enthusiasm and red lyricism against the Force of                ME, KATE. music and lyrics by Indiana’s own Cole
    Inertia and reactionary resistance to tradition. Spread official State of
    Flux documents available at the Acorn Gallery. (269) 469-5278                      Porter. This musical is a play-within-a-play where
5. JOHN A. KNUSEN WORKSHOP/GALLERY Enjoy the work of John A. Knusen,                   each cast member’s on-stage life is complicated by
    artist of various media. View oil on canvas, woodcuts, and copper etchings.        what is happening offstage. Musical numbers in-
    Come meet John, enjoy his work, noon – midnight. (773) 919-1724                    clude Why Can’t You Behave, So In Love Am I, Wun-
6. PATTY’S PICKS Join us for our 8th annual “Green Dot” sale. Lots of                  derbar, Tom, Dick or Harry, Were Thine That Special
    bargains. All day – all night. Don’t miss the madness, 10 a.m. – midnight.
    (269) 469-1919                                                                     Face, Too Darn Hot, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, I
7. ON THE LOUNGE SLIPCOVER STUDIO More madness at On the Lounge                        Hate Men, Always True to You (In My Fashion) and
    with wine and 25% off all fabric from 8 p.m. – midnight. (269) 469-4354            Another Op’nin, Another Show.
8. HEARTHWOODS COTTAGE DESIGN Shoppy Hour is back!! Join us for                           Show Date: August 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, @ 8 p.m.
    summer cocktails and appetizers all day and all night. 10% - 25% off               and August 12, 19, 26, @ 2 p.m.
    all in stock outdoor furniture. 20% off item of the week and a $50 gift
    certificate drawing. 10 a.m. – midnight. (269) 469-5551                                Tickets are: $16/adults, $13/students & seniors.
9. HARBERT ANTIQUE MALL Antiques & Collectibles from over 50 dealers.                     Tickets are available through the Memorial Op-
    Voted most popular antique shop in Harbor Country by Lake Magazine                 era House Box Office, by phone at 219-548-9137, or
    readers. Dealer discounts up to 20% or more from 6 p.m. – midnight.                in person. The Memorial Opera House is located at
    (269) 469-0977
                                                                                       104 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, IN. Box office hours:
10. BEVERLY HAMMEL, INC. View the original work of artist Julie Dobies.
    Inspired by nature and light, Julie’s oil paintings evoke a mood of calm and       Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. You may also visit www.
    comfort while imparting an elegant simplicity. Meet the artist from 1 p.m. to purchase tickets.
    to 5 p.m. & from 7 p.m. to midnight. Prints will also be available. (269)
11. CRAIG SMITH GALLERY Join us for our month-long first year anniversary
    celebration with an artists’ wine and hors d’oeuvres reception. Meet
    artists Stephen Moss, Sylvia Ziontz Harry Borgman, Shawn Schanck,
    Janet Bloch and others as they discuss their new work. 5 p.m. – midnight.
    (773) 750-7528
12. THE OPEN TRUNK Join us for the “Lunacy” of Moonlight Madness. See our
    new gallery of handmade vintage wood tables, lamps and oil paintings by
    Vincent, as well as our usual collection of great jewelry, gifts, & funky stuff.
    Lots of discounts & fun! 8 p.m. – midnight. (269) 469-1950
    Country Guide cover girl, Bathing Beauty! This sculpture is available in
    many colors! Limited edition, signed posters available as well! The work of
    our guest artists will inspire you! Noon until Midnight. (269) 426-3003.
    friends, will be on hand as the day’s events kick off with Artful Saturdays,
    for children from 1 to 3 p.m. Be ready to indulge in our Flaming Discounts.
    Enjoy the Sweet Treats of Artist John Trusk! (269) 426-8226
15. CATHERINE DOLL CLOTHING Join us for a pre-party kickoff “with tropical
    drinks” celebrating Fashion Week in Sawyer that will be held Columbus Day                9912 TOWNLINE ROAD, UNION PIER, MI
    Weekend. Preview a Fall Collection. 11 a.m. – midnight. (269) 426-3958                     JUST OFF RED ARROW HWY, AT THE LIGHT
                                                                                                 11:00–6:00 WED–SAT NOON–5:00 SUN
    Look for the Moonlight Madness signs to find the                                                  OPEN LATE, 7 PM ON THURS.
                participating businesses.                                                    SHOPMARGARETS@GMAIL.COM 773 919 0373

July 26, 2007                                                                                    Page 11

                                                                                               LE LISTING
                                                                                            TIP           S




                                                     Stunning lakefront views from this
                                                  upgraded great room through the wall to
                                                  wall windows and from granite countered
                                                  kitchen. Perfect 5th floor center location.

      Beautifully appointed 3 bedroom,
     2 bath condo. Master suite includes
      in-room whirlpool and a spacious
          private master bathroom.

                                                  Awesome views of Lake Michigan and the
                                                  private sandy beach of Dunescape Beach
                                                   Club viewed from this 24 ft. balcony.

         Rebecca Miller      Judy Crawford      Judith Dillon-Farley
                Broker/Owner                 Realtor                     Realtor

    Specialists in Beach Area Condominiums!
                               (219) 872-0588 • (800) 578-6777

Page 12                                                                                                                   July 26, 2007
   “Peter Pan & the Cirque Dahook” is Ken Brels-                                                   Acting Theatre Presents
foard’s 4th original play about Peter’s problems liv-
ing on Earth. After their wonderful adventures with                       too. Mudpie (Taylor Bowen) swings and swings.
Wendy, John and Michael, Peter (Judith Joseph) and                        Twirp (Juliana Hancock) mirrors Mikey underneath
Tinkerbell (Kaitlyn Kiley) got lost on the way back                       the swing. Don’t blink--you might miss something!
to the Neverland because a speck of something flew                            The audience soon learns that the Cirque Dahook
into Tink’s eye. Instead of taking the second star                        has come to town led by Tony Dahook (Doug Moon).
to the right and straight on ‘til morning, they took                      Accompanying the creepy Dahook are his front man,
the third star to the left and landed in a cornfield in                    Smee (Kevin Firme); his knife loving niece, Sinthia
Nebraska! When they finally found Wendy (Helen                             (Shannon Kiley); and his adoring cook, Voluptua
Williams) she was a grown up lady with a daughter                         (Mary Fridh). So, who is this Tony Dahook? A ring-
of her own named Wendy Jane (Sarah Murray).                               master of a famous circus? A corrupt mobster boss?
   This summer Peter and Tink are going to visit                          The swiniest, doggiest, slimiest crook in the book?
Wendy’s grown up brother, John (Don Peiffer). John                        Yes! It’s Captain Hook!
is a lawyer and has a son named Mikey (Ryne Ri-                              Hook and his cohorts in crime have kidnapped the
ley). Wendy Jane is staying at her uncle’s for the                        children of the Lost Children for his circus. Next we
summer because her mother is busy making per-                             see the sneaky Smee and the sinful Sinthia captur-
sonal appearances at Disney World. John has built                         ing Tiger Rose (Emily Murray) and Mikey to be in
a magnificent playfort for Mikey in the backyard                           the Cirque with Peter, Tink and the Lost Children.
complete with a swing, a slide, a dock, a vine and a                      Carumba! What will happen next?
trellis for climbing.                                                        Tony Dahook and John strike a deal to have the
   The show opens with the Lost Children discover-                        Cirque Dahook perform a midnight show in John’s
ing the wonders of the playfort set to music. Tootles                     backyard. They are unknowingly on to each other’s
(Sophia Gardner-Orbovich) crawls on the ground                            plans and are both thinking, “Now I’ve got him
and peeks between the stairs. Speshul (Natalie Ri-                        where I want him.” Meanwhile, Peter and Tink,
ley) finds the twisting vine. Chickpea (Jaszia Or-                         Wendy Jane and Mikey, Tiger Rose and the Lost
lowski) slides down the fast slide and flies all over                      Children have finally figured out (with a little help
the place. Mikey and his bear have fun on the slide,                      from Sinthia) that Tony Dahook is none other than
                                                                          the Captain Hook! Hook is quick thinking and
                 Smee (Kevin Firme) and Sinthia
                    (Shannon Kiley) kidnapping
                     Tiger Rose (Emily Murray).

                                                  John (Don Peiffer) and Peter (Judith Joseph)   Voluptua (Mary Fridh) comforting Captain Hook
 Mikey (Ryne Riley) is flying in the Neverland      point to a place where dreams are born…       (Doug Moon) because no one cares about him
      playfort built by his father, John.                          Neverland!                                 anymore. Boo hoo!

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                 Page 13
Peter Pan & the Cirque Dahook                                                 Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages:
                                                                           You are invited to attend “Peter Pan & the Cirque
turns this discovery to his advantage by making                            Dahook” at The Acting Theatre of Michigan City,
Peter an offer he cannot refuse. If Peter agrees to                        215 W. 10th St. There’s something for everyone:
celebrate his own birthday, with a cake baked by                           comedy and drama, music and dancing, a circus and
the not so virtuous Voluptua, Hook will let all the                        a swordfight, and the everlasting magic of the Nev-
kids in the Cirque go home after the midnight show.                        erland.
Peter agrees and solemnly leads the children away                             Showtimes are July 27, 28, 29, and August 3, 4,
to get ready for the show. Hook and Voluptua share                         5, 10, 11, 12. Friday and Saturday shows start at 7
a dance together--the silliest waltz ever! This is as                      p.m. Sunday shows start at 4 p.m. Tickets are $12
close to romance as Hook is ever going to get.                             and $8 for children 13 and under. Group rates are
   The midnight Cirque rehearsal includes some big                         available. Please call 219-872-4221 for information
fun audience participation! You could be invited to                        and reservations.
march on stage and play a “musical” instrument                                “Peter Pan & the Cirque Dahook” is directed by
with Peter, Tink, Tiger Rose, the Lost Children and                        Ken Brelsfoard and Mary Fridh. Fridh is also the
the pianist (I’m a pianist, not a piano player” Janet                      Diction Director. Tom Montgomery is the Technical
Lustick). Tiger Rose tells her story to the Lost Chil-                     Director and Lighting Designer. Terry Alexapby is
dren by singing “I’m An Indian Too.”                                       the Technician. Choreography is by Judith Joseph.
   Other musical numbers include Peter and Mikey                           Costumes are by Joseph and Sarah Murray. And
in “I Gotta Crow,” Captain Hook and his pirates in                         Carol Nolan is the backstage Godmother to all the
“Captain Hook’s Waltz,” Peter and John and the                             kids.
Lost Children in “I Won’t Grow Up,” Peter’s “Never-                           Acting Theatre is a local theatre dedicated to cre-
land,” and Wendy telling her daughter, Wendy Jane,                         ating a place where kids who are training in theat-
about love and life in the song “The Second Star To                        rical disciplines can mix with adult actors, dancers
the Right.” Wendy is back from Disney World and                            and musicians not only to present a show, but to
she’s just in time for the bad birthday cake, a very                       learn as artists and grow as people. The Acting The-
exciting sword fight and the return of the pirate eat-                      atre initiative is “Playing it Forward For the Kids.”
ing crocodile.                                                             And “Peter Pan & the Cirque Dahook” is the show
                                                                           for kids of all ages.
                                                                                           ------submitted by Nancy Murray

                                                Listen! Peter (Judith Joseph) and Mikey (Ryne
                                             Riley) can just barely hear Tinkerbell (Kaitlyn Kiley).
                                                               Her tink is so faint.

Smee (Kevin Firme) prevents Tinker-
bell (Kaitlyn Kiley) from warning Peter
 about the dangerous birthday cake.
                                                                                                        The beautiful Wendy Jane (Sarah
                                                                                                       Murray) dances and dreams of Peter
                                                                                                         saving her from Captain Hook.

                                          Peter (Judith Joseph) and the Lost Children sing and dance
                                                              “I Won’t Grow Up.”

Page 14                                                  July 26, 2007
                 “Hooray for Hollywood!” With the SMSO

                                 Soprano Diane Penning

                   Join the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orches-
                tra under the stars as they bring to life some of the
                most beloved movie tunes of our time at their sec-
                ond beach concert of the season, “Hooray for Hol-
                lywood!,” Sat., Aug. 4th at the Shadowland Pavil-
                ion, St. Joseph, MI, beginning at 8:30 p.m. Arrive
                early with a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the
                pre-concert entertainment, which begins at 6 p.m.
                MI time.
                   Movie music will work its magic for an unforget-
                table evening. Soprano Diane Penning joins the or-
                chestra and will charm you with well known tunes
                and her wardrobe full of gowns. Diane has had her
                voice described as “clear, free flying and of exciting
                timbre”, and “thrilling...exquisite...with gorgeous
                top notes.”
                   The concert promises to be an unforgettable eve-
                ning as the Orchestra, together with Diane, per-
                form many of your favorite movie music including
                “Summertime,” “Mary Poppins” Medley, “Call Me
                Irresponsible,” “What Are You Doing the Rest of
                Your Life,” “The Sound of Music” Medley, “Summer
                of ’42,” and many more.
                   A limited number of picnic tables (10 tickets and
                2 VIP Parking Passes $300.00) are still available.
                Food and beverages will also be available from local
                vendors including Classic Catering and EspressGo.
                Beer will be provided by OK Distributors and Wine
                from Tabor Hill Winery. Carry-ins and coolers will
                not be allowed. The pre-concert entertainment will
                begin at 6 p.m. and features local talent.
                   Advanced tickets for the Aug 4th concert are $15/
                adults and $8/children under 12. Tickets are $20
                and $10 respectively at the door. Tickets can be pur-
                chased at Gallery on the Alley, St. Joseph Today and
                the Symphony Office all in downtown St. Joseph,
                and Roger’s Foodland on Hollywood Rd. They are
                also available by phoning the Symphony office at
                (269) 982.4030 or online at

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                            Page 15

                                                                                                      Micky Gallas Properties
                                                                                             123  (219) 874-7070 Beach
                                                                                              CRS  (219) 874-5249 City
                                                                                              T (269) 586-2350 Michigan
       Micky Gallas                                                                              
   ABR, CRS, e-PRO, GRI,
            SRES                   Long Beach • Michigan City • New Buffalo
     Cell 219/861-6012

             B e s t o f B ot h W o r l d s - B e a c h a n d G o l f
                          ISTING                                                         2302 Fairway Drive
              NEW L
                                                                                           Hidden Shores
                                                                                    Beautiful location & easy floor plan!

    Views of Long Beach Country Club golf course & Lake Claire, this 3-4
    bedroom home offers space for everyone. Relax in the screened porch,
       perfect for summer evenings & additional space for entertaining.
                        Beach rights at Stop 23! Motivated Sellers!                                                  Offered for $410,000
                          ISTING                                        MUST
                                                                                     SEE!                                               ISTING
              NEW L                                                                                                          NEW L

      2905 Roslyn Trail • Long Beach                       102 Garden Trail •Pottawattomie Park                  161 Brookhollow Court • Long Beach Cove
                  $379,000                                                 $199,000                                               $195,000
  Close to the Lake, this 4 bedroom, 2 bath                Fabulous & charming 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath               Only lot available on scenic Lake Claire!
  brick home sits on a beautiful oversized                 all brick home in desirable area. Beauti-             Over 14,000 sq ft to build your dream
  lot. All new Pella windows, remodeled                    ful brick fireplace & hardwood floors in                home! This lot has been deeded out of
                                                           living room. Spectacular master suite
  main floor bath, central air, refinished                                                                         the association so owners are responsible
                                                           with upgraded bath. Large bedrooms,
  hardwood floors, newly finished base-                                                                            for their own lawn maintenance & that
                                                           updated kitchen, finished basement, new
  ment, new septic system & many more                      septic system July ‘07 & fenced rear yard             also means no monthly association fees!
  updates! This gem in Long Beach won’t                    with spacious deck. Don’t miss this very              Quiet cul-de-sac surrounded by beautiful
  last long!                                               special home!                                         homes!

 Shirl Bacztub, GRI      219/874-5642   Ellen Holloway*, GRI   219/878-3721   Deb Kozachenko          219/324-5805   Randy Novak*, ABR, CRS, e-Pro, GRI, 219/877-7069
 Megan Campbell*         219/861-3683   Maria Jackson*         269/369-7477   Ken Larson              219/873-7101   Barb Pinks                         219/325-0006
 Judi Donaldson, GRI     219/879-1411   Kathy Bricker Kehoe    219/873-4426   Shawnta Leeks           219/871-9312   Pat Tym*, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES      219/210-0324
 Laurie Farrell*, GRI    219/871-0526   Susan Kelley*          219/874-5610   Daiva Mockaitis*, GRI   219/670-0982
 Jamie Follmer           219/851-2164   Tina Kelly             219/873-3680   Debbie Novak            219/362-4603   *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan
 Joe Gazarkiewicz        219/861-3750   Karen Kmiecik          219/210-0494

Page 16                                               July 26, 2007
                        Geocaching/Survivor Event
                   Test your skills and teamwork, face down your
                fears, have fun with friends and family, and learn
                history, all at the same time during a family-style
                “survivor” competition, July 27-29, at Mississinewa
                   A portion of the event features geocaching, which
                is an entertaining adventure game for GPS (Global
                Positioning System) users. A GPS unit is a battery-
                operated device that can determine one’s approxi-
                mate location.
                   Those interested should register now in teams
                of three to five people each for this event, which is
                a unique blend of history and modern technology,
                hosted by Upper Wabash Interpretive Services.
                   During the event, GPS users can use location co-
                ordinates to find the hidden containers (“caches”).
                Event participants will search for caches across
                Mississinewa Reservoir property and learn about
                the area’s rich history as they go.
                   Finally, there will be a survivor style competition
                using the knowledge and materials found with the
                caches. Participants will make a hunting tool, give
                first aid in the midst of a battle, and struggle to ob-
                tain water as one would have done before wells and
                water pumps.
                   Teams can choose to compete at both finding the
                caches and surviving the skills challenges or just
                enter one part of the weekend’s events. Participants
                will meet in the Miami State Recreation Area at
                Mississinewa at the modern program shelter.
                   Participants should bring camping equipment
                and make their own camping reservations. Geocach-
                ers may also visit and use waypoint
                GC143TM to get more information, or look up the
                Mississinewa Geocaching Challenge with ZIP code
                    To register for or get more information on the
                Mississinewa Survivor Challenge, phone (260) 468-
                2127. There is a $3 program fee per person for this
                event, plus the usual daily weekend gate fee for en-
                tering the property, $5 per in-state vehicle and $7
                per out-of-state vehicle.

                                                      Patio Seating
                                                       CARRY OUT
                                                     Open for Breakfast
                                                     Sat. & Sun. 8 a.m.
                                                      Open 7 Days
                                                        A Week

                               (219) 878-0688
                     501 Center Street • Michigan City, IN

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                  Page 17

        The Escape                                                               The Getaway
        2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms                                                 3 Bedrooms | 2-1/2 Bathrooms
        2,012 Square Feet                                                        2,454 Square Feet
        $339,500                                                                 $374,500

        The Hideaway                                                             The Retreat
        3 Bedrooms | 2-1/2 Bathrooms                                             4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms
        2,902 Square Feet                                                        2,963 Square Feet
        $399,500                                                                 $414,500

         “It’s like modern camping...”                                                                          —Hannah M., age 11

            Just 60 miles from Chicago, with two swimming pools, tennis court and nature trail.


                                          Close to Home. A World Apart.
                                          A development by UrbanStreet Properties, LLC

Page 18                                                                                                 July 26, 2007
                                                        Footlight Opens Season With “Our Town”

      TAG SALE
      August 4th and 5th

            Donn and Bev Kelver
              1734 W. 400 S.
                LaPorte, IN
        (On 400 South, 1/4 mile east of
       Hwy. 39 - Kingsbury School road)

  Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                       (L-R Standing)- Crystal Schlegelmilch, Emil Cripe, Flanna McGowan,
                                                               Donald Beck, Nancy Gorske. (Seated) - Michael Little.
                       and                                Thorton Wilder’s “Our Town” opens Footlight
                                                       Theatre’s 58th season on Fri., Aug 3rd at 8 p.m.
  Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.                       This three act play is, perhaps, the most frequently
                                                       produced play by an American playwright. It is set
                                                       in the fictional community of Grover’s Corners, in
          Owner Downsizing                             a 1930’s theater. Through the actions of the Stage
      Cash or Check with proper ID                     Manager the town of Grover’s Corners is created for
                                                       the audience and scenes from its history between
                                                       the years of 1901 and 1913 play out.
   Antiques, Collectables, 6 board blanket chest,         It is a story of character development that details
    unusual antique Decoys, Books, Brass ship          the interactions between citizens of an everyday
    lantern, Music, Instruments, Art, Old fishing,      town in the early 20th century through their ev-
    sports equipment, Lures and Tools, Baskets,        eryday lives (particularly the lives of George Gibbs,
   Bamboo rod, 5’ long x 51” high Walnut Display       a doctor’s son, and Emily Webb, the daughter of
   cabinet, Coins, Cameras, Wood carving tools,        a newspaper editor). It won the Pulitzer Prize for
                                                       Drama in 1938.
  Gardening items, Gourds, Sterling, Glass, China,
                                                          Presented by special arrangement with Samuel
   Records, Toys, Snowboard, Household items,          French, Inc. Co-directed by Janice Rice and Pau-
        Furniture, Clothing - adult, 8 and teen        lette Lisek, the cast includes: Natalie Gibson and
                   And much more.                      J. Brock Vinson (both of Chesterton), Tim Brown
                                                       (Crown Point), Michael Little (Fair Oaks), Donald
                                                       Beck, Emil Cripe, Emily Eisele, Evan Messman,
             Tag Sale Annie’s                          Suzanne Miller, Merle Miller (all of LaPorte), Sam-
                 Elizabeth Ridenour                    uel Campos, Drew Carter, Duane Chase, Berna-
                219-362-5594                           dette Edwards, Shirley Everly, Patrick Firme, Nan-
                                                       cy Gorske, Laima Kaukaitie, Marie Luckett, Dale
                                                       Luther, Marge Luther, Zachary Malcer, Flanna
                                                       McGowan, Lori Patterson, Ken Patterson, Crystal
                FOR SALE                               Schlegelmilch, Araya Stahoviak, and Breanna Web-
    3 bedroom brick/wood ranch home on 2.75            ster (all of Michigan City)
    acres. Additional large structure provides            Additional performance dates are Aug. 4, 5, 10, 11,
    finished office area and storage, enhanced           12. Friday and Saturday curtains are at 8 p.m. with
                                                       Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. Doors open 15 minutes
    by beautiful, mature, country landscape.           prior to curtain. Tickets are $10. Sorry credit cards
           Information available at                    are not accepted. Reservations are recommended;
 DAD9729                       phone 219-874- 4035 or online at www.footlightplay-
                                              Reservations will be held
             Phone 219-362-1768                        until 15 minutes prior to curtain unless secured by
                                                       the presentation of a Season Gift Card or by pay-
                                                       ment in full. Footlight Theatre is located at 1705
                                                       Franklin St., Michigan City.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                Page 19

  RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES                                                           Bonnie “B” Meyer 219-874-2000

                           GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES!

        217 Hoosier – Michigan City                201 Willowbend Dr – LaPorte                  219 Adahi Trl – Michigan City
  QUIET SETTING teaming with wild-            FISH in the LAKE, SWIM in the                BLOSSOMS UNDER A CANOPY
  flowers, cared for with underground ir-      POOL at this spectacular architect de-       of hardwoods explode surrounding this
  rigation. Interior features include hard-
  wood floors, granite counters, cathedral     signed contemporary. Blossoms enve-          urban cottage located only .6 mile from
  ceilings, sky-lights, whirlpool tub, hot    lope the one acre wooded site. A roofed,     spectacular Lake Michigan Beach. Styl-
  tub, security system, private screened      screened, & heated pool insures carefree     ish colors & swank finishes applaud the
  porch with tree-top sundeck & every-        enjoyment. Relish lake views & lake          great use of space including tree-top
  thing’s new in 2003. The unconventional     breezes. 3 bedrooms share 1.5 baths on       screened porch, two story great room
  floor plan brings the out-of-doors inside
  & encourages casual or formal entertain-    each level with a practical floor plan that   with brunet hardwood floors, black &
  ing in all seasons. The 12,000 sq ft lot    incorporates Fieldstone, cedar & glass       white galley kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3.5
  guarantees privacy. Worth every cent of     with massive beams supporting soaring        baths & dynamite front porch. Exclusive
  the asking price,                 $498K     ceilings.                         $669K      listing for $389K.

       2004 Juneway Dr – Long Beach                  125 Shadow Trl – Michiana                1512 Lake Shore – Michigan City
  TWO SHORT BLOCKS separate this 3            MICHIANA            CONTEMPORARY             60’ OF LAKE MICHIGAN BEACH
  bedroom/3.5 bath classic summer house       boasts deeded beach rights. 3 bedroom/3      FRONT & breathtaking lake views bless
  from miles of sandy Lake MI beach. Cot-     bath, one owner home perched on a            this 4 bedroom, 3 bath cedar sided lake
  tage charm joins hardwood, stainless &      wooded dune guarantees privacy. Enjoy        home. Enjoy sights & sounds of Lake
                                                                                           Michigan through massive windows
  granite. Fireplace, whirlpool & private     wrap-around deck off kitchen, dining &
                                                                                           beneath soaring vaulted ceilings. Wrap
  rear decks help decompress the weary        living room with fireplace where Mexi-        around decks & patios encourage out
  soul. Friendly gathering areas & quiet      can tile opposes white washed vaulted        door living. Three car garage & addition-
  corners supply a perfect summer floor        ceilings. Dramatic master suite with loft    al off street parking convenient for family
  plan for relaxing & entertaining. Low       rests high above great room. Enjoy fam-      and guests. Gently rolling dune provides
  taxes, carefree exterior & reduced price    ily room with 2nd fireplace, beach bath &     easy beach access for young & old.
  all say “this one won’t last!”  $459K       path to miles of sandy beach.    $764K                                          $1.8M

Page 20                                                                                      July 26, 2007
                                   The Benton Harbor ArT hOp
   WHEN: All events happening on Fri., July 27th,       present his fourth non-fiction book. Released for
6-9 p.m. MI time. The public is invited, (no charge     sale June 30th, it’s a product of his hard work re-
for admission) munches, & wine by Tabor Hill.           searching the history of Sister Lakes. Rasmussen
   WHERE: Tabor Hill Wine Tasting Room & Gal-           has three other books to his credit, they are: Paw
leria del Corazon (wine & words with a book sign-       Paw Lake, A Hundred Year Resort History, 1890
ing.....), 80 West Main Street, Benton Harbor, MI.      – 1990 (1994), Images of a Lake (pictorial of Paw
   It’s time for the Second Annual Wine and Words       Paw Lake, 1996), The History of Deer Forest and
event in the Benton Harbor Arts District. It’s ArT      Little Paw Paw Lake. Website: www.swmichigan-
hOp night, the once a month get-together for those
who love hanging out with the creative crowd.              Mystery writer, Debra Brod, will wow the audi-
   Novelist Laura Caldwell joins the event this year.   ence with her latest, Heartstone. Ask her about how
A former trial lawyer, Caldwell’s first novel, Burn-     she writes from the male point of view. Her website:
ing the Map, was selected by www.barnesandnoble.
com as one of “The Best of 2002.”                          Other ArT hOp locations include:
   Following her debut mystery, Look Closely, came        WHERE: Benton Harbor Gallery of Fine Art ....
what the Chicago Sun-Times called “her most excit-      the newest gallery in the arts district! 124 Water
ing book yet,” A Rome Affair.                           Street. Featuring world renowned artist Greg Con-
   Caldwell continues as an Adjunct Professor of        stantine
Law at her alma mater, Loyola University in Chi-           WHERE: The Livery Microbrew, 190 5th Street,
cago.                             Benton Harbor. Grab a micro-brew and visit the up-
    Joining Caldwell is author Barbara D’Amato.         per balcony art exhibit.
She lives in Chicago but hails from Holland and           WHERE: Majestic Art Gallery, 90 West Main St.,
Grand Rapids. Well-known for using local color in       Benton Harbor. Featured artists: Sharon Mott, Lud-
her works, she has used southwest Michigan as the       ington, Michigan; Josh Andres, (metal sculptures)
setting for two of her mysteries. Her most recent is    Benton Harbor, MI
Death of a Thousand Cuts. Her website is: www.            WHERE: New Territory Gallery & The Studios                                       @ 210 Water Street (located on Water street next to
    Rick Rasmussen, local historian and author, will    Brammel Supply).

                                                             the NEW purple moon
                                                                        New Buffalo, MI

                                                        featuring the largest selection of

                                                                   in Harbor Country

                                                             plus casual fashion • handbags
                                                           fun jewelry • candles & spa products
                                                                shoes & much, much more!

                                                        122 N. Whittaker St., New Buffalo, MI

July 26, 2007                                                                         Page 21

                                                    Located at US 12 and Karwick Road

                                                    2 bedroom 2 bath units are 1185 sq. ft

                                                    3 bedroom 2 bath units are 1473 sq ft

  Private garages available
  Less than 5 minutes to Lake Michigan
  On-site management

  Call to reserve our 3 bedroom completely furnished unit.   Fully equipped fitness center
                                                                  Clubhouse with pool

Page 22                                                                    July 26, 2007
                                       Singer/Songwriter at Box Factory
   Interested in                                                 Singer/songwriter Car-
   Becoming a Volunteer?                                      ol Johnson has delighted
                                                              audiences for more than
                                                              20 years with songs that
                                                              sparkle with energy and
                                                              celebrate life. On Sat-
                                                              urday, July 28, at 8 pm,
   Volunteer opportunities                                    the Grand Rapids singer
                                                              makes her first Box Fac-
   are available at                                           tory appearance.
   Saint Anthony Memorial.                                       Tickets at the door are
                                                              $8. For students and se-
   For more information                   Carol Johnson
                                                              niors, age 60 and up, tick-
   call Shirley Sjoberg at         ets are $6. Children 12 and under are free when ac-
   (219) 877-1421.                 companied by an adult. Carol’s music will especially
                                   appeal to children. She has produced seven CDs,
                                   four of which were devoted to children.
                                     Hundreds of children have enjoyed her popular
                                   “Music with a Message” at elementary school as-
                                   sembly programs, libraries, camps and churches.
                                   She has sung at the Grand Ole Opry, at Wolf Trap
                                   International Children’s Festivals, and been fea-
                                   tured with the Grand Rapids Symphony, the Meijer
                                   Gardens Summer Family Series and with the St.
                                   Cecelia Music Society Youth Choirs.
                                     Through a series of songwriting sessions with
                                   children at “high risk” in her hometown, she and
                                   the children created songs of peace, which became
                                   her latest CD, “Circle of Peace.” She has performed
                                   as far away as Russia and most recently in North-
                                   ern Ireland.
                                     Carol’s warmth and compelling insights and her
                                   wonderfully crafted compositions will delight Box
                                   Factory children of all ages.
                                     The Box Factory for the Arts is located at 1101
                                   Broad St., St. Joseph, MI. For more, visit www.
                          or phone the Box office 10
                                   a.m.-4 p.m., Mon. through Sat., or Sun. 1-4 p.m.

                                                          Every legacy begins
                                                           with the first step.

                                            Union Pier                         Cathy Smith &
                                                                               Maureen Culp
                                    Contemporary Villas in a           RE/MAX Harbor Country
                                     quiet wooded setting.                     Union Pier, MI

                                      Starting at $375,000.             (877) 645-5320
                                     Open house Thurs-Sun
                                        11-4 pm MI Time

July 26, 2007         Page 23

Page 24                                                                                                                          July 26, 2007
                                          What’s Happening at Fernwood
   A “Grand” Time at Fernwood: For Children                                Michigan, provides an ideal setting for families and
and their Grandparents                                                     beginning canoers to put their hands to a paddle.
    Sat., July 28, 2-4 p.m. MI time.                                       Explore the shores in search of frogs, minnows, and
   Calling all grandparents--this is your day to en-                       damselflies. Watch as herons and osprey hunt from
joy a fun-filled time with your grandchildren! Wan-                         overhead for fish. Have fun with a game of tag or
der the trails looking for turtles and snakes, listen-                     race across the lake as fast as you can. Black Lake is
ing for woodpeckers, and smelling sweet-scented                            a wonderful place for a quiet summer paddle! Bring
leaves. Afterwards enjoy a delicious snack and some                        binoculars, sunscreen, water, snacks, and a cushion
fun nature activities. Class is for children ages 5-                       or towel to sit on. Not recommended for children un-
8 accompanied by at least one grandparent. Dress                           der 6 unless they have previous canoe experience.
for walking the trails and bring a water bottle if it                      Class size is limited; phone ahead.
is hot outside. Class size is limited; phone ahead.                           Meet in the Visitors Center. Members $14, Public
Members $8 per child, Public $10 per child.                                $17; All children 12 and under $8. Advance registra-
   In”vest”ment Decorator: Crafting for your                               tion by noon on Fri., Aug. 3.
Wardrobe                                                                      It is recommended to call Fernwood to confirm
   Wed., Aug. 1. 10:30 a.m.-noon                                           status of classes beforehand. Contact Fernwood for
   Looking for a way to liven up your wardrobe?                            registration and information at (269) 695-6491.
Guild member Laurel Ellerbrook shares ideas for                                Fernwood’s Café
crafting beautiful vests by demonstrating fold,                               Featuring delicious soups, soup, bread, chicken
burn, over-dye, and manipulation techniques with                           salad, fresh fruit, and desserts. Open at 11 a.m.,
fabric for decoration and embellishment. She also                          Tuesday-Saturday and at noon on Sunday.
offers ideas on using beads, buttons, lace, and found                         Etc.
objects to enhance your creation. Bring a vest from                           Fernwood Botanical Garden is located near Bu-
home (any type of material is acceptable). Members                         chanan, Michigan. Take US 31 to Walton Road, exit
Free, Public Free with Admission.                                          7. Go west 1.7 miles, then north on Range Line
   Family Canoeing at Black Lake                                           Road. (13988 Range Line Rd., Niles, MI)
   Sun., Aug. 5, 12:30-4:30 p.m.                                               Fernwood is a non-profit organization that re-
   This lovely kettle lake located north of Eau Claire,                    ceives no direct government support.

                                                            Anyone who lives or works in LaPorte, Lake or Porter
                                                              County can join Members Advantage Credit Union
                                                              and open a High Yield Max Money Market account.
                                                                    To open an account, all you need is an active
                                                                          Members Advantage checking account.
                           For more information,
                          call 874-6943 or log on to
   Mention offer “BEACHER” to get your first set of checks free.
                                                                                              Creating Advantages for our Members and our Communities
              * $25,000 minimum deposit. Normal credit criteria apply for opening a
              checking account. Promotion subject to change. Rate guaranteed until 10/1/07.   3064 Ohio St., Michigan City, IN 46360

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                      Page 25

       13078 Groman Street                                        6 Elm Place                               3075 Morton Rd
         New Buffalo, MI                                          La Porte, IN                              Rolling Prairie, IN
   Brand new addition & 2 master suites                       Pine Lake Waterfront                             Two Story Charmer
        $499,000 4 bed / 3 bath                            $469,000 3 bed / 2 bath                        $449,000 4 bed / 2.5 bath                               

                                                          OPEN HOUSE

       7336 Youngren Road                                                                               1514 Tiffany Woods Dr
           Harbert, MI                                                                                       La Porte, IN
           Large 2.5 acre yard                                                                        Too many wonderful features to list
       $349,000 3 bed / 2.5 bath                                                                         $348,000 4 bed / 3.5 bath                                                                

                                                           1st Team, Inc.                                           2 N Whittaker St
                                                                                                                    New Buffalo, MI
                                                                                                                    (269) 469-2121
         1441 Scott Street                                                                                 19007 Martin Road
            La Porte, IN
      Views of Briar Leaf Golf Course                 Sunday, August 5
                                                       Sunday, June 3                                        Three Oaks, MI
                                                                                                           Beautiful creek frontage
       $329,900 4 bed / 2.5 bath                                                                          $299,000 2 bed / 2 bath                                                               

                                                    1st Team every 1st Sunday
                                                            1st Team Open Houses
                                                          1st Sunday of each month!

                                                           Open House Hours

         2894 S US Hwy 35                          Michigan Properties 1 - 3             Eastern          312 S Chicago Street
            La Porte, IN                           Indiana Properties 1 - 3              Central
                                                                                                            New Buffalo, MI
       2.9 acres fenced and gated                                                                        Beautifully remodeled home
        $295,000 3 bed / 2 bath                                                                           $256,000 3 bed / 2 bath

            212 Fieldstone                                   2989 E 850 North                                 305 Elm Street
             La Porte, IN                                      La Porte, IN                                   Three Oaks, MI
          Beautiful Hillside Ranch                        Ranch home with cottage feel                   Beautiful Victorian farmhouse
        $242,000 4 bed / 3 bath                             2 acres in 1000 N corridor                    $211,000 3 bed / 1.5 bath                           $224,900 3 bed / 1.5 bath            

                                          CALL ANY OF OUR 4 OFFICES FOR MAPS
            1st Team New Carlisle             1st Team La Porte         1st Team New Buffalo       1st Team Three Oaks
            102 E Michigan Street            245 W Johnson Road         2 N Whittaker Street         106 S Elm Street
            (574) 654-8584                   (219) 324-2121             (269) 469-2121             (269) 756-2121
                                                                                                                    C O U P O N
                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 26

                                      We have arranged special deals from our suppliers
                                        and are passing all of the savings on to you!
                                       Sale end date is determined by each factory - so
                                                 TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW!


SOFA                 $
List $1,049   SALE    599                                                                            including Pictures, Signs, Partyware, Placemats,
                                                                                                        Lamps, Candles, Lake Michigan Tee Shirts,
       Loveseat SALE $569                              Capris 5 pc. WICKER SET                        Coasters and all kinds of fun, interesting things!
         Chair SALE $499               includes Sofa, Chair, Ottoman, Cocktail and End table                              Expires August 7, 2007
       Ottoman SALE $199               List $2,999                                    choice of
                                                     $                                fabric and
   Queen Sleeper Sofa SALE
                           $799        SALE             1,499                         wicker color

                                                                                                     MORE THAN JUST A FURNITURE STORE!

                                      PROVINCE CREAM PILLOWTOP
                     GUARANTEED       TWIN     List $999       Factory Sale $497Set
 WE MAKE                                                                                             1106 E US Hwy 20, Michigan City                    SHOWROOM
                                      FULL     List $1,149     Factory Sale $597Set        
   THE               LOWEST                                                                                                                             OPEN SUNDAY,
  WORLD’S                             QUEEN List $1,349        Factory Sale $697Set                  (219) 872-6501 or 1-800-606-8035                   JULY 29th1-3:30 pm
                                      KING     List $1,849
   BEST ™
 MATTRESS            PRICES                                    Factory Sale $997Set                  Mon. - Thur. 9:30 - 6, Fri. 9:30 - 8, Sat. 9 - 6   No warehouse service on Sunday
                • FREE LOCAL DELIVERY, SET UP & REMOVAL**with          minimum $599 purchase         INTEREST FREE FINANCING AVAILABLE!
                                                                                                                                                                                         July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007                                                                   Page 27
             Brown Bag Concert

                                                             Look no further than

                                                            Dan Coffey
                                                                  Quiet location sur-
                                                                  rounded by farm
                                                                  fields. Cottage home
                                                                  updated with artistic
                                                                  flair. 1,864 s.f. with 2
                                                                  bedrooms, 1.5 baths,
                                                                  family room, den and
                                                                  screen room. Turnkey
                                                                  with new flooring
                                                                  throughout and new
                                                                  appliances. Detached
                                                                  2 car garage. Beautiful
                                                                  back yard with mature
                                                                  landscaping. $170,000

         Dan Moser and Kathy Leek - “Home-Made Jam”
                                                                  At the South edge of
  Lee Meyer, directr of the Artistic Outreach Minis-              New Buffalo at the end
                                                                  of a dead end street on
try for the First Congregational Church, 531 Wash-                a wooded lot you will
ington St., has announced the second concert in the               find this very affordable
                                                                  brand new home. Clean
summer series of three concerts to be held outdoors               design inside and out. 3
on the southwest lawn of the church. The concert                  bedrooms, Maple floors
                                                                  and cabinets, great
will take place on Sat., July 28th at noon and will               room, fireplace, screen
feature the folk music group “Home-Made Jam.”                     porch, decks on front
                                                                  and back. Priced better
  In case of inclement weather, the concert will be               than any of the compe-
held in the church parlor.                                        tition. $339,000 for over
                                                                  2,000 square feet.
  The audience is encouraged to bring their lunch.
A brown bag lunch will also be available for a nomi-              Amenities that define
nal donation.                                                     this property are, 3
                                                                  bedrooms, 3 baths,
  The third and final concert in the series will take              open concept, almost
place on Sat., Aug. 18th, and will feature “St. Paul’s            all knotty pine interior,
                                                                  high ceilings, added
Praise Band” playing contemporary gospel music.                   pleasure and conve-
                                                                  nience of a 20’ x 40’
                                                                  indoor pool supported
                                                                  by a non-chlorine
                                                                  filtering system. Great
 Skimboarding Contest at Third Coast                              wooded lot, one half
                                                                  mile from the beach in
   Third Coast Surf Shop is proud to present their                Michiana.     $499,000
second annual Third Coast Skim Jam on Sat., July
28th at New Buffalo City Beach. This all ages skim-               Living on an island is
board contest draws participants from across the                  the ultimate get away.
region to enjoy a day of fun in the sun with fellow               Escape to “Batchelor
                                                                  Island” due east of
beach enthusiasts. Skimboarders of any ability are                Union Pier on the St.
invited to compete and cheer on their counterparts.               Joseph River, North of
                                                                  Buchanan, Michigan.
Divisions include Menehune’s (12 and under), Ju-                  Access is by boat only.
nior’s (13-17), and Men’s (18+). Prizes awarded for               4 parcels ranging from
                                                                  $150,000 to $200,000. Or
division winners.                                                 buy all four and own 12+
   A $20 entry fee includes a Skim Jam t-shirt and                acres which includes
                                                                  river frontage. Call Dan
lunch (hot dog, chips, and a drink) from Jake’s at                for your boat ride to the
the Beach concession stand. Pre-registration is en-               Island.
couraged and can be done in person at Third Coast                T: 269.469.5635
Surf Shop or by phone: 269-932-4575. Registration                W:
on Saturday is 9–10:30 a.m., and the contest starts
at 11 a.m. All times are Eastern Standard.
   Inland skimboarders from throughout the Great
Lakes region, as well as their families and friends,
are welcome. For more information, go to www.                    harbor country or phone 269-932-4575.

Page 28                                                                           July 26, 2007

    G reat Lakes Catering
                & Special Events

                                                                   (219) 898-1501
                                                            701 Washington Street
                                                           Michigan City, IN 46360

          Serving Craft Beers
          and Fresh Food
          Open Daily 11 a.m.

          208 Wabash St. • Michigan City, IN

          (219) TRY-HOPS

                                                 A relaxing atmosphere for
                                                business & leisure travelers.
                                               Corporate meeting room with state-of-the-art
                                                audio/visual equipment & complimentary
                                                       high-speed internet access
                                                    Indoor Pool & Spa • Smoke-Free

                                                  3805 N Frontage Rd • Michigan City, IN
                                                        (I-94 & Hwy 421, exit 34B)
                                                              (888) 201-1746

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                       Page 29

                                                                                       SUMMER SCHEDULE
                   argo                               JAZZ SERIES
                                                      JAZZ SERIES Tickets $15
                                                                Michael Isla
                                                                                                     Friday, July 13
                                                                                                     Friday, August
                                                                                                     Saturday, July 14 20
                                                                                                                                    6 pm
                                                                Jazz Voyage                          Friday, July 20                6 pm

                      hanning                                   Cu Roi
                                                      WOMEN IN JAZZ SERIES
                                                       WOMEN IN JAZZ SERIES
                                                                                                     Sunday, July 22
                                                                                                     Friday, August 10
                                                                                                   Tickets $15
                                                                                                                                    6 pm

    T H E AT E R P R O J E C T                            Michelle Bythrow
                                                           Monika Herzig                             Thursday, August 2
                                                                                                     Thursday, July 5                  pm
                                                                Jenna Mammina                        Friday, July 6                 6 pm
   at the International Friendship Gardens                Maggie Green                           Thursday, July 12                  6 pm
              2055 East Route 12                          Michelle Bythrow
                                                      SINGER/SONGWRITER                          Thursday, August 2
                                                                                               SERIES Tickets $10                   6 pm
               Michigan City, IN
                                                       SINGER/SONGWRITER SERIES
                                                               Dawn Xiana Moon                       Friday, July 27                6 pm
                                                               Carl Hauck                            Saturday, July 7               6 pm
             WHO IS MARGO?                                     SeanAdam Wells
                                                               Ryan Benjamin                         Sunday, July 15
                                                                                                     Saturday, July 28              noon
                                                                                                                                     6 pm
                                                                Dawn Xiana Moon                      Friday, July 27                6 pm
     The Margo Channing Theater Project                        Tony Sorrentino
                                                               The Guitar Duo                        Thursday, July 26
                                                                                                     Thursday, August 9             66pm
                                                                Sean Benjamin                        Saturday, July 28              6 pm
     is Northwest Indiana’s newest outdoor
                                                                The Guitar Duo                       Thursday, August 9             6 pm
     venue! Presenting a variety of musical
     and dramatic acts, a relaxing, summer            CONTEMPORARY SERIES
                                                      CONTEMPORARY SERIES Tickets $10
     evening with Margo is perfect for fami-                    Little Johnny Blues                  Thursday, June 28              6 pm
     lies or residents of all ages!                            The Amoreys
                                                               The Hoodoo Voodoo Cats                Saturday, 29
                                                                                                     Friday, June August 4           6 pm
                                                                                                                                    6 pm
                                                                The Replays                          Saturday, July 21              6 pm
     Like popular summer theaters, our                          NICKALOGIC Groove Project            Friday, August 3               6 pm
                                                                                                     Saturday, August 4             6 pm
     performers will entertain from a stage              The
                                                      DRAMA Amoreys Tickets $15
                                                                Finneus                              Saturday, August 11            6 pm
     in front of a spacious lawn and the sur-
     rounding beauty of the International                   Readings
                                                       DRAMA SERIES from Chicago Writers:
     Friendship Gardens.                                  The Shakespeare Project of Chicago present their original interpretation:
                                                            Don Evans
                                                            “50-minute Hamlet”            Sunday, July
                                                                                          Sunday, July 8 29                noon

     The audience is invited to bring their                   Readings from Chicago Writers:
     own blankets, lawn chairs, or any other                    Don Evans                            Sunday, July 29                noon
     seating they desire. Also, we encourage          JUST FOR KIDS! *Special ticket price: adults: $8, children: $5
                                                        JUST FOR KIDS!         *special ticket price: adults: $8, children: $5
     our guests to bring a picnic dinner or
                                                                songs, shows,
                                                               Songs, shows,                         Wednesdays
                                                                                                     Wednesdays                  10:30 am
     lunch to fully enjoy the experience of                                                   (July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8)
                                                                                                                                  10:30 am
                                                                 and stories
     our shows.                                                and stories                           (July 25, August 1, 8)

                                             HOW DO I GET TICKETS?
     Advanced regular ticket price: $15.00 , CHILDREN UNDER 10 YEARS RECEIVE FREE ADMISSION!
     Tickets purchased at the gate on the day of show are charged an extra $1.00 surcharge.

     Ticket prices include entrance into the gardens and parking for the first 100 cars. There are a limited number of
     tickets available, so buy yours now! All shows are rain or shine.

     BOX OFFICE: 602 Lake Shore Drive, Michigan City, IN (Sheridan Beach, stop 3)
                 open Monday-Saturday, 10am - 2pm
     PHONE:      219.879.6711

Page 30                                                                                                           July 26, 2007
                                                                             Italy’s Silvano Assensi at Courtyard
                                                                              The Courtyard Gallery welcomes Silvano Assensi
                                                                           to Harbor Country, July 28 & 29, for a special show-
                                                                           ing of the Italian-born artist’s most recent canvases,
                                                                           depicting landscapes and still-life scenes from some
                                                                           of the world’s most visually stunning locales.
                                                                              Based in Chicago since 1960, Assensi returns an-
                                                                           nually to his native Tuscany where he has never
                                                                           stopped producing impressionistic oil paintings of
                                                                           the idyllic countryside. Over the years in the States
                                                                           he has added a brilliant series of California land-
                                                                           scapes to his ongoing body of work.
                                                                              Visitors to Assensi’s weekend showing at the
                                                                           Courtyard Gallery will see several of his newer
                                                                           canvases, examples of a technique where the art-
                                                                           ist thickly applies paint with a trowel. This process
                                                                           creates both a depth of image and a texture that
                                                                           permits the piece to reflect light in such a way as to
                                                                           create different hues within a given color. These lat-
                                                                           est of Asseni’s paintings pay homage to the artist’s
                                                                           early training as both sculptor and painter.
                                                                              The Silvano Assensi exhibition will be the fifth of
                                                                           the Courtyard Gallery’s summer schedule of “meet-
                                                                           the-artist” events, which will run through August.
                                                                              The Courtyard Gallery is located at 813 E. Buf-
                                                                           falo St. (U.S. 12) in New Buffalo, MI. The gallery
                                                                           hours are 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Wed.-Mon., and on Tues.
                                                                           by appointment. More information at 800.291.9287

    VARICOSE VEIN TREATMENT                                                     Westville Chamber Golf Outing
                  Your                                                        The Westville Area Chamber of Commerce is
                 Quest for                                                 hosting their Annual Scholarship Golf Outing Tues.,
                                                                           Aug. 21, at Legacy Hills Golf Course in LaPorte.
               Beautiful Legs                                              Registration begins at 7 a.m., and tee time is 9 a.m.
                                                                           Food will be served during the outing and there will
              Ends Here                                                    be an on-course beverage cart along with door priz-
                               Are you one of millions who are             es, gifts, prizes for golf contests, and 50/50.
                               embarrassed by varicose veins?                 Registration deadline is Fri., Aug. 17. The price of
                               Do you have painful legs? Treatment
                              has never been easier for women or           the outing is $75 per golfer, which includes a cart,
                              men of any age.                              food and drinks. Holes may be sponsored for $100.
                                                                           For more information, phone Wendi Earley at 219-
                              THE VASCULAR CENTER OF THE
                            GREAT LAKES now offers EndoVenous Laser        785-2576, or Ron Stallings at 219-785-4430. Legacy
                           Treatment (EVLT), the most advanced             Hills Golf Course is located at 286 W Johnson Road
                         treatment available for varicose veins.           in LaPorte.
            To schedule an     The many benefits of
           appointment, or
                               EVLT include:
          learn more about
                               •   No surgery is required                               “Summer Saturday”
                               •   Procedure performed in the office
          EVLT, please call                                                   Cowley Fine Art will hold an artist reception for
                               •   Usually takes less than one hour
          219-877-2225 or      •   Leaves no scar                          Julia Del Nagro Oehmke on Sat., July 28, 5-8 p.m.
          1-877-IND-VASC       •   Insurance and Medicare accepted         MI time, as part of their “Summer Saturday” se-
          Yes, you can have beautiful legs once again.
                                                                              Julia is recognized nationally as well as locally
                                                                           for her fine art portraits of Native Americans and
                                                                           other ethnicities.
                                                                              Cowley Fine Arts is located at 105B N. Whittaker
                                                                           St., New Buffalo, MI. Phone: 269/469-2039.

July 26, 2007                                                                                      Page 31

                                                  Designer Showroom Open to Public
                                                     for Builders and Homeowners
                                                Save 10% to 60% off manufacturer’s list price
                                                              …Everyday on:
                                                     Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry • Ceramic Tile & Stone
                                                      Carpet • Wood & Laminate • Blinds & Shutters
                                                    California & Pro Closet Systems & So Much More…
        kitchens, baths, and flooring                       Duneland Interiors Features

   C O A S TA L C O L L E C T I O N

                           Welcome Aboard
                We invite you to ride the new wave of expression.
                 You’ll find it in our alluring Coastal Collection
                    palette of finishes. We’ll sail together…
                     always in style.

                                         During our limited engagement
                                       Save up to 50%
                          on Quality Cabinetry Made with Pride in America.
                       DUNELAND INTERIORS - The Right Store…The Right Price
                                   DUNELAND INTERIORS
                         1916 East Highway 20 (Across from Trail Creek Liquors)
                                     Michigan City, Indiana 46360
                            219.871.0555    Email:

Page 32                                                                                                                   July 26, 2007
          Third Michigan City Art League Art Fair Held at Friendship Gardens
                                                               by Jan Van Ausdal

   On Saturday and Sunday, July 7th and 8th, The                           Ron Muskina of Grant Park, Illinois, was carving
Michigan City Art League held their Third Art Fair                       a wall hanging. He has done a few carving shows,
at Friendship Gardens. The weather was hot and                           but today was his first art show. Ron has been carv-
humid; I attended on Saturday with my friend, Syl-                       ing about 31/2 years. Our local bark is not wide or
via Wagner, and her grandson, Charlie Bonick of                          thick enough for his use, so he obtains it from Wyo-
Westville. A wedding was held at Friendship Gar-                         ming or Montana. As the wood breaks or disinte-
dens that afternoon at 2 P.M. After the ceremony,                        grates, he changes his plan for it. This show was his
some of the guests took in the Art Fair as well.                         first attempt to see if his things are fine art or just
   A hot dog, chips, and a drink fortified Charlie                        woodcarving. Each one of Ron’s pieces is an original.
for the afternoon art fair. He was hoping to see the                     He also makes walking sticks from the diamond wil-
great, colorful welded art by South Bend artist Rob-                     low, like a bush instead of a tree, which grows along
ert D. Moffett and, luckily, that artist was present.                    the Canadian border from Northern Minnesota to
He had items for sale including a dog, an alligator,                     Northern Alaska.
and caterpillars. Dori Ganan of Michiana bought a
key holder from him; she said, “It’s beautiful here
   Robert D. Moffett told me that he had given some
of his things to the Humane Society for a fundraiser
they held.

                                                                                   Maureen McClusky & Joyce Barker admire the work of
                                                                                                Artist Robert Williams.
                                                                            For the first time, Maureen McCluskey of Long
                                                                         Beach and Joyce Barker of Hobart came to the Art
                                                                         Show at Friendship Gardens and thought it was
                                                                         lovely there. They were looking at the paintings of
                                                                         Robert Williams whose next show will be The Krasl
     Dori Ganan buys a key holder from Artist Robert D. Moffett.         Art Fair.

                                                                                                                              Artist Don
                                                                                                                              stands behind
                                                                                                                              the kubestol he
                                                       Ron Muskina
                                                                                                                              carved while
                                                       carves a wall
                                                                                                                              Charlie Bonick
                                                                                                                              tries it out for

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                          Page 33
   Then we saw Don Johannesen of South Bend who
carves kubestols from bass wood. Charlie Bonick sat
on this kubestol, which seemed to be a good size for
him. Don bought this particular piece from a wood-
works in Wisconsin and used it for a class he took.
Don does consignment work or takes orders for his
   La Porte woodcarver and author, Arnold Bass, was
also at work on a carving. After he makes his carv-
ings, his pieces take on their natural color, which
he covers with only a coat of clear enamel. Arnold’s
book, “Up Close and Personal,” is really going well
since he speaks for clubs and groups some of whose
members buy his book. People are really surprised
to discover all of the history it contains.                               Father & daughter, Patrick & Kristin Czanderna, look at the art for sale.
   Marlene Woodfield, an Art League member, posed                            Cortney Gulleson of Westville came for the art
with her work. It’s 3-D and contains silk flowers in                      fair. She was married at Friendship Gardens. She
the pieces. She’s been enjoying doing art since 1976                     looked at Pat Pizarek’s paintings. Pat has been
and comments, “It’s my retirement hobby and keeps                        painting since about 1987 and wore a hat on this
me out of trouble.”                                                      hot day.

             Marllene Woodfield next to some of her art.
   Other Michigan City Art League members posed
for a picture. They included: Marjorie Wiseman and                                Cortney Gulleson views Pat Pizarek’s art at the show.
Shirley Stoligrosz of Michigan City with La Porte                           The Smith family, of Long Beach, came, as they
members Helen Kwiecien and Colleen Gallagher. It                         usually do, for the art show. Family members in-
seemed a little cooler in the shade than in the sun.                     cluded Maryann, David, Elizabeth, and Jonathan
                                                                         who were looking at work by The Famous by Friday
                                                                         group. Jonathan said, “If I had the money, I would
                                                                         buy one of those great walking sticks!”
                                                                                          Art League Art Fair Continued on Page 34

    Michigan City Art League members: (seated) Marjorie Wiseman;
  (standing) Helen Kwiecien, Colleen Gallagher, & Shirley Stoligrosz.
   Father and daughter, Patrick and Kristen Czan-
derna from Greenville, Michigan, were at Friend-
ship Gardens for the afternoon wedding and decid-
ed also to look around at the art show. Their feeling
was, “This is beautiful! We’ve never been here be-                        The Smith family: Maryann, David, Elizabeth, & Jonathan check out art
fore.”                                                                                       from Famous by Friday group.

Page 34                                                                                                            July 26, 2007
Art League Art Fair    Continued from Page 33                     Yet another artist, Bev Lakomek of Portage, was
  Artist Sonjia Bencke who is with The Famous                  relaxing on a chair while her instructor, Susan Ros-
by Friday group, posed with her work. She said, “I             so was busy working on a painting. They are part of
have been an artist off and on. But I’ve been with             the Wednesday evening class, The Eclectics. Sounds
this group now for eight years.”                               like an interesting class!

              Sonjia Bencke poses by her paintings.            Susan K. Rosso (r.) paints while her student, Bev Lakomek, (l.) relaxes.
  Another group member, Lola Barnhart of La                       Well, Sylvia, Charlie, and I were hot and tired
Porte, has been an artist since she was a kid, but             and ready to go home and cool off. But we had en-
has been with this group for seven or eight years.             joyed another summer day at The Michigan City
She was painting a larger picture from a very small            Art League Art Show at Friendship Gardens among
picture.                                                       the lovely flowers in the various gardens there!

            Lola Barnhart paints from a small picture.                   Arnold Bass makes a wood carving at the Art Fair.

                                                                                                             Indulging & Gratifying
    TIM PERRY                                                                                               Customers with Quality,
   Branch Manager
                                                                                                            Delicious Ice Cream & Pie!
                     33 1/2 South Prospect Avenue                  Ice Cream Parlor & Pie Shoppe
                     Park Ridge, IL 60068
                     (847) 698-1900 Office                                                   Featuring
                     (224) 688-2287 Cell
                     (866) 408-4231 Fax                             Sherman’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream
                                                                        Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 am-10 pm &
                                                                                Sundays Noon-10 pm!
                                    Corner of Coolspring & Wabash
                                                                 Michigan City                                      219-872-1024

July 26, 2007                                        Page 35

   2nd HOME EXPO
   on the shores of Lake Michigan
   in Michigan City Indiana.
    Saturday and Sunday July 28th and 29th
    from 11am to 4pm. Discussions include
    buying now vs waiting. How to use vaca-
    tion rental income to help pay for your
    2nd home. See featured developments in
    the area. 1031 exchange regulations and
    how to structure a purchase. See what is
    on the market now. Talk to local profes-
    sionals. Visit the best of Michigan City
    cuisine on site. Located at entrance to
    Beach and Washington Park just before
    Marina. 60 minutes from the loop.
    Discover where the best beach
    opportunities are now.

    For details call 219.861.0960

Page 36                                                                                                      July 26, 2007
                                                                              Twin City Players Auditions
                                                                         Twin City Players will hold auditions for the first
  YOUR CHILDREN HAVE EVERYTHING                                       production of its 2007-08 season, the rock opera, “Je-
  THEY COULD ASK FOR. DOES THAT                                       sus Christ Super Star,” on Sat., July 28 and Sat.,
                                                                      Aug. 4, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. MI time, both days at

 One of the most important things you can give your children
                                                                      the TCP Playhouse located at 600 W. Glenlord Road
                                                                      in south St. Joseph.
                                                                         Sponsored by The Herald-Palladium, the show
 is a life insurance policy for yourself. Which is why at Edward
                                                                      opens Fri., Oct. 5, 2007 and runs four consecutive
 Jones, your local investment representative meets with you face-
                                                                      weekends through Oct. 28, with Sunday matinees
 to-face, so we can get to know you and your entire financial
 picture. That way, we can find the life insurance policy that best    at 4 p.m. on Oct. 14, 21 and 28. Rehearsals will be-
 suits your family’s unique needs.                                    gin shortly after auditions.
                                                                         “Jesus Christ Super Star” is the great rock opera
 Because all the toys in the world aren’t worth as much to your
                                                                      about the last days of the life of Jesus Christ, be-
 children as ensuring you’ll always be there for them.
                                                                      ginning with the arrival of Jesus and his followers
 To learn about our wide range of life insurance products,            in Jerusalem and ending with his crucifixion. First
 contact your local Edward Jones investment representative.
                                                                      released as a recording in 1970, the stage version
                                                                      opened on Broadway a year later to rave reviews
 Melinda S. Nagle, CFP®                                               and ran for 18 months.
 Financial Advisor
                                                                         “First and foremost, this is a show for people who
 411 Franklin                                                         can sing,” say Candace Seymour Myers, show direc-
 Michigan City, IN 46360
 Bus. 219-878-0590                                                    tor. “There is no dialogue. So the emphasis at au-
 Fax 877-222-2693                                                     ditions will be on singing ability. That’s why we’re
 Toll-free 888-878-1169                                               asking everyone to come prepared to sing. They can
                                                                      bring their own sheet music or choose from a selec-

                                                                      tion of songs we’ll have on hand. No tape record-                                                  ers, please. A pianist will be on hand to accompany
                                      MAKING SENSE OF INVESTING
 Member SIPC                                                          them.
                                                                         “We’ll also be looking for people who can dance,”
                                                                      she adds, “so come dressed comfortably and wear
                                                                      shoes that will allow you to move easily. “There may
                                                                      be a few non-singing roles in the show,” she notes,
                                                                      “so non-singing actors are welcome to attend audi-
                                                                      tions as well.
                                                                         “This show has a large cast and lots of opportu-
                                                                      nities to shine,” says Seymour Myers. “There are
                                                                      several lead roles for both males and females, lots
                                                                      of great songs and a large and very active chorus.
                                                                      In addition, we plan to utilize multiple casting in
                                                                      various cases ... so a person could well find himself
                                                                      playing an apostle in one scene and a Roman soldier
                                                                      in the next.
                                                                         “Finally, we’re planning to utilize a small pit band
                                                                      for this production,” adds Seymour Myers. “We’re
                                                                      going to need a guitarist, a drummer, a bass player
                                                                      and a second keyboard player. Folks interested in
                                                                      playing in our band are also urged to attend audi-

                                                                      Michiana Humane Society Golf Outing
 Free estimates on any new furnace or air conditioner.                   The Michiana Humane Society will host their
           Weekend appointments available.
                                                                      12th Annual Golf Outing on Fri., Aug. 3rd at Pot-
                                                                      tawattomie Country Club. The scramble format be-
                                                                      gins at 8 a.m.
                                  Air Flow Specialists                   Lunch, beverages, gifts and prizes are included
                                  4988 West 150 North
                                  LaPorte, IN 46350                   with the entry fee. Individuals and teams are wel-
                                  Phone: (219) 326-6300               come. For more information please contact the MHS
                                                                      at (219)872-4499 or e-mail

July 26, 2007         Page 37
                                                                    THE                                                                                                                                                                     THE

Page 38                                                                                                                       July 26, 2007                           July 26, 2007                                                                                                                               Page 39
                                                                                                         Civil War Reeactors Set Up at Hesston Steam Museum
                                                                                                                                                    by Janet Baines

                                                                             You won’t find this battle in any history book but you                                  Taking a ride on the big train we tried to get as close
                                                                          will find it in the memories of the all who witnessed it                                to the front of the train as possible to be near all the
                                                                          over weekend of June 23 & 24 at the Hesston Steam                                      action. As we rode around a tight ‘s’ curve we were am-
                                                                          Grounds, Hesston, Indiana. Heading out to Hesston                                      bushed by Confederate Guerillas. A canon was fired
                                                                          Steam Museum my nephews and I talked about the                                         and then the shooting and fighting began. When the
                                                                          Civil War — from which president was involved to                                       Union soldiers were overwhelmed by the Confeder-
                                                                          what the Union & Confederate Soldiers wore — dark                                      ates the Union Captain told his men to down weapons
                                                                          blue for the Union army and gray for the Confeder-                                     and then he surrendered to the Confederate Captain.
                                                                          ates. We were going to learn quite a bit.                                              The enemy soldiers stormed the train car and stole
                                                                             We learned about the gruesome task of the Quarter-                                  the payroll, cheering and celebrating. Then the Union
                                                                          master Embalmer, the kinds of weapons used, what the                                   soldiers were left behind and the Confederates road
     The flag at the camp of the 1st Regiment Michigan Engineers
                          and Mechanics.
                                                                          living quarters at an encampment was like and that                                     the train back to the station. My nephews, who usu-
                                                                          the Union army didn’t all wear blue! The Great Lakes                                   ally want to ride all the trains just wanted to get back
                                                                          Museum of Military History had a display of two Civil                                  in line for the same ride again. It didn’t fail to please                           As the train rounds the bend a cannon is fired and the ambush begins.
                                                                          War uniforms. A gray jacket and hat we would associ-                                   that time either.
                                                                          ate with the Confederate Army and a dark green wool                                       There was a real interest in our country’s history
                                                                          uniform! Apparently, the Union sharpshooters wore                                      because of today and we hope to do it all again next
                                                                          this as the latest in 19th century camouflage.                                          year.
                                                                             There were several reenactment groups present; the                                     Hesston Steam Museum, endlessly entertaining
                                                                          1st Michigan Engineers, the 49th Indiana Volunteers,                                   even without a special event like this, is opened Satur-
                                                                          & the 28th Light Artillery for the Union and the 26th                                  days and Sundays through Labor Day weekend from
                                                                          North Carolina, the 3rd Tennessee and the Missouri                                     noon until 5 p.m. Special hours and rates apply for the
                                                                          Guerillas for the Confederates were the ones I came                                    Labor Day Weekend Steam show. Visit the museum’s
                                                                          across.                                                                                web site at for updated information.
                                                                                                                                                                                  The Reenactment Begins
         One of the flags at the Confederate encampment —
            dark blue field, red cross, eleven white stars.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Union soldiers spread out to defend the train.

  The original version of the Confederate flag called the Stars & Bars.     Visitor Spencer Gloy displays a Bowie knife and, on the right, brother
                                                                            Victor shows us a Civil War pistol while they are watched over by a                       The Union army at attention before boarding the train to guard the payroll.
                                                                                                        reenactor.                                                                                                                                      Flying down the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       battlefield on his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        horse gives this
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Confederate soldier
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                a distinct
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        advantage over
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     those just kneeling
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            in the grass.

 This is the flag of the general the Confederate armies at the camp are
serving under. The flag was flown even though the general wasn’t there.              Private Mark Dembski of the 1st Michigan Engineers
         It has a dark blue field, a red border, and a white cross.                             explains how his rifle works.                                                       Union soldiers board the train to guard the payroll.                                                    Civil War     Continued on Page 40

Page 40                                                                                                                        July 26, 2007
Civil War   Continued from Page 39

                                                                              The Captains
                                                                             meet to discuss

         The Confederate soldiers came from the undergrowth
                        to ambush the train.

Through the haze of the battle, these soldiers run to take over the train.                The gleeful Confederate soldiers break open
                                                                                               the payroll chest to find gold bars.

    The Union soldiers leave the train and lay down their weapons.                   The train pulls in with the Confederate Army guarding
                                                                                                the payroll they have captured.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                    Page 41
                      More Faces From Civil War Days at Hesston

                                                   Before boarding
                                                   the train, this
                                                   Union soldier
                                                   chatted with
                                                   some young
                                                   visitors, showing
                                                   his rifle and
                                                   sharing their

                                                                        Capt. C. B. Malone, Embalming Surgeon, of the 49th Indiana Volunteers
                                                                                      goes out to collect the dead and wounded.

                                                                                                                             Mark Dembski
                                                                                                                             of the 1st
                                                                                                                             announced they
                                                                                                                             had captured
                                                                                                                             the Confederate
                                                                                                                             He is normally
                                                                                                                             the Captain but
                                                                                                                             today portrays a

    Rejoicing among the soldiers on the ride back to Hesston.

                                                   Paymaster of the
                                                   21st Light
                                                                              Bill Kane
                                                                            of the 26th
                                                   Joe Jacobs,
                                                                         North Carolina
                                                   anxiously awaits
                                                   the arrival of the
                                                   chest with the

Page 42                                                                                                             July 26, 2007

                                                                                Another Great Restaurant

                                                                          Ole! El Rancho Grande
                                                                          Having lived in this area for about seven years,
                                                                       I’m embarrassed to say I’d never been to El Rancho
                                                                       Grande. It’s obviously a popular café over there in
                                                                       New Buffalo, always busy. Many people there dur-
                                                                       ing my visit on a Friday were from out of town, as
                                                                       far as Elkhart, IN, and Tinley Park, IL. Two young
                                                                       women who are waitresses at two different local eat-
                                                                       eries in our neighborhood, make El Rancho Grande
                                                                       their regular dining spot. They love the food and
                                                                       when I admired their Cheese Enchilada I noted I’d
                                                                       order that next time. That day, I enjoyed a Fajita
                                                                       Taco with avocado, suggested by Anna, one of the
                                                                       fine wait staff. Loved those beans that came with it,
                                                                       as well as the accompanying rice. Anna suggested,
                                                                       too, a tasty light beer.
         Heather Kruyer and no name friend, both from Elkhart             Other delectables on their long menu: appetiz-
                                                                       er Shrimp Quesadilla, Huachinango (famous red
                                                                       snapper with salad and sliced avocado), Steak or
                                                                       Chicken Fajitas (sizzling with onion, green pepper
                                                                       and pimento), Carne Asada (skirt steak with grilled
                                                                       onions, avocado and two quesadillas), Don Pedro
                                                                       Special (tenderloin steak cooked with bacon), and
                                                                       El Nino (for children) a Hector Wrap. Then, many
                                                                       more are listed, such as Tex Mex cuisine and taco-,
                                                                       enchilada-, tamale-, tostada-, and burrito dinners.
                                                                       Allow lots of time to read that menu - its tantaliz-
                                                                          El Rancho Grande, 310 E. Buffalo Street, New
                                                                       Buffalo, MI.

  New Buffalo’s Rev. Anthony M. Fields and nice friend with no name

 Lively and lovely
    waitress Anna

                                                                          Owner Pedro Bernal has tended El Rancho Grande since 1998

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                             Page 43

                             Watch for the wagon of water barrels. Entry to El Rancho is the back door. Pretty building.

           Brent Rainwater at his favorite seat in the place                                 The Williams drove in from Tinley Park IL

Jenny Lux and Jessica Hoch, waitresses elsewhere who had this day off                Sandra Morgan insisted I get a great photo of her. Did I?

Page 44                                                                                                                          July 26, 2007
                                    Canvassing the Harbors with Chris Curtis
                                                                  by Charles McKelvy

   Canvas to a boat is like air to the lungs, so boat-
ers can all breathe easier now that Christine Curtis
has launched her Chris’ Canvas enterprise.
   Christine, who prefers to be called Chris, has al-
ready begun repairing canvas for local boaters in
the custom-designed workshop she and her hus-
band and business partner Tony built at their home
in rural LaPorte County.
   Having recently completed five Custom Marine
Canvas Training Workshops in Port Clinton, Ohio,
Chris is already stitching torn canvasses for cus-
tomers in the harbors in St. Joseph, New Buffalo                             Chris’ Canvas co-owners Tony (left) and Chris Curtis prepare to deliver a
and at inland lakes in Indiana.                                                          mended canvas to a customer in New Buffalo.
   Tony, who works by day as a sheet metal journey-                             And just when Chris was wondering how to pro-
man for Ramsey’s Sheet Metal in LaPorte, assists                             ceed, Tony found a buyer for the log cabin they had
Chris with pick-ups and deliveries and does all the                          been living in on their 27 acres. They sold the log
layouts and installations of the frames that support                         cabin and half of their acreage to a woman from
the canvas.                                                                  Chicago and used the proceeds to build the work-
                                                                             shop that now serves as headquarters from Chris’
                                                                             Canvas and their temporary quarters while they
                                                                             begin building a house by the pond a ways back on
                                                                             the property.
                                                                                The Curtises, as you can see by now, are not slack-
                                                                                So, to do the canvas thing correctly, Chris en-
                                                                             rolled in the aforementioned canvas workshops in
                                                                             Port Clinton, Ohio, and then had their friend Bill
                                                                             Benjamin build her a custom 12’ X 16’ table. She
                                                                             acquired one serious looking sewing machine, had
   Chris Curtis at work in her workshop on a customer’s canvas. She          business cards made and handed them out at mari-
 launched Chris’ Canvas as a service to local boaters earlier this year.     nas, particularly at Brian’s Marina in St. Joseph.
   “But,” Chris said during a recent interview at her                           Boaters were waiting by the phone, and business
shop, “Tony doesn’t do any selling.”                                         has had following seas ever since.
   Marketing and public relations are clearly Chris’                            “It all kind of happened,” Chris said. “We believe
department, and little wonder considering she is the                         things happen for a reason. We both are perfection-
one who has been putting nervous patients at ease                            ists, and so we are dedicated to getting the job done
as a dental hygienist at Dr. Debra Mania’s dental                            right.”
practice in Three Oaks for the past ten years.                                  And to that end, Chris’ Canvas has enlisted the
   Chris Curtis is a problem-solving perfectionist                           part-time services of Bill Benjamin’s wife Julie who
who loves to explain how things work, so lend her                            assists Chris with the sewing and does the book-
an ear as she expounds on the creation of Chris’                             keeping. “We didn’t expect this to take off like this,”
Canvas.                                                                      Chris said, “so we’re glad to have Julie aboard.”
   Noting that she and her husband Tony are big                                 Tony is already talking about installing a table
believers in “things happening for a reason,” Chris                          on the back of Sweet Pea so Chris can do canvas re-
said that two recent events contributed to the gen-                          pairs in the harbor in New Buffalo, and she is plan-
esis of the canvas repair business.                                          ning to make it a year-round business by working in
   First, Chris and Tony bought a 34-foot Tro-                               winter months in a heated storage facility at Brian’s
jan cabin cruiser in New Buffalo that they named                             Marina in St. Joseph.
“Sweet Pea” and that was, as Chris said, “broken.                               Plus, they are already realizing that they can
Everything was broken on the boat, including the                             handle such “special orders” as repairing Toneau
microwave. We’re do-it-yourselfers, so we fixed ev-                           covers for trucks, covering deck chairs with match-
erything, but we got down to the canvas we realized                          ing fabric, and mending covers for outdoor barbeque
it would cost $8,000 to replace. We didn’t have the                          grills.
money, so I thought I could do it myself.”                                      Chris’ Canvas will gladly come to your boat, truck
   Chris did, and she confessed, “it didn’t fit too well.                     or grill by calling: 219/778-9083 or on the cell at
It was like a sock on a rooster. It looked goofy.”                           219/393-8437.

July 26, 2007         Page 45

Page 46                                                                                                   July 26, 2007
                                                                     Unity Foundation Scholarship Awards
                                                                        On June 26, the Unity Foundation of LaPorte
                                                                     County hosted its annual Scholarship Awards Cer-
                                                                     emony. The event took place at the Silver Palace in
                                                                     LaPorte, with more than 130 people in attendance.
                                                                        The Unity Foundation gave away more than 60
                                                                     scholarships that evening, with a total value of

                                                                     $57,400. The two Lilly Endowment Community
                                                                     Scholars were also introduced. Lilly Endowment

                                       5 off                         Community Scholars receive full tuition, required
                                                                     fees, and a special allocation of up to $800 per year
                                                                     for required books and equipment for four years of
                                                                     undergraduate study leading to a baccalaureate
                                                                     degree at any accredited Indiana public or private
                                                                     college or university. The scholarships were avail-
                                                                     able because caring community members had the
                                                                     foresight to donate funds to ensure LaPorte County
                                                                     students have access to higher education. Many of
                                                                     those donors were present to meet the recipients.
                                                                        The first scholarship distributed was the Lloyd
                                                                     & Betty Jane Clayton Scholarship. Lloyd and Betty
                                                                     Jane Clayton raised their family in the beautiful
                                                                     farmland of LaPorte County. Both are passionate
                                                                     about education. Lloyd was the valedictorian of his
                                                                     high school and later became a successful farmer.
                                                                     Betty Jane is a graduate of Purdue University and
                                                                     a former teacher. This scholarship was created by
                                                                     Mrs. Clayton to assist talented LaPorte High School
                                                                     graduates who wish to attend any Purdue Univer-
                                                                     sity campus. Recipient: Lorin Hickman,
                                                                        Mr. William Compton and his wife Katherine es-

 Open Yourself Totally...                                            tablished the William Vernon Compton Scholarship
                                                                     to help LaPorte High School students further their
                                                                     education and realize their dreams. Recipient: Mi-

 to Wellness!                  SERVICES INCLUDE:
                                                                     chael Kutch

                                                                      Summer Festival Event: Gospel Fest
  The Massage Therapy
                               • Therapeutic massage
  & Wellness Center is the                                              The next event in the Michigan City Summer
  area’s leader in providing   • Acupuncture clinic
                                                                     Festival will be the Gospel Fest held in Washington
  professional wellness        • Chinese herbal
                                                                     Park at the Guy Foreman Bicentennial Amphithe-
  programs. If you have          medicine
                                                                     ater on Sat. & Sun., Aug. 4 & 5, 5-10 p.m.
  experienced holistic care,   • Heated stone therapy                   Thirty-three groups are expected said Larry
  you’ll be impressed by       • Salt scrub                          Higgins of Four Gospel Productions. These tenta-
  the exceptional quality      • Healing touch                       tive groups include: Bugsy, Voices of Praise, Blud
  and scope of our services.   • Personal fitness                    Bros., Morning Star Gospel Crusaders, Michigan
  If you’ve never even had                                           City Soul Steppers, In Touch (Portage, IN), Women
                               • Qigong
  a massage before, try us.                                          of Purpose and Power, Gospel Light, Life Temple,
  Wellness is the total you!   • Reflexology
                                                                     Fats, High Praise, PGC, Pentecostal, Micha Nel-
                               • Programs for business,
                                 including chair massage             son, Min. Anderson and Perfected, The Rev. Lewis
                                                                     and Heavenly Sounds, Voices of Worship (Elkhart,
                               • Pregnancy massage
                                                                     IN), Dwayne Coleman, Tee and Company, Sheild
                               • Gift certificates                   and Rock (Shane), Stewart Family Singers, South-
                                1026 North Karwick Road              ern Grace (Portage, IN), Blank Page Theory, New
                                Michigan City, Indiana 46360         Beginning, Revival Center, New Jerusalem Praise
                                219-879-5722                         Team (Kingsford Hgts.), Donna Blakeley-Jackson,
                                At The Harbor Grand Hotel
                                                                     The Parker Family, Crossroad Christian Center
                               (LaPorte), Nicole Stewart, Ruben Cusic and Family,
                                                                     Charlene-Jones-Clark, New Creation.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                         Page 47

                           ty                                                                     Michigan City’s newest Pub

                                                                                              in one of its oldest neighborhoods!


                                               & RENOVATION
                                                                                                    * appetizers

                                                                                                    * salads

                                                                                                    * soup
                                                                                                                            * quaint banquet

                                                                                                                            * full service bar
                                                                                                    * sandwiches
       219-872-5110 • Cell: 574-320-0733                                                                                    * open lunch &
                                                                    Choices for the whole family! * entrees                   dinner
     • Custom Home Design & Build
     • Framing Contractor                                                   Live Outdoor Music
     • Condominium/Townhouse                                                  Every Saturday
                                                                     227 W. 7th St. • 872-8200 •

                                                                                                Friendly, Honest,
                                                                                              Excellent Reputation
                                                                                            And Value - Just for You!
                                                                                            Professional Auto Service
                                                                                                 You Can Trust

                                                                                                        Mikail Pinette

                                                                                         A BOSCH AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER

   “I have always been able to count on the folks at Classic Imports to take great
  care of my car. Mikail and his staff are always courteous and professional. The
     job is done right the first time, and for the right price, too.” - Hillary Bubb

          Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Porsche,
          Audi, Saab, and Jaguar Owners:
                 Specialized Independent Service Just For You!

                                      The Dealership Alternative
   Except for warranty work and recall, you never have to go back to the dealership
  for service or maintenance. We can do it all,right here.
           • 100% Customer Satisfaction               • Personal Service
           • Honesty and Intergity                    • Shuttle Service                     For the past 21 years I have specialized in your fine
                                                                                          European car and in you, the European car owner. From
                           • Family owned and operated                                    dealer training to years of experience, we know you and
                                                                                           your car. We are dedicated to making you happy and
  18777 WEST U.S. 12 • NEW BUFFALO, MI 49117 TEL 269-469-2007 • FAX 269-469-6271                   keeping your car running to perfection.
                        E-mail:                                            -Mikail Pinette

Page 48                                                                                                      July 26, 2007
                                                                                  Arts in the Park Concert
                                                                           Spend some time with the Symphony at a Star
  Live Entertainment on Weekends 9 pm – 12 am                           Spangled Spectacular Arts in the Park concert. Ev-
                                                                        erything’s more fun when you just add music. Cel-
                                                                        ebrate summer with a free, family friendly summer
  Bunny Fisher, Patti Shaffner, Marvinetta Penn, Curtis Prince,
                                                                        concert at LaPorte’s Fox Park on Wed., Aug. 8th, 7
                     Luke Pytel and more…
                                                                           Bring a picnic basket and blanket and relax as
                                                                        the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra presents
                                                                        a program including a star studded lineup of solo-
                                                                        ists from the 2007 Hoosier Star competition, selec-
                                                                        tions from broadway, the silver screen, and dance.
                                                                           Selections from “E.T.” (The Extra-Terrestrial),
                                                                        “Happy Feet” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” will
                                                                        grace the stage with a medley from the smash
        Open Daily at 5 pm 7 days a week                                broadway musical “Chicago.”
      Lunch hours: Monday – Friday 11am – 2:30pm                           From “All the Jazz” to “Margaritaville,” the or-
                                                                        chestra will dish out hot selections sure to keep
      *****Tuesdays 50% off every Wine Bottle*****                      everyone’s feet “Happy.” Selections with a patriotic
                                                                        flair will also be included.
                       Daily Specials                                      Hoosier Star Soloists: Brandon Williams & Jenny
          Menu offers a variety of Seafood, Steaks                      Hartson will perform with the orchestra.
                      Chops &Pastas                                        The 60 piece orchestra, led my music director
           Specialty Salads, Soups, Appetizers &                        Philip Bauman includes musicians from Michigan
                     Desserts yumm…                                     City, LaPorte, Chesterton, Valparaiso, South Bend
                                                                        and Michigan. The La Porte County Symphony Or-
              Reservations & Walk–Ins Welcome
                                                                        chestra is celebrating its 35th season of bringing
      521 Franklin Street Michigan City, IN * 219.872.4500
                                                                        the joy of live music to residents of La Porte County
                                                                        and the surrounding areas. The orchestra performs
                                                                        11 concerts per year.
                                                                           For more information, visit or call
  OPEN HOUSE Sunday, 12-2 p.m.                                          the Symphony office at 219-362-9020.
                                        St. Andrews condo
                                        overlooking 7th
                                        & 8th fairways                       Regional Environmental Forum
                                        of L.B.C.C. Two
                                        bedrooms, 2                        An open public forum on the environment in
                                        baths, large loft               northwest Indiana has been scheduled for July 28th
                                        with “Murphy”                   in Chesterton at the Westchester Library Service
                                        bed. Many.                      Center at 100 West Indiana Avenue. The event be-
                                        many amenities.                 gins at 9 a.m. and will end at 2 p.m. The forum is
                                        Custom cabinets                 free and open to anyone residing in the 12-county
                                        and woodwork                    Northwest region (which includes: Elkhart, Fulton,
                                        throughout. Large               Jasper, Kosciusko, Lake, LaPorte, Marshall, New-
                                        fireplace, wet bar,              ton, Porter, Pulaski, Starke, and St. Joseph).
                                        oak spiral staircase               The Hoosier Environmental Council and several
                                        to loft, stereo                 local environmental groups and individuals in the
                                        music system, Pella             region are hosting the forum. It will be conducted in
                                        windows, 3 zone                 the “open space” format which encourages attend-
                                        hot water heat.                 ees to set the agenda. The forum will be facilitated
 Beauty and quality throughout.         Association Pool.               by Jeanne Farah of Excelleration, Inc.
               Builder’s personal home                                     It will result in the creation of a regional envi-
                                                                        ronmental agenda which will be used to set action
                         $369,000                                       plans. The forum will also serve as the initial or-
   Offered by Richard Mignery Builders, Inc.                            ganizing step for the creation of a citizen-based
                                                                        regional council for the area which would work to
             For appointment                                            solve local environmental issues.
       219-872-3611 or 269-469-1347                                        Lunch will be provided; RSVP to Clarke Kahlo at
                                                                        317/685-8800, ext 114.

July 26, 2007                                                                               Page 49

      Beautiful New Construction FOR SALE By Owner
                114 Chickadee Trail, Michiana
                 OPEN HOUSE Saturday/Sunday • 11:00 - 4:00 CDT
                              Directions: Grand Beach Road to Chickadee north to property

  Just in Time for Summer
  No expense has been spared to created this
  meticulously designed 5 bedroom/4.5 bath
  custom designed, new construction classic cottage
  in Michiana. Beautiful finishes and subtle hues of
  nature used throughout. Two master bedroom
  suites (great for 2 families), stainless appliances,
  granite counters, Jacuzzi tubs, double bowl vessel
  sinks, custom kitchen maple cabinets, 2 masonry
  fireplaces. Finished lower level walkout. A short
  walk to beach.                           $595,000


Page 50                                                                                                                 July 26, 2007

    Full Color Printing
            Brochures                           Fliers                                                         Newsletters
          Annual Reports                    Business Cards                                                 Promotional Pamphlets

                                                               Par rans
                                                                 200 ting                             sm
                                                               See     atio
                                                                     Back   n     F
                                                                            of B orm
                                                                                     ure Enclo
                                                                                            Dat sed

      Free Local Delivery - Call for Free Quote Today!
                                  Design & Typesetting Available

                                                           911 Franklin Street
                                                            Michigan City, IN

                                                             (219) 879-0088
                                                           FAX (219) 879-8070
                           the Beacher Business Printers

July 26, 2007                                                                                                   Page 51
 PNC “Sunrise to Sunset” Enrollment
   Purdue University North Central is offering new,
transfer and returning students the opportunity to
complete their fall semester enrollment during a
“Sunrise to Sunset” enrollment event on Wed., Aug.
8 from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. No appointments are neces-
sary. Students may visit the PNC Westville cam-
pus, Technology Building Room 157 or PNC - Porter
County at 600 Vale Park Road, Valparaiso.
   Current and prospective students may stop in at
any time that day. The expanded hours will allow
the convenience of stopping before or after work.
   New students will have the opportunity to speak
with an admission representative, complete a free
application, meet with an academic advisor and
register for classes. Current students or those who
have been accepted for admission to Purdue North
Central, may also meet with an academic advisor
and register for class. There will also be an oppor-
tunity to meet with a financial aid representative.
   Students new to PNC are asked to bring their of-
ficial high school or college transcripts. A $30 credit
evaluation fee for transfer students may apply.
   Fall semester classes begin the week of Aug. 20.
The fall semester class schedule is online at www.                                             With this Ad Information about the University, degrees
offered, financial aid, student services, activities
and athletics are all available on the PNC Web site.
Questions may be answered via instant messaging
                                                                                             10 % off
at IM pncadmissions3.
   Additional information at 872-0527, ext. 5505.
Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations
should contact ext. 5505 by Aug. 6.
                                                           1943 S Woodland Ave.
                                                                                                  Expires 8/31/07
                                                                                                  Expires 1/21/07
Catch the Wave: Martinis and Music…                        Michigan City, IN 46360

   The Krasl Art Center, 707 Lake Blvd., St. Joseph,
MI will hold an evening of rocking music, great art,
fabulous food and refreshing libations on Sat., Aug.
4 from 7–10 p.m. MI time. Proceeds from the “Catch
the Wave: Martinis and Music at the Krasl Art Cen-
ter” ‘fun-raiser’ will support the Krasl’s educational
programming and events. Tickets are $10 in ad-
vance and available at the Krasl Art Center or $15
at the door. There will be a cash bar. This event is
for people 21 years and older.
   Brandon Calhoun and the Riff Kitchen; a rock,
blues and cover band well known in Metro Detroit
and Grand Rapids areas, will begin playing at 8:00
p.m. Brandon Calhoun finished among the top ten           THE CLIPPER SHIP GALLERY
contestants for the reality TV show INXS: Rock
Stars of 2006 and has just completed a U.S. tour.               • Paintings • Limited Edition Prints
   Panera Bread of St. Joseph has designed an ex-        • Custom Framing • Nautical Gifts & Accessories
traordinary spread of hors d’oeuvres, many of them       Specializing in Marine Art by Charles Vickery & other artists.
new recipes, for this special night.                               See our fine selections of Wildlife, Florals,
                                                                        Landscapes & Contemporary Art
   The staff of Port 412, St. Joseph’s newest gather-
ing place planning to open around Labor Day, has
created special martini recipes, like the Krasltini,
                                                         t          116 North Whittaker Street
                                                                      New Buffalo, Michigan
that will be available for purchase during this spe-     i               (269) 469-2590                             w
cial evening. 269-983-0271 for more information.

Page 52                                                                                                             July 26, 2007

              3505 Waverly Road, LaPorte
                                                                                Last week, this column focused upon issues relat-
                                                                             ed to the “Green” movement. This week, we look at
                                                                             another way to recycle, reuse and reinvent—by ex-
                                                                             ploring a few websites whose subject is thrift shops.
                                                                             I am a thrift shop addict myself. I find great joy in
                                                                             discovering some needed (and yes, sometimes un-
                                                                             needed) object in an obscure corner of a thrift store.
                                                                             Thrift shoppers will agree that it’s like winning a
                                                                             prize. It’s also nice to know that nonprofit stores
                                                                             are happy to take our useable discards, thus saving
                                                                             the landfills from perfectly reusable items. I love
                                                                             the fact that many artists, including fiber artists,
 This home will take your breath away as you drive up the mature,            haunt thrift shops for goodies that they will turn
 wooded acreage. Secluded in beautiful landscaping, this home feels
 like a retreat. Enjoy all the views from every angle as you sip cold        into unique creations. My only regret is that large
 lemonade on the brick patio or enclosed porch. This is a nature lover’s     numbers of fans of sites like eBay are now combing
 dream. Inside brings the outdoors in, with windows from floor to ceil-       these stores to put their “finds” up for auction, mak-
 ing in the great room with cathedral ceiling. A loft overlooks below to     ing neat discoveries harder to come by. Below are
 the amazing views. Come experience the tranquility of this home.
                                                                             sites that promote thrift shopping, but you won’t
 6.5 acres, mature woods, pond/lake, 3 to 4 bedrooms, cathedral ceil-
 ings, 2.5 baths, are just a few of the features of this property.           find among them sites devoted to selling used items
                                                                 $439,500    online.
 Pine Lake Realty, LLC                                         Bob Hull         The Thrift Shopper (www.thethriftshopper.
 Phone (219) 324-2999                                            Broker      com). Several years back I started compiling a list
 Cell (219) 851-0815                                                         of thrift shop addresses in Northern Indiana for
                                                          Rory Bunce                                  Sales Associate       the purpose of publishing a directory. Due to lack of
                                                                             time, I abandoned the effort. Now, at this website,
                                                                             one can find a national directory of charity-driven
                                                                             thrift stores. Just plug in the state you are interest-
                                                                             ed in, and you get a list of store addresses and phone
                                                                             numbers. Among the website’s links are some small
   Summer – Time for                                                         appliance manual downloads. So, if your thrift shop
                                                                             excursion lands you a limp-working blender, for ex-
                                                                             ample, you might find the manual to help you get
                Barefoot                                                     your find back up to speed.
                                                                                Simply Green (
      Beautiful Floors!                                                      my_weblog/home_design). This is just one of many,
                                                                             many sites belonging to thrift shop and garage sale
                                                                             fans who reinvent or reuse their prized finds. I liked
                                                                             this blog’s wealth of helpful information and fun
                                                                             crafts. I was impressed, with the photo at least, of
                                                                             plastic bags that had been transformed into peony-
      Carpet • Laminate • Wood • Ceramic                                     type flowers. The crafter treasures the colored bags
                                                                             the most, such as the one’s that newspapers are
                                                                             delivered in. The photo shows a windowsill of bright
             Celebrating 20 Years                                            “peonies” in cute little pots. Another section of this
                                                                             blog presents a pictorial lesson in cleaning tarnish
     Providing the community with the best                                   from silver in a very easy, and polishing cream free,
    in customer service and quality flooring.                                 method.
                                                                                Thrifty      Goodness         (www.thriftygoodness.
     HOURS:                                                         blogger is one of many on the In-
                             $25 off with
    Mon-Fri 9-6             $250 or more              Phone                  ternet who shares her unique finds in photos and
      Sat 9-3               purchase with          219-879-3325              text. Yes, there is some bragging involved.
  Closed Sunday                this ad              (879-DEAL)                  Garage Sale Shopper (www.garagesaleshopper.
                                                                             com). Search garage sales by state via this directory.
   Located 2 miles east of Marquette Mall off Hwy. 20                        Post your own upcoming garage sale here free. The
        636 Longwood Drive, Michigan City                                    closest I found listed (at the time of this writing)
                                                                             was in the Chicago suburbs. Common sense says

July 26, 2007                                                                                              Page 53
that with our high gas prices, it’s no bargain travel-
ing miles out of the way. On the other hand, if you
are heading in a certain direction and are a garage
sale addict, you might find this site much to your            Experience what dining out was like
liking.                                                    before the principles of the assembly line
   Thrift Goddess (www.naughtysecretaryclub.
com/about/thriftgoddess). This is another nice blog                   were applied to it.
filled with tips, features, and “reinvented” items.
   Consignment Shops (www.consignmentshops.
com). Another directory that you might find useful.
     Tag Sale Tales (www.tagsaletales.blogspot.
com). I guess this blogger got tired of posting her re-
cycled finds, because this is her final month of post-
ings. However, you can read her archives, stretch-
ing back to August, 2005.
   Visit my website:

   Annual Kites Over Branch County
   The Tri-State Wind Riders Kite Club hosts their
annual Kites Over Branch County July 27-29, at
the Creal Soccer Complex located on the corner of
State and Marshall Street in Coldwater, MI.
   Kites Over Branch County, hosted by the Tri-
State Wind Riders Kite Club, has a weekend of fun                          artisan comfort cuisine
and challenging competitions scheduled for partici-
pating kite fliers. The events kick off Friday evening
at 6:30 p.m. MI time at the Heritage Recreational         a new waterfront restaurant • lunch & dinner • 269.469.1699
                                                          600 W. Water St., New Buffalo, MI •
Center, located at 1776 Heritage Drive, with an
American Kiteflier’s Association sanctioned indoor
competition. The events continue into Saturday
with registration for kiters at 9:30 a.m. at the Creal
Soccer Complex. Kiters will compete in a variety
of competitions, including teams, pairs, individual
and fighters kites.
   The public is invited to bring their lawn chairs
out and spend the entire weekend to learn more
about kite flying and competition. For those inter-
ested, there will be a kite vendor and food vendor
   For more information on this event and/or the Tri-
State Wind Riders Kite Club, visit www.tristatewin- or contact John and Suzette Arnold at
(517) 278-6023 or
   About the Tri-State Wind Riders Kite Club:
   The Tri-State Wind Riders Kite Club is a group
of families and friends of all ages who enjoy flying
kites. Members of the club fly single, dual line and/
or quad line kites of all shapes and sizes.
   About the American Kiteflier’s Association
(AKA) ®:
   The late Robert M. Ingraham of New Mexico
founded the nonprofit organization in 1964 to edu-
cate the public in the art, history, technology and
practice of building and flying kites. He dreamed of
advancing the joys and values of kiting in all na-
tions. Today the AKA has over 4,000 members in 35
countries, making it the largest association of kit-
ers in the world. For more information visit them

Page 54                                                                                                                                                                         July 26, 2007
                                                                                                                                          Community Emergency Response Team
                                                                                                                                           John Jones, Director of Michigan City’s Emer-
                                                                                                                                        gency Management Agency, announced that CERT
                                                                                                                                        training will begin on August 3rd. This will mark the
                                                                                                                                        eighth CERT class since its inception in October of
  We have the most skilled and attentive Baristas in town!
                                                                                                                                        2003. There are 115 certified CERT members in the
              AWAITING YOUR SMILING FACE!                                                                                               greater La Porte County community, and the first
                                                                                                                                        university CERT team in the state was developed at
                   Iced Mochas (Ghiradelli Chocolate Syrup).
                   Frappé Chinos and Fruit Smoothies
                                                                                                                                        Purdue North Central. There are established CERT
                                                                                                                                        Teams in all of the six political wards in Michigan
                   Jet Tea - Passion Fruit, Pomegranate and More                                                                        City. The courses are offered free of charge.
                   Fresh Pastries, Panini, Salads                                                  FreeI                                   “Each year, many communities are rocked by
                                                                                                   WIF                                  severe weather, such as tornadoes, floods, winter
 444 Wabash               Psst…Diehards - we still have                                                                                 storms, or by ‘man made disasters,’” said Jones,
                             the best coffee in town!                                                                                   “and the damages can affect everyone. Disasters
 (corner of 5th & Wabash)
                          Open Daily 6:15am to 6:00pm                                                                                   can severely restrict and overwhelm emergency re-
 Michigan City
                                                                                                                                        sponse resources, communications, transportation
 Across from Lighthouse Place                              874-7006                                                                     and utilities and can leave individuals and entire
                                                                                                                                        neighborhoods cut off from outside emergency sup-
                                         Root                                                                                              “We are offering Community Emergency Response
                                                                                                                                        Team courses,” Jones continued, “ to train people to
                              Funeral Home                                                                                              take care of themselves and then to help others in
  WILLIAM H. ROOT • THOMAS W. ROOT • BRIAN W. ROOT                                                                                      their communities for the first three days following
                                                                                                                                        a disaster. This is when debris-clogged or damaged
       A locally owned and operated funeral home                                                                                        roads, disrupted communications, or high volume of
       serving Michigan City and the Beach Area                                                                                         calls may prevent access by traditional emergency
             by the Root Family since 1938.                                                                                             response personnel. The purpose of CERT training
                                                                                                                                        is to provide citizens with the basic skills required
           Pre-Arrangement consultation available                                                                                       to handle virtually all of their own needs and then
                      at no obligation.                                                                                                 to be able to respond to their communities’ needs
                                                                                                                                        in the aftermath of a disaster. CERT members will
                                                                                                                                        self-deploy in our neighborhoods for up to 72-hours
                                                                                                                                        until traditional help can arrive.”
 312 East Seventh Street                                                                                                                   The CERT course consists of 21 hours of training,
 Michigan City, IN 46360                                                                                                                and will be conducted at La Porte Hospital in La
 (219) 874-6209                                                                                                                         Porte. The class will be held in the lower level Audi-
                                                                                                                                        torium. The schedule of classes is as follows:
                                                                                                                                           Fri., Aug.3rd: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Mon., Aug. 6th: 9
                                                                                                                                        a.m. - 4 p.m.; Wed., Aug. 8th: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Fri.,
                                                                                                                                        Aug. 10th: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
                                                                                                                                           Classes are taught by professional emergency
                                                                                                                                        responders, including firefighters, emergency medi-
                                                                                                                                        cal and law enforcement personnel from the com-
                                                                                                                                        munity. Participants who successfully complete the
                                                      Family entertainment
                                                      closer than you think!                                                            course are certified by the State of Indiana.
                                                                                                                                           The course agenda includes disaster prepared-
                                                                                                                                        ness, fire safety and suppression, disaster medical
                                                                                                                                        operations-assessment and treatment, life threat-
                                                                                      LAKE M
                                                                                                                                        ening injuries, light search and rescue operations,
                                                                                                               ROUTE 12
                                                                                                         NEW BUFFA
                                                                                                                                        disaster psychology and terrorism overview. “The
  FREE Parking and No Admission Charge.                                            I-94 (exit 1)                  LO

  Rain or shine. Hours: Noon-5pm CST.                                     1000 N                            HESSTON
                                                                                                                                        Course is as much hands on as it is classroom stated
  Located East of SR 39 (West of Basswood Rd)
                                                                                                            MUSEUM                      Jones, so the participants are kept active and inter-
                                                                                              ROUTE 39

                                                                                                                     FAIL ROAD

                                                                        ROUTE 20

  Visit us online at
                                                                                                                                        ested. The course is geared for all ages, above 18,
                                                                                TOLL RD
                                                                                            (exit 49)
                                                                                                                                        and for people of all physical abilities; there is a role
  Discount Coupon! Bring this ad for one FREE
  children’s train ride with one paid adult ticket, one free ticket
                                                                                                                                        for anyone that wants to help”. The course culmi-
  per visit. Offer not valid Labor Day Weekend. Expires 1/1/08                                                                   B-6
                                                                                                                                        nates with a Disaster Simulation Exercise.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                             Page 55
   “One of the most important functions of the CERT
team during a disaster,” Jones said, “will be man-
aging and directing the untrained volunteers who                                      ;le\cXe[
arrive at a disaster scene and want to be of assis-
tance. During the aftermath of the September 11,
2001 terrorist attack, and after Hurricane Katrina,
hundreds of thousands of volunteers appeared at di-
saster sites, police and fire departments, hospitals
and Red Cross offices. While their help was needed,
the trained emergency responders were needed to
do the rescue work rather than to train those who
                                                                           Tom McCormick
wanted to help. The CERT coarse trains bystanders                                    Builder
/ volunteers ahead of time. FEMA reports that “up
to 80% of all victims involved in a major disaster are
                                                                        Licensed in Indiana & Michigan
cared for by friends, family, and neighbors”.                               Voice: 219.928.2953
   Jones said, “Our goal is to establish CERT teams
in each of LaPorte County’s neighborhoods. Indi-                               Fax: 219.879.3536
viduals who form a team of 8-10 people from their                      email:
neighborhood will be given priority in registration
for the class. They’ll be empowered to respond to
disasters that affect their families and neighbors.
We’ve received a Federal Emergency Management
Agency (FEMA) grant to conduct these classes, and
as additional funds are available, we’ll develop more
   Men and women 18 years or older who are in-                                          DINE IN • CARRY OUT
terested in becoming a Community Emergency                                   DELIVERY INCLUDING THE BEACH COMMUNITY
Response Team member should call John Jones at             $
                                                           200 Off Large Pizza                               FAMILY SPECIAL
219/873-1499 or contact him via email at jjones@ for a registration form and in-               $
                                                                                                            Large 1 Topping Pizza
                                                                150 Off Medium                                  Breadsticks
formational brochure. Training applications can be
picked up at City Hall in Michigan City from 8:00                    Pizza                                       2 liter Pop
a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday in the                                                                     $
Clerk’s Department or in LaPorte at the Office of
                                                               100 Off Small Pizza                                      1999        + Tax

Emergency Management located in the Basement               Not Good With Any Other Offer                     Not Good With Any Other Offer
of the County Government Complex between the
hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. In LaPorte call 326-      Sunday Noon-10 pm • M-Th 11 am-10 pm • F-S 11-12 Midnight
6808 ext. 264.                                            5184 S. Franklin St., Michigan City   872-3838
                                                                We Deliver to the Whole Community!

                Crafters Wanted
   Hebron Elementary School in Hebron, IN will
                                                         OF THE 2007
host its 27th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair on Sat.,
Oct. 13 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The elementary School
                                                         PORTER COUNTY
                                                         R.O.S.E. NEWCOMER
is located at 307 S. Main St. It is just three blocks    AWARD
south of the junction of Hwys. 8, 231, and 2.                                          GIFT PARCELS ~ GIFT BASKETS & TRAYS
   Over 120 exhibitors will be present to sell all                                  WWW.MOLLYBEAS.COM
types of hand crafted items. Past exhibits have in-      • Candies • Gummies • Licorice • Chocolate • Carob & Yogurt
cluded baskets, birdhouses and feeders, Victorian               • Sugarless • Dried Fruits • Nuts & Nut Mixes
lace, silk flowers, knitted and crocheted items, wood                                NW INDIANA’S LICORICE CENTER
furniture and toys, puppets, jewelry, rugs, seasonal     FLAVORED       • Vegetarian & Vegan Products
items, doll house furniture, sweatshirts, afghans, ce-    COFFEES      • Local Honeys • Coffees & Teas
ramics, home baked goods and oil paintings. There                 • 100 Spices, Soups & Baking Ingredients TERRIFIC
                                                           SUGAR • Organic & Gluten-Free Grains & Pastas
is no admission charge for the Arts and Crafts Fair.
                                                           FREE &
                                                                      MON.-SAT. ~ 10-7 • SUN. ~ 12-6      KOSHER
Concessions and a bake sale will be available.             GLUTEN                                                                ORGANIC
   Interested exhibitors should contact Wanda Vaw-
ter for booth information at 219/942-6336 or Hebron
                                                            FREE        219-983-9401
                                                               761 Indian Boundary Road, Suite 3 • Chesterton, Indiana
                                                                    Between Schoop’s & El Salto, just east of Hwy. 49 near the I-94 interchange.
Elementary at 219/996-4771.

Page 56                                                                                                                July 26, 2007
                                                                                       Lubeznik Center’s New Exhibit
         Abiney’s Oriental Rug                                                       Focuses on Environmental Art
                                                                                     “The Nature of Art”, brings together sixteen re-
      & Carpet Cleaning Company                                                   gional and national artists, who are inspired by the
                                                                                  environment, both natural and man-made, and are
  Oriental Rug Cleaning, Repair, Restoration and Refringing                       featured in the Lubeznik Center for the Arts’ Hynd-
            FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY SERVICE                                      man Gallery now through September 2.
 • Carpet Cleaning                                                                   The exhibition, curated by Elizabeth Kelley Kar-
 • Upholstery Cleaning                                                            powicz, and including work of sixteen artists, in-
 • Leather Furniture Cleaning                                                     cludes artworks crafted of materials gathered from
 • Drapery & Blind Cleaning                                                       nature alongside imagery which documents our
  (as they hang)                                                                  precarious relationship with the environment. Art-
 • Window Washing                                                                 work that speaks to the natural and environment
 All Rugs are cleaned by hand with a
                                                                                  issues of the Midwest, especially Indiana, will be
 specially designed chemical process
  HARDWOOD FLOORS - Hand Polishing & High Speed Buffing                               Plan on attending the many educational pro-
  1-888-327-1010 • 705 Harrison Street, LaPorte, IN • 219-325-3363                grams in conjunction with the exhibit:
                                                                                     Healing Herbs~Essential Oils - Tues., Aug. 7,
                                                                                  7 p.m.
                                                                                     Are you curious about the healing powers of
                                                                                  plants? Herbalist Lisa Geraldi will discuss the me-
       DYE                        & HEATING
                 1600 Lake St., La Porte
                                                                                  dicinal qualities of herbs and will provide a short
                                                                                  demonstration about creating your own essential
                                                                                     Pollinators: the Future of our Food, Fuel
                      219-362-6251                                                and Fiber Sat., August 11 at 2 p.m.
               Toll Free 1-800-393-4449                                              Nicole Kintsele, from the LaPorte County Soil
                                                                                  and Water Conservation District, will present infor-
                                                    Servin                        mation for grown-ups about the important role that
   Specializing in Plumbing, Heating,
                                                           g                      butterflies, bees, birds and bats play in the ecosys-
    Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps,                  You Si
  Radiant Heat Boilers, Water Heaters,
                                                          nce                     tem. For not-so-grown-ups, Kintsele will introduce
                                                     1939                         fun pollination games and activities for kids. The
           & Sewer Services
                                                                                  day will culminate in the planting of a butterfly gar-
                                                                                  den at the Center, so please bring your trowels and
    • Residential • Commercial • Industrial                                       gardening gloves!
          “Big Enough To Serve You…                                                  Native Landscaping - Sun., Aug. 12, 2 p.m.
         Small Enough To Know You…”                                                  Native plants provide a hardy, drought resistant,
                                                                                  low maintenance, beautiful, landscape and they
                                                                                  benefit the environment. Rosie Flitter, an Advanced
                                                                                  Master Gardener, will discuss native plants and
                                                                                  how they can be used in the home landscape. Flit-

                                            EE N
                   lf t one
                                                                                  ter has been a Master Gardener since 1995 and has

                                          FR I
                                                                                  a special interest is perennial plants, particularly

                                                                                  hostas and daylilies.
                                                 TA         • Bumper Boats           Images Within - Tues., Aug. 14, 7 p.m.

           G          - Ge
                                                R   K
                                                            • Kiddie Cars
                                                            • Mini Golf
                                                            • Picnic Pavilion
                                                                                     A presentation by photographer John Opie will
                                                                                  look at how the unconscious and conscious mind
                                                                                  shapes the images artists make. Opie will explore

                  e                                                               this impact in a slide presentation including 19th

            on            DE ENT
                                                            • Batting Cages       century landscape painting, the rise of travel and

          y                     V                           • Go-Karts            tourism, the fascination Americans have about “the

    Bu S           CA        AD         OPEN DAILY • Video Games
                                          11 am
                                                                                  West”, and even some of the aesthetic theories of
                                                                                  the sublime, the picturesque, and the garden-park.
      A C
                                                   • Birthday Room
                                        7297 W. U.S. 20                           “Images Within“ will attempt to open discussion
                                                                                  about where we come from when we do our art. In
              a y                        Michigan City
                                         Just East of Johnson Rd.
                                                                                  addition to being a photographer, John Opie is a re-
        Coupon expires 8/04/07           (219) 872-3441
                                                                              B   tired professor of environmental history and policy.
   Not good with any other promotion
                                                                                  He also occasionally teaches a course in history or

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                         Page 57
great books at the University of Chicago.
   Also on display July 21 – September 2:                              Lakefront Condo
   “Work in Progress: Vestiges of the Creative Mo-              100 Lake Shore Drive, Unit 302
ment” in the Brincka & Library Galleries, features                   Listed for: $385,000
work by members of the Area Artists’ Association.                                                             This lakefront condo boasts
Finished works will be shown in tandem with im-                                                               expansive views of Lake
                                                                                                              Michigan and the Chicago
ages of the progression.                                                                                      skyline, private beach
   All events are Chicago time. A $3 donation is re-                                                          access, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths,
quested for educational programs unless otherwise                                                             possible 3rd bedroom, gas
                                                                                                              ventless fireplace, gated
indicated, and LCA members are admitted free. All                                                             entry and garage parking.
programs and events are at the Lubeznik Center                                                                Updated kitchen includes
                                                                                                              new counter tops and euro
for the Arts at 101 W. 2nd St. in Michigan City, IN.                                                          flooring. When you are not
Phone: 219-874-4900 or visit www.lubeznikcenter.                                                              at the beach, enjoy the
                                                                                                              complex’s indoor pool, hot
org for more details.                                  tub and exercise facility. Price reduced to sell. Seller willing to pay first three
   The Jack and Shirley Lubeznik Center for the        months of HOA assessments. Call for more information today!
Arts is located on the Avenue of the Arts, 101 W.
2nd St. in Michigan City. Phone: 219.874.4900;
                                                                               Cynthia Powers                  Kelly Baria                      6
                                                                               Office: (219) 949-9700           Office: (219) 949-9700
email: or visit
                                                       Powers Realty, Inc.
                                                                               Cell: (219) 712-6788            Cell: (219) 973-3178
        Thursdays at the Museum
   “Cemetery History” will be the topic of a program       IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE
at The History Center at Courthouse Square in
Berrien Springs on Thurs., July 26, at 6:30 p.m. MI    Providing non-medical
time. Dale Frie of the Berrien County Genealogi-           In-home Care
cal Society will present the program, which is part       and Assistance
of the History Center’s “Thursdays at the Museum”
program series. The program will be held at the              Bonded Caregivers
History Center (1839 Courthouse Museum) on Cass              Companion/Personal Care
Street in Berrien Springs. Admission is free.
                                                             Homemaker Services
   From churchyard cemeteries of the 17th centu-
                                                             Family Respite Care                             Introduce someone you
ry to the natural park cemetery movement of the                                                                   CARE about to
19th century, burial grounds have been an impor-             Transportation/Errands                            someone you TRUST
tant park of America’s cultural history. Cemeteries
have taken on even more public significance with                                                               For more Information
the huge growth of genealogy research in recent de-                                                             (269) 428-9100
cades. Dale Frie will explore the history of cem-                                                               (800) 930-1522
eteries and the symbolism of gravestone motifs in a
PowerPoint program. His presentation will include
examples of the unique gravestones found in Ber-
rien County cemeteries.
   For more information about the Thursdays at the
Museum program series, contact The History Cen-
ter at Courthouse Square at (269) 471-1202.
                                                                        Car + Home =
          Save the Date -Sept. 15
                                                                        BIG SAVINGS
                                                                        See me for Car and Home Insurance and save.

  There will be a Richard Hunt Retrospective Open-
ing Benefit on Sept. 15 from 6:00 - 10:00 pm at the                                                                   STATE     FARM
Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 101 W. 2nd St., Michi-                                                                        Auto

gan City.                                                                                                               Life   Fire

  Attend this fundraising event to celebrate the                                                                     INSURANCE
work of internationally recognized sculptor Richard          James E. Eriksson, Agent, LUTCF
Hunt. Proceeds support the Lubeznik Center for the           405 Johnson Road                                               Bus: 219-874-6360
                                                             Michigan City, IN 46360-6510            
Arts educational programming and United Negro
College Fund scholarships in Northwest Indiana.                 LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, STATE FARM IS THERE®
  Admission and reservations required. Tickets                        Providing Insurance and Financial Services
                                                                                State Farm • Home Offices: Bloomington, IL
$100 per person, LCA members $75. Order tickets
online or phone 219-874-4900.

Page 58                                                                                                July 26, 2007
                                                                   A Magical Weekend at Acorn Theater
            M&M                         Restaurant
                                                                     Did You Know?
                                                                     Magic has been part of Michigan for most of his-
                                                                  tory, and much of this history happened right here
                                                                  in Southwest Michigan. One of the world’s most fa-
         We Do It Your Way Everyday”                              mous magicians, Harry Blackstone, bought an is-
                                                                  land in Colon and made it the summer retreat for
             Serving Breakfast All Day                            his whole show: dancers, stagehands, ducks, geese,
                                                                  doves, rabbits, a horse and a camel. The troop spent
       Daily Specials Mon.-Fri. $2.99-$5.99                       their days not just swimming, fishing and relaxing,
                                                                  but rehearsing and repairing old props.
                 Come See Michiana’s                                 Harry’s magician friends started coming to this
                  All American Diner                              magical island and it was soon renamed Blackstone
                                                                  Island. So many magicians came to visit that it be-
                   6 a.m. - 4 p.m. • 7 Days                       came an annual gathering that has continued until
                                                                  the present day. Abbott’s Magic Get Together in Co-
      1608 E. Michigan Blvd., Michigan City • 874-4565            lon takes place the first weekend of August.
                                                                     One magician that never visited the Island was
                                                                  Harry’s main rival, Howard Thurston. Thurston was
                                                                  as famous as Harry Houdini in his day. When Thur-
 A collection of classic, antique and unusual vehicles in a       ston retired, his show was taken over by a Michigan
                                                                  magician named Will Rock. Recently his daughter,
 creative setting amidst a vast collection of memorbilia.
                                                                  who still lives in the area, has written a book about
                                                                  his adventures as a traveling magician.
                                                                     Many of the posters, props, costumes that were
                                                                  used by Thurston, Blackstone, Will Rock, and
                                                                  Houdini (who died in Detroit in 1927) are kept in
                                                                  the Magic Museum of Marshall Michigan which has
                                                                  one of the most impressive collections in the world.
                                                                     Another World-Class Magician Comes to
                                                                     Sean Masterson Presents His Family Magic Show,
                                                                  “Magic Matinee,” -- Sat., July 28th; 5 p.m. MI time.
                                                                     Sean Masterson has always had a duel interest
                                       209 W. Michigan Blvd.      in magic and theater. He debuted “Magic Matinee”
 Open                                 Michigan City, IN 46360     in 2006 at Chicago’s Music Box Theater to packed
 7 Days a Week                                 219.878.1514       houses and rave reviews. “Prestidigitation for the
                                                                  Harry Potter generation, with a minimum of flash
                                                                  and a maximum of understated showmanship,” de-
                                                                  clared the Chicago Tribune. In 2004, he produced
                                                                  and was featured in “Seek Wonder” at the Noyes
         H & G PLUMBING &                                         Cultural Center in Evanston, IL. In reviewing that
                                                                  production, the Chicago Reader claimed: “Manipu-
            HEATING INC.
                                                                  lating commonplace objects he does produce won-
                                                                  der, investing them with a sense of fresh possibili-
                SERVICE AND GREAT RATES!
                                                                  ties.” In 2002, “Conjuring Time” ran for five sold
 •   24 Hour Service Available
                                                                  out weeks at the Live Bait Theatre and was called
 •   Qualified Tech. Licensed Plumbers
                                                                  “highly entertaining” in the Chicago Tribune. Sean
 •   Family Owned & Operated All 41 Years
                                                                  Masterson’s first solo performance, “Magic Tales,”
 •   FREE Estimates
                                                                  appeared in 1995 and the Chicago Tribune declared,
         Everyone Can Save 10% All Year                           “Masterson’s sleight-of-hand tricks, with tales to
            On Every Service Call - Ask Us How!
                                                                  boot, are spellbinding.”
                                             41 YEAR                 Masterson became interested in his craft at the
                                            OF SERV               age of 7 when he received a deck of T.V. Magic Cards
                                              1966-20 ICE
                                                     06           for his birthday. At 12 he made his first public per-
                                                                  formance at the Helen Plum Library in Lombard,
     (219) 362-1632 • Toll Free (888) 471-9777                    IL. Dozens of library gigs later, he won Chicago’s
                                                                  Junior Magician of the Year award.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                  Page 59
   His performances have always reflected his dual
interest in magic and theater, leading him to study
acting at Illinois State University. While there he
picked up a 2nd major in French, which explains his                               Limited Time Only…
appearances at Festimagic in Paris, The Interna-
tional Theater Festival of Grenoble, and his French
                                                                              Laura Sprague’s
wife.                                                                       Michigan City Poster
   His fascination with both magic and theater have
figured into the creation of magic routines based                                 on sale for
on The Frog Prince tale, Hamlet, Sam Spade and a
short story by Jorge Luis Borges that begins with a                                       $10.00
member of the audience chained to a metal box.                                 (regularly priced at $20.00)
   “Magic Matinee” also features an originally de-
signed and constructed backdrop made by the pup-
peteer duo Mike Schwabe and Larry Basgall of            The Framing Station
Douglas, MI. Sean would like to thank Johanna           a             912 Franklin, Michigan City
Humbert of the Judith Racht Gallery in Sawyer and                           (219) 879-2115
Linda Strohl of Lakeside, MI for their help in pro-     y              Open Tuesday - Saturday
moting this production at the Acorn Theater. www.       r   Area’s largest selection of South Shore Posters.
   Tickets: $7/children 12 and under and $10/ adults.
All Info and Reservations Info: 269. 756. 3879.

   Poetry Sharing at Beverly Shores
      Sunday, July 29, 9:30 a.m.
  Come and let our hearts mingle
   with the beauty
  of our surroundings.
  Poetry awakens us to savor
   the beauty of life.

   We are welcoming everyone
   to share the work of your favorite
    poet and/or your own.
                             ---K. Zmuda
   The Indian Dunes National Lakeshore, the Lu-
beznik Art Center And Five Women of Word are
proud to announce A Summer Poetry Fest.
    All poets, wanna be poets and lovers of poetry
gather at the Beverly Shores Lakeshore Shelter. Po-
ems can be original and/or classics. Presenters sign
in on arrival 6 minute limit per person.
   Phone Kathy Zmuda for more information: 219-
872-4836.                                                                      FLEMINGTON
       The Circus Comes to Town!
  The Michigan City Summer Festival announces                Quality custom homes in the beach area
the L.E. Barnes & Bailey Brothers Circus will be
here on Sat., July 28th and Sun., July 29th. Tickets
are $10 in advance for adults, $15 at the door and
                                                                                                Kevin Flemington
children 14 & under are free when accompanied by                                           1605 Indianapolis Ave.
adult.                                                                                Long Beach, IN 46360-1437
  The Circus will take place in Washington Park
with showtimes at 4:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. on Satur-                             219.878.7117 phone    219.872.3276 fax
day, and at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are
available at the Parks & Recreation Department                         web
in Washington Park. For more information about
Summerfest events, visit www.michigancityfesti- or phone 1-800-874-3630.

Page 60                                                                                                                            July 26, 2007
         Experience Mediterranean                                                                   Lincolns 4 Lincoln Project
                                                                                            The Michigan City Public Library’s Friends of the
                                                                                          Library group are well on their way to the fund rais-
                                                                                          ing goal to purchase Lincoln-related books for stu-
                                                                                          dents in Michigan City schools.
  Each bite invites another.                                                                Nearly $4,000 has been raised so far. The ex-
    An Eclectic Dining Experience                                                         hibit, “Forever Free: Abraham Lincoln’s Journey to
                                            3301 Franklin St. •Michigan City, IN          Emancipation,” will be on display Feb. 23 to April 4,
    Comprised of Middle Eastern,
     Lebanese, Greek and Italian                    219-871-1223                          2008. The library plans many programs and events
                                             Lunch • Dinner • Outdoor Dining
                                                                                          during that time. 63 libraries have been chosen to
      Call Us To Cater                                                                    have the exhibit.
      Your Next Party!                                           You can help in so many ways. Save your pen-
                                                                                          nies (and $5 bills, too) and bring them to the library
                                                                                          or drop them in the many canisters placed at busi-
                                                                                          nesses throughout Michigan City. See the library
                                                                                          website ( for a list of participating
                                                                                          businesses. If you are interested in helping with
      HORIZON                                                                             this worthwhile project, call 873-3049.
                                                                                                 MC Summer Festival Website
  Canvas Awnings
                                                                                             The Michigan City Summer Festival Committee
Screen Porch Shades                                                                       proudly launches its first ever website with www.
    Boat Canvas                                                                 
                                                                                             Information about annual events such as Drum
 Call for free design & estimate
                                                                                          Corps International, The Big Parade, Labor Dayz
                                                                                          and Oktoberfest are all listed on the website.
         800-513-2940               2227 E. US 12, Michigan City
                                                                                             Food and Arts & Crafts Vendors who are inter-
                                                                                          ested in participating in the various festivals can
                                                                                          find applications on line. Those who are interested
                                                                                          in providing entertainment at the festivals are en-
                                                                                          couraged to go online as well and follow the instruc-
                                                                                          tions listed for entertainment. The Summer Festi-
                                               kitchens, baths & flooring                 val Hotline is still available for those without access
                                    • Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry                            to the internet at 1-800-874-3630.
                                    • Custom Countertops
                                    • Ceramic & Natural Stone Tile
                                    • Carpet • Wood & Laminate Flooring
                                    • Window Blinds & Shutters
                                    • California Closet Systems                                 Lakefront Art Festival Coming!
                                    • Interior Design, Planning & Consultation
                                    • Complete Installation/Construction Services           The 26th Annual Lakefront Art Festival will be
                                    • Kitchen/Bath Remodeling
                                    • Room Additions, Decks, Porches, etc.                coming to Washington Park in Michigan City on
                                    • Licensed in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois
                                    • Free Estimates & Measuring                          Sat., Aug. 18, and Sun., Aug. 19. Admission is $4/
                                   1916 E. Hwy. 20 • Michigan City • 219-871-0555         adults, $3/seniors, free/kids under 12. Visit
                                                                                 for more information.

                                                                                               SUMMER HOURS (MI Time)
                                                                                           M-S 11 a.m.-8 p.m. • Sun. Noon-6 p.m.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                Page 61

                                                                                                                           • Authentic Mexican Entrees
                                                                                                                             Prepared Fresh Daily
                                                                                MEXICAN RESTAURANTE
                                                                                                                           • Lunch & Dinner Specials
                                                                                   110 W. Ninth Street
                                                                                                                           • Children Under (10 Yrs. Old)
                                                                                  Michigan City, IN 46360                    Eat Free From Child’s Menu
   Long Beach Park Program theme last week                                           1
                                                                                     /2 block w. of Franklin
was Western with arts and crafts colorizing bandan-                                          Phone                         • Party Room & large Dance
                                                                                                                             Hall (Seating for up to 250
as, wanted poster photo frames and horse pictures                                        219-878-0222                        People)
along with the campers participating in the usual
                                                                                                                           • Catering Available
sports and recreation activities. The week ended                                                  Open 11 AM
with a swim at the Long Beach Country Club and                                                   Daily for Lunch           • Ask Maria For Details
a cookout with hot dogs and the works donated by                                                    & Dinner
the Long Beach Civic Association. Dates to remem-
ber are Fridays “water day” activities and July 27th
Dunes Summer Theatre children’s production.
   A big thank you goes to the Kathy Luetkemey-                                              Storewide Sale
er family for the donation of a multi purpose game
table. A few park program counselors made quick
work of picking up the table from the Luetkemeyer
                                                                                 10%                        Lamps
                                                                                                                                  In Stock
                                                                                    to                    Lampshades
home and walking it down the street to the Com-                                                            Lustrous
munity Center. In route the table was swarmed by                                 50%                        Pearls
                                                                                                                                 (Including New Arrivals)

                                                                                                           & Jewelry
campers and the first official game of foos ball took
place on the lawn outside the Community Center
before they had a chance to bring it into the build-
ing. What fun!
                                                                                             900 W. Buffalo (US 12) New Buffalo
   The Long Beach Fitness Center is hosting a                                                           269-469-2742
workout for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital                                               Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 11-5 MI time
on Aug. 4th starting at 9 a.m. Sponsor sheets are
available for pick up at the Fitness Center or the
information table just inside the Community Cen-
ter entrance. All ages and ability levels are welcome
to participate. Let’s just see how much money we
can all raise for this very worthy cause. Business
sponsorship is an outstanding way to accumulate
funds fast. Participants have a free pass to the Fit-
ness Center for the remainder of the day.
   Ballroom Dance instructor Mary Chandler is
offering the following classes: July 25th, 6 p.m. for
                                                                                     LUNCH SPECIALS
Intermediate I with 10 months experience and In-
termediate II at 7:15 p.m. with 2 years experience.                             Mon.-Fri. Open 11:00 A.M.-Close • Sat. & Sun. Open 1:00 P.M.-Close
July 31st, 7 p.m. for Beginner II with 6 weeks or
more experience. Info at 219/680-9261.                                         3 1 0 E a s t B u f fa l o o N e w B u f fa l o                    o   Mi
               ----submitted by Susan Vissing                                                    2 69 - 4 6 9 - 9 6 0 0

  Meet your friends at one of NW Indiana’s newest & most unique eater-                    CONSTRUCTION
  ies! Smoke free environment. Dine in or carry out. Friendly family atmo-
  sphere. Featuring: Soups/Salads, Traditional and gourmet pizza, delicious
  Italian sandwiches, Calzones, scrumptious Pasta selections, daily spe-
  cials, weekend delights, including fresh & creative housemade desserts.
  Catering, private parties, banquet facility & Gift Cards available.
        Dan Wright, Executive Chef ~ Maggie Grivetti, Chef
        Credit Cards accepted ~ Weekend Reservations Recommended                         RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL
         Open lunch & dinner Tues-Thurs 11 AM – 9 PM CST
             Fri.-Sat. 11 AM – 10 PM CST ~ Closed Mon.
              219.872.3046 ~
          4318 W US HWY 20, near LaPorte/Michigan City
         Located 1 mi east of I-94. Take South Bend/LaPorte exit.                 219-363-4196                            574-654-3339
    ~Bring this ad in for 15% discount on min. $20.00 purchase.~

Page 62                                                                                                        July 26, 2007
                                                                             Moonlight Madness--July 28
                                                                         On Sat., July 28, businesses along the Red Ar-
                                                                      row Hwy. will be staying open until midnight to of-
                                                                      fer fun, shows, discounts, excitement, specials and
                                                                      lots more.
                                                                         Here are a few of the participating stores:
                                                                         STUDIO FINE ART SHOW & SALE
                                                                         Join Susan Henshaw and her friends at her home
                                                                      studio/gallery. Be the first to see her latest works
                                                                      from her artist-in-residence at Porcupine Mount-
                                                                      ians State Park. Look for signs on Red Arrow Hwy.
                                                                      5 p.m. – midnight. 269/469-2018.
                                                                         THE PLUM TREE
                                                                         15% off everything including many one of a kind
                                                                      items. Refreshments and snacks, too. 269/469-5980

           een of Angels
                                                                         LOCAL COLOR GALLERY
                                                                         20%, 30%, and even 40% off artwork this one
        Qu        Book and Gift
                                                                      night only. Browse and enjoy refreshments 6 p.m.
                                                                      – midnight. 269/469-5332.
                                                                         ACORN GALLERY
           Religious Articles & Outdoor Statuary
                                                                         Acorn Gallery will be in State of Flux during
               Shining Stars Plush Animals                            Moonlight Madness! The collision of two forces, that
             Register online to name & locate                         of the Revolutionary Element made up of enthusi-
                 your own personal star                               asm and red lyricism against the Force of Inertia
 Open                                            (219) 872-7300       and reactionary resistance to tradition. Join the
 Monday-Friday 10-5                       Yes…We’re right next to
 Saturday 10-3                                 Tylisz Appliance       State by spreading official State of Flux documents
        1605 E. Coolspring Avenue • Michigan City, IN 46360           available at the Acorn Gallery. 269/469-5278
                                                                         JOHN A. KNUSEN WORKSHOP/GALLERY
                                                                         View oil on canvas, woodcuts, and copper etch-
                                                                      ings. John received a M.F.A from the University of
                                        1260 E. Michigan Blvd.
 De Vries Tire Co.                      Michigan City, IN
                                                                      Iowa, and studied in Paris under Stanley William
                                                                      Hayter. Noon – midnight. 773/919-1724
                                                                         PATTY’S PICKS
 Serving the Michigan City Area since 1968        219 874-4261           8th annual “Green Dot” sale. Don’t miss the mad-
                                                                      ness, 10 a.m. – midnight. 269/469-1919
                                                                         ON THE LOUNGE SLIPCOVER STUDIO
 Firestone Tires                                                         Sip wine and get 25% off all fabric in store, 8 p.m.-
                                                                      midnight. 269/469-4354
 specializing in:                                                        HEARTHWOODS COTTAGE DESIGN
   Computerized Alignments                                               Summer cocktails and appetizers all day and all
   Air Conditioning Repairs                                           night. 10%-25% off all in stock outdoor furniture.
   Mechanical Repairs                                                 20% off item of the week and a $50 gift certificate
                                                                      drawing. 10 a.m. – midnight. (269) 469-5551

                                                                                                UNINVITED GUESTS?
                                                                                                • PERMANENT, Non-Lethal
                        Quality 1st
                                                                                                  • Wildlife Proofing of Decks
                                                                                                 and Other Outdoor Structures
           Custom Decks • Pool Decks
             Paver Patios • Play Sets                                                              • Professionally Trained,
           Deck Maintenance & More                                                                    Licensed & Insured
 Brown       PH/FAX(219) 326-9349                                                  (219) 362-6999

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                    Page 63
   Antiques & Collectibles from over 50 dealers.
Dealer discounts up to 20% or more from 6 p.m. –
midnight. 269/469-0977
   Meet artist Julie Dobies from 1-5 p.m. and from 7
p.m.-midnight. Wine and snacks will be served dur-
ing evening hours. 269/469-1990
                                                                                             T Bones Pier II
   Month-long first year anniversary celebration                                        Next to the Blue Heron Inn
with an artists’ wine and hors d’oeuvres reception.                                         Lake Side Dining
Meet artists Stephen Moss, Sylvia Ziontz Harry                            Great steaks & seafood prepared on our wood burning grill
Borgman, Shawn Schanck, Janet Bloch and others.
5 p.m. – midnight. 773/750-7528
   See handmade vintage wood tables, lamps and oil
paintings by Vincent, as well as great jewelry, gifts,
& funky stuff. Lots of discounts & fun! Wine tasting,
goodies and music in the garden from 8 p.m. – mid-
                                                                                                     ORIENTAL PEARL
night. 269/469-1950
                                                                                                       Best Chinese Food in Town
LERY                                                                                                   Hong Kong Chef celebrating 33 years
   Celebrate the 2007 Harbor Country Guide cover
                                                                                                                    Catering Available
girl, BATHING BEAUTY! Limited edition, signed                                           HOURS:
posters available as well. Fine art originals by Fritz                     Tuesday-Thursday 11:00 am-9:00 pm                902 Franklin Street
                                                                           Friday           11:00 am-10:00 pm
Olsen and an impressive roster of guest artists.                                                                            Michigan City, IN
                                                                           Saturday         11:30 am-10:00 pm
Noon until Midnight. 269/426-3003.                                         Sunday             11:30 am-8:30 pm             (219) 874-1411
   SCARLET MACAW CAC (Community Art Cen-                                            Closed on Monday

   FLAMING PINK FLAMINGOS! Tropical feath-
ered friends, Markie and Mercedes, will be on hand
as the day’s events kick off with Artful Saturdays, for
children from 1-3 p.m. Wear your island gear, grab
your beach towel and be ready to indulge in Flam-
ing Discounts while you drink coladas, and dance to
island music. Open until midnight. 269/426-8226
   Join thm for a preparty kickoff “with tropical
drinks” celebrating Fashion Week in Sawyer that
will be held Columbus Day Weekend. Preview a Fall
Collection. 11 a.m. – midnight. 269/426-3958
   Look for the Moonlight Madness signs to find the
participating businesses.

                      NEW LIFE
                     COMMUNITY                                             IS YOUR CPA YOUR
                   CHURCH OF HOPE                                         BUSINESS PARTNER?
  “An exciting church where ALL of God’s children are welcome!”                WE WILL BE.
                                                                                          For your complimentary, no obligation copy of
• Spirit-filled      • Pastoral Counseling      Sunday Service                           “Your Accountant – Your Partner,” Call 269.469.9300
• Reconciling       • Weddings/Holy Unions      10:00 Adult Class
• Christ-centered   • HIV/AIDS Outreach        11:00 AM Worship
• Singles ConneXion Ministry                     Wednesday
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  6:30 PM Life Training
       Contact us: 219.871.1033               4318 W US Hwy 20                                  CPA & Business Advisory Services
        Email:                                                                        23 N. Thompson Street              Now Accepting Business and
                                               LaPorte, IN 46350                                  New Buffalo, Michigan 49117                Individual Clients
         Web:                  Next to Holy Macaroni

Page 64                                                                                                            July 26, 2007

                                 WARREN J. ATTAR                                          Activities to Explore
                               Representing State Farm Since 1971                In the Local Area:.
                                                                                 July 25 -- Organ Recital at First Congregational
             My 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service Number is
                                                                              Church, 6th & Washington streets, MC. Noon. Free
               STATE    FARM
                                     (219) 874-4256                           & open to public. This week: David Eicher.

                 Life   Fire
                                1902 E. US 20 • Evergreen Plaza                  July 25-28 -- “H.M.S. Pinafore” at Mainstreet
               INSURANCE            Michigan City, IN 46360
                                      Fax: (219) 874-5430                     Theatre, 807 Franklin St., MC. Canterbury Sum-
                                                                              mer Season production. Wed 2 & 8 pm; Thurs/Fri
                                                                              8 pm; Sat 5 & 8 pm. Tix $6.25-$14; reserve at 874-
                                                                                 July 26 -- Michigan City Municipal Band concert.
                                Expo Hall Available                           8 pm at the Guy Foreman Amphitheater, Washing-
                Weddings, Parties, Meetings, Dances, Exhibitions, Etc…        ton Park. Free, but parking fees apply.
                                     Seating for 300+ People                     July 19-23 -- At the Vickers Theatre: “Waitress.”
                           P.A. System, Dance Floor, Stage & Bar Area         Starring Kerry Russell, Andy Griffith. Rated PG-13.
                                      For More Information Call               Thurs/Fri 6:30 pm; Sat/Sun 4 & 6:30 pm; Mon 6:30
                        Rag Tops Auto Museum            (219) 878-1514        pm. All MI times. Also showing: “The Valet.” Star-
                                                                              ring Daniel Auteuil. Rated PG-13. Thurs-Mon at
                                                                              9 pm only. 6 N. Elm St., Three Oaks, MI. 269/756-
                                                                              3522 or
 Turn To A Friend…                                                               July 27-28 -- Farmer’s Market at the School-

                 Carlisle      FUNERAL HOME
                                                                              house Shop, Furnessville, IN. 10 am-4 pm each day.
                                                                                 July 26-29 -- “Fuddy Meers” at Chicago Street
                                                                              Theatre, 154 W. Chicago St., Valparaiso. Curtain 8
                                              613 Washington Street           pm; Sun matinee 2:30 pm. Tix $15/adults, $12/se-
      Phone                                  Michigan City, IN 46360
  219/874-4214                                  Funeral Directors             niors, $10/students & military veterans; reserve at
                                                                                 July 27-29, August 2-5 -- “Ee Gads!” Musical
                                                                              comedy at the 4th St. Theatre, 125 N 4th St., Ches-
                                                                              terton, IN. Curtain 8 pm; Sun. 3 pm. Tix $12; re-
              Send a Copy of                                                  serve at 219-926-7875.
                                                                                 July 28 -- Farmer’s Market, 8th & Washington
    THE                                                                       streets, MC. 8 am-noon.
                                                                                 July 28 -- Farmer’s Market, County Courthouse
                                                                              grounds, LaPorte. 7 am-noon.
                                                                                 July 28 -- Brown Bag Concert outside on the
                                                                              lawn of First Congregational Church, 531 Wash-
                                                                              ington St., MC. Noon. Bring your lunch or buy one
       to a Friend or Relative                                                there. Featuring the folk duo of Dan Moser and
                                                                              Kathy Leek.
      BEACHER SUBSCRIPTION RATES                                                 July 28 -- Sean Masterson Presents His Family
                                                                              Magic Show at the Acorn Theater, 107 Generations
                                                                              Dr., Three Oaks, MI. 5 pm MI time. Tix $10/adults,
            Six Months ............ $21.00                                    $7/children 12 and under; reserve at 269/756-3879.
            One Year ............... $38.00                                      July 28 -- Margo Channing Theater Project at
                                                                              International Friendship Gardens. Sean Bejamin,
                   THE                                                        singer/songwriter in concert. Tix $10; reserve at
                                                                              879-6711. $11 at the gate. 6 pm show. Bring blanket
                                                                              or chair. Picnics encouraged.
                911 Franklin Street                                              July 28 -- Music in the Park. Live music in Dewey
                                                                              Cannon Park, Three Oaks, MI. 7 pm MI time. Free.
              Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                              This week: Half Pint Jones (jazz, funk and reggae).
                                                                                 July 29 -- Margo Channing Theater Project at
             Phone: 219/879-0088                                              International Friendship Gardens: featuring Read-
               Fax: 219/879-8070                                              ings fron Chicago Writers: Don Evans at noon. Tix
       E-mail:                                        $10; reserve at 879-6711. $11 at the gate. Bring
                                                                              blanket or chair. Picnics encouraged.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                        Page 65
   July 29 -- The World Drum Circle. 2-4 pm on the                                                                     Since 1950
lawn of the Lubeznik Art Center, 101 W. 2nd St.,
MC. Bring your drums and rattles and sing and
dance or just listen. Info: 874-4900. www.theworld-                             “Making the world a more beautiful place –                                                                                  one home at a time…”
   July 27-29, August 3-5, 11-12 -- “Peter Pan &                          SUN / HEAT UNBEARABLE?
the Cirque Dahook.” Acting Theatre of Michigan                       Come in today and see our wide selection of
City, 215 W.10th. St., MC. Fri/Sat 7 pm; Sun 4 pm.                 light diffusing, UV protective and heat deterrent
Tix $12/adults, $8/13 & under. 219/872-4221.                  Sliding Panels, Roller Shades, Shutters, Solar Blinds,
   Every Monday -- New Buffalo Chess Club. 6 pm               Roman Shades, Cellular Shades and Window Tinting
                                                                                 Motorization Available
(MI time) at the New Buffalo Public Library, 33 N.
Thompson, New Buffalo. Open to all ages and skill            1102 Franklin St., Michigan City                     HOURS
levels. John Calo, 269/469-6507 or email jscalo@lo-          219-872-7236                                       M-F 9:30-5:30
                                                             800-949-4530                                       Sat. 9:30-3:30
   Places to Visit:
   Barker Mansion, 631 Washington St., Michigan
City. Adm. $4/adults, $2/kids 18 & under, free/kids        lakefront salon
under 3. Guided tours--weekdays 10 am, 11:30 am                                                          Pedicure &
& 1 pm; weekends noon & 2 pm. 219-873-1520.                                                               Manicure
   Beverly Shores Depot Museum and Art Gallery,                                                           For $35
                                                       • Spa Packages
525 Broadway, Beverly Shores, IN. Sat-Sun. 1-4
pm. 219/871-0832.
                                                       • Tanning Available
   Great Lakes Museum of Military History, 360                                Full                      FREE Paraffin
Dunes Plaza, Michigan City. Open 9 am-4 pm, Tues-      • Wedding
                                                                            Service                      Dip & Tan
Fri; 10 am-4 pm Sat; closed Sun & Mon. Adm. $3/                              Salon
                                                       • Gift Certificates             i t a                  w/coupon
adults, $2/vets & senior citizens, $1/ages 8-18, and
                                                                                                           Ask for Marcy
free to under 8 and active military personnel. Info         524 Franklin Sq., Michigan City
                                                                                                           Exp. 8/31/07
872-2702 or                       (219) 879-6168
   LaPorte County Historical Museum. 2405 Indiana
Ave., LaPorte. Adm. $3/LaP. Co. resident; $5/out-of-
county; $3/kids 12-17; free/under 12 yrs. 219/324-
6767 or                                                      CREMATION URNS
   Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 101 W. 2nd St.,                                James Grayson Memorials is a local area
Michigan City. Tues.-Fri., 10 am-5 pm; Sat-Sun, 11                              company that makes custom cultured granite
                                                                                and marble cremation urns created to serve
am-4 pm. Closed Mon. Phone 874-4900.
                                                                                as a lasting tribute and eternal resting place
   New Buffalo Railroad Museum, 530 S. Whittaker                                for your loved one. Our memorials are of our
St., New Buffalo, MI. Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm; Sat, 10                               own creation and are not lightweight foreign
am-3 pm, (MI time) Closed Sun. 269/469-5409.                                    made ceramics or plastics.
   Old Lighthouse Museum, Washington Park,                We will be honored to work with you to create a loving and lasting
Michigan City. Open Tues-Sun, 1-4 pm. Closed on             tribute to one who truly deserves to be forever remembered.
holidays. Adm $3/adults, $1/grades 9-12, 50¢/grade                     Custom-made pet urns are also available.
school, 5 yrs. & under/free. 872-6133.                               0704 S. 500 West • LaPorte, IN 46350
                                                           Phone: 219-362-2951 or email us at
   Rag Tops Museum of Michigan City, 209 W. Mich-
                                                                              for more information
igan Blvd., Michigan City. A collection of classic,
antique & unusual vehicles & memorabilia. Open
every day 10 am-7 pm. Adm. $6/adults, $5/sen. cit,
$4/kids, free/under 3. 878-1514.
   Southern Shore Art Association Gallery, 724
Franklin St., Michigan City. Sat. & Sun., 11 am-4
pm. 219-861-0186.
   Farther Afield:
   July 27 -- “Death by Disco” presented by the
Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra. Cock-
tails & dinner 6 pm. Mystery musical entertain-
ment. $75; reserve at 269/982-4030. Held at the
Berrien Hills Golf Club, 690 W. Napier Ave., Benton
Harbor, MI.
   July 27-29 -- New Carlisle (IN) Hometown Days,
Memorial Park. Family oriented activities.

Page 66                                                                                                          July 26, 2007
Travels with Charley:
                              ‘Yakin’ the Morning Away in Harbert
                                                 by Charles McKelvy

   “Report for sea duty!”
   That’s precisely what I heard the other morning
when the winds were fair and the seas were subsid-
ing, and my gracefully aging old kayak, Sea Hawk,
called to me from the beach.
   “Get your over-fed self down here,” Sea Hawk
said in her siren song. “Let’s put to sea.”
   And so I donned my life vest, grabbed my paddle,             David Foote
and headed down the beach path to our sublime                     brings his
stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline in Harbert.                daughter Petra
                                                                safely home
                                                                   from sea.

                                                             I had a most pleasant chat with David about his on-
                                         The path to
                                                             going efforts to save the natural wonders of Florida
                                         maritime            from – well – from all of us.
                                         adventure              David Foote, you see, is a Land Management
                                         in Harbert.
                                                             Planner for the South Florida Water Management
                                                             District, and as such he has responsibility for some
                                                             1.3 million acres of protected Florida land. I asked
                                                             him if he was optimistic about the way things were
                                                             going in Florida, and he said he was, but he did ad-
                                                             mit that he was always concerned about the deli-
                                                             cate balance between fresh and salt water levels.
                                                             Sea water intrusion is a real problem in Florida,
                                                             and global warming, rising sea levels, and popula-
                                                             tion growth are not helping matters any.
                                                                But David is young, dedicated and more than
   Big puffy clouds were blowing in across the lake          qualified for the task.
and there was still some in-shore surf from the big
storm that had blown through two days before. It
was prettier than any ten postcards could possibly
portray, and the day and the lake were mine.
   I went right to the Easy Rider Sea Hawk kayak I
bought from the Easy Rider Canoe & Kayak Com-
pany in 1989 and readied her for maritime adven-
   Didn’t take much really, because I all had to do
was drag Sea Hawk from her berth in the dune
grass through the “boatyard” to her favorite launch-
ing pad on our beach. Then I just had to rig her rud-
der, take a few sips of water and basically head on
out to the sweetest inland sea those French explor-
ers of yore had ever hoped to find.
   I was just about to launch when my friend and
neighbor Bob Foote motioned for me to wait for his           Artist and able-bodied seaman David Foote with his daughters Petra (left)
son David and granddaughter Petra to come ashore              and Talula (right). His wife Angie and son Trey were back at the cottage.
from a sailing adventure. So I waited for David to             David is also the husband of Angie and father of
expertly land the Foote family catamaran, and then           the aforementioned Petra who is 2, Talula who is 4,

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                       Page 67
and Trey who arrived just 8 months ago. Mom and
Trey were back at the Foote cottage, so David posed
for a beach shot with his two lovely daughters.
   Then he told me that he was continuing the ar-
tistic ambitions that he began back when I knew
him as a talented teen, and that he was specializ-
ing in paintings of Florida wildlife and selling them
on-line through “I post three
paintings a month, and I’m going to be doing two art
shows this year.”
   Way to go, David Foote, or as I used to call him
when he was a teen-ager -- Dieter Fuss. David and
I were both studying German, you see, and – well,
time for some sea duty in Sea Hawk.
   So I bid David and Petra farewell and set out into
the surf with my 17-foot-long Fiberglas kayak with
a 25.25-inch beam and a foot-powered rudder.                                            A kayaker’s view of our beach in Harbert.
                                                                            She even brought me safely back to the beach,
                                                                         and it was only when I was climbing out her cockpit
                                                                         that I fell into the drink.
                                                                            Yes, I had The Beacher camera with me, but it’s
                                                                         going to take more than a dunk in the lake to de-
                                                                         commission that little cruiser. And so, yes, I have
                                                                         some photos to offer with this article for your view-
                                                                         ing pleasure.
                                                                            I do hope you will enjoy them as you make your
                                                                         own way to your own beach and kayak.
                                                                            If you don’t have a kayak, I suggest you get one,
                                                                         because they get amazing gas mileage. And you get
                                                                         all pumped up and feeling good about yourself.
                                                                            What could be better?
                                                                            But do remember that Lake Michigan is a lovely
                                                                         lady who deserves nothing but RESPECT.
                                                                            Respect her, and she will give you safe passage.
 The author awaits the order to launch. (photo courtesy of Bob Foote)       And now, after my safe passage on an absolutely
                                                                         splendid morning in the present summer, I am com-
                                                                         pelled to click off and take one serious nap.
                                                                            Fair winds and following Zzzzzs.

                                                                              Sea Hawk
                                                                           returns to her
                                                                             berth in the
                                                                             dune grass.
         Rigged and ready for a morning on Lake Michigan.

  Sea Hawk was still water-tight as ever, and she
knifed through those waves like a kid kayak.
  And I paddled like a kid kayaker, and – in no time
flat – the two of us were way out there just having a
grand old time on the big lake watching the clouds
go by as other boats were about us sailing.
  I got a great work-out, and Sea Hawk didn’t tip
me once.

Page 68                                                                                                                  July 26, 2007

                                    Specializing in Quality:
                                         • Framing
                                         • Siding
                                         • Decks
                                         • Roofing                                 On July 26, 1941, General Douglas MacArthur
     Jason Reber
    Licensed Contractor                  • Windows                                was named commander of United States forces in
                                      FREE ESTIMATES
  219-406-2343                                                                    the Philippines.
                                           On July 26, 1956, Egyptian President Gamal Ab-
                                                                                  del Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.
                                                                                  On July 26, 1990, Albert Rose, whose work in con-
                                                        WVPE                      verting optical images to electrical signals led to the

               Fernwood                             FERNWOO Public Radio
                                                      5:30-9:30 pFRIDAY
                                                                                  development of the modern television picture tube,
                                                                                  died at the age of 80.
                                                         July 27 .
                botanical garden & nature preserve
                                                                                  On July 26, 2005, America’s manned space pro-
 Admission $6 • $2/member • Children 5 & under Free                               gram roared back to life with the launch of Discov-
       13988 Range Line Road, Niles, Michigan                                     ery, 21/2 years after the Columbia disaster.
     (269) 695-6491 •                                   On July 27, 1861, during the Civil War, Union
  10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday • 12 noon to 6 p.m. Sunday (MI Time)
                                                                                  General George McClellan was placed in command
                                                                                  of the Army of the Potomac.
                                                                                  On July 27, 1866, the first underwater cable mes-
                                                                                  sage was sent between North America and Europe.
                                    In Lakeside                                   On July 27, 1940, Bugs Bunny made his “official”
                                                                                  debut in the Warner Bro. cartoon “A Wild Hare.”
     We are your exclusive location for
   Flax, Eileen Fisher, Willow, plus more!                                        On July 27, 1954, Britain and Egypt agreed on
                                                                                  terms ending British control of the Suez Canal.
           OPEN Monday - Saturday 11-5, Sunday 11-4
                                                                                  On July 27, 1986, Sacramento’s Greg LeMond be-
 15412 Red Arrow Hwy •Lakeside • 269-469-7727                                     came the first American to win the 2,500 mile Tour
                                                                                  de France, the world’s toughest cycling competi-
                                                                                  On July 27, 2003, comedian Bob Hope died in To-
  Indoor Miniature Golf                                                           luca Lake, California; he was 100.
 & Birthday Party Room                                                            On July 28, 1750, Johann Sebastin Bach, German
    At Rag Tops Auto Museum                                                       composer and organist, who is regarded as one of
                    Michigan City
                                                                                  the greatest composers of all time, died at the age of
                                                                                  65 in Leipzig. Germany.
  Call    (219)   878-1514 for Details!
                                                                                  On July 28, 1794, the French “Reign of Terror”
                                                                                  ended with the execution of revolutionaries Maxim-
                                                                                  ilien Robespierre and Louis Antoine Saint-Just.
                                                                                  On July 28, 1896, Florida’s city of Miami was in-
 THE                                                                              corporated.

 BOOKSTORE                                 by Linda Greenlaw
                                                                                  On July 28, 1943, during World War II, President
                                                                                  Franklin Roosevelt announced the end of coffee ra-
                                           hardback $24.95                        tioning.
                                                                                  On July 28, 1984, the Los Angeles Summer Olym-
    1203 LIGHTHOUSE PLACE MICHIGAN CITY                                           piads opened, minus 15 nations who stayed away in
                219/879-3993                                                      a Soviet-led boycott.
                                                                                  On July 29, 1850, “La Traviata,” the first opera to
                                                                                  be performed in Chicago, opened at the Rice The-
NEW FLEET                                                                         ater.
                                24 Hour Transportation • All Occasions            On July 29, 1869, Booth Tarkington, American
                                             709 Plaza Dr. Suite 2 #249
                                                  Chesterton, In. 46304           novelist and dramatist whose writings are consid-
                                                                                  ered one of the best mirrors of life in the Middle
                                                                                  West, was born in Indianapolis.
                               877.LIMOS.55 219.210.9870                          On July 29, 1914, transcontinental telephone ser-
                                                                                  vice began with the first phone conversation be-
                                                       tween New York and San Francisco.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                 Page 69
On July 29, 1957, Jack Paar made his debut as
                                                       Hours: 10:30 to 6                             269/469-6151
host of NBC’s “Tonight Show.”
On July 29, 1958, NASA came into being when
President Eisenhower signed the National Aero-
nautics and Space Act.
On July 29, 1981, in an elaborate ceremony tele-                        GIFTS • ACCESSORIES
vised worldwide from London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral,    100 N. Whittaker Street                     New Buffalo, MI
Prince Charles (heir to the throne of Great Britain)
married Lady Diana Spencer.
On July 30, 1909, the U.S. Government paid
$30,000. for its first airplane, a Wright biplane.                                         ’
On July 30, 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt
signed a bill creating the WAVES, a women’s auxil-
iary of the Navy.
On July 30, 1971, Chicago’s famous Union Stock-
yards were permanently closed.
On July 30, 1971, Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott
and James Irwin landed on the Moon.
On July 30, 1975, in Detroit, Jimmy Hoffa, former
Teamsters President, mysteriously disappeared.                       Ted Perzanowski, M.Div., B.A.
On July 31, 1790, the United States government                    Essential Life Skills Training
issued its first patent. It went to Vermont’s Samuel        An effective alternative to counseling and psychotherapy
Hopkins for a process for making potash and pearl                          for individuals and couples
                                                       Michigan City, IN - 219.879.9155 • Chicago, IL - 312.938.9155
On July 31, 1792, the cornerstone of the United               
States Mint, the first building erected by the fed-
eral government for public use, was laid in Phila-
On July 31, 1877, Thomas Edison took out a pat-
ent leading to the development of the phonograph.                All Safe Storage
On July 31, 1948, the “New York International                            Storage Units
Airport” (changed in 1963 to the John F. Kennedy             All Sizes Available • Move-In Specials
Airport) was dedicated by President Harry Truman                   Michigan City and LaPorte
and New York Governor Thomas Dewey.                                      800-511-2377
On July 31, 1969, Pope Paul VI became the first
pontiff to visit Africa.
On August 1, 1790, the first United States census                    GLASS BLOCK WINDOWS
(taken to determine state representation in Con-
gress) was completed. It showed a population of al-                    Chimneys • Tuck Pointing
most 4 million people in 13 states.                                   ALL MASONRY REPAIRS
On August 1, 1873, Andrew Hallidie successfully                         30 Yrs. Exp. • Free Est.
                                                                      Northern Ind. & Lower Mich.         Glass Block
demonstrated a cable car that he had designed for                                                          Windows
San Francisco.
                                                          Gene Burke • 219-324-8702 (LaPorte) • 229-4109 (M.C.)
On August 1, 1876, Colorado became the 38th state
to join the Union.
On August 1, 1907, the Aeronautical Division, fore-
runner of the United States Army Air Force, was                  Junctiques ~ A Junker’s Paradise
established by the Army.                                             Antiques & Collectibles
On August 1, 1946, the Atomic Energy Commis-
sion was established by Congress.
                                                          Rag Tops                                  Open 7 Days a Week!

On August 1, 1946, President Harry Truman
                                                        Auto Museum                                 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

                                                       209 W. Michigan Blvd.                        We Buy & Sell
signed the Fulbright program into law, establishing      Michigan City, IN
the scholarships named for Sen. William Fulbright.

Page 70                                               July 26, 2007
                 New Buffalo Hometown Legends Awards
                   The New Buffalo Hometown Legends and Awards
                Scholarship Foundation event will be held on Sat-
                urday, July 28, -- 2 p.m. MI time at the New Buffalo
                High School Performing Arts Auditorium.
                   Adult Tickets are available in advance only at the
                drive up window at the NB Dairy Queen for a $12.00
                donation. The ticket includes the refreshments at
                A Taste of New Buffalo reception. Tickets will be of-
                fered at the door for a $15.00 donation. Tickets can
                be obtained for children ages 2-10 for $8.00 in ad-
                vance at DQ or $10.00 at the door.
                   The purpose of Legend Awards is simple... to hon-
                or and celebrate the lives of those that have made a
                difference. While there is not really an age require-
                ment to be a legend, winners and nominees must
                currently or have once lived, worked or gone to
                school for a significant period of time in our home-
                town area, (New Buffalo, Grand Beach, Michiana,
                Union Pier, and Lakeside.) These legends or legend
                nominees are people that have stretched to achieve
                and make their life, our community and perhaps
                even the world, a little better with their time, tal-
                ents, contributions, and expertise. With the world
                news often grim, this event was designed as a “hap-
                py; feel good” celebration honoring those chosen for
                making a difference, as well as all those unsung leg-
                ends from our area. The pleasant side effect is visit-
                ing with old friends at the awards.
                   Those on the Legend Awards committee this year:
                Lisa Tierney, Jamie and Jaclyn Tierney, Kathy Doh-
                ner, Ron Ferguson who was our Art Legend last
                year, John Herrbach and Fay Bowen.
                   2007 Hometown Legend winners:
                   Legend of Education -- Ollie Rosenthal
                   Legend of Sports -- Coach Ron Morrison
                   Legend of Arts and Entertainment -- Glenda
                   Legend of Achievement -- (The Late) Terry Reda-
                   There will be a Patriot Presentation by Ed Ohime
                plus surprises and vocals.
                   New this year: Three High School Youth “Reach
                for the Stars” Legends: Codi Gropp - Arts and En-
                tertainment; Robert Hauch - Community Service/
                Spirit; Analisa Parker - Sports.
                   Also new this year, there will be a People’s Choice
                Legend of Community Service/Spirit that will be
                voted on by the audience from the following four:
                   Maria Maroney -- Animal Advocate; Ken Shelby
                -- Scouting; Jack Kennedy -- Referee/Fireman/For-
                mer Mayor; James Smitchger -- Originator and
                Webmaster of The NB Alumni Site
                   High School Principal Ron Hart is returning as
                emcee. There will be a special honorary Captain
                Whittaker Dedication of the 2007 Legend Awards
                for his amazing contributions to our hometown.
                The recipient is (the late) Paul Oselka.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                Page 71
                                                                                      “YOU COME OUT AND PLAY. LET ME PUT IT ALL AWAY.”
                          CLASSIFIED                                                  • Residential Cleaning • Water Flowers • Dog “doodie” in Yard
                CLASSIFIED RATES - (For First 2 Lines.)                           • Security House Checks • Will also open up & freshen house for your
1-3 ads - $7.00 ea. •• 4 or more ads - $5.50 ea. (Additional lines- $1.00 ea.)                       arrival. Call Deb 219-861-0554.
                 PH: 219/879-0088 - FAX 219/879-8070.
                    Email:                                   HANDYMAN-HOME REPAIR-PLUMBING
              CLASSIFIED ADS MUST BE RECEIVED BY                                   QUALITY CARPENTRY: Expert remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms.
     FRIDAY - 4:00 P.M. - PRIOR TO THE WEEK OF PUBLICATION                        Also: doors, windows, skylights, ceramic tile, drywall, decks & repairs.
                                                                                               Small jobs welcome. Call Ed at 219/878-1791.
                   PERSONAL SERVICES                                               HANDYMAN - Antenna service. Phone & TV jacks. House wiring.
 SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS MEMORIES DIGITALLY ON CDs OR DVDs                               Sinks. Toilets. Countertops. Carpentry. Full house rehab work.
       Home movies-slides-pictures transferred to CDs or DVDs                                    Beach Stairway Repair & Refurbishing.
                   Wedding & Event Documentation.
                                                                                               DR. TOM’S SERVICE CLINIC - 219/778-4036
              Corporate and Industrial Video Productions
    Contact: Patrick Landers at Midwest Video Communications                                    ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
                                219-879-8433                                                              HIRE Sue’s HUSBAND
                                                                                  Is your list of household repair & maintenance projects growing?
                                                                                         Small jobs welcome. - Quality Work. -- Call Ed Berent
                        Local Employment Agency
          helps people maintain their independence in the                                                    @ 219/879-8200.
              security of their own homes since 1998                                            ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
                                 We provide:                                                               H & H HOME REPAIR
                 • 7 days/24 hours care and attention                            We specialize in: •Carpentry •Finished Basements •New Baths •Electrical
                      • day or night shift assistance                                 *Plumbing •Flooring •Drywall/Painting. Family owned 45 years.
                   • limited medical/nursing services                                        Jeffery & Scott Human, owners -- 219/861-1990.
                        • medication management                                  ALL PHASES OF RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING. No job too big/too small.
                            • meal preparation                                   Free est. All work guaranteed. All prices very reasonable. 219-448-3941.
                           • light housekeeping
                                                                                       A & L CONCRETE. Quality flatwork and decorative stamping
                 Call (219) 872-6221 leave message
                                                                                       • Driveways • Sidewalks • Garage floors • Patios • and more.
                     An alternative to nursing home
                                                                                        References/Experienced/Insured. Call Tom 219-326-6959.
                           CALL 219-879-2934.                                            PAINTING-DRYWALL-WALLPAPER
                        Family owned pest control.                                                  WISTHOFF PAINTING -- REFERENCES
      Rid your home of bugs with FORWARD PEST SERVICES.                                            Small Jobs Welcome -- Call 219/874-5279
   Call Roger or Melissa Hicks at 219-879-2680 for a free estimate.               JEFFERY J. HUMAN INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PAINTING & STAINING
   PHOTO RESTORATION, CUSTOM ADS ON WHEELS DIGITAL                                     Custom Decorating - Custom Woodwork - Hang/Finish Drywall
VEHICLE WRAPS, GICLEES ON CANVAS. Digital wedding and boudoir                                         Wallpaper Removal – Trim Carpentry
photography. Monthly workshops. Affordable prices. Call 219-326-0590.                         27-Years experience. Insured. Ph. 219/861-1990.
JoANN OF ALL TRADES. Clean, shop, cook, babysit, ride to the airport,                            DUNIVAN PAINTING and POWER WASHING
   or watch your home over the winter. Honest, dependable, mature.                            Decks, Homes, Trailers, Driveways, Cement, etc.
                            Call 219-608-1318.                                     Local. Exp. Insured. Reasonable Rates. Call Brian at 219-741-0481.
                       IT COMPUTER SERVICES.                                           THE A & L PAINTING COMPANY -- INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
             Lessons, Consulting, Upgrades, Networking,                            20-YEARS EXPERIENCE. Also Power Wash, Seal & Paint Decks.
Troubleshooting, Repair, and Data Recovery. Call Mike (219) 874-2398.            Seniors (65+) 10% off labor. References. Reasonable. Phone or fax
                                                                                                 219/778-4145. Cell phone days 219/363-5450
                   ENTERTAINMENT/LESSONS                                                    LAKE SHORE PAINTING & PRESSURE CLEANING.
   Learn Voice or an Instrument this summer. Call 219/872-1217.                            Free estimates. Call 219-872-6424 and ask for LeRoy.
                                                                                                              ABOUT SPACE LTD.
            HEALTH & PHYSICAL FITNESS                                                 Custom Painting and Decorating – Residential and Commercial.
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Reflexology • Heated Stone Therapy • Salt Scrub • Pregnancy Massage •             staining, decks, pressure washing. Free est. Fully insured. 13 yrs. exp.
 • Healing Touch • Chair Massage & Wellness Programs for Business •                   219-363-7877 days; 219-778-2549 evenings. Ask for Wayne.
                Qigong • Personal Fitness • Gift Certificates
                                                 PREMIER POWER WASH. Decks, Fences, Concrete, Houses.
               1026 N Karwick Rd. 219-879-5722 (Mon-Sat)                                   Resealing. Gutter Cleaning. Insured. Call 219-363-0475.
      For Evening/Weekend Appointments, Call our New Buffalo                         ROBERT ALLEN & ASSOCIATES, INC. – Painting & Decorating
            Location at the Harbor Grand Hotel 888-605-6800.                         Interior-Exterior. Custom Painting. Wall Coverings. Drywall Repair
                                                                                         Insured. Competitive Rates. Reliable. Call 219-840-1581.
                                                                                                • WARREN’S POWERWASHING & PAINTING •
    PERSONAL TOUCH CLEANING -- Homes - Condos - Offices.
                                                                                                       FREE ESTIMATES. 219-879-3362
     Day and afternoons available. - Call Darla at 219/879-2468.
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                        SUZANNE’S CLEANING
                                                                                               MICHIANA PAINTING & PRESSURE CLEANING
                                                                                       Int/Ext Painting – Decks – Siding – Sidewalks – Free Estimates
     FINISHING TOUCH: Residential & Specialty Cleaning Service                   219/861-4748. I WILL BEAT ANY PROFESSIONAL ESTIMATE BY 10%.
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         #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Phone 219/872-8817.
                                                                                                              FIREMAN PAINTING.
         ANOTHER YOU. Residential/Commercial Cleaning.                                  Interior/Exterior painting - Wallpaper removal - Dry wall repair
           Construction Clean up. Call Cristy 219-861-7762.                      Texturing - Pressure Washing - Deck sealing. Customer satisfaction our
      CLEANING SOLUTIONS. Home & office cleaning services,                       No. 1 Priority. 20 yrs. Exp. - Ref. Avail. 219-363-0247 or 219-369-9151.
        10 yrs. exp. Insured, free estimates. Call 219-210-0580.                       DUNELAND PAINTING. Interior/Exterior painting and staining.
       LAKEFRONT CLEANERS. Residential Cleaning Service.                               Powerwashing and sealing decks. Insured. Call 219-201-5715.
          Serving all of Harbor Country. Call 219-395-6596.
                                                                                                     STEVE’S PAINTING • DECORATING
         DIANA’S HOUSE CLEANING. CALL 219-879-6502.                                       36 years of clean, courteous, honest, reliable, professional
       KANDI’S CLEANING SERVICE. Residential/Commercial.                                  service of serving LaPorte County and surrounding areas.
                 Reasonable Rates. Call 219-362-2480.                                            219-872-4087 • free estimates • 219-878-3196

Page 72                                                                                                                              July 26, 2007
      TIME TO FRESHEN UP THOSE ROOMS? Interior Painting at                           WE CATER TO BUDDING OFFICES & ARTISTS AT FIRME’S
 reasonable rates. Small jobs welcome, free est. Cheryl 219-872-3276.              (2 Stores) 11th & Franklin Streets, Michigan City - 219/874-3455
 FRESH START PAINTING • Interior/Exterior • Commercial/Residential              Hwy 12, Beverly Shores - Just West of Traffic Light - 219/874-4003
                 Insured and Bonded. Call 219-879-7819.                                             Shomer Shabbat Antiques & Art
                             ZIEVE STUDIOS.                                              Chicago’s oldest (Harlon’s) Now Michiana’s newest.
  Int/Ext. Color Consultation. Decorative finishes. 20 yrs. exp. Free est.                   8 rooms, jammed with antiques and collectables.
          Call Michael @ 219-871-2094                     1004 E. Michigan Blvd., Michigan City. 879-1942. Closed Saturday.
          MERRION PAINTS. Interior/Exterior. Pressure Washing.                                        KIMBALL CONSOLE PIANO.
       20 yrs. exp. Free estimates. Insured. Call Dan 219-898-6703.               Only used 1 yr. beginner. Pecan/Spanish. $800. Call 219-874-6634.
    P LANDSCAPE-Lawns-Clean Up, Etc. P                                                                BLUEBERRIES ARE READY!
                                                                               Billie Boy’s Blueberry Barn, 650 Freyer Rd., Michigan City. 219-872-7477.
           H & D TREE SERVICE and LANDSCAPING, INC. --
      Full service tree and shrub care. Trimming, planting, removal.                      2002 JEEP WRANGLER. 6 cyl. Hrdtp & Mini Soft Top.
          Firewood, snowplowing, excavating. -- Call 872-7290.                 50k mi. Grt Cndtn. $15,500. Call Linda 269-612-0271 or 269-469-6892.
                             FREE ESTIMATES                                          2002 13 FT. BOSTON WHALER. All Eqpt: Fish & Depth Finder.
                     HEALY’S LANDSCAPE & STONE                                        25 hp. Motor. Use of Boat Slip & Assoc. Pool for 2007 season.
                     219/879-5150 -- FAX 219-879-5344                                     $10,500. Call Linda: 269-612-0271 or 269-469-6892.
   -                       1.0 CARAT DIAMOND RING with two .10 baguettes, in platinum.
     Voted: BEST LANDSCAPE SUPPLY YARD IN N.W. INDIANA!                                                ½ price. Call 219-879-0154.
              15+ Types of Flagstone, 30+ Types of Stone,                                                REAL ESTATE
       Granite boulders, River Rock, Decorative gravel, Mulch,
                    Mushroom Compost, Sand, Topsoil                                   COMMERCIAL – RENTALS/LEASE/SELL
 Landscaping, Stonescaping, Ponds, Patios, Walls, Pavers, Bricks                          GARAGE AND BASEMENT OVERSTUFFED?
               Complete Landscape Design & Installation!                        Store your stuff with us and get a 6 month lease for a 5 month price.
    Dunegrass, Perennials, Evergreens, Grasses, Groundcovers,                                GOLDEN SANDES STORE AND LOCK.
                 Annuals all sold at below RETAIL Cost!                                             4407 E. U.S. 12 (@ Hwy. 212)
          ★★ H&S SERVICES --2621 E. US HIGHWAY 12 ★★                                                      Michigan City, IN.
                             Call 219/872-8946                                                             219/879-5616.
                      Let Us Be Your One Stop Shop                             OFFICE SUITE. 3 private offices and reception area. Expenses, except
                   Colored Mulch - Topsoil - River Rock                        phone, paid. Well maintained, high traffic area. 2811 E. Michigan Blvd.,
                   Retaining Wall Blocks - Natural Stone                                     Michigan City. (219) 879-9188, 879-2700.
     ADDIE’S LAWN MAINTENANCE • Residential & Commercial
                                                                                                     RENTALS INDIANA
      Yard Clean-Up • Mowing • Aeration • Thatching • Ext. Power                                   HOUSE FOR RENT IN LONG BEACH
  Wash, Stain & Seal • Free Est. Call 219-879-2017 or 219-448-0900.               3/BR. Across from lake. Great view & beach. Call 219/874-8692.
    ✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸                                                LONG BEACH COZY 4/BR HOUSE AT STOP 15 (Across from Beach)
   ✩ ★ JIM’S LAWN SERVICE – MOWING – WEEKLY RATES ✩ ★                                   Fireplace and Large Deck. No pets. Call 708/370-1745.
     CALL 219-879-3733 or (cell) 219-229-3178. Leave message.                                        ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
             Landscaping by: SMALL’S GARDEN CENTER                                                     DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB
                       Custom Landscape Designs:                                              LAKEFRONT CONDOS -- 2 and 3 bedrooms.
          Retaining Walls—Block, Boulder, Timber, Ledge Rock                                 Avail. June-Sept. -- $1,400 to $2,000 per week.
                       Brick—Patio, Walks, Driveways                                              DUNESCAPE REALTY - 219/872-0588.
                       Flagstone—Walks, Patio, Walls                                             SHERIDAN BEACH-SUMMER RENTAL.
       Ponds & Waterfalls—Complete Excavating/Site Preparation                   Just hundred yards away from the beach! Sleeps up to 6. Completely
           Clean-ups—Hydro Seeding & Sodding—Dunegrass                           remodeled 2BR, 1BA apartment on the first floor. All new kitchen, new
  13 ACRE GARDEN CENTER: Shade Trees—Evergreens, Shrubs &                             bath, TV/DVD, A/C units. Patio and gas grill. Come and enjoy!
 Perennials. We Deliver Pulverized Topsoil, Mulch, Decorative Stone,                            $700/week. Call Andrew at 708-372-6898.
              Driveway Stone, Sand, Paving Brick, Boulders,                                   HOUSE FOR RENT ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE
   Flagstone (White & Chestnut): Cut Drywall, Outcropping, Steppers.                        3/BR, 2BA. A/C. Frpl., W/D. Summer rentals avail.
            219-778-2568. 1551 E. Hwy. 20, LaPorte, IN 46350                           Also avail Sept thru May. $750/mo + util. Call 708/424-8756.
                           PAT’S TREE SERVICE.                                  THIS WAY TO THE BEACH! Adorable cottage, 8 houses from the lake
                   Complete tree and landscaping service.                         at Stop 31. Cute retro décor. Sleeps 6-10. New kitchen and 2 baths.
    Experts in storm damage. Licensed and insured. Free estimates.                                Huge screened porch. A/C, cable, DVD.
                             Call 219-362-5058.                                             $1100/week. Call 847-644-4398 or 847-696-0878.
                           CAPPY’S LAWN CARE                                                  “The Summer Place” at Stop 33. AVAILABLE
     COMPLETE LAWN SERVICE • FREE ESTIMATES • INSURED                                      August/Sept. 2 blocks from beach. Charming décor,
                               219-874-3580                                           beautiful surroundings, 4BR, 2BA, family room with fireplace.
               KEENE CONSTRUCTION / MAINTENANCE                                           Patio, deck, sun porch. A/C, W/D. Call 708-784-9866.
              Lawn care • Property Maintenance • Clean Ups                     LONG BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT - Great location, very close to beach
                      Grass Removal • Power Washing                                       and park. 4/BR, 2/Bath. A/C. W/D, D/W. Deck w/BBQ.
                 Locally owned • Insured • 219-861-7041                               Avail. 8/4/07 for short/long term rental. Call 312-953-9570.
                                                  FURNISHED CONDO. Pine Lake in LaPorte. $1750/mo.
          EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                                       Call Debbie Burke @ Merrion & Associates Realtors,
                                                                                                 219-872-4000 or toll-free 1-866-496-1752.
ATTENTION DRIVERS willing to train to obtain CDL! NO
EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! TMC Transportation needs drivers.                           BEACH HOUSE – Beautifully rehabbed 4BR, 3BA home at Stop 30.
Guaranteed weekly earnings. Premium equipment and benefits.                    Sleeps 8, lg. deck, sun porch w/frpl. and flat screen tv. Enjoy a short walk
Excellent earning potential and still be OFF WEEKENDS! It’s not                (1-1/2 blks.) to stop 30 beach. Avail. the weeks of Aug. 12, 19, 27. (Sat.-
a job, it’s a future! FOR CDL Training through Commercial Driver                           Sat. rental). Wkly. rental $1800. No pets or smokers.
Institute in South Bend, IN. Call today. - 1-800-882-7364 AC0064                    Please call Andy at 219-575-4120 to view this beach house!!
 abled 21 year-old son Jeffrey for a few hrs. daily during our vacation stay    At Stop 35 is the perfect place for a summer retreat. Perched atop a large
  at Grand Beach. (7/29/07 – 8/11/07). Contact Lisa with email and short              wooded private dune, this home will comfortably accommodate
                 resume. Good pay.                                2-3 families. C/A, fireplace, sunroom, 2 private balconies.
                                                                               1 blk. to private beach and endless sunsets. Avail. beginning May 15, 2007.
                         WANT TO SELL                                                             Please inquire by calling (312) 214-5648.

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                   Page 73
                  YEAR ROUND 3BR, 3BA HOME AVAILABLE.                            WINTER RENTAL LAKE SHORE DR. Hillside. Great lake views. 4BR,
  2 balconies overlooking two wooded acres. 3 mi. west of Michigan state        2BA. Deck, fireplace, all amenities. Call 708-349-0442 or 219-879-1475.
        line. ½ mi. south of Rt. 12 at 301 Freyer Road, Michigan City.            LAKE SHORE DR., LB. 3BR, 3BA. A/C, W/D. Amazing views. Totally
                        $800/mo. + utilities. 312-965-0997.                     renovated. Avail. Aug. & Notre Dame wknds/winter rental. 310-383-9293.
 SHERIDAN BEACH. Contemporary, spacious, furn. 3BR, 2-1/2BA home.
  2-car garage. Outstanding lake vistas. Short or long term. Call 630-852-
                                                                                                      RENTALS MICHIGAN
      5414, e-mail,                       2BR COTTAGE RENTAL. Newly redecorated. Walk to beach.
                                                                                        $750/week. Inquire at On the Lounge Slipcover Studio
HOUSE FOR RENT-OGDEN DUNES. Quiet semi-private beach community.
                                                                                                    for viewing or call 269-469-4354.
3BR, 1.5BA, sleeps 6+2. Gas BBQ, big deck, screened porch, A/C, Satellite
      TV, stereo, all linens. Sat/Sun rentals $1200. Great family location.                MICHIGAN. New Buffalo, Village of Grand Beach.
                        Cell 219-730-6486, H 219-763-3088.                       Cottage on the beach of Lake Michigan. Enjoy the views from this dune
                                                                                  top cottage directly on the beach. Enjoy magnificent sunsets from the
   COMPLETELY FURN. 3BR MARINA PARK CONDO avail. for 6 mos.                        deck of this cozy 3BR home. Golf & tennis within walking distance.
                              to 1 yr. lease. $2,000/mo..                             Available July & August $1900/week, and Sept. $1200/week.
    Call Ed Merrion @ 219-872-4000. Merrion & Associates Realtors.                  For information & viewing, call 708-212-1637 or 219-326-5828.
                 4 BR, 3BA, SHORELAND HILLS, 2 story home.                           MICHIANA, 3745 LAKE SHORE DRIVE – 2BR, 2BA; sleeps 6.
                     1-1/2 blks. to beach. $1780.00 per month.                     Lake across the street. Spectacular Lake/Sunset views. $1,000/wk.
                Call Century 21-Long Beach Realty 219-874-5209.                            AVAIL: weekly/monthly June through September.
     DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB – STEPS FROM PRIVATE BEACH!!                                                      Call (312) 857-2114.
     3BR, 2.5BA Townhouse w/Gorgeous Lake View, W/D & Satellite TV                  UNION PIER. 3BR 2BA cottage on lake side of Red Arrow Hwy.
             ONLY $800/wk (4 wk. minimum). Incl. July 4, Labor Day                             Lg. screened porch, fenced yard. C/A, W/D.
                            Call Todd at (312) 415-0316.                           Walk to beach or use golf cart. $1800/wk. Call Mike 312-969-3994.
         MICHIGAN CITY BEACH HOUSE. STOP 31/Shoreland Hills.                                FURN. 1BR APT. DOWNTOWN NEW BUFFALO.
      5BR, 3BA. Recently updated. Huge cedar deck overlooking beautiful                       Walk to beach. Elec, gas, and water included.
      views of yard and creek. Sleeps 10-14. Fully furn. Turn Key. 2.5 blks.      Yearly lease. Sec. dep. req’d. No pets. $675/mo. Call 269-983-3174.
to beach. No smoking or pets. Call to reserve your family and friends getaway
    vacation! Security deposit required. $1,250/wk. Only 1 hr. from Chicago!                         FLORIDA RENTALS
                 Call 708-774-7196 or                        FLORIDA, THE VILLAGES. 2BR, 2BA furnished with golf cart.
      SHERIDAN BEACH STOP 3. 3BR, 2BA sleeps 10. C/A, 2 decks,                         14 free golf courses. All amenities. No pets, no smoking.
           W/D, gas & charcoal grills. 100 yds. to beach. $1,300/wk.                  Available by week or month. Call for DVD. 219-929-5556.
       Still avail: 8/18-8/25, 8/25-8/30 & fall dates. Call: 708-532-4927.                  H REAL ESTATE FOR SALE H
  Stop 20 - Newly redone - 4/BR, 2/Bath. Furnished - No Pets. Washer/                Stop 31. 9 rms., 5BR, 3BA. Sleeps 10-12. Gorgeous cedar deck,
                    dryer. 1/4 Block to beach. $850/mo + utilities.             extra lot. Fully furnished, turn key! 2.5 blks. to Beach! Time to relax! bnd-
                   Avail Sept’07 - June ‘08 - Call 708/717-8883.       Boat additional $69,000. Beach house $379,000.
      SHORELAND HILLS 10 MONTH RENTAL. 3BR, 2BA, furn. W/D.                                              Call for info. 708-774-7196.
2 blks. to lake. Avail. 8/20/07 to 6/30/08. $800 per month includes outdoor         GOOD OPPORTUNITY. Beachwalk Resort, 6200 sq. ft. home site
   maintenance, but not utilities. No Pets. Call Bob N. at (800) 899-2699.          overlooking Lake Kai; boardwalk to Lake Michigan. 219-878-1195.
                   Recently remodeled. “Must See to Appreciate.”                MICHIANA SHORES AREA, IN, wooded bldg. sites. City sewer & water.
              LOVELY 2BR HOUSE across from beach. Sleeps 4-6.                    80 ft. x 130 ft. Walk to beaches! $175,000. Broker/owner 239-283-2437.
               Furnished. Weekly/monthly rates. Call 414-587-2711.                 MICHIANA SHORES, 307 SUNSET TRL. 2BR, 2BA. A/C, fireplace,
  1 & 2BR APTS. FOR RENT – ½ blk. to beach. Cooking gas incl. $475-                  furnished turnkey near lake. For sale or lease with option to buy.
             $625/mo.1BR, ½ blk. to beach. $575-$600/mo. util. incl.                       $398,000. Take a look, make an offer. 219-879-6727.
                                  Call 219-861-3705.                                 CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA CONDO. 3BR, 2 full baths. 2nd. floor.
   WINTER RENTAL – 5BR house, wooded area, lg. lot, all new kitchen                         Never Rented. 4 yrs. old. 10,000 lb. boat lift and dock.
   appliances, lovely views, huge back & front yd., $900. 219-879-7651.                    Canal to open water and gulf. $299,000. 219-879-8227.
    DUNELAND BEACH COTTAGE. Stop 33. 1 blk. from lake. Updated                     WOODED LOT(S) for sale in Sturgeon Beach, New Buffalo Twp.
  3BR, 1.5BA, C/A, frpl. W/D, lg. deck with grill, newly finished basement.               Across from Lake Michigan and the private beach access.
         Avail. 9/1/07 thru 5/31/07/ $850/mo. + util. 847-508-4188.                      Back lot 90x100 ft. $450,000. Front lot 90x100 ft. $795,000.
                 2BR HOME. $675/mo. Nice neighborhood. W/D.                                 Combined 90x200 ft. $1,150,000. Call 630-688-4227.
          Close to Greenwood Cemetery. No pets. Credit ref. checks.
                    1 mo. sec. dep. Call Kevin at 219-879-4343.
                  2BR UPPER APT. Newly redone. W/D. No pets.
      Credit ref. checks. Sec. Dep. $650/mo. Call Kevin 219-879-4343.
   MICHIANA SHORES. Completely renovated home 1.5 blks. from Stop
38. Two large family rooms, eat-in kitchen, 2BR, 2BA, sleeps 8. Fireplace,
     patio, A/C – stylish setting. $1700/wk. Non-smoking. Well behaved
    pets allowed. Rents Sunday 3pm-Sunday 11am. Weeks avail: 8/12+.
               Call Susan at 612-817-8578. You’ll love this place!
       PARADISE IN AUGUST. On the beach at Stop 9. 2BR cottage,
      sleeping porch. New bathroom, remodeled kitchen. Hot tub, W/D.                     “Boxcar Children’s Spy Clue”
    On the finest beach in Indiana. $1000/wk. or $3000/mo. Dep. req’d.
                        Call 219-871-0207 or 312-787-2577.                         “Boxcar Children’s Spy Clue” will be held at 6
   FALL/WINTER (SEPT-MAY OR THEREABOUT) RENTAL STOP 33.                         p.m., on Wed., Aug. 1, at the Coolspring Branch of
             2 blks. from lake. Charming country home, lovely décor,            the LaPorte County Public Library, located at the
                  beautiful surroundings. 3BR, 2BA, family room,
             fireplace. Patio, deck, sun porch. A/C, W/D, dbl. garage.          corner of Johnson Rd. and 400 N in Michigan City.
     No pets. No outside maintenance. $800/mo. Phone 708-784-9866.                 Children at this program will discover a secret
  BEAUTIFUL 3BR SHERIDAN BEACH HOUSE for rent. 1 blk. to beach                  clue. This is one of the programs in LaPorte County
                       and park. Year round lease. $850/mo.                     Public Library’s “Get a Clue” summer. There is no
                        Call 630-913-3544 or 219-879-9112.
                                                                                charge or registration. More information at 879-
     PROFESSIONAL FEMALE LOOKING FOR other female to share
 fully furnished beach house apartment at Stop 31. Fantastic view of lake.      3272. For signing for the hearing impaired, phone
                     Late August-mid October. 530-559-1832.                     219/362-6156 two days before the program.

Page 74                                                                                         July 26, 2007

   Slipknot by Linda Greenlaw                                         the night before.
   Reading as much as I do, I have                                       The state police were in charge of the
turned into the consummate armchair                                   investigation and Jane ran into more
traveler, gilding swiftly over time and                               New England stubbornness when she
space to all over the world, heck, even                               told the officer she had been in law en-
the universe, in my pursuit of the next                               forcement for twenty years and gave
great story. This week’s book recom-                                  her opinion as to Nick’s demise. Here’s
mendation takes us to a little corner of                              how the conversation went:
New England where characters abound                                      “How long have you been in Maine?”
and a supposed accidental death smells                                   “Three days.”
like last week’s mackerel…                                               “Green Haven ain’t Cabot Cove, and
   Author Greenlaw was the skipper                                    you’re not Angela Lansbury. Are we
of a swordboat which prompted Sebas-                                  done?”
tian Junger to include her in his novel                                  That’s when Jane decided she would
The Perfect Storm which we all know                                   have to do some snooping on her own.
was made into a successful movie. She                                    Everyone in Green Haven knows
now captains a lobster boat (in between                               Jane’s family came from there origi-
writing I assume) and lives on Isle au Haut, Maine.     nally and can’t figure out why she gave up her high
Fishing is obviously in her blood, and I thoroughly     falootin’ fancy life in Florida to come back to Maine.
enjoyed her novel All Fishermen are Liars which I       Maybe Jane can’t answer that question exactly, ei-
reviewed a year or so back. So I was more than in-      ther, but she has decided to return to her roots and
terested when I picked up this book in which Green-     ease herself into a quieter and simpler lifestyle.
law has turned her writing to a story of mystery and    Hah, fat chance.
murder in a small Maine fishing village she named           Green Haven has more than its share of charac-
Green Haven…                                            ters, like Audrey the waitress at the local diner who
   “Why did you move the body?”                         hears all, knows all, and tells all willingly to any-
   “The tide was coming in.”                            one and everyone. Then there’s Jane’s landlords,
   Well, that’s simple New England logic, isn’t it?     the Vickersons who rented Jane a small apartment
Jane Bunker hadn’t been in town long when the           above their business, The Lobster Trappe, “what
body of Nick Dow washed up on the beach. She was        could best be described as a self-contained flea mar-
on her way to her first assignment as a marine in-       ket. Nautical fleas, that is.”
vestigator for the Eastern Marine Safety Consul-           The Vickersons are constantly inviting Jane to
tants when she came across the old man dragging         dinner, and dinner always consists of a new recipe
the body out of the way of the incoming tide. Look-     for mussels! The Old Maids (as the town fondly calls
ing at the very dead man, her instincts as a former     them), run the Island Hardware and Variety which
Florida police detective kicked in and she started      has the only gasoline pump in town (and you’d bet-
snapping pictures and looking for clues as to the       ter have the correct change or the pair will find some
cause of death. And she found one--a fractured skull,   way to squeeze it out of you!) Then there’s the hun-
not likely caused by a fall into the water, but by a    ky Lincoln, a man Jane would like to get to know
strong blow from a weapon of some sort. The per-        better (and I do mean in the Biblical sense).
son Jane was talking to, Cal Dunham, was a retired         More characters and issues make Green Haven
fisherman now working at Turners’ Fish Plant, the        a more interesting place than first imagined. True
main source of the economy in Green Haven. His          to her first love of fishing, author Greenlaw keeps
answer as to what happened to Nick was typical of       some of the issues of New England fishermen woven
the reasoning Jane would get from the other towns-      in the story, making them an integral part of the
folk: “Has a long history of getting liquored up at     mystery surrounding Dow’s death.
night when he’s not offshore…He must have come             Jane Bunker is a likeable character, forty-two and
here with a skinful and walked right off the dock.”     capable of taking care of herself, but just vulnerable
   Well, that’s the kind of explanation most folks      enough to make her someone you’d like to know.
like to hear--it ties up all the loose ends nice and       There’s even a storm at sea, very realistically told,
neat. After all, murders don’t happen in a sleepy       and a factory fire that traps Jane inside until…no,
Maine fishing village, right? It helps to understand     no, you’re not going to get me to reveal the ending!
the town’s reluctance to even mention murder when          Slipknot is a rather short read at 258 pages, mak-
you consider that the ambulance is a converted bak-     ing it just the right size for lazy summertime read-
ery truck and the coroner was four hours away in        ing.
Bangor. And no one wants to remember that Nick             Till next time, happy reading!
was in the middle of a brawl at the town meeting

July 26, 2007                                                                                                                                  Page 75

                                                                                     FAX (219) 872-4182
                                                                                     Specializing in Distinctive
  Debbie Burke
                      MERRION & ASSOCIATES REALTORS, INC.                              Indiana and Michigan                         Ed Merrion*
                           1010 N. Karwick Road. • Michigan City, IN 46360
   Broker/Owner                                                                                                                     Principal Broker

                                                                                        SU       NDAY

                          2222 Island Dr                                                               2129 Avondale
  TIRED OF YARD MAINTENANCE, but condos seem too                         JOIN THE STOP 21 BEACH CLUB! Deeded beach rights to the Stop 21
  small? Take a look at this 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath 2-story condo at        Beach Club are part & parcel of this beautifully updated traditional 2-story home
  The Shores. Over 1600 sq ft includes 2 upper level bedrooms
  & baths. The unit has been overhauled with newer carpeting,            on Avondale! Stone kitchen counters, newer Marvin windows & updated fur-
  ceramic tile, paint & window treatments. The roof, water heat-         nace/AC are just a sample of the more recent improvements. The landscaping is
  er, garage door & central air are all newer. Call Debbie to see        superb, and there is a very private patio in the back. Come see!        $525,000
  how move-in a condo can be!                          $249,000          DIRECTIONS: Lake Shore Dr to Stop 21; go inland about 2.5 blocks to home.

                                                                                            EM        ARKE
                                                                              NEW     ON TH

                        2716 Duffy Lane                                                                 2209 Bayview
  276 FOOT OF FRONTAGE ON THE 8TH FAIRWAY hosts                          NEEDS NOTHING BUT YOU!!! This single level condo unit in The
  this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath colonial in Hidden Shores.. Every             Shores has experienced a fabulous make-over in the last 4 years, with
  room is spacious & the whole house is in superior condition!           newer furnace, AC & water heater. You’ll love the master bath with
  Extensive landscaping separates the rear deck & screen porch           marble shower, whirlpool tub & ceramic tile floors. Newer wood lami-
  from the golf course. Features include 2 fireplaces, a library, a       nate floors shine throughout the living & bedroom areas. The kitchen
  master bath with Jaccuzzi tub & separate shower, 3 car garage          has a skylite that brightens the Corian counters & newer appliances
  and more. Call Jim McGah @ 874-5927.                 $529,900          (including washer & dryer). Call Ed Merrion today!         $298,500

                       LOOK FOR US ON THE INTERNET! •
                          Debbie Burke, GRI, ABR, RECS Ed Merrion*, CRS, GRI
  Liv Markle*, Broker Associate ,CRS, GRI Dale Harding        Jim Laughlin   Jessica Storey
  Jim McGah*, Broker Associate            Julie Gring         Jerry Lambert  Jean Herbert
  Fran Merrion, GRI, ABR                  Bill Moldenhauer    Tricia Meyer   *Licensed in IN & MI
  John Hayes, GRI, ABR                    Michele Cihak*, ABR Debbie Mengel
                                          Cathy Blum          Heather Melnyk

Page 76                                                                                                                                              July 26, 2007

                                     CENTURY 21 Long Beach Realty
                                                         1401 Lake Shore Drive ~ 3100 Lake Shore Drive
                                        123                     (219) 874-5209 ~ (219) 872-1432

                                                                      Open 7 Days a Week
                                                        Family Owned and Operated Since 1920

                 2928 Lothair Way                                   3535 Lake Shore Drive                                        200 Hilltop

  overlooking Long Beach Country Club Golf                 ESTATE This 1.31 acre parcel in Duneland          overlooking Lake Michigan.Designed for maximum
  Course and Lake Clare. Large living room                 Beach is ready for development. Six originally    efficiency, comfort, and low maintenance. 5 bedrooms
  with wood burning fireplace, separate dining              platted lots and a court way, bordered by         (2) large 20 ‘x 15’ living rooms and a private workout
  room opens to screened porch with more                   three streets and unobstructed views of           room. 3 fireplaces, 2 full kitchens, 2 laundry areas and
                                                                                                             5 bathrooms. State of the art radiant heating system
  stunning views of golf course. 4 bedrooms                Lake Michigan. Look for the Stars & Stripes
                                                                                                             maintains warm floors all winter. The Master suite top
  (2 with views) 2 bathrooms.      $450,000                banners on the hillside.         $6,000,000       floor has a large private deck and fireplace. Less than 1
                                                                                                             hour to downtown Chicago. Walk to Blue Chip Casino,
                                                                                                             Marina, Park, Zoo, a choice of restaurants. $849,000

             2043 Lake Shore Drive                                   Lake Shore Drive Lots                                     20 West Road

  LAKE MICHIGAN HAS MANY MOODS. Enjoy                      THE LAST REMAINING VACANT LAKE                    LAKE MICHIGAN luxury maximized in this
  them from lovely brick and redwood ranch on 180          SIDE PROPERTY of this size in Long Beach.         stunning estate nestled atop the West Road dune,
  feet overlooking the water. Slate floored entry opens     Three lots. 40 feet each (120 feet) reaching      surrounded by 3.8 beautifully wooded acres of
  to lavish entertainment area of living/dining room,      to the waters edge. Survey, topgraphical,         privacy. The home’s custom design is unique with
  family room, all with Lake Michigan views including      soil tests furnished.           $1,799,000        over 5000 square feet featuring spacious rooms,
                                                                                                             each with walls of windows and private decks
  the kitchen. Beautiful hardwood floors throughout.
                                                                                                             overlooking the lush gardens. Comfortable elegance
  Full basement has high ceiling, 2 fireplaces. An                                                            is evidenced throughout this masterpiece, with the
  outside door gives easy access to beach shower.                                                            bonus of peace and tranquility, yet only 55 minutes
  Double garage.                 Reduced to $979,000                                                         from Chicago                            $1,150,000

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