Photo Album Project by xiagong0815


									                                    Photo Album Project

¿Qué es?
You are going to make a Photo album of your friends and family. With your pictures, drawings,
or magazine cut-outs, you are going to include a description of that person and their relation to
you. Please type your work.

¿Cuándo se entrega?
Your completed photo album must be turned in at the beginning of class on March 24.

¿Cómo se hace?
You will create a photo album with your pictures and descriptions. Use construction paper,
computer paper or other materials for your album. Make sure you take your time to create your
album. Use your creativity and make it neat. Decorate each page to make your project more
appealing and interesting.

¿Cuáles son los requisitos (requirements)?

    a. You must have two sections friends and family.

    b. The family sections must have at least 5 pictures and no more than 10 pictures.

    c. The friends’ section must have at least 3 pictures.

    d. You must answer the following questions for each picture:

             1. ¿Cómo se llama?

             2. ¿De dónde es?

             3. ¿Cuántos años tiene?

             4. ¿Cómo es? (personality)

             5. ¿Cómo es? (physically)

             6. ¿Qué es para ti? (Relationship to you.)

             7. ¿Qué le gusta hacer?

¿Cuántos puntos?

100 puntos

¿Cómo se califica?

        1. Following instructions         20              4. Neatness             10

        2. Creativity                     20              5. Spelling and Vocab. 20

        3. Organization                   10              6. Grammar              20

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