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					                                                                                        Revised: 10/3/2008

                      Facilitators’ Guide
                      College of Design Orientation:
                      Topics for Academic Professional & Administrative Staff

1. General Campus Information                                                                                Comment [MK1]: Ensure the
                                                                                                             employee has their X.500 and verify
   • My Portal:                                                     whether they want to change it. If
   • Faculty One-Stop Homepage:                                  change is requested, point to:
   • Campus Parking:                                                  
   • U Card:
                                                                                                             Comment [MK2]: Ensure that
   • Building information: [maps located at -]                          employee gets a U Card.
   • University Voicemail directions and unit policies/procedures
   • Registration and directions for University Orientation (mandatory for new University
   • U of M Orientation Video:

2. Appointment-Related Items
   • Appointment Dates                                                                                       Comment [MK3]: If temporary,
                                                                                                             explain process.
   • Academic year calendar:
   • University pay days:
   • University holiday schedule:
   • Absences for religious holidays:
   • Employee classification and category                                                                    Comment [MK4]: Briefly describe
                                                                                                             classification. Employee receives
   • Orientation process, supervisory meetings and performance review process and schedule                   additional category info. at University
   • Probation Periods                                                                                       orientation.
   • Policies and procedures for absences and leaves of absence:                                             Comment [MK5]: If employee has a
         Vacation policies / procedures – (accrual, use, request, record keeping, etc.) - University         probationary period, review the
                                                                                                             length, purpose and informal and final
         policy:                                probationary review process
         Academic Sick and Disability Leave policies/procedures (unit use, request procedures,
         work coverage, etc. -
   • Notice of nonrenewal period                                                                             Comment [MK6]: If a multi-year
                                                                                                             contract, explain impact on
   • Department and CDes personnel files                                                                     nonrenewal period.
   • Policies/procedures for changes in appointments (leaves of absence without pay; etc.)
   • Office of Human Resources website:

3. HR Self Service:
   • Pay & Compensation Information
      • Benefits Enrollment & Summary
      • Online W-4
      • Direct Deposit                                                                                       Comment [MK7]: Encourage
                                                                                                             employee to set these up as soon as
      • Employment Verification                                                                              possible.
      • Pay statements
   • Training Registration
   • Personal information changes

4. Employee Benefits -                                           Comment [MK8]: Provide benefits
                                                                                                             packet and explain.
   • Explain what benefits are covered for the employee classification
   • If a temporary or part-time appointment, explain the impact, if any, on benefits coverage
   • Eligibility date and recommended submission deadline
   • Health Connections:
College of Design Orientation Topics for Academic Professional & Administrative Staff                   1
                                                                                        Revised: 10/3/2008

    •   Retirement (Faculty Retirement Plan, and any waiting period):
    •   USave Discount Program:
    •   Optional Benefits
             Optional Retirement:
             457 Deferred Compensation Plan:
             Short-Term Disability Insurance:
             Supplemental Life Insurance:
             Health care and dependent care reimbursement accounts:
             Optional long-term care insurance:
             Tuition Benefits:
    •   Workers’ Compensation/workplace injuries policies and procedures: [employee’s
        failure to report injuries promptly or supervisor’s failure to promptly submit appropriate forms
        can result in personal fine and/or termination of employment]

5. Departmental Information
   • Department organizational charts and structure
   • Department mission, program areas, visioning plan, program summaries, center profiles, etc.
   • Departmental policies and procedures and departmental policy/procedures manual, where
   • Departmental Operational Continuity Plan procedures and employee’s related responsibilities

6. Position-Specific Information
   • Review of job description and performance expectations
   • Introduction to department staff
   • Tour of department and college space
   • Introduction to appropriate CDes colleagues
   • Tour of appropriate campus space
   • Procedures and practices                                                                                Comment [MK9]: Go through each
                                                                                                             one individually and demonstrate.
      • Mail, voicemail, copies, fax, network drives, etc.

7. CDes Resources/Information
   • College Mission Statement                                                                               Comment [MK10]: Review college
                                                                                                             profile (available on CDes website)
   • College organizational charts and structure – available from CDes HR Office
   • McNeal Hall Facilities contact: Sandra Symons 5-2131                                                    Comment [MK11]: Provide copies
                                                                                                             and review (available on CDes HR
   • Rapson Hall Facilities contact: Paige Rohman 5-8261                                                     website)
   • CDes Human Resources web site homepage:

8. College and Departmental Governance Issues
   • College constitution and bylaws:
   • List of College standing committees – copy
   • Departmental committees – copy
   • Introduction to the CDes P/A Consultative Committee

9. University Governance Issues
   • Websites for related University governing documents -
   • University governance:
      - Board of Regents:

College of Design Orientation Topics for Academic Professional & Administrative Staff                   2
                                                                                        Revised: 10/3/2008

        -  Office of Human Resources:
           * Home Page:
           * Forms:
           * Policies:
        - University Senate:
        - Faculty Senate:
        - Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action:
    •   University governing documents:
        - Code of Conduct:
        - Drug-Free Workplace:
        - Nepotism and Consensual Relationships:
        - Sexual Harassment:
        - Managing Personal Relationships in the Workplace:
        - Student Records Privacy:
        - University Emergency closing policy:
    •   University Grievance Office:

10. Other Employment-Related Topics
    • Any ergonomic or disability accommodation needs [see Environmental Health & Safety at:] and/or [Disability Services at:]
    • Departmental policies/procedures related to professional development opportunities
    • Departmental contact for human resources-related concerns and issues
    • Policies and procedures regarding outside consulting:

11. General University Resources
    • University Staff Organizations (CAPA Committee) -
    • Disability Services:
    • Child Care Center:
    • Employee Assistance Program:
    • Relocation Assistance Program:
    • University Police:

12. University Professional Development Opportunities
    • Keys to Supervision: An Orientation for New Supervisors and Managers at the University of
       Minnesota [Note: Mandatory for all new University supervisors] –
    • Supervisory Training Program -
    • Women’s Leadership Institute:
    • Employee Career Enrichment Program:
    • Professional and Administrative Staff Development Leaves:

College of Design Orientation Topics for Academic Professional & Administrative Staff                   3

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