student scavenger hunt by VRhuQY8


									                                               Student Scavenger Hunt
Login to Agile Mind using the following information:

Go to URL:        _________________________________
User id:          _________________________________
Password:         _________________________________

    1. Notice you are at the MY AGILE MIND tab. Go to MY PROFILE. Choose a hint and type an
       answer to the question. Select UPDATE.

    2. Go to CALENDAR. Select ADD PERSONAL ENTRY and add the following note to yourself under
       Event description.

                                            Login to Agile Mind from home.

        Enter the EVENT START AND END DATES provided by your teacher. Select SUBMIT EVENT.

    3. Click on MY COURSES and select the course your teacher enrolled you in. If you are in multiple
       courses, your teacher will tell you which to select.

    4. Scroll down to TOPIC 14 (using scroll bar on the right side of the screen). Enter the name of this
       topic. Hint: The name is in blue text next to the topic number.

    5. Select the Topic. Hint: Click on the topic name. Then select the OVERVIEW.

    6. How many screens are found in the OVERVIEW ? _____

    7. Read through the OVERVIEW. Write down 2 vocabulary words you don’t know. Hint: Some
       new vocabulary words might be in bold text.
              Vocabulary: 1. ________________
                          2. ________________
    The next several questions are about the glossary, currently available for Algebra I and Geometry. Skip # 8 – 14 if
    you aren’t in Algebra I.

    8. Are the new vocabulary words in the GLOSSARY?                         Yes     No    1 is and 1 isn’t

    9. Look up the word, function, in the GLOSSARY and write the definition in the blank.

    10. Draw a picture of a histogram similar to one found in the GLOSSARY.

    11. What picture is used to illustrate vanishing point in the GLOSSARY? ________________

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12. Write the Spanish word for vanishing point. ____________________

13. Close the GLOSSARY. How do you close the GLOSSARY? ________________________

14. Click MY COURSES again. Then, select TOPIC 14 again.

15. How many EXPLORINGS are in this topic? ______
    Hint: EXPLORINGS can be found listed by name in the left navigation menu.

16. Go to the SUMMARY. READ THE FIRST PAGE and write a sentence that tells what this topic is

17. What happens when you select OPEN (at the top of the screen)?

18. Is the MULTIPLE CHOICE test On or Off for this topic? _________

19. Select the Self test and try to answer question # 3. How many questions are in the Self test?

20. Preview the Guided Assessment and Self test. There are multiple question types. Can you
    name 3 of them? _______________, _________________, _______________.

21. What is the phone number to call for support if you have trouble logging in from home?

22. How many days a week is support available? ______

23. Click the MY COURSES tab again.

24. Select ANIMATION INDEX and find an animation you like on screens 2 or 3.

   Hint: Select the animation name and the      to play the animation.
   Describe what the animation is showing. ___________________________________________

25. How many animations are available in the course you are in?    __________

26. Under which tab will you find REPORTS? ________________________ Go to that tab.

27. Select the SCORES REPORT. Then select any topic, and enter the dates below.
    What do you think Third Response; Correct/Incorrect means?

28. Select the USAGE SUMMARY report. List 3 areas the report gives you information on.
    1. ____________________
    2. ____________________
    3. ____________________

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