Esperanza Rising Storyboard Project by VRhuQY8


									                                                 Esperanza Rising Storyboard Project
    Esperanza Rising             My Text to Text Connection                    My Favorite Scene               My Delivery of a Character Letter
                             Make a connection between an
  Rewritten by, your full important scene/event from Esperanza        Draw a detailed and colorful             Write a letter from the viewpoint of
            name             Rising with a relevant scene from        illustration of your favorite scene of   one of the main characters to another
                             another book you read. Be very           the novel. Also include a caption        character in the story. Your letter
                             specific, “This connects to              that explains what the scene is, why     should be based upon the story’s plot
Illustration of you enjoying __________ because…” and include         it was your favorite scene, and what     and should include details from the
    time reading a book      page numbers and a text reference!       page number/s it occurred on.            story along with your own unique
                                My Text to Movie Connection                                                    twist/voice.
    Must be Colorful and
          Detailed!          Same directions!                                                                  Remember to begin with

                                 My Text to Life Connection                                                    “Dear __________,

                             Same Directions!                                                                  and end with
                                                                                                                           Love, ____________
 My Top Ten Word List           Esperanza Rising Newspaper             My Top 5 Discussion Questions                 My Review of the Story
Make a numbered list of                                               Write a numbered list of your top 5      Write at least a paragraph long
10 words from the story      Write a newspaper story that             questions that you would like to ask     reflection of how reading Esperanza
that had extremely           demonstrates your understanding of       during a class discussion of the         Rising impacted you as a maturing
significant meaning to the   one of the story’s most important        novel. Make sure your questions are      reader. Make sure to specify how the
main themes of the story.    themes or scenes. Your story should      higher level thinking questions, not     story made you grow as a thinker,
Include page numbers and     be written in such a way that the        just write-there questions. Try to       especially how certain characters or
your reason why the words    reader is taken back to a particular     begin with words like “How did…?”        scenes reminded you about your own
you chose are what you       time and place of Esperanza Rising.      and “Why do you think…?” or              life. Conclude this section by giving
consider to be the 10 most   Don’t forget to include a title, and     “What if…?” Make sure to include         the author, Pam Munoz Ryan, a grade
important.                   you may include a cut-n-pasted photo     page numbers next to each question       and justify why you gave her that
                             or your own creative illustration with   for the pages that made you think of     grade. Be specific!
                             a caption if you have enough space.      those questions.

 (8 sections x 5 points = 40 points Maximum) You can also earn 5 bonus points if you type out each section
 neatly, and 5 more if you hang at least 5 relevant artifacts from the bottom of your storyboard!
  Grading Scale: 5 =Awesome, 4=Good, 3=Average Joe, 2=Come’on! Are You Kidding Me? 1=Say What?!!!

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