Great foods of Australia

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					Great foods of Australia

Food is not only something every living creature on this planet needs for
sustenance, but today has become a culture that is diversified,
accommodating and is unique to its native country. Like butter chicken is
to India, or the steak grill is to America, or even the escargot (that is
snails in French) to France, most countries have such food items they
proudly call theirs!
Well Australia is no different; there are a couple of typical Australian
great foods that the locals just can't seem to get enough of. Every
Australian loves his food and drinks and so it is not surprising that you
will find a cuisine that is reflective of its diverse culture and takes
on flavours from the different countries whose people call Australia
their homes. So here are few typical Australian foods that you should
experience if you are visiting for the first time.
One of the most popular Australian favourites is Vegemite. This food item
is as popular with the kids as it is with the adults. Vegemite is a dark
brown paste made from yeast extract which can be spread on crackers,
toasts, sandwiches, pastries or even crumpets to make a delicious meal.
This brand is owned by the American Kraft Food company and is similar to
the British marmite or even the Swiss Cenovis. Another favourite of the
Australians is the Violet Crumble which is a honey filled chocolate bar
as are the Cherry Ripes and Jaffas. Jaffas are chocolate which are
covered with an orange flavoured covering which is an absolute favourite.
The Macadamia nuts are the only native food crop in Australia that is
commercially produced here. They are used in chocolates and cookies all
over the world and are a great source of energy too. The Australians love
their Chinese inspired dim-sum which is a popular quick lunch option for
those on the move. Also other famous Australian great foods are Fairy
Bread, chocolate biscuits called Tim Tams, the Boston Bun and the Vanilla
Slice. One of the top dessert choices in Australia is the Lamingtons. It
is a cube shaped dessert which is covered with an extremely generous
helping of chocolate or is even served with a strawberry jam on the
inside and is covered with desiccated coconut.
A typical Australian breakfast consists of their cereal called Weet-Bix,
fruits, porridge, bacon, eggs, juices and sausages. Another favourite
lunch item the Australians love is the Pie-Floater. This is a heavy meat
pie which is served with tomato sauce and is mostly served floating in a
thick green pea soup. Chicko Roll is something you'll hear quite often
when in Australia, this is short for Chicken Roll which is inspired from
the Chinese egg roll and it contains boned mutton, celery, carrot, rice
cabbage, barley and is flavoured with spices and is deep fried to give it
s golden brown colour.
Well these are just a few of the most typical Australian foods that you
will come across and we must say without fail that they are all worth a
trip to Australia just to get a taste of them!