2009 06 Newsletter by V9rA26


									          P.O. Box 474, Gardner, KS 66030                                       June 2009

           Gardner Rotary Club                                 Club Notes from
                      We extend a Warm Welcome
                                                                May Meetings
                         to visiting Rotarians               www.gardnerrotary.org
                              and guests
                                                                                 May 7th Meeting notes:
          Mark your Calendars                                                    Our club received District 5710
  June 11      Board Meeting                                                     Club of the Year Award.
  June 29      Annual Dinner
  July 2       A new Rotary Year starts
  July 10-11   Relay for Life
  Aug 8        Jo Co Fair Parade

           Up Coming Birthdays                      We collected $102 from Happy Dollars to donate to the Food
     Lehman, Carol                    June   7
     Thompson, Robert                 June   18     May 21st: Molly is recruiting help for our Relay for Life team
     White-Conklin, Cherlyn           June   17     on July 10-11. Contact her to volunteer or for more
     Wing, Ralph                      June   18     information.
     Blair, Steven                    June   19
                                                    The Community Service Committee is doing one more final
                                                    push to stock the Food Pantry for the summer. Each member
       Up Coming Anniversaries                      is to bring a jar of peanut butter, jelly, a box of Mac &
                                                    cheese and a package of toilet paper to the June meetings. If
                                                    you do not, something “bad” will happen. Not a threat,
Donoho, Patricia       June   4 (Ray )              just good fun!!!!
Piel, Dianne           June   8 (Ron )
Voss, Doug             June   9 (Diana Voss)        Club Service Committee: Our annual dinner is June 29th,
Hedman, David          June   9 (Becky)             6:30 PM at Celebration Park. Bring a covered dish, meat and
                                                    drinks will be provided.
Dean, Jim              June   10 (Connie )
Snyder, Sean           June   17 (Janna)            Our outbound Exchange students are coming home in June
Stockton, Glen A.      June   18 (Tamela )          and July.
Stoppel, Jon           June   19 (Alaina)
Lowe, Robert C.        June   22 (Kathy)
Boyajian, Sam          June   23 (Stacy Boyajian)
Wehmeier, Daniel
                       June 25 (Rachel )
Program May 7th, 2009                                           Program on May 28th , 2009

                        Bob Lowe is our Club Rotary             The program this week was to expand on why you are happy
                        educator. He had a film by Cliff        while giving your Happy Dollar. Many members talked
                        Dochterman that explains some of our    about how Rotary has impacted their lives in a very positive
                        Rotary traditions and customs in a      way. Others mentioned programs that they really enjoyed,
                        very humorous way. We enjoyed his       making new friends, etc. Good Idea, interesting thoughts!!
                        sense of humor.

                                                                     Youth Exchange update – May 2009
Program May 14th, 2009
                            Bill Krawczyk, Director of
                            Gardner Utilities at the Gardner
                            Energy Center gave us some
                            history of Gardner, talked about
                            the present and what to expect
                            in the future. Gardner has 10
                            square miles of utility lines to
                            maintain which is done with our
                            city employees. In Sept 2008
                            Gardner was considering selling
                            our power plant, but decided the            Mara Neugebohren, Germany, came to us
                            citizens would be better served     barely 16, while Oriane Schreuer, Belgium, was nearly
by keeping status quo. We now have an Electric Utility          18 ½ on her arrival here in Gardner. Both arrived alone,
Board to oversee our service. Go to                             without friends or family.
www.gardnerkansas.gov for more information.                             Today, they both are fluent in English and have
                                                                many friends. Most importantly they are loved by their
Program May 21st, 2009                                          new families and close friends.
                                                                        Mara and Oriane’s natural parents were
                             Chuck Finley is a member of        counting on our club to take care of their children, keep
                             the Experimental Aircraft          them safe, and love them.
                             Association.                               I am happy to report that both Mara and Oriane
                             http://www.eaa.org He talked       are happy, safe, and very much loved!
                             about how                                  This has been a great year for our club as far as
                                Henry Ford mobilized millions   Youth Exchange is concerned. We have 3 outbound
                                of Americans and created a      and 2 inbound students.
                                new market with his Model T             We call them students. Although the main
                                “Tin Lizzie” automobile from    purpose of Rotary Youth Exchange is not academic,
                                1909 to 1926. After World War   Mara and Oriane did well at GEHS.
                                I he recognized the potential
                                                                        Imagine going to a school in a foreign country
                                for mass air transportation.
Ford’s Tri-Motor aircraft, nicknamed “The Tin Goose,” (the
                                                                and attending classes where the language spoken is
first metal aircraft) was designed to build another new         not your own. You take a normal class schedule and
market, airline travel. To overcome concerns of engine          you are expected to keep up with the rest of the class.
reliability, Ford specified three engines and added features    This is a lot to ask of a young person struggling to
for passenger comfort, such as an enclosed cabin. The first     simply comprehend a new language, fit in, make
three Tri-Motors built seated the pilot in an open cockpit,     friends, deal with home sickness, etc.
as many pilots doubted a plane could be flown without
                                                                        Mara and Oriane did very well considering the
direct “feel of the wind” on their faces.
After working for a variety of crop spraying businesses,        challenges they faced. Both Mara and Oriane took the
theTri-Motor moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 1964, where           same curriculum as the average student here in
its new owner flew barnstorming tours. During this period       Gardner. Both maintained a grade point average at or
it had a variety of roles, including serving as the primary     above a 3.00, B, average. This is very impressive!
setting for the Jerry Lewis comedy, “The Family Jewels.         Keep in mind that their first semester was a struggle to
At the Ottawa Airport there is one of a few remaining
                                                                simply comprehend the language, much less the
operating aircraft that flies. Adventurous people can take
a ride in this aircraft.                                        content of the classes! Also, during the second
                                                                semester, both Mara and Oriane missed at least 2-3
                                                                weeks of school while their natural parents came to the
U.S. to visit and vacation and while they went with host     Mara and Oriane, we love you now and always!
families on vacations. Both Mara and Oriane also
missed several hours/days of school due to various           Your family and friends,
Rotary events at the club and district level.
        They got behind and worked hard to catch up.
Again, they both maintained a grade point average at
or above the 3.00, B, grade level.

         Both teachers and counselors at GEHS have
consistently expressed positive comments about Mara
and Oriane’s attitude and effort. Please remember that
they are not here to continue their education. They get
no credit at all for the school work done here in the U.S.
         These people, Mara and Oriane, have
experienced something that cannot be written down or
easily explained. If you have hosted or been a
counselor, then you can appreciate what Mara and
Oriane have gone through this past year.                     Gardner Rotary Club
         Mara and Oriane have had a typical Youth            Gardner, Kansas
Exchange experience. Many describe it as the “Best           United States of America
and worse year of their life”. Unless you are close to
these people, it is hard to understand what this really
means. It is no picnic, I can tell you that!                                       Interact Club
         Mara and Oriane have come through their
experience successful and with dignity. Our club should      The Gardner Edgerton Interact Club conducted a
be proud of them! I am.                                      successful food drive. The club also raised $500 for
         As your president, I would like to thank the        PolioPlus.
following host parents: Dan / Rachel Wehmeier and
Dawn / David Mercier who hosted Mara and Glenn /             Participated in the Gardner Greenway clean-up.
Tamela Stockton who hosted Oriane.
         Mara and Oriane were so lucky to have Melissa                 The 2009-10 Rotary Moto
Mundt as their counselor! Melissa was their advocate
and friend. Melissa was compassionate and firm
depending on the situation. Most importantly Melissa
loves them both!
         Mara and Oriane had many other people in our
club who spent much time with them and loved them as
well. Molly was very important to them as well as many
others in the club.
         Robert Thompson, me, was appointed the
district 5710 social chair for the Inbound YE students. I
spent much time with Mara, Oriane and the other 14
students these past 10 months. It is not possible to
explain what we have experienced together! I love
Mara and Oriane as if they were my own daughters.
         These two wonderful people are ready to move
on. We have all been a very big part of their life. If you
have not been directly involved, please understand that
your financial help is so important!
                                 Thank you all!
                                   Gardner Rotary Club
                                 2009 Peace Poetry Contest

                                                               A World with Peace
                                                A world without hate,
                                                Should be our fate.
                                                What must we do?
                                                Peace should start with me and you.
                                                Loving one another comes from the heart,
                                                All we have to do is play our part.
                                                Peace is a place without war,
                                                But we have to find a way to open that door.
                                                A peaceful world would be color blind,
                                                Not judged by skin but by state of mind.
                      peace                     Always be ready to come to another’s aid,
You hear a shot your friend has a bad wound,
But in war there is no hospital room.           See differences with love instead of a blade.
You carried your friend on your back,           Each person can move forward away from the past,
Knowing the enemy would attack.                 Making sure that this generation is not the last.
Why do we do this, attack one another?          Peace is happiness inside of us all,
In gods eyes we are all brothers.               If we stand together we will not fall.
We fight every day,                             Join together as brothers hand in hand
While families drift away.
                                                Crossing the distance by sea or by land.
Why do we do this, why do we fight?                     By Abby Clabaugh – 2nd Place
Can we not see what is right?
We are all different, yet the same,
While in this fighting world of shame.                                       Peace
                                                 Peace is something very few people ever understand,
Why don’t we find peace on this earth?            It is not something you can accomplish over night,
To the day we die from the day of our birth.   Peace is not as simple as just lying on a beach in the sand,
For peace is happiness, love, and joy,                    It is not accomplished without a fight,
Not something to be played with like a toy.     Some would say it is a state of tranquility and serenity,
                                                               But peace is much more to me,
We need to stop all of our fights.                  Whether it is world peace or peace with oneself,
We need to do what is right.                      It is not something that can be pulled off the shelf,
For anger is a never ending night                                It is hard to put into words,
While peace is our never ending light.                                Almost impossible,
       By Jake McIntire – 1st Place                                 Peace is indescribable.
                                                                          By Chad Prom – 3rd Place
                                                                             Boyajian, Sam       Pharmacist                 856-8106
                          Officers 2008– 09                                  Bushno, Bill        Plumber                    884-8189
                                                                             Chanay, Betty       Real Estate Broker         856-8090
    PRESIDENT -                   Robert Thompson                            Chanay, Marlin      Jo Co Fair Assoc.          856-8860
                                                                             Cook, Brian         Chiropractor               856-0200
     PRESIDENT ELECT – Karen Weston                                          Davies, J P         Investment Advisor         884-7506
                                                                             Dean, Jim           Community Banker           856-2815
    VICE PRESIDENT –                     Mandy Sheldon
                                                                             Dodds, Janice        Sports Medicine           856-7511
    PAST PRESIDENT –                    Stewart Fairburn                     Dodds, Bill          Newspaper Adv             856-7615
    SECRETARY –                                 Bill Gay                     Donoho, Sue         Embarq                     345-6684
    TREASURER –                           Randy Tedford                      Duggan, Gary        Dept. of Defense       816-926-7499
    SARGEANT AT ARMS –                     Linda Rogers                      Fairburn, Stewart   City Administrator         856-7535
                    BOARD MEMBERS at Large                                   Gay, Bill           Property Manager           856-6487
                    Ron Yarbrough & Mark Halpin                              Gilhaus, Bill       Superintendent USD 231     856-2000
                                                                             Gilliland, Patty    Escrow Closer              938-4976
                       Committee Chairs                                      Green, Brent                                   979-0381
    International: Jan Dodds & Ralph Wing                                    Greene, Bryan       Bank V P                   856-7689
    Foundation: Gary Duggan                                                  Halpin, Mark        Insurance                  856-0002
    Vocational: Linda Rogers                                                 Hayden, David       Aviation Co. Owner         829-4606
    Club Service: Patti Gilliland                                            Hedman, Dave        Chiropractor               884-2057
    Community Service: Molly Baker & Cherlyn White-Conklin                   Kriegshauser, Ryan Attorney
    Membership: Peter Solie                                                  Lehman, Carol       Banking Sales               856-7535
    Club Trainer: Bob Lowe                                                   Leshovsky, Kris     Retail Owner                856-6007
    Club Historian: Mandy Sheldon                                            Liveley, Gini       Realtor (9)                 206-6800
    P.R.: Stewart Fairburn                                                   Lowe, Bob           Club Supplies               254-0500
    Assistant District Governor: Bernice Duletski                            McMillian, James    Insurance                   599-3100
    Exchange students: Outbound – Devin Mullins, Olivia                      Mercier, Dawn       Owner                       856-4501
                              Shepherd and Corianne Wells                    Mertz, Donna        Real Estate Appr (Ret.)     856-0298
       Inbound - Mara Neugebohren and Oriane Schreuer                        Mertz, Tom          Publishing Co. Owner        856-4070

                                                                      Mundt, Melissa
                                                                             Nichols, Dave
                                                                             Nokes, Jason
                                                                                                 Asst. Administrator
                                                                                                 Loan Officer
                                                                                                 Web Master
                    For more information Log on to
                                                                             Piel, Dianne        Personal Banker             856-7199
                        www.gardnerrotary.org                                Riederer, Tom       EDC Director                715-6007
                         www.rotary5710.org                                  Rieger, Sandy       Banking Operations          856-7199
                           www.rotary.org                                    Rogers, Linda       Multi Service Center        856-7405
                                                                                                 Patriot’s Bank
                                 June – July                                 Rumble, Karen
                                                                             Shain, Bradford     Owner

                Programs                              Greeters               Sabin, Mike         Insurance                   856-4322
    June 4                              Carol Lehman        Kris Leshovsky   Sanner, Mark        Store Manager               884-8004
    June 11    Dan Wehmeier             Bob Lowe            Dawn Mercier     Sawyer, Delbert     Insurance                   856-8050
    June 18    Bill Weston              Bob Lowe            Dawn Mercier     Sheldon, Mandy      Marketing                   599-6100
    June 25    Cherlyn Conklin          Ralph Wing          Steve Blair      Snyder, Sean        Insurance                   856-2197
2-2- Jul      Weston, Karen            Mertz, Tom          Melissa Mundt     Solie, Peter        Chamber President           856-6464
                                                                             Steed, Claude       Bank Financial Office       856-7715
  9-Jul       Blair, Steven            Melissa Mundt       Mertz, Tom
                                                                             Stewart, Jeff       Parks&Recreation Director   856-0936
  16-Jul      Boyajian, Sam            Nichols, David      Piel, Dianne      Stockton, Glenn     Attorney                    856-2828
  23-Jul      Chanay, Betty            Piel, Dianne        Nichols, David    Stoppel, Jon        Optometrist
                                                                             Tedford, Randy      Comm’l Loan Officer         856-3201
  30-Jul      Chanay, Marlin           Riederer, Tom       Rieger, Sandy     Tedford, Shari      Nurse                       856-6262
  6-Aug       Governor's Visit         Rieger, Sandy       Riederer, Tom     Thompson, Robert Manager: Software              384-0880
                                                                             Valenta, Chuck      Geotechnical                492-7777
                                                                             Voss, Doug          Business owner              206-5400
    You are responsible for getting a speaker for your                       Wakefield, Neil     Owner                       856-7500
    assigned program date. However, you may exchange                         Wehmeier, Daniel Pastor                         856-2500
    dates with another member if the need arises.                            Weston, Bill        Business Owner          816-797-3222
    Remember to do or ask someone to do the invocation                       Weston, Karen                                   893-4145
                                                                             White-Conklin, Cherlyn Bus. Development        856- 3201
    for you.                                                                 Wing, Ralph      Comm’l Property Mgr        816-932-5597
                       CLUB MEMBERS                                          Winters, Todd       Chiropractor                856-8135
    Baker, Molly              Owner                               856-5661   Wood, Duane         Heating/CoolingCo. Owner    856-5801
    Blair, Steven             Pastor                              424-8621   Yarbrough, Ron      Mortgage Planner            747-3234

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