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					                          Environmental Systems Management
                           Final Exam Paper – Putting it all Together

Due Dates:
    Draft: Monday, Nov. 21
    Final version is due: Friday, Dec. 16 at 1pm

Write a paper based on the “Legacy Farm” that we have used throughout this class. You will use
the land (size, soils and layout) but may locate the farm in any county & state in the U.S. A
complete draft (all parts completed) is due on or before Nov. 21. The final, revised, paper is due
at the start of the final exam. Both versions will be graded and will account for 20% of your
grade in this class.

Assume that you inherited the farm (or received it free of charge in some manner) and that you
plan to live on it and raise at least one crop and one animal species. Write a report that describes
how you received the 80-acre farm, what shape it was in when you got it, and what you plan to
do with it in order to be able to live on the farm in a sustainable manner and earn an income
through a niche market. You are required to follow these specific constraints:
     Have at least 7 acres for the farmstead (house and buildings)
     Have at least 10 acres of woods
     Have at least 10 acres for the stream and stream riparian area and/or wetlands
     Have at least one crop to sell or to use as feed
     You must have at least one species of an income-producing livestock (aquaculture, beef
        or dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats, or poultry – other species only with permission)
     Your legacy also includes a $100,000 stipend to get you started. You have no access to
        additional funds.

Start with the report template (FinalPaperTemplate.docx) and incorporate the following items:
 Cover page with your name, title, course, semester, and year.
 Introduction – Write one to two paragraphs to explain how you came to own the farm, its
    background, where it is located (county & state), and what you plan to do with it. You must
    plan to live on the farm and try and make a living from it. You may not sell the farm.
    (Example, On January 15, 2012 I inherited an 80 acre family farm from my great aunt. I
    decided that after graduating I would move to this farm and try to make a living by raising
    and selling farm fresh eggs…..”
 Plans – what are your overall plans for your farm? This should be in a couple of paragraphs,
    not just a list of answers to the following questions. Tell your story.
    o What will you grow (livestock & crops)
    o Where and how much land will put into different uses?
    o Explain how you will address the current environmental problems on the farm.
    o What buildings will you keep; which will you get rid of?
    o What equipment is needed?
    o Livestock – you must plan to have some livestock (income producing). What will you
       have? How many? Where will they be housed? Where/how will you market them?
    o How many acres for crops to feed livestock or for niche market sales
    o Show where each of these items will be located. Use the farm Google map, PPT, and a
       text box to show a picture that you describe in the text.
   Farm Data (Computer Programs & websites) give data/estimates/etc. by using the following
    programs or websites:
       o Introduction – Write a paragraph that give the following information:
                Give the watershed, county & state that is your property located in. (EPA ,
                   Surf Your Watershed)
                List the major (> 15%) soils that are on your property (WSS website)
                Give an introduction to the data that you calculated from the computer
                   programs (SedSpec, L-Thia, NAPRA). For the purpose of this report, assume
                   that all the soils are in group B.
       o SedSpec, Rational Method – give the peak runoff, depth of runoff, time of
           concentration, and rainfall intensity for your property.
       o L-Thia – calculate the estimated total annual volume runoff, runoff depth, and the
           runoff depth, nitrogen, phosphorous, suspended solids, and fecal coliform for each of
           your land uses.
       o NAPRA - use for your crop fields: describe your planned crop(s), pesticide usage and
           give the estimated pesticide runoff (10% level), nitrogen, phosphorous, and annual
           runoff (10%).
       o Closing paragraph – Write a paragraph that summarizes what you found from the
   Storage & Handling of Pesticides – Explain how and where you will store pesticides. Include
    your Firefighter warning/information sheet (ref: Dr. Whitford, Nov. 7).
   Closing – summarize your plans for the farm that include all your land uses.

    You will be expected to be able to use PPT to place text and lines, boxes, arrows (etc.) on
       the picture of the farm (from the website) and to put these revised diagrams in a text box
       in your final report. Because the farm is relatively long and narrow I recommend that you
       use the text box option: text wrapping/tight/largest only.
    Include units on all values.
    You may change the headings and data tables in the paper template. Remove instructions
       and any extra lines or rows in the tables.
    Contact me if you have any questions on how to do any of this, before the draft is due.
    Late papers are assessed the same penalty as late assignments: accepted up to one week
       after the due date. However, 15% will be deducted for assignments turned in late (0%
       credit after one week).

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