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					                  Scott Foresman Reading Street
                      Grade 4 Vocabulary Words

Unit 1 (week 1): Because of Winn-Dixie   Unit 1 (week 2): Lewis and Clark and
grand                                    Me
memorial                                 docks
peculiar                                 migrating
positive                                 scan
prideful                                 scent
recalls                                  wharf
selecting                                yearned

Unit 1 (week 3): Grandfather’s Journey   Unit 1 (week 4): The Horned Toad
amazed                                   Prince
bewildered                               bargain
homeland                                 favor
longed                                   lassoed
sculptures                               offended
still                                    prairie
towering                                 riverbed

Unit 1 (week 5): Letters Home from       Unit 2 (week 1): What Jo Did
Yosemite                                 fouled
glacier                                  hoop
impressive                               jersey
naturalist                               marveled
preserve                                 rim
slopes                                   speechless
species                                  swatted
wilderness                               unbelievable

Unit 2 (week 2): Coyote School News      Unit 2 (week 3): Grace and the Time
bawling                                  Machine
coyote                                   aboard
dudes                                    atlas
roundup                                  awkward
spurs                                    capable
Unit 2 (week 4): Marven of the Great    Unit 2 (week 5): So You Want to Be
North Woods                             President?
cordially                               Constitution
dismay                                  howling
grizzly                                 humble
immense                                 politics
payroll                                 responsibility
Unit 3 (week 1): The Stranger           Unit 3 (week 2): Adelina’s Whales
draft                                   biologist
etched                                  bluff
fascinated                              lagoon
frost                                   massive
parlor                                  rumbling
terror                                  tropical

Unit 3 (week 3): How Night Came from    Unit 3 (week 4): Eye of the Storm
the Sea: A Story from Brazil            destruction
brilliant                               expected
chorus                                  forecasts
coward                                  inland
gleamed                                 shatter
shimmering                              surge

Unit 3 (week 5): The Great Kapok Tree   Unit 4 (week 1): The Houndini Box
canopy                                  appeared
dangle                                  bustling
dappled                                 crumbled
fragrant                                escape
pollen                                  magician
pollinate                               monument
slithered                               vanished
Unit 4 (week2): Encantado: Pink         Unit 4 (week 3): The King in the Kitchen
Dolphin of the Amazon                   duke
aquarium                                dungeon
dolphins                                furiously
enchanted                               genius
Flexible                                majesty
glimpses                                noble
pulses                                   peasant
surface                                  porridge

Unit 4 (week 4): Seeker of Knowledge     Unit 4 (week 5): Encyclopedia Brown
ancient                                  and the Case of the Slippery
link                                     Salamander
scholars                                 amphibians
seeker                                   crime
temple                                   exhibit
translate                                lizards
triumph                                  reference
uncover                                  reptiles
    `                                    salamanders

Unit 5 (week 1): Sailing Home: A Story   Unit 5 (week 2): Lost City: The
of a Childhood at Sea                    Discovery of Machu Picchu
bow                                      curiosity
cargo                                    glorious
celestial                                granite
conducted                                ruins
dignified                                terraced
navigation                               thickets
quivered                                 torrent

Unit 5 (week 3): Amelia and Eleanor Go   Unit 5 (week 4): Antarctic Journal: Four
for a Ride                               Months at the Bottom of the World
aviator                                  anticipation
brisk                                    continent
cockpit                                  convergence
daring                                   depart
elegant                                  forbidding
outspoken                                heaves
solo                                     icebergs
Unit 5 (week 5): Moonwalk                Unit 6 (week 1): My Brother Martin
loomed                                   ancestors
rille                                    avoided
runt                                     generations
staggered                                minister
summoning                                numerous
taunted                                  pulpit
trench                                   shielding
Unit 6 (week 2): Jim Thorpe’s Bright     Unit 6 (week 3): How Tia Lola Came to
Path                                     Visit Stay
boarding school                          affords
dormitory                                colonel
endurance                                glint
manual                                   lurking
reservation                              palettes
society                                  quaint

Unit 6 (week 4): To Fly : The Story of   Unit 6 (week 5): The Man Who Went to
the Wright Brothers                      the Far Side of the Moon: The Story of
cradle                                   Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins
drag                                     astronauts
flex                                     capsule
glider                                   hatch
hangars                                  horizon
rudder                                   lunar
stalled                                  module

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