October 2010 minutes (DOC download)

					                      INGHAM COUNTY FARM BUREAU
                             OCTOBER 14, 2010

The Ingham County Farm Bureau Board of Directors met Thursday, October 14, 2010 in the
conference room of the Ingham County Farm Bureau. President Laurie Koelling called the
meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. Board members in attendance were (they are checked X):

DIRECTORS                                               STAFF
John Allen                    Don Oesterle              Managing Partner         ____________
Gary Haynes                   Gerald Schwab             Laura Hamlin
Jeanine Igl                   Jessica Stahl             Guest                    ____________
Laurie Koelling               Gladys Welker             Guest                    ____________
                              Gary Wilcox               Barb Chapman
                  (quorum is 1 over ½ or 5 total) Quorum was present

Minutes and Financial Statements:
Gary Wilcox moved to accept the August 2010 and the September 2010 minutes as written,
motion supported by Gladys Welker. Motion passed.

Gerald Schwab moved to accept the August 2010 and the September 2010 minutes as
presented and placed on file, motion supported by Gladys Welker. Motion passed.

New Memberships:
Gladys Welker moved to accept the August 2010 and the September 2010 new regular
memberships as presented, motion supported by Gary Wilcox. Motion passed.

Correspondence that has been received was read and passed around for all to review
including thank you letters from 4-H kids from the fair, thank you letters for Relay for Life
donations, and thank you for memorials.

Farm Bureau Insurance Report
Don Currey submitted his report on behalf of the managing partners this month. His report is
on file at the office.

Doug Atkinson and Dennis Greenman were also present on behalf of Farm Bureau
Insurance this month. Laurie Koelling presented both Doug and Dennis with a Lands’ End
jacket with an Ingham County Farm Bureau Logo as a thank you for all of their many past
years of hard work and dedication in bringing in memberships into the county.

Doug talked a little about a new type of Return of Life product coming out that was a 20 year
term product.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES CONTINUED                                              PAGE 2

Regional Representative Report
Laura Hamlin handed out her Central Region report and pointed out highlights.

Membership School is coming up for the Membership Chairs on November 1st at the
Riverfront Grill in Chesaning. Laurie Koelling stated she will not be able to attend. Laura will
send out e-mails to the committee chairs with the full details.

Unfinished Business:
We still have two matured Farm Bureau Credit Union CDs that need to be re-invested. We
have some information from Fifth/third for a two year investment. Do we want to split the
investment into two portions and buy one-half through 5/3 and look into Edward Jones for the
other half of the investment? Board approved $40,000 into the M&I Marshall & Ilsley account
at 5/3. Barb is to get information from Ed Jones for the Executive Committee to review for the
other portion.

New Business:

Farm Safety Issue
Dennis Greenman presented some information from Carl Hines and the Ingham County
Sheriff’s Department. They are looking to hold a Safety Education Seminar for first
responders and are looking for sponsorships for this seminar. He wanted to know if we would
be interested. Laurie took the information from Dennis and would be following up.

State Annual Meeting
State Annual Meeting is coming up the end of November and first week of December and we
discussed who was planning on attending and that reservations needed to be turned into
Barb within the next week or so.

Christmas Party
Laurie asked if the Board wanted to have a Christmas Party this year. The consensus was
that we did want to have a party again. Gary Wilcox said that he thought we could maybe
have the party at his house. We will discuss at the next Board meeting.

Family Fun Day with Jeff Oesterle
Tannenbaum Farms is hosting a special “Family Fun Day with Jeff Oesterle,” the Republican
candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives, District 67 for the public on October 24
from 2 to 5 p.m. The event will feature hayrides, an old-fashioned cider press, roasting
hotdogs over an open fire and, of course, donuts. The Board is encouraged to attend.
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Committee Reports:
Promotion & Education:
Gladys Welker is following up with the schools to determine their spring breaks in 2011 to
determine the best date to hold Project RED. A date will be determined and letters will be
going out soon.

Young Farmer:
Jessica Stahl has not started any events yet, no report given.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 a.m.

Cordially submitted,
Barbara Chapman
Administrative Manager
Ingham County Farm Bureau

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