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									                                                   QATAR HEALTH CONFERENCE         2010

                                  Proposed Program
The core theme for the conference is: Knowledge Translation to identify through leadership
practice educational research how Knowledge Translation (KT) is promoted in Qatar. The
two (2) day conference will be structured according to the four (4) professional streams of

   1.   Clinical practice
   2.   Leadership & management
   3.   Education
   4.   Research

Each of the professional streams will discuss current trends and innovations that support
their efforts in Knowledge Translation toward improving patient care.

A preliminary program example:

Professional Stream 1: PRACTICE ( Professor Alison Kitson & Professor Alan
Therapeutic actions and their outcomes: Understanding the Fundamentals of Care and
establish care delivery processes that ensure the best available evidence is translated into

  Evidence based practice
  Continuum of care
  Innovation in nursing practice
  Advanced role in nursing practice

JBI FAME model of grading the evidence for practice utilization:
       Feasibility
       Applicability
       Meaningfulness
       Effectiveness

The PARiHS framework (Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services)

Professional Stream 2: LEADERSHIP (Professor Rhonda Huges)
How to negotiate and develop an organization wide understanding about the benefits,
disbenefits, risks, and advantages of new knowledge (evidence) over the old. Then,
identifying who are your ‘change agents’ and enhancing their role(s) within the organization

        1   Nursing Scientific Committee
                                                 QATAR HEALTH CONFERENCE      2010

  Performance management
  Change management
  Interpersonal communication
  Cultural competence

Professional Stream 3: EDUCATION (Professor Patricia Benner & Professor Carol
Evolving the theory & praxis of Knowledge Translation: what does KT mean and how do we
introduce the concept to nurses in practice, research & leadership?

  Creating learning environment in practice setting.
  Promoting critical thinking in nursing education
  Technology in nursing education
  Nursing education: trends and challenges

Professional Stream 4: RESEARCH         (Professor Nancy Donaldson & Professor
Understanding the Why & How of measuring the effectiveness of nursing interventions and
appreciating the need to contextualize data with the human experience of illness.

 To keep the sub-theme as one theme and other following topics to be considered as
  Qualitative research in nursing practice
  Quantitative research in nursing practice

Measuring Nurse sensitive patient care outcomes: Nursing metrics
    NDNQI
    National Quality Forum

     2   Nursing Scientific Committee

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