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									Netherlands orders Enhanced Paveway II
Robert Hewson Jane's Air-Launched Weapons Editor

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) has become a customer of the Enhanced
Paveway II dual-mode guided bomb.

The Dutch order for 200 EGBU-12 (GBU-49/B) 500 lb weapons was signed on 1 April and
has now been disclosed by Raytheon Missile Systems.

Raytheon said that this order is a first-phase procurement by the RNLAF and further orders
are expected.

The Netherlands is the third European Partner Air Force to acquire the Enhanced Paveway
after Denmark and Portugal.

The new bombs will be deployed on the RNLAF's upgraded F-16AMs, which already operate
with standard laser-guided Paveway IIs.

Enhanced Paveway II adds GPS/inertial navigation system guidance to the basic Paveway,
giving it an all-weather capability and improved overall accuracy.

The RNLAF announced on 17 April that it is to withdraw all of its CBU-87 cluster weapons
ahead of the Oslo Process conference in Dublin in May, which hopes to form new
international guidelines.

Enhanced Paveway has a height-of-burst feature that gives it a degree of area coverage that
could go some way towards replacing the capability lost through the scrapping of CBU-87.

The weapon's proximity fuze can be set to detonate at heights from 1 m to 15 m above the
ground (in 1 m increments) and the higher the burst, the wider the bomb's lethal
fragmentation radius. This effect can be increased with the use of dedicated fragmentation
bomb bodies.

                         Denmark operates Enhanced Paveway IIs and the Netherlands has also ordered the weapon (Royal
                         Danish Air Force/Henning Kristensen)

                                                                                      Date Posted: 23-Apr-2008

                                       Jane's Defence Weekly

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