Meeting Schedule sem 1 2012 - by xiagong0815


									Braemar College - Semester 1                                   Meeting Schedule                                as at 23 January 2012

 Week 1        Week Commencing                      Monday                        Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday
     1                  6-Feb                       Staff                           A                     LAL
     2                  13-Feb                       PL                             B                     WBT
     3                  20-Feb             Middle School Staff/YLG                  C                    MS/SS
     4                  27-Feb                       PL                             A                     LAL
     5                   5-Mar             Senior School Staff/YLG                  B                    HOUSE
     6                  12-Mar                 LABOUR DAY                           C                     WBT
     7                  19-Mar                      Staff                           A                     LAL
     8                  26-Mar                 EXEAT WEEK

    9                   16-Apr                         Staff                     B                      P/T NIGHT
    10                  23-Apr                                               P/T NIGHT
    11                  30-Apr                       PL                          C                        WBT
    12                  7-May              Middle School Staff/YLG               A                       SS/MS
    13                  14-May                       PL                          B                        LAL
    14                  21-May                      Staff                        C                       HOUSE
    15                  28-May             Senior School Staff/YLG               A                        WBT
    16                   4-Jun                       PL                          B                        LAL
    17                  11-Jun              QUEENS BIRTHDAY                      C                        WBT
    18                  18-Jun
WBT          Well BeingTeam - HOS, YLL, Counsellors, Nurse
SS/MS        Heads of School with Year Level Leaders
YLG          Year Level Group - Year Level Leaders with LCL
Staff        All staff
PL           Professional Learning
LAL          VP - Learning Area Leaders
LA - A       Art, English, Food, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Music
LA - B       Drama, Humanities, VET, LOTE
LA - C       Resource Centre, Science, ICT,, Year 5 and 5
HOUSE        HOS with Heads of House

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