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					                   Invitation to Tender

          Replacement of 21 CCTV Cameras

                         Closing date and time for submission of tenders:

                                  [12 noon on 21st December 2011]

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               Part A – Introduction, background and Instructions for Tenderers
Section 1          Introduction and Background information.
Section 2          Procurement Process and Timetable
Section 3          Evaluation of offers
Section 4          Instructions to Tenderers
Section 5          Conditions of Tender

Part B – The Council’s Service Requirements

Section 6            Specification
Section 7            Contract Documents

Part C – The Tender Document

Section 8            Form of Tender and Pricing Schedule
Section 9            Tendering Certificate
Section 10           Method Statements and Supporting Information
Section 11           Guarantee Undertaking (if appropriate)
Section 12           Business Questionnaire

 Tender return date (and time): 21st December 2011 no later than 12
 Hand delivered Tenders must be returned to: The Director of
 Resources, Cambridge City Council, Main Reception, The Guildhall,
 Cambridge, CB2 3QJ.
 Tenders delivered by Post must be sent to: The Director of Resources,
 Cambridge City Council, PO Box 700, Cambridge, CB1 0JH.
 Site visits between 1st and 11th November 2011. E-mail: to arrange a visit.


 The Contact Officer for this procurement is: Martin Beaumont, CCTV
 Manager, Cambridge City Council, The Guildhall, Cambridge, CB2 3QJ.
 Tel:    01223 457390

 If you would like a paper copy of this Invitation to Tender please contact the
 Contact Officer.

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                                   SECTIONS 1 - 5

The following five sections set out some background to the Council’s requirements including an
outline procurement timetable, the instructions to be followed by tenderers and the evaluation
process to be followed by the Council in the assessment of offers.

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                                              SECTION 1



        1.2      SCOPE OF REQUIREMENT

        21 of Cambridge City Council’s Public Space Surveillance Cameras (CCTV cameras) are
        coming to the end of their operational life and need replacing.

        The successful tenderer will be required to supply and install the new cameras and ensure
        they are fully operational and dispose of the old cameras. Maintenance of the cameras will
        not form part of this contract.

        The cameras are deployed over three sites:

        Queen Anne Car Park, 12 cameras

        Arbury Court, 6 cameras

        Kingsway Flats, 3 cameras

        The cameras will need to be anologue, PTZ, full colour, day/ night, all weather, dome

        See Section 6 of this document for detailed specifications.

        The planned work start date is as soon as possible after contract award with all supply,
        installation and set up work complete and a ‘Go Live’ date for this service is 1st March 2012.
        (This is a target date, if tenderers are unable to meet this date they should state this with
        their offer and provide their proposed programme)

        Payment Regime

        Tenders should note that the payment will be on successful completion of the work and
        acceptance of the cameras by the Council.

        SECTION 2

                                   PROCUREMENT PROCESS AND TIMETABLE


        Detailed instructions about the submissions of tenders are set out in Section 4 -Instructions
        to Tenderers.

        The Council has adopted an Open tender procedure for this procurement. All bids received
        will be evaluated in accordance with the process described in Section 3 – Evaluation of

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        Section 5 below details the Conditions of Tender and Section 7 details the Conditions of
        Contract. The successful tenderer will be required to comply with both. The latter will
        constitute the Conditions that will apply to any contract awarded at the end of this tender


        The timetable below sets out the key dates in the procurement process. Most dates are
        indicative. Please note that the dates in bold are fixed and are not indicative:

        Site visits by tendrers to Cambridge City [by appointment, one day per tenderer: 1st – 11th
        December 2011.

        Deadline for asking questions about ITT:                          14th December 2011

        Closing date for submissions of tender:                           21st December 2011

        Completion of evaluation and moderation:                           5th January 2012

        [Meetings/presentations by highest scoring tenderers           W/C 9th January 2012
        if required: ]

        Preferred bidder identified and communicated to bidders:           16th January 2012

        Contract awarded                                                   20th January 2012

        Completion of all work [cameras ‘go live’] date:                    1st March 2012

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                                                     SECTION 3

                                             EVALUATION OF OFFERS

         Evaluation of offers will be carried out by a panel of officers of the Council (and where
         appropriate other individuals/organisations selected by the Council) to ensure an
         appropriate breath of experience and understanding of the issues covered by the tender


         A number of selection criteria will be applied to the responses given by bidders to the Business
         Questionnaire at Section 12 of this tender document. These selection criteria are the minimum
         criteria that the Council will require all its appointed service providers to meet or exceed and so are
         of a “pass/fail” nature.

         The selection criteria are as follows:

                Qualifying Criteria                                                               Assessment

           a)   Compliance of bid Tenderers must submit a fully compliant tender,                  Pass / Fail
                with      tendering complete with a signed Form of Tender (Section 8)
                procedure           and Tendering Certificate (Section 9). A bid that is
                                    not fully compliant, and/ or without the Form of
                                    Tender/ Tendering certificate appropriately signed
                                    will fail.

           b)   Financial Stability      An external credit rating agency, Dun &                   Pass / Fail
                                         Bradstreet or it’s subsidiary company, ICC
                                         Credit Management, will be used to establish a
                                         tenderers financial stability. Tenderers will need
                                         to achieve a satisfactory D&D Risk Assessment
                                         (Failure Score greater than 50) or ICC Credit
                                         Decision (Risk Score greater than 50).

           c)   Insurance                Tenderers must have the minimum levels of                 Pass / Fail
                                         insurance which are as follows:

                                         •    £5million Public Liability Insurance 1

                                         •    £5 million Employer’s Liability Insurance

                                         or be willing to increase their current insurance
                                         levels to the above levels if they are successful.
                                         Paragraph 4.9 of Section 10

                                         Any bidder who does not meet the minimum
                                         insurance levels and is not willing to increase their
                                         insurance policies if awarded the contract will fail.

      Where credit rating information is not available for any particular information e.g. for a partnership, the
      Council reserves the right to request specific applicants to provide their audited accounts/ other
      financial dat, and the information provided will be reviewed by the Council.

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        The Award Criteria are made up of two elements:

        a. Quality, which will be assessed by the evaluation of a tenderer’s response to the Method
        Statements and supporting information/ Business Questionnaire. This accounts for 50% of
        the marks.

        b. Price. This accounts for 50% of the marks.

3.1     Marking of Quality (non-price) elements of the tender (50% of the final score) 2

        Quality will be measured by an assessment of a tenderer’s response to the Method
        Statement questions (with supporting information/ Business Questionnaire) set out in
        Section 10/ 12 below. The responses to Method Statements submitted by tenderers will be
        assessed by an evaluation panel of suitably qualified and experienced officers of the
        Council together with (where appropriate) other individuals/organisations appointed by the
        Council. The individuals on the evaluation panel will award scores for the Method
        Statements reflecting their reasoned professional judgement as to the merits of each
        response. Overall, Method Statement evaluation will account for 50% of the total tender

        Each response to the Method Statement questions will be awarded a separate score out of
        5, with 0 being the lowest and 5 the highest score. The definitions of each level of scoring
        are as follows:

                         Non compliant response
                         The tenderer fails to meet the requirement and/ or tenderer response has not
                         provided relevant information to answer or indicate a solution to the required contract
                         Unacceptable response
                         The tendered response is partially compliant, but with serious deficiencies in the
                         solution offered. This indicates there would be serious difficulties or inability in
                         delivering the contract requirements.
                         Unsatisfactory response
                         The tenderer response is partially compliant, with shortfalls in the solution offered.
                         This indicates that not the all requirements of the contract would be met and there
                         would be difficulty in delivering the contract requirements.
                         Acceptable response
          3              The tenderer response is compliant. This indicates that all the basic contractual
                         requirements are met, but not exceeded and the contract would be delivered.
                         Good response
                         The tenderer response is compliant clearly indicating that the tenderer can deliver
                         the entire contract requirement and the solution offers some limited benefits beyond
                         the stated requirements.
                         Excellent Response
                         The tenderer response is compliant indicating that the tenderer has a
          5              comprehensive understanding of the contract requirements and the proposed
                         solution will meet the contract standard and provide significant additional benefits
                         beyond the stated requirement.

        The summary table below details the relative importance/ weighting of each quality (non-
        price) aspect of the tender that will be evaluated. Each quality aspect will be assessed by
        evaluating the tenderer’s responses to one or more specific method statement questions
        (the method statement question headings are listed in column B and full questions listed in

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        Section 10). The maximum percentage mark available for each individual method statement
        question is in column C), and these will be scored using the 0 – 5 scale defined above.

                 A                                       B
            (Not Used)
                                   Specific Questions (refer to Section 10/12 of        C
                                   Tender)                                       % score
                                                                                 available per
                                   Q1 – Technical Solution                            15%
                                   Q2 – Life of Equipment                              3%
                                   Q3 – Risk Management                                5%
                                   Q4 – Installation                                  10%
                                   Q5 – Testing and Acceptance                         5%
                                   Q6 – Project Plan                                   5%
                                   Q7 – Health and Safety                              4%
                                   Q8 – Disposal of Equipment                          1%
                                   Q9 - Warranties                                     2%

                                                                                 Total 50%

Example of non-price scoring
A worked example of the scoring of the quality aspects follows.

The formula applied is as follows:
% score available per question x points scored divided by 5 (latter being maximum points

                  Method Statement Question          % Score Available Points Scored   Marks Awarded
                  Q1 Technical Solution                            15%               2             6
                  Q4 Installation                                  10%               4             8

3.3     Price Evaluation

        Price accounts for 50% of the total tender score.

3.3a) Evaluation of price (50%)

        The price scores will be evaluated by a calculation based upon the lowest of all the prices
        submitted by tenderers. The tenderer with the lowest price will be awarded the full score of
        50% of the 50% of marks allocated to price, with the remaining bidders gaining pro-rated
        scores in relation to how much higher their prices are compared to the lowest price. A
        worked example is given below.

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      Name                                     Formula
                                                                    Score out
      of     Tender value        = Lowest Price received / Bidder’s of 50
      Bidder                     Price x Price Score

                  £10,000        £10,000 / £10,000 x 50                           50

                  £20,000        £10,000 / £20,000 x 50                           25

                  £40,000        £10,000 / £40,000 x 50                         12.5

  Tenderers should note that in the event that a bid is considered to be fundamentally
  unacceptable on any issue, then regardless of its other merits, that bid will be rejected.
  Throughout the evaluation process, the right is reserved to seek clarifications from
  tenderers, where considered necessary to achieve a complete understanding of the
  proposals received.
  Following the initial evaluation of offers, tenderers may be invited to meet with officers of
  the Council to explore their bid in more detail; this may include an invitation to make a
  presentation in support of the bid.
  3.4      Awarding the contract

  Once bid evaluation is complete, tenderers will be notified simultaneously and as soon as
  possible of any decision made by the Council about its intention to award the contract.

  Following notification of the award decision, the successful tenderer will be required to
  execute a written contract. The Council will provide instructions for the completion of that
  contract to the successful tenderer.

  Tenderers must not undertake work or enter into any commitments for the subject matter of
  this tender in advance of the written contract being properly completed. There is no binding
  agreement between the Council and the successful tenderer until a signed and dated
  contract is in place.

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                                               SECTION 4

                                    INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS 3

        We require you to submit ONE PAPER COPY of your tender (and would suggest that you
        keep a further copy for your own records). We also require THREE CD ROM / USB
        MEMORY STICK COPIES to be submitted (NOT via email) in order that the submission
        can be shared easily among the evaluating officers.
4.2     Your offer itself should be set out as follows:
        Please complete the sections in this document which request such completion:
                     Section 8 - Form of Tender and Pricing Schedule
                     Section 9 - Tendering Certificate
                     Section 10 - Method Statements and Supporting Information
                     [Section 11 - Guarantee Undertaking] 4
                 •    Section 12 – Business Questionnaire
        Which together comprise the contract documents (the “Contract Documents”).
4.3     Only the information contained within this invitation to tender document, or the
        accompanying documentation, or otherwise communicated in writing to tenderers, should
        be considered by you when making your offer.

4.4     Your total tender submission, as detailed above must be submitted as follows:-

        Hand delivered tenders must be returned to:_
        The Director of Resources
        Cambridge City Council
        The Guildhall
        Cambridge CB2 3QJ

        Tenders delivered by post must be returned to:
        The Director of Resources
        Cambridge City Council
        PO Box 700
        CB1 0JH

        The tender package or envelope must not bear any mark identifying the name of the
        tenderer. PLEASE NOTE this includes franking.
        The return envelope/ package must bear the words Replacement of 21 CCTV
        Cameras” If courier or other special delivery services are used, please ensure that

  The format suggested should be used and adapted for the particular purchase. Not all paragraphs may be relevant
or appropriate.
  Delete if not required.

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        the outside of any additional packaging also bears the above words. Your submission
        will be rejected if it is possible for the receiving officer to identify the sender.
4.5     The closing date for the submission of your tender is [12 noon] on [21st December
        This time and date must also be shown on the return envelope. Tenders submitted
        after the time and date shown will be rejected and returned to the tenderer, unless clear
        evidence of posting (by first class post on a day preceding the closing date) or transmission
        by courier (by courier delivery note) is available. Tenders may not be submitted by fax
        or e-mail.
4.6     If you require further information concerning the tender process, or the nature of the
        proposed contract please, in the first instance, put your query in writing / email to the
        Contact Officer named on the second page of this document.
4.7     Should questions arise during the tendering period that in the Council’s judgement are of
        material significance, we will write to all tenderers to explain the nature of the question, and
        the Council’s formal reply. We will not identify the source of the original question. All
        tenderers should then take that reply into consideration when preparing their own bids, and
        bids will be evaluated on the assumption that they have done so.
4.8     Tenderers should note that any questions raised after 14th December 2011 may not
        be answered.

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                                             SECTION 5

                                    CONDITIONS OF TENDER

        A tenderer may contact the Contact Officer identified at the front of this document to obtain
        any further information about the requirements of the contract or the tendering procedures if
        these are not evident or clear from the documents supplied to tenderers.
        No representation by any officer of Cambridge City Council, nor any representation at all
        other than one contained in the Contract Documents about any matter which has a bearing
        on the contract shall constitute a term or condition of the contract nor a representation
        which gives the contractor grounds for rescinding the contract or claiming damages for

        No tender will be considered for acceptance if the tenderer has indulged, or attempted to
        indulge, in any corrupt practice or canvassed the tender with any member or officer of
        Cambridge City Council. If a tenderer has, unknown to these bodies, indulged or attempted
        to indulge in such practices and the tender is accepted, then grounds shall exist for the
        termination of the contract and the claiming of damages from the contractor.
        It is unlikely that any tender will be accepted which (a) is incomplete or inaccurately or
        inadequately completed or which purports to impose conditions other than those provided in
        the contract documents and (b) is delivered out of time or in a manner other than specified
        in these Instructions.

        The tender will be set out as described in the preceding section 4, Instructions to

        Acceptance of tender will be determined by Cambridge City Council.          Cambridge City
        Council is not bound to accept the lowest price or any tender.
        The successful tenderer shall be required to sign and return to the Council two copies of the
        written contract document which shall then be signed, dated and completed by Cambridge
        City Council (and one completed original returned to the Contractor).

        Any tenderer who directly or indirectly canvasses any member or official or agent of
        Cambridge City Council concerning the award of the Contract or who directly or indirectly
        obtains or attempts to obtain information from any such person concerning any other
        Tender or proposed Tender for the Services shall be disqualified. The Tendering Certificate
        at Section 9 must be completed and returned.

        In submitting a tender for this contract, the Tenderer confirms that he has not fixed or
        adjusted the amount of the tender by or under or in accordance with any agreement or
        arrangement with any other person. The Tenderer also certifies that at no time, before or

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        following the submission of the tender, has the Tenderer carried out any of the following
        acts: i) communicating to a person other than the person calling for the tenders the amount
        or approximate amount of the proposed tender, except where such disclosure, in
        confidence, of the approximate amount of the tender is necessary to obtain insurance
        premium quotations required for the preparation of the tender; ii) entering into any
        agreement or arrangement with any person that he shall refrain from tendering or as to the
        amount of any tender to be submitted; iii) offering or paying or giving or agreeing to give
        any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or
        having done or causing or having caused to be done in relation to any other tender or
        proposed tender for the said work any act or thing of the sort described above. In the
        context of this clause the word ‘person’ includes any persons and any body or association,
        corporate or unincorporate; and ‘any agreement or arrangement’ includes any such
        transaction, formal or informal, and whether legally binding or not.

        The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires the Council to disclose information it holds
        on request even where that information was collected prior to 2005. Information will only
        not be disclosed where a statutory exemption applies. In providing information to the
        Council Tenderers therefore accept that such information may be disclosable under the Act
        and should not provide information as part of this tender on an “in confidence” basis. Any
        information that the tenderer considers should not be disclosed because an exemption
        applies should be clearly marked as such and the reasons for claiming an exemption
        provided. However the final decision as to whether information should be disclosed or not
        (including the application of the public interest test) shall remain the decision of Cambridge
        City Council. The Council shall retain information gathered as part of this tender exercise in
        accordance with its Retentions and Deletions Policy.
        Where applicable, the Tenderer shall (and shall procure that any person (e.g. a sub-
        contractor or consultant or professional advisor) involved in this tender) be registered under
        the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”) and observe all their obligations under the DPA which
        arise in connection with this tender. Where the Tenderer is processing personal data (as
        defined by the DPA) as a data processor for or in relation to the Council the Tenderer shall
        ensure that it has in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the
        security of the personal data (and to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing of
        the personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, the personal
        data), as required under the Seventh Data Protection Principle in Schedule 1 to the DPA.
        From time to time the Council may require the Tenderer to provide the Council with such
        information as the Council may reasonably require in order to satisfy itself that the
        Contractor is complying with its obligations under the DPA and the Tenderer shall promptly
        notify the Council in writing of any breach of the measures required to be put in place by
        this Invitation to Tender.

5.8     Public Rights of Audit
        The Audit Commissions Act 1998 and the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 entitles
        members of the public, for a limited period each year, access to the Council’s records so
        that they can audit them. For the purposes of this exercise, the Council’s records include
        contracts that the Council has with its suppliers. Tenderers should note that any contract
        awarded at the conclusion of this procurement may be disclosed to a member of the public
        during the audit period. The Council will take reasonable steps to ensure that data falling
        within the ambit of the DPA and any commercially confidential material that would, in the
        Council’s judgement, fall within an exemption provided under the Freedom of Information
        Act 2000 is not disclosed.

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5.9      Government Transparency Initiative - Publication of Tender Documents and
         The Government has set out the need for greater transparency across public sector
         organisations to enable the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account. As part
         of this initiative Government is asking local authorities to publish on line all tender
         documents for new contracts valued over £500 and the resulting contracts. Bidders
         tendering for this contract should be aware that if their tender is successful the resulting
         contract will be published. In some circumstances limited redactions will be made to
         comply with existing law and for the protection of national security.


         Tenders should not be qualified, conditional or accompanied by a statement that might be
         construed as rendering the tender equivocal. Equivocal, Qualified or conditional tenders
         may not be considered. The Council’s decision as to whether or not a tender is in an
         acceptable form will be final.

         No alteration or addition shall be made to the Form of Tender, pricing schedules or any part
         of the Invitation to Tender except where expressly allowed or as provided in the paragraph

         Tenderers must obtain for themselves all information necessary for the preparation of their
         tender and satisfy themselves that the quality and standards specified by themselves or the
         Council are appropriate. Information supplied to tenderers by the Council or contained in
         the Council publications is supplied only for general guidance in the preparation of the
         tender. Tenderers must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any such information and
         no responsibility is accepted (or warranty given) by the Council for any loss or damages of
         whatever kind and howsoever caused arising from the use by tenderers of such

         Tenders and supporting documents shall be in English and any contract subsequently
         entered into and its formation, interpretation and performance shall be subject to and in
         accordance with the law of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English


         In submitting its tender, the tenderer warrants, represents and undertakes to the Council

         •   All information, representations and other matters of fact communicated (whether in
             writing or otherwise) to the Council by the tenderer, its staff or agents in connection with
             or arising out of the tender are true, complete and accurate in all respects, both as at the
             date communicated and as at the date of tender submission;

         •   It has made it own investigations and research and has satisfied itself in respect of all
             matters (whether actual or contingent) relating to the tender and that it has not
             submitted the tender and will not be entering into the contract (if the same be awarded
             to the tenderer by the Council) in reliance upon any information, representation or
             assumption which may have been made by or on behalf of the Council;

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  •   It has full power and authority to enter into the contract and perform the obligations
      specified in the Contract Documents and will, if required, produce evidence of such to
      the Council;

  •   It is of sound financial standing and has and will have sufficient working capital, skilled
      staff, equipment and other resources available to it to perform the obligations specified
      in the Contract Documents; and

  •   It will not at any time during the duration of the contract or at any time thereafter claim or
      seek to enforce for the purposes of this contract, any lien, charge, or other encumbrance
      over property of what nature owned or controlled by the Council and which is for the
      time being in the possession of the tenderer.

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                                    SECTIONS 6 - 7
This part sets out the Council’s service requirements and comprises the Specification for the
Service and the Contract Documents (these will apply to any contract(s) that may be placed as the
result of this Invitation to Tender).

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                                              SECTION 6

                                           SPECIFICATION 5

1.      This is the specification for the supply, installation, testing and handover to the Council of
        21 replacement CCTV cameras in three existing locations. The Contractor shall be
        responsible for the supply, installation, testing and handover of the cameras and the
        disposal of the old cameras being replaced.

        The contractor shall dispose of the old cameras being removed in a manner that ensures
        maximum reuse/ recycling of all parts/ components, and in compliance with appropriate
        environmental legislation

2.      The cameras are required to meet the following specifications:

        Full Colour
        Dome Mounted
        Day / Night Capable
        PTZ (except for fixed focal cameras shown below)
        All Weather Conditions Proof
        External Cameras to have wipers
        Zoom Capability (see below).

3.      The Location, type (Fixed Focus/ PTZ ) and Zoom capability are shown below.

     4. The Contractor shall be responsible for liasing with other Council contractors regarding
        connection to the wireless (Radio signal) communications system and for ensuring the
        cameras are fully operational and fit for purpose prior to hand over to the Council. This
        includes full compatibility with the Council’s new CCTV communications system. The
        Contractor should note the supplier that recently converted the Councils CCTV system to
        wireless technology is as follows:-


     Ron Johnson
     MD, Videcom
     Fordoun House
     Rue St Lawrence
     Waltham Abbey
     Essex EN9-1PF

     Tel:     01992-714604

     5. The contractor shall propose an acceptance regime (supported by appropriate evidence
        and assurance) to the Council that will demonstrate fitness for purpose and contract
        compliance. The Council shall be under no obligation to accept any or all cameras until
        such time as all acceptance criteria are met. The acceptance regime shall be supported by

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        appropriate evidence (including images of proposed camera solutions by both day and
        night to confirm image quality) provided by the Contractor.

Replacement CCTV Cameras
Camera Locations and Maps, Dated Nov 2011.

(All GPS Locations in BNG and in 100,000 Grid Square TL)
 TYCO                 CAMERA TITLE              POST     GPS Position   TYPE   MNT     Zoom      Dome
CAM No                                          CODE                                  Capability

                                              ARBURY COURT
80     Arbury Play Park                       CB4-2JQ 45472-60592       PTZ    Pole   1 to 10     Dome
81     Arbury Shops                           CB4-2JQ 45464-60668       PTZ    Wall   1 to 10     Dome
82     Alex Woods Rd                          CB4-2EH 45356-60664       PTZ    Pole   1 to 10     Dome
83     Arbury Car Park                        CB4-YG  45409-60727       PTZ    Pole   1 to 10     Dome
84     Arbury Surgery                         CB4-2JG 45435-60779       PTZ    Pole   1 to 10     Dome
85     Arbury/ Manor School                   CB4-2JF 45517-60677       PTZ    Pole   1 to 14     Dome

                                              KINGSWAY FLATS
87     (N) end Block 2, Roseford Rd            CB4-2HE 44912-60704      PTZ    Wall   1 to 10     Dome
90     Junction Blocks 1 & 2 Covering Green    CB4-2HE 44939-60701      PTZ    Wall   1 to 10     Dome
91     Kingsway Ferriers Way                   CB4-3RE 44930-60682      PTZ    Pole   1 to 10     Dome

                                       QUEEN ANNE (QA) CAR PARK
402    QA02:    Level 2 Exit                CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
403    QA03:    Level 2 Ex Barr             CB1-1LY  45638-57953        FXD    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
404    QA04:    Level 2                     CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
406    QA06:    Level 3 En Barr             CB1-1LY  45638-57953        FXD    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
407    QA07:    Mill Rd Exit                CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
408    QA08:    Level 4                     CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
410    QA10:    Level 6                     CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
411    QA11:    Level 7                     CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
412    QA12:    Level 8                     CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
413    QA13:    Level 9                     CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
414    QA14:    Level 10                    CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 3      Mini Dome
415    QA15:    Level 11/12                 CB1-1LY  45638-57953        PTZ    Roof   1 to 14     Dome

PTZ              Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera
FXD              Fixed Arc Camera
TRACK            Cameras Mounted on Tracks
Wall             Cameras Mounted on Side Walls
Roof             Cameras Mounted on Roofs
Pole             Cameras Mounted on Special CCTV Poles

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                                              SECTION 7

                                   CONTRACT CONDITIONS 6

Any queries about any terms should be raised and clarified with the Contact Officer prior to tender
submission. Proposing amendments to the contract documents in the tender may lead to rejection
of the tender.
Read the terms and conditions for purchase orders.

     Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                  19 of 38
                              PART C – TENDER DOCUMENT
                                    SECTIONS 8 – 11

An electronic copy of the Tender Document is enclosed to enable you to submit a tender.
Tenderers are required to supply one hard copy of their Tender and three electronic copies of the
completed Tender Document on CD Rom or USB memory stick in a format compatible with
Microsoft Word 2002 and Excel

Tenderers are asked to make their response to the Council’s requirements by completing the
following Sections 8 to 11.

Tenderers should cross reference any other documents submitted with the Tender to the
applicable section in this Tender Document so that it is easy for the evaluation team to identify the
Tenderer’s full response to each requirement.

     Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                    20 of 38
                                                               SECTION 8

                                    FORM OF TENDER AND PRICING SCHEDULE


Re: Invitation to Tender dated [                                  ]    for     [the      provision         of    and       supply    of   21
Replacement CCTV Cameras. 7

To:     Cambridge City Council
        Director of Resources
        PO Box 700
        CB1 0JH

Having read carefully the Invitation to Tender and in consideration of you considering this Tender:

We offer to carry out the Services specified and to complete the contract in accordance with the
Contract Documents and our Tender for the sum of £

        (enter amount in words also………………………………………………………………………...)

1.      We confirm that if our Tender is accepted we will, upon demand:
        • Produce evidence that all relevant insurances and compliance certificates with relevant
          legislation and policy are held and in force.
        • Sign formal contract documentation
        • [Produce good and sufficient sureties or obtain the guarantee of a Bank or Insurance
          Company (to be approved by you in either case) to be jointly and severally bound with
          us in a sum to be agreed with the Council.
        • We agree that this Tender shall constitute an irrecoverable, unconditional offer which
          may not be withdrawn for a period of 60 days from this date.

2.      We are a subsidiary company within the meaning of Section 736 of the Companies Act
        1985 and enclose a Parent Company Guarantee undertaking in the form set out in Section
        7 duly completed by our ultimate holding company [TENDERER TO DELETE IF NOT
        APPLICABLE] 8 .

3        We understand that the Council is not bound to accept any tender it receives.


          (1) Signature                                               (2) Signature
          ..................................................          .................................................
          Name                                                        Name
          ..................................................          .................................................
          (Director)                                                  (Director/Company Secretary)*

 Choose either Services, Works or Supply as appropriate and enter the name of the tender. Remove all square

      Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                                                          21 of 38
For and on behalf of:                              .....................................................................
                                                   (print Company’s full name and registered number)
Registered Address:                                ......................................................................

DATE:                                              ......................................................................

Sole Principal/Partnership*

           (1) Signature                                                   *(2) Signature

           ..................................................              .................................................
           Name                                                            Name

           ..................................................              .................................................
           Job Title/Designation                                           Job Title/Designation

           ..................................................              ..................................................

For and on behalf of:                              ......................................................................
                                                   (print business’ full name)
Business Address                                   ......................................................................

DATE:                                              ......................................................................
*delete as applicable

Limited Liability Partnership

           (1) Signature                                                   (2) Signature
           ..................................................              .................................................
           Name                                                            Name
           ..................................................              .................................................
           (Member)                                                        (Member)

For and on behalf of:                              ......................................................................
                                                   (print business’ full name)
Registered Address                                 ......................................................................

DATE:                                              ......................................................................

      Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                                                                22 of 38
                                                           SECTION 9

                                              TENDERING CERTIFICATE


I/We certify that this is a bona fide tender, intended to be competitive and that I/We have not
(either personally or by anyone acting on my/our behalf):

1.   Fixed the amount of the Tender (or the rate and prices quoted) by agreement with any
2.   Communicated to anyone other than the Council the amount or approximate amount or terms
     of my/our proposed tender (other than in confidence in order to obtain quotations,
     professional advice or insurance necessary for the preparation of the tender).
3.   Entered into any agreement or arrangement with any other person that he shall refrain from
     tendering or as to the amount or terms of any tender to be submitted by him.
4.   Canvassed or solicited any member, officer or other employee of the Council in connection
     with the award of this or any other Council contract or tender.
5.   Offered, given or agreed to give any inducement or reward in respect of this or any other
     Council contract or tender.

SIGNED*         (1)               ....................................................................
Status                            ....................................................................

SIGNED*         (2)               ....................................................................
Status                            ....................................................................

for and on behalf of              ....................................................................

Date:                             ....................................................................

*Note: to be signed by the same signatories as the Form of Tender

     Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                                          23 of 38
                                                SECTION 10
                                         METHOD STATEMENTS
Please provide a response to the method statement questions below, to explain how you propose to deliver
the services called for in the Specification. Supporting information (not in the form of a question) may also
be required in some areas.
Tenderers are referred to Section 3 of the tender document and reminded that evaluation of their method
statements will account for 50% of the total tender score.

Question 1 – Technical Solution
 Please provide details of your proposed technical solution, clearly detailing what type of cameras you
intend to install and its low light capabilities. Provide data to demonstrate that it is based on reliable
technology that can be supported on a low cost basis in the long term whilst also delivering a high quality
and reliable service. This should address each of the paragraphs in the specification.
Note that tenderers who are short listed will be required to show evidence of quality of cameras and images
by day and night.
Weight 15%

Question 2 – Life of Equipment
Please indicate the likely operational life expectancy of the equipment.
Weight 3%

Question 3 – Risk Management
Please detail how you will manage risk during the contract life, and list what you believe the top 3 risks to
this project including the mitigations actions you envisage to minimise those risks.
Weight 5%

Question 4 – Installation
Please provide details of the installation approach for your solution, including dependencies on any other
party that may impact on installation (such as linking up with Videcom, communications provider etc).
Weight 10%
Question 5 – Testing and Acceptance
Please provide details of the testing and acceptance regime that you will employ including the
documentation that you will provide to the Council
Weight 5%

Question 6 – Project Plan
Please provide a project plan to demonstrate the work programme for the supply, installation,
testing and handover to the Council.
Weight 510%

Question 7 – Health and Safety
Please provide details of the Health and Safety regime that you will employ, particularly noting the Contract
will involve working in public spaces and at height (note this will be scored in conjunction with the
information at section 8 of the business questionnaire)
Weight 4%

     Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                          24 of 38
Question 8 – Disposal of Equipment
Please describe the way in which you will dispose of the old cameras/ equipment
Weight 1%

Question 9 – Warranties
Please provide details of the warranties that will apply to the equipment
Weight 2%

     Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                   25 of 38
                                                           SECTION 11

                                              GUARANTEE UNDERTAKING

(To be completed if the tenderer is a subsidiary company)







1.       In consideration of the Council inviting our subsidiary to tender we hereby enter into this
         Deed of Undertaking.

2.       We, being the ultimate holding company of our subsidiary company, hereby irrevocably and
         unconditionally promise and undertake that in the event of the Form of Tender submitted by
         our subsidiary being accepted by the Council in accordance with the Form of Tender and
         conditions attached thereto, and, if requested to do so by the Council, we shall forthwith
         upon request properly execute and deliver to the Council a Deed of Guarantee and
         Indemnity to guarantee due performance by our subsidiary and indemnify the Council
         against loss in the form reasonably required by the Council, but subject to the insertion of
         such details and the making of revisions as the Council may reasonably require in the light
         of the terms and the nature and effect of the contract constituted by the said acceptance.

DATED this of...........................................20[ ]

           [SIGNED as a Deed by                 )
           [a      Director   and               )            ...............................................
           Secretary]                           )            Director
           or [two Directors]                   )
                                                )            ...............................................

       Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                                              26 of 38
                                        SECTION 12
                                  BUSINESS QUESTIONNAIRE

  Business Questionnaire

  Your completed Business Questionnaire (and accompanying documentation) will be shared with only
  those officers involved in the procurement exercise.



   1.1      Trading Name of the Organisation submitting this Business Questionnaire:

   1.2      Contact Name for enquiries about this bid:

   1.3      Contact Position (Job Title):

   1.4      Address:


   1.5      Telephone Number(s):

   1.6      Fax Number:

   1.7       E-mail Address:

   1.8       Website Address (if any)

   1.9      Registered Name of Organisation submitting this Business Questionnaire:

   1.10     Registered Address:


   1.11     Company Registration No:

   1.12     Charity/Housing Association/Other Registration No:
            (if applicable)

   1.13     Date of Formation and/or Registration:

   1.14     VAT Registration Number:

Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                     27 of 38
           2.       STATUS OF APPLICANT (please tick one box)

                    ii)     A Limited Company

                    iii)    A Company Limited by Guarantee

                    iv)     A Partnership?

                    v)      A Sole Trader?

                    vi)     A Charity

                    vii)    A Franchise

                    viii)   A Small/Medium Sized Enterprise or SME 9 ?

                    ix)     Other (e.g.: a Special Purpose Vehicle, Joint Venture Company etc
                            Please specify

 The European Commission defines an SME as an enterprise which employs fewer than 250 persons and which has an annual turnover not
exceeding EUR 50million and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding EUR 43million.

       Template Open ITT Dec 09 2                                                                                28 of 38
             3.        OWNERSHIP

             3.1       Is the Applicant a subsidiary of another company as defined by Section
                       736(1) of the Companies Act 1985 10 ?                                                                               YES / NO

                       If YES to 3.1, give the following details in respect of the Holding/Parent company:

                       Registered Name:

                       Registered Office address:

                       Registration Number:

                       Note: The Holding/Parent Company may be required to enter into a Deed of Guarantee,
                       where a contract is proposed with a subsidiary to indemnity against all losses, damages,
                       costs which may be incurred by reason of any default on the part of the applicant.

                       Please give details of any changes of ownership in the last 3 years

             3.3       To the best of your knowledge, does any director or senior officer of
                                                                                             YES / NO
                       your organisation have any personal or financial connection with any
                       member or senior officer of Cambridge City Council?

                       If YES to 3.3 please give details here:

     A Company is a “subsidiary” of another company, its “holding company”, if that other company:
(a) holds a majority of the voting rights in it or (b) is a member of it and has the right to appoint or remove a majority of its board of directors or (c) is
a member of it and controls alone pursuant to an agreement with other shareholders or members, a majority of the voting rights in it, or it is a
subsidiary of a company which is itself a subsidiary of that other company

        347CT Tender                                                                                                               29 of 38
                4.        FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE MATTERS

                4.1       Please complete the table below using figures from your last three years financial
                          accounts 11 :

                          Financial Year                                        Period Ended               Period Ended               Period Ended
                          (please enter the appropriate
                          years/dates for your organisation)                      DD/MM/YY                   DD/MM/YY                   DD/MM/YY

                          Turnover 12             £

                          Pre-Tax Profit £
                          / Loss

                4.2       If asked, would you be able to provide at least ONE of the following:

                          A copy of your most recently audited accounts (for the last three years,
                          if this applies)?                                                                                              YES / NO

                          A statement of your turnover, profit & loss account and cashflow for the
                          most recently year of trading?                                                                                 YES / NO

                          A statement of your cashflow forecast for the current year and a bank
                          letter outlining the current cash and credit position?                                                         YES / NO

                4.3       Has your organisation met the terms of its banking facilities and loan
                          agreements (if any) during the past year?                                                                      YES / NO

                          If NO, what were the reasons and what has been done to put things right?

                4.4        Has your organisation met all its obligations to pay its creditors and
                           staff during the past year?                                                                                   YES / NO

                          If NO please explain why not

                          If requested, would you be able to obtain an on demand bond 13 to
                                                                                                                                         YES / NO
                          underpin the security of the services provided?

     To facilitate correct interpretation of the figures provided, please enter the figures numerically in full, e.g. £4,500,000 and not £4,500k
     Sales and Revenue volume measured in currency terms.

  A bond can be defined as a legally enforceable financial guarantee given by a third party (the guarantor) to a purchaser (the client) to guarantee
the obligations of a supplier of goods, works or services (the contractor) under a contract. The guarantor agrees to pay the client a sum of money if
the contractor defaults on its obligations.

          cctv-cameras-invitation-to-tender                                                                     30 of 38
              If you could obtain an on demand bond, please state from whom:

              Please provide details of all insurance cover currently in force:

              PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE (the Council’s requirement is £5 million)

              Level of Cover Held    £

              Name of Insurance

              Policy No.

              Expiry Date

              Copy attached as
                               Photocopy                        Electronic
              evidence of the
              cover stated
              (please tick box as

              EMPLOYERS LIABILITY INSURANCE the Council’s requirement is £5 million

              Level of Cover Held        £

              Name of Insurance

              Policy No.

              Expiry Date

              Copy attached as
                                    Photocopy                    Electronic (CDRom)
              evidence of the cover
              (please tick box as
     4.7      If your organisation’s tender is successful, adequate insurance cover will
              be required. The levels are indicated in 4.6. If your current insurance is
              insufficient to meet the minimum requirements set out, please confirm        YES / NO
              that if awarded a contract, increased cover will be available at no extra
              cost to the authority.

     4.8      Please state whether there are any outstanding insurance claims against
              your organisation(s) (other than for routine matters)                        YES / NO

cctv-cameras-invitation-to-tender                                            31 of 38
              If YES to 4.8, please provide brief details:

cctv-cameras-invitation-to-tender                            32 of 38

     5.1      Please describe briefly your organisation’s principle fields of activity. What proportion of total
              activity relates to products and/or services similar to those called for in this contract?

     5.2      Enter the approximate number of full time equivalent persons employed in your organisation

                                    Directly Employed             Not Directly Employed
                                                                  (e.g.: temporary staff, consultants etc)

                                    Management    Staff           Management         Staff

     5.3           •       Please detail here any sub-contractors you intend to use to deliver this contract

cctv-cameras-invitation-to-tender                                             33 of 38

              Please describe your experience in the last ONE year of providing contracted products
              and/or services, services or works similar to those being sought under this contract. This
              does not need to include all contracts

                                     Brief description of                            Annual contract
                  Name of client                              Start / end dates
                                           contract                                     value (£)

cctv-cameras-invitation-to-tender                                       34 of 38
     6.2      The Council’s policy on taking References
              Tenderers must provide a minimum of two written references with their tender. These must
              be no more than a year old and relate to equivalent/ similar services sought under this
              tender. The Council reserves the right to approach the referees to validate/ seek further
              information on the tenderers performance

     6.3      Has your organisation within the last 5 years

              a)      Incurred contract penalties default notices or payment of
                      liquidated damages?                                              YES / NO

              b)      Withdrawn from a contract after the contract has been awarded
                      (either before or after commencement of the contract)            YES / NO

              c)      Had a contract terminated by the client earlier than the
                      originally intended date?                                        YES / NO

              If YES, please give details:

cctv-cameras-invitation-to-tender                                         35 of 38
            7.        HEALTH AND SAFETY

            8.1       Do you currently hold any external health and safety accreditations,
                      such as CHAS, Constructionline, or equivalent?                                                             YES / NO

                      If YES, please provide the following details:

                      Name      of          Accrediting

                      Your         Accreditation
                      Reference No:

                      Date Accreditation            Valid

                      Have you applied for
                      membership if you are not YES / NO
                      already a member?

                      Please provide a copy of your accreditation certificate with your Application Form

                      If you have answered YES to 8.1, and provided details and the copy of your certificate
                      as requested, there is no need to complete the rest of this section

                      If you have answered NO to 8.1, you must answer 8.2 to 8.5 below

            8.2       Does your organisation have a written Health and Safety at YES / NO
                      Work policy? 14

                      If YES, please provide an up to date copy which should not be more than two years old) of
                      your Health & Safety General Policy Statement, signed and dated by your Chairman, Chief
                      Executive, Managing Director or Company Secretary 15

                      Note: Please DO NOT SUBMIT your full Health & Safety Policy or Manual

                      If NO, please explain why not

            8.3       Does your organisation have a Health & Safety at Work system? 16
                                                                                                                                 YES / NO

                      If NO, please explain why not

    Any business employing five or more people has, by law, to prepare and bring to the attention of employees a written Health & Safety Policy
   A short statement outlining the organisation’s commitment to Health & Safety, signed and dated by a senior organisation official.
   ”system” means processes and procedures to ensure that the subject is properly managed. This includes making sure that legal requirements
are met.
C:\Documents and Settings\LAMBE1T\Desktop\cctv-cameras-invitation-to-tender.doc
If YES, what action has been taken with in the organisation to remedy enforcing Action(s)
and prevent similar occurrence in the future?


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