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					November 2003                                                                Monthly Newsletter

   Board of Directors                                       From the Commodore
Commodore         David Bernstein                                 by David Bernstein
Im. Past Commodore Vic Manning
Vice Commodore        Doug Laws      Is October gone already? Seems            The Annual Banquet will follow the
Secretary              Peter Jolin   impossible it passed so quickly.          Annual Meeting, on Saturday, Dec
Treasurer          Robbie Nelson     Maybe it was that week out of the         6 at River Place Country Club.
Race Commander       Steve Ehlers    middle in Ft Worth for the J-80           Make your reservations with the
Buildings & Grounds Dave Gamble      Worlds? If you don’t already know                 office now to attend, and if
Fleet Commander         Jon Fitch    Austin had five boats in the                      you’d like to also sponsor a
Sail Training           Bill Hawk    48 boat fleet, and team                           UT student member for the
                                     Boomerang finished in                           banquet, you can make that
         AYC Staff                   the money at number                            reservation at the same time.
General Manager Nancy Boulmay        five. Congratulations                              The following Saturday, the
Office Administrator Donna Fox       guys! The rest of us                               13th, will be the kids Christ-
Caretakers     Tom Cummingham        had fun – four days of                            mas Party. So you moms
                     Matt Elliott    heavy air sailing in a row, some-         and dads, and grandparents, mark
                                     thing we don’t see often in Austin.       that date on your calendar too.
    Austin Yacht Club                Of course there was no air left for       Corey Block is busy planning both,
        5906 Beacon Drive            the J-24 circuit that followed the        so give her a call if you have ques-
   Austin, Texas 78734-1428          next two days. Sorry.                     tions, or want to volunteer to help
     Office: (512) 266-1336                                                    with either event.
   Office FAX: (512) 266-9804        Fresh from the World’s, John Bart-
   Clubhouse: (512) 266-1897         lett and Scott Young came back to         A draft 2004 AYC calendar has

   E-Mail & Web Site
                                     AYC, and with the help of Doug            been circulated to the new board
                                     Kern and Bill Hawk, taught an             members and fleet captains for          adult sail training seminar which         inputs. If you haven’t made yours,         was very well attended, and I’m           please contact Steve Ehlers or

                                     told, very helpful to the students.       Doug Laws with your inputs.
                                     Hope you didn’t miss it.
     Gail Bernstein, Editor                                                    Dock construction continues on the
  E-mail submissions by 5th of       This is the last heads up from me         south cove rigging dock, and the
  month to        on the Annual Membership Meet-            board boat dock construction may
  AYC Business Hours
                                     ing – it will be held on Thursday,        have started by the time you re-
                                     Dec 4, in the clubhouse at 7 PM.          ceive this. Dock parties will con-
        Tuesday - Friday             It’s not only a meeting. There will       tinue every Saturday morning for
       8:30 AM to 5:00 PM            be snacks and drinks as well for          the foreseeable future, so come
       Saturday & Sunday             those of you who haven’t been in a        out any Saturday morning and lend
       12:00 PM - 5:00 PM            while. The two main items are the         a hand. I promise the next con-
                                     election of new officers for next         struction project, a new walkway
        Closed Mondays
                                     year, and a change to the bylaws.         between the clubhouse and the
      Closed Club Holidays           You should already have received          office, and from the office to the
New Year’s Day          1 January    the slate of officers and the details     parking lot, will not be a volunteer
Easter Sunday             20 April   of the bylaws change by separate          project! Dave Gamble, Danny
Independence Day            4 July   mail. If you have any questions on        Lien, Ryan Harden and Tom Groll
Thanksgiving Day    27 November      either, please contact me, or any         have finished up the plans, and
Shopping Day        28 November      other board member.
Christmas Day       25 December
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         From the Vice Commodore                          Calling All AYC One Design Sailors!
                     By Doug Laws                                           by Tim Pletcher

                                                                    Time to clean out those dry sail slips, enjoy
 This has been a very busy year for sailing events        the holidays, and, most importantly, think about what
 and construction activities, but its not over yet. Jon   you are going to be sailing in the spring. Fortunately,
 Fitch and his harbor committee along with many vol-      there’s a new double-handed dinghy fleet coming to
 unteers have made good progress on construction of       town - Snipes! For those of you not familiar with the
 a new south rigging dock and south cove board            Snipe class, it is a well established international class
 dock. Jon has agreed to carry on with the project        (established in 1932), has a friendly and very active
 and expects to have all work completed by Opening        class association, attracts top flight sailors, and can
 Day 2004. Dr Gamble is reviewing bids for the walk-      be sailed at the highest level of competition by crews
 way construction between the office and club house,      across a wide weight range. This means that a hus-
 and has also agreed to complete the project next         band/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or
 year. Many thanks to both you guys. Your effort is       parent/child team can be competi-
 what makes AYC such a great yacht club.                  tive regardless of conditions.

 As a reminder, the Annual Membership meeting and         The Snipe class is not new to Texas or Austin. Snipe
 Annual Banquet are on Thursday and Saturday              fleet #1 is still active in Dallas, and in our efforts we
 nights, December 4 & 6. Please attend the Member-        have come across several AYC members who were
 ship Meeting to hear a report on club activities this    once active in the class, and have expressed interest
 year, vote on a new Board of Directors for 2004, and     in getting involved with the new fleet. Given the level
 vote on Article IX-Indemnity, a proposed change to       of interest in the short period of time that we have
 By-Laws. The Annual Banquet will be another first        been working on getting the Snipe fleet going here at
 class event planned by Corey Block and her commit-       AYC, it appears there is a group of sailors looking for
 tee. Please attend to socialize, dine on a great         a double-handed dingy to sail. We will have 4 boats
 meal, and congratulate those folks who win awards,       in Austin by Thanksgiving, and expect to add a cou-
 vote on your favorite blue duck sailor and finally       ple more by the end of the year. We expect to have
 dance to great music. Parties can’t get any better       regular racing on Lake Travis in the spring and are
 than this, and the price is right.                       cooperating on a Texas circuit with Snipe sailors in
                                                          Dallas and Galveston with at least three to four regat-
 We still have several sailing events in the next three   tas planned for next year.
 months and plenty of water in the lake. These
 events, sponsored by the keel fleet, are always a lot    We would like to invite any interested members to
 of fun. First is the Wild Turkey Regatta on Novem-       join us at the club on the following days for a test sail:
 ber 22, then the Red Eye Regatta on New Years            December 7, 14; January 4, 11. We will be there at
 Day followed by the start of Frost Bite Series on        11am, regardless of weather, so please stop by and
 January 17. So, bundle up and come sail.                 take a spin. We are sure you will find the boat man-
                                                          ageable, affordable, and lots of fun to sail. In the
 Finally, many thanks for the opportunity to be your      meantime, if you have questions please contact
 Vice Commodore this year and your willingness to         Steve Keckler ( or Tim
 volunteer and serve AYC wherever needed. Merry           Pletcher ( to find out
 Christmas and best wishes for a Happy Holiday for        more about the class and our efforts to build the fleet.
 you and your family.
                                                          In addition, check out the international snipe class
                                                          website at or the US snipe site at

Reuel Smith died Oct 1, in a hospital in
San Antonio of cystic fibrosis. He had
been in and out of hospitals in Aus-
tin, Temple and San Antonio for a
couple of months. A memorial ser-
vice is planned for December 13.
Our condolences to his wife,
Marcia Bochiski. God Bless you
Reuel, and thanks.

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            You are cordially invited to attend                         Nominating Committee
                 The AYC Annual Banquet
                                                                              Recommended Slate
                   Saturday, December 6, 2003                              2004 Officers of the Club

                    River Place Country Club                            Commodore:        Doug Laws

                                                                        Vice Commodore: Danny Lien
           4207 River Place Boulevard
                                                                        Secretary:        Renee Ruais
      Cocktails begin at 7:00 pm                                        Treasurer:        Thomas Lang

    Buffet Dinner served at 8:00 pm                                     Building & Grounds: David

     followed by Annual Awards                                          Fleet Commander: Billy Eno

       and dancing til midnight                                         Race Commander: Paul Ballett

                                                                        Sail Training:    Ira Rush
                                       Please contact the AYC Of-
     RSVP to AYC Office by            fice if you would like to spon-
    Nov 22 – Limited Seating         sor a UT Sailing Team member       Annual Membership Meeting
                                      at the Annual Banquet. Your           Thursday, 4 December
    $30 per person - Cash Bar          help is greatly appreciated.               7:00 PM
                                                                               AYC Clubhouse

    Wild Turkey Regatta                Calling kids of all ages … you’re invited to
                                       The AYC Annual Children’s Christmas Party
      November 22, 2003
                                                   Join the festivities!!
•    Open to all PHRF rated boats
                                        ~ wear red and green or anything casual holiday ~
•    $15 for Keel Fleet members
                                     ~ lunch with sandwiches, punch and Christmas cookies ~
•    $20 for Non-fleet members      ~ make your own holiday card with all the craft supplies ~
•    Last chance to Race in 2003                           ~ sing Christmas carols ~
       Registration 1:00 PM                  ~ and be there for the special visit from Santa! ~
              Skippers’ Meeting
                                               Saturday, December 13, at the AYC Clubhouse
                  1:30 PM                         from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
               One Race ASAP          There is no cost and all ages are welcome!
              Snacks &
                                           Parental participation suggested!
              free beer             for more information please contact Corey Block
     after the race.

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                Catalina 22 News                               ing, he and Melody like to go to Medieval festivals - in
                                                               costume no less. As we all know, good crew is essen-
                    by Wade Bingaman                           tial to enjoyable and successful racing. Chip has made
                                                               amazing progress in the short time he has been racing.
 Our fleet has a lot of boats on the line on race day. Is      He had not raced before joining the club. He crewed
 that what makes us a good fleet? Not really. The num-         for me in the Indian Summer Series and was out-
 ber of boats racing is the result of a good fleet, not the    standing - not only the physical part, but also calling
 cause. What makes us desirable is the people in our           the wind and boats. There are plenty of people who
 fleet. And its not just the boat owners. I thought I’d take   have sailed for years that haven’t absorbed what Chip
 some time to point out some important fleet members.          has. As I said earlier, Viva got him involved, but our
                                                               one design format has hooked him. He tried PHRF but
 Without a doubt one of our most important fleet mem-          never knew who won. The excitement of side by side
                                bers is Viva Rogers. She       racing has kept him coming back and continuing to
                                    seldom races with          improve. (The ‘ritas and food have helped as well.) If
                                        Andy, but she is       you find he’s not racing with Andy, try and get Chip on
                                          critical to our      your boat.
                                           fleet because
                                             she is in         Well, we do have to have cap-
                                             charge of the     tains, and Peter Broberg is
                                             food. Her         one of our new ones. He’s an
                                            green curry is     associate member who
                                           legendary, and      keeps his boat, Paradox, at
                                          she is always        Marshall Ford. Peter has no
                                        busy arranging         trouble seeing the wind
                                     margaritas or parties     shifts or puffs as he is an
                               for the fleet. Viva was born    ophthalmologist. Originally
 in Taiwan and moved to England to study. There she            from Dallas, he went to UT as
 met Andy in a pub but at the time, could barely speak         an undergraduate where he
 enough English to pick him up. Some how she man-              met his wife, Diane. He attended
 aged. While living in England, they had vacationed in         medical school at Baylor Medical in
 Austin and rented sailboats on Lake Travis. About             Houston. I found Dr. Peter when my boat was being
 three years ago they moved to Austin and joined AYC.          worked on at Commander’s Point. His boat was also in
 Andy had raced in his youth, and Viva encourage him           for work so we got to talking. I found out he raced as a
 to get involved again. In fact she found the C22 for          youth- Dolphins on Lake Dallas, in college -Snipes at
 sale that Andy bought, and she has often rustled up           AYC, and in med school - Ensigns at HYC. He was
 crew for him. When Viva is not busy managing Andy’s           interested in getting back into it, so I arranged for him
 sailing, she takes care of their son, Ryan who is three.      to guest race in a series. After a couple of trial races
 Oh, did I mention she has her own cosmetic and web            he joined the club and the fleet. In the last year Peter
 site businesses? Apparently there are more than 24            has been upgrading his boat. First the extra weight
 hours in Viva’s day. We have Mary Ann and Jon Fitch           went along with the lifelines, then came the inside
 to thank for recruiting Viva. Mary Ann told her the C22       tracks and angled rudder. With his new Bartlett gennoa
 was a family boat. Andy can race but still take Viva and      and main, Peter plans on making his way up the fleet
 Ryan for a sail. She also likes the fact that the                     ladder. He is sold on one design racing and is a
 fleet is friendly and has accepted them with                             student of the game. He enjoys the fleet be-
 open arms. We’ve got our arms around a                                     cause its a diverse but inclusive group. No
 great fleet member.                                                         matter what your sailing level, you’re ac-
                                                                               cepted as part of the fleet. He also likes it
 One of the people Viva found to race                                           that even though the racing is intense,
 with Andy is Chip Bryant. He may not                                            its friendly. But his pleasure in telling
 realize it, but Chip is a valuable C22                                          stories or harassing Crouse shows he
 fleet member. He grew up in Waco, but                                           knows there’s more to our fleet than
 it wasn’t a life sentence. Chip and his                                         racing.
 wife Melody joined as associate AYC
 members just this year. Chip pays the                                       So remember, the next time you meet
 bills by installing and maintaining dental                                someone who says they’re a captain, or
 offices. My suggestion that he be the fleet                              crew, or even a cook, they could be our
 supplier of nitrous oxide has fallen of deaf                            next valuable fleet member. We’ll take ‘em
 ears. Anyhow, when he’s not sailing or work-                          anyway we can get ‘em.

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                       South Cove Dock Construction is Well Under Way
                                                         by Jon Fitch

                            The club office now has a               showcase AYC and allow us host other major events in
                            detailed wall map of the                the future.
                            AYC harbor and grounds
                            that shows the location of              The honor roll of dock craftsman who have gotten us to
                            all slips including wet,                this point includes:
                            board     boat,    and     dry
                            (beneath the map you will                   Barry Thornton            Bobby Crouch
                            find a current slip listing of              Bruce Uphaus              Camden Bobek
No more guesswork finding a who is in                                   Chris Thompson            Damon Galloway
slip with this map.         which                                       Dane Ohe                  Dave Speed
slip). Please thank Roy Crouse for                                      David Bernstein           David DeSalvo
doing such a professional job on the                                    David Rehberg             Doug Laws
graphics. The map already shows                                         Ed Halter                 Fel Heston
the new south cove harbor configu-                                      Frank Woodul              Greg Buck
ration we are in the process of                                         Jenny Loehlin             John Ehlers
building.                                                               John Foster               John Howard
                                                                        John Maddalozzo           Jorge Martin de Nicolas
                                                   Speed shows us
Thanks to a whole bunch of dedi- Daveto sink deck screws.               Judith McCracken          Ken Ayers
                                             how                        Linda McDavitt            Lou Kimball
cated dock craftsman, we have suc-
cessfully launched the south cove dock construction                     Mark Rossman              Mike Kilpatrick
                                     project. We have four              Pat Feagin                Roy Crouse
                                     8' x 20' rigging dock              Salvador Aguirre          Steve Ehlers
                                     modules finished and               Steve Gay                 Steve Starr
                                     splashed. Frames for               Ted Owens                 Ted Sousares
                                     the two 20' x 20' mod-             Terry McDermott           Vic Manning
                                     ules are done and wait-            Voldi Maki                Werner Uhrig
                                     ing for decking on the
                                     south ramp. Soon we            I would also like to thank my wife, Mary Ann Fitch, for
                                     will be ready to start         all the delicious home cooked lunches she has fixed
                                     replacing the board            for the dock parties. Maybe you have heard the old
                                     boat docks next to the         saying that "an army travels on its stomach", well I
Pat Feagin, Fel Heston, and Greg                                    think the same can be said of a dock party.
Buck applying grey stain to cover up junior sail training pavil-
the natural ugliness of yellow pine. ion with 20' x 20' mod-
ules decked in beautiful Brazilian Ipe. The current time            Dock work parties are every
line for the project is to finish all of the south cove con-        Saturday morning starting at
struction by opening day of                                         8:30 a.m. and lunch is pro-
next year. Everyone who is                                          vided. We have a dedicated
on the present board boat                                           team of dock craftsman, but
dock should have a board                                            this is a very large project
boat space on the new docks                                         and we are always looking for
when they are finished. In                                          more volunteers. The docks
case you didn't know, the UT                                        we are building will be with
sail team will be hosting the                                       AYC for at least the next 15- John Maddalozzo makes
                                                                                                    dock framing look easy.
collegiate national champion-                                       20 years. This project would
ships at AYC in 2005. So not Steve Gay puts the finishing           be a great way for you to leave your mark on AYC.
only will we enjoy the new touches on our new Sport Port            Please come out and give us hand and enjoy the ca-
                                            on dock for
docks but the new docks will drivecoach boat. the Carolina
                                                                    maraderie of your fellow sailors and craftsman.

                                 The double handed championship was held Saturday, October 25. The weather was
                                 glorious, and 16 boats turned out. The group was split into four fleets, two spinnaker,
                                 and two non spinnaker. The winners for this year were:
                                      Non-Spinnaker:      Ray Shull - J 29     Gary Payne - Catalina 30
                                      Spinnaker:          Phil Spletter - J24  Kevin Reynolds - Southcoast 21

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                         J24 News                                           ning on Empty posted throw-outs of a 10th and 13th
                          by Eric Nelson                                    respectively after 2 days of very light/no wind. But the
                                                                            Austin J/24 Fleet still has some good bragging rights
                                                                                            across District 14; Dave Broadway and
 The Best and the Wurst                                                                     his Superman team won the regatta riding
 Seven J/24s enjoyed some great                                                             the only consistent finishes of all the com-
 racing to open the Winter Series,                                                          petitors with a 1, 6, 3. Congratulations
 which is our Fleet's best showing in                                                       Dave and long time crew Steve Keckler,
 awhile. Joe Mancuso, our newest                                                            who had lots of help from Sherre Kersting,
 boat owning fleet member, had his                                                          Dave Fisher and Emily DeDionisio. Hot off
 boat out sporting a new paint job                                                          his circuit win, Superman kept the streak
 and Craig Tapley as guest skipper.                                                         going by posting 2 bullets the following
 Several other boats had extra                                                              and third weekend of the Winter Series in
 "BO"s as guests with Phil Spletter Some of the Fleet's usual suspects caught conditions much breezier and cooler than
 sailing with Pam & Butch Wilson             plotting tactics...hopefully racing ones!      we had seen yet. Besides Superman,
 and Eric Nelson on board with                                              there were 4 other determined boats out that weekend
 Stephen Burke. Couple those characters with the usual                      (like I said, it was much cooler and breezier!), including
 suspects of Leo Anderson/Tommy Pullen, Dave Broad-                         long time no see Mike Wellman on Shadowfax and
 way and Dave Gamble (with guest driver Tom Lappin)                         new to the Winter Series Dave Wahlberg on JailBreak.
 each sailing their boats and...well let's just say it was                  Mike is putting a team together and plans on making a
 fun and leave it at that! :) Medium to light Northeaster-                  return to regular series racing...welcome back Mike!
 lies turned into Easterlies half way into race one, so                     With the addition of these 2 boats in the Winter Series,
 after a good tactical weather leg, things turned into                      the J/24 Fleet has had 9 different boats participate so
                                mostly a bunch of reaching,                 far...let's keep it rolling! The fourth weekend of the
                                so Stephen Burke nailing the                Winter Series we had Race Committee duty. Tom Lap-
                                start with speed counted big,               pin was our PRO with help from Dave Broadway, Leo
                                allowing him to coast into a                Anderson, Eric & Robbie Nelson,
                                first place finish. Funny thing             Pam & Butch Wilson, Anthony
                                though, after the RC squared                Plattsmier and Steve Keckler.
                                the course for the second                   Our RC gave the other competi-
                                race, the two boats that                    tors their money's worth with a full
                                ended up one and two                        afternoon of racing in variable
 The camera's eye was quicker (Superman and then OOH                        conditions (there was steady
 for once than the hand of one AAH) both also had great                     wind, no wind and then gusty
 of the many "grazers" who      starts, flopping to port quickly            wind to go with the on and off sun
 enjoyed the German feast."     at the pin....hmmm, do you                  and drizzle and then times of real
 think good starts are always important?, I guess so!                       rain). As promised the Fleet sup-
 After the races the Fleet hosted our traditional German                    plied some great cold cut snacks
 themed social of beer, sausages and sauerkraut (and                        and German beer
 some wine of course)...add the wide variety of fancy                       (hmmm...wonder where that beer Smiles all around the
 mustards, salads and great homemade desserts eve-                          came from?). Hopefully the Fleet RC after getting the first
 ryone brought and we had a feast to go with the great                      will be able to cap off our 2003         set of start sequences
                                                                                                                     off without a hitch.
 race action rehashing! And we had a good crowd of                          AYC Series racing with a big turn
 folks who could not race but were able to join in after-                   out the 5th and last weekend of the Winter Se-
 wards for the shore side good times (always feel free                      ries...come out to participate and see for yourself!
 to come out just for the social even if you can't race
 that day!). Everyone hung out for quite awhile catching                    Upcoming Fleet Events
 up on all kinds of things so coming out late is no big                     After the Winter Series there is one more J/24 class
 deal. If you couldn't make this one hopefully we will                      racing opportunity this year just in case you are not
 see you at our next Fleet social (read more below on                       ready to put the boat away for the Holidays; the last
 this...).                                                                  stop of the J/24 Texas Circuit down the road on Lake
                                                                            Canyon. Being just over an hour away, this November
 Winter Series Update                                                       22/23 event usually draws a good number of Austin
 The second weekend of the series was abandoned                             boats, irrespective if they race other circuit stops. The
 due to no wind...and at least 2 of the 4 Austin YC J/24s                   informal club atmosphere there reminds you of AYC
 that skipped the series races to go to Lake Grapevine                      and sets the stage for some great social times (wasn't
 for the latest J/24 Texas Circuit stop wished the same
 would have been true for it!...both mr. happy and Run-
                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 7)

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                   Laser News                                several major events, including the North American
                                                             Championships in Corpus Christi, the Last Chance
                    by Renee Ruais                            Olympic trials at Rush Creek and soon, the 2004
                                                              Olympic Trials in Houston. These events bring
By the time you read this, the Laser fleet will have          talent from all over the country and also provide
wrapped up a very active sailing season. Turnout               opportunities to buy great boats at great prices. If
on Wednesday nights (May – September) this year                you’re interested in getting involved in Laser Sail-
was better than in previous years, with an average             ing, send me an email at
of 12-15 boats on the line. At AYC several week-                and I’ll help you get connected.
end regattas drew strong Laser crowds, most
notably, of course, the Infamous Easter Laser                         At the end of a season in which Austin sail-
Regatta, with near 70 full and radial rig lasers.                ors have repeatedly proven they’re the among
                                                           the best in Texas, we’re looking forward to having fun
Austin Laser sailors also traveled to several District     at the ‘always a blast’ Wurstfest at Lake Canyon, and
15 Circuit and other out of town events. The D15 web       some lucky sailors will attend the Olympic Trials in
sites listed 15 events from March through November,        Houston.
a very full calendar! If you want to sail a Laser in
Texas, there’s no lack of opportunity, and the caliber     For more info on Fleet 22 activities, check out
of competition is great! This year, Texas was host to

         AYC Membership Report                             The AYC Membership Committee is pleased to provide
                                                           Current Membership numbers as of October 2003.
                    by Vic Manning
                                                             Senior Members               356      -4 =   352
For October there were six Junior Membership applica-        Associate Members             15      -1 =    14
tions turned in and approved by the board for Bryce          Non-resident Status            7         =     7
Cartwright, Robert Brewer, Christi Brewer, Katie             Ol’Salt                       17         =    17
Buehler, Andrew Fish, and Emily Walters. All are stu-
dents on high school sailing teams.                          LOA                            1         =     1
                                                             Juniors                        1     +6 =      7
There was one Senior probation review for Philip Keil        Paying Members               397     +1 =    398
and Stacy Miller and they have meet all requirements
and approved for upgrade to Senior Membership.               Honorary                        6       =        6
                                                             Life                           22       =       22
There were a number of Resignations in October that          UT                             18    +5 =       23
included: Brandon Rabke, Jim & Daisy Longmire,               Non-Paying Members             46    +5 =       51
Clayton & Leticia Clabaugh, Geoffrey Andron, and
Marcia Bochiski.                                             AYC Membership               443     +6 =    449

J24 News (Continued from page 6)                           cember 13th and plan on joining the Fleet for it's next
                                                           installment of the Fleet's annual Saturnalia at Barb and
the J/24 Fleet party cry "SOOOCIAL" started there          Dave Gamble's home (I think they must have forgotten
several years ago?). Of course, by definition, there is    about what happened when they hosted us last year
always good racing. Check out more about the event         so no one bring that up!). The Social Committee is al-
on the J/24 District 14 website at                         ready busy making plans and I heard the front runner   theme is Italian (and what about that karaoke ru-
m. If you can't take your boat and/or are not lined up     mor...?). So start working now on finding that special
as crew yet, drop the District 14 Governor a line at en-   gift for the exchange, your favorite side dish ideas and as there are always good crew            who is most deserving of 2004 Fleet nominations now!
openings (and, if you had to, you can be home in your      If you are a dues paying member expect an invitation
own bed each night!).                                      soon in the US Mail and everybody will also be getting
                                                           more information via e-mail as the date gets closer, but
And to balance out our racing side, the Fleet has one      either way make sure you invite any and all crew as
last social blow-out also planned for 2003; the annual     well as those who have helped the Fleet over the
Holiday Fleet party! Mark your calendars now for De-       course of this year...the more the merrier!

                                                                                                                  Page 7
           FALL REGATTA RECAP                                  including the second race C-mark rounding by most of
                                                               the fleet simultaneously. That was one of those sailing
                   by James Wilsford                           moments that you just have to experience to know
                                                               what is different about a regatta as compared to series
   The Fall Regatta went off as planned on October 4           racing. And finally, the food. In planning the weekend
 and 5. There were a total of 68 boats participating and       I decided that it would be about the same amount of
 approximately 175 sailors in the two-day event. The           effort (for me at least) to prepare all of the food our
 weather was beautiful and the wind … well lets just say       selves as opposed to having one of six meals done by
 that we did all that we could to make the event a suc-        a caterer and us doing the other five. I started shop-
 cess but you cannot control the wind. Several boats,          ping on Wednesday. On Thursday, Tom Groll and Bill
 including mine, did not finish the first race due to the      Hawk helped cube and marinate meat and on Friday
 time limit. However, the fact that I got to sail at all was   there was quite a crew to help assemble the shish ka-
 a mark of success for me since one of my goals was to         bobs including Dave and Sally Wahlberg, Brenda
 run the regatta AND get to race in it. I certainly could      Spletter, Kelly Groll Carolyn Wilsford and several oth-
 not have been successful without the incredible, com-         ers that joined the spearing party once they saw how
 petent and abundant help I received at every turn.            much fun it was. Bill Hawk prepared spaghetti for the
 Running a regatta makes one realize just how much of          weary workers on Friday and Tom Groll ran the grill for
 a volunteer organization we have at the Austin Yacht          both Saturday dinner and Sunday burgers and hot-
 Club and what a great group of folks the members and          dogs. Carol Rabin made race committee lunches and
 staff are to work with. A couple of weeks before the          was one of the non-sailors that got things started for
 event I was worried that I did not have enough volun-         the dinner while I was still out enjoying the water. Fi-
 teers – to the point where I recruited my mother-in-law       nally, but not least, a huge nod of appreciation goes to
 to help. Then, with about a week to go before registra-       the staff, Nancy, Donna, Tom and Matt. They made
 tion, the phone started to ring and my email started to       valuable and useful suggestions before hand to help
 ding. Many thanks go out to the Catalina 22 Fleet for         with planning and followed through by having the facil-
 handling registration and to Terry and Karen Reitz for        ity in top condition to host such a large crowd. I am
 doing data entry. Ken Jolly and Brenda Spletter               sure that I have omitted some names that deserve
 helped assemble race packets and Carolyn Wilsford             great accolades and so I issue this blanket THANKS to
 helped to make the hat keepers that went into the             all who pitched in to help, most without being asked
 packets and seemed to be a big hit. Scoring was han-          but just because they saw something that needed to
 dled by the team of Jo Ann Welles and Jim and Kathy           be done. It was a pleasure being the chairman of the
 Johnstone who did a great job of keeping things               Austin Yacht Club Fall Regatta ( not that I want to do it
 straight and helping the race committee with fleet            again any time soon ) I have a feeling that I will be
 splits. Race committee was headed up by Eric Nelson,          seeing hats and hat keepers from Fall Regatta around
 who did a superb job under difficult conditions consid-       the club for some time to come and they will serve as a
 ering the wind. He came up with sailing instructions          reminder of what a great weekend it turned out to be.
 that were able to handle all of the eventual situations
 that arise in such an unpredictable event. Hopefully,         Happy Sailing and Thanks again to all, James Wils-
 there will soon be some pictures posted of the event          ford, Ensign Fleet 30

 From the Commodore (Continued from page 1)
 been taking bids. A final one should be chosen in the
 next couple of weeks, and construction will begin
 before the end of the year. This project should take
 about two weeks to complete.
                                                                                         2004 Editor Found
 On a very sad note, AYC member Reuel Smith                     New associate member Yolanda Mares has volun-
 passed away on Oct. 1st . Those of you who knew                teered to publish the Telltale next year. Yolanda has
 Reuel the few years that he has been a member                  lots of prior experience publishing newsletters for
 know that his health was never good, and his lungs             other organizations. I will finish the year with the
 finally gave up. Reuel loved the water, and even               December issue and Yolanda will take over with the
 though he could only sail occasionally, he loved               January 2004 issue. Thanks to everyone for all the
 cooking for buffets and parties at AYC, as well as             great articles submitted this year. I know you’ll con-
 sitting around and talking sailing whenever he could.          tinue to support Yolanda in the same timely fashion.
 We’ll certainly miss him around the clubhouse. A
 memorial service is planned for Dec 13.                                                       Thanks, Gail Bernstein

Page 8
          Sunfish Fleet 70, News                           qualify this year for next year. How do you qualify: First
                                                           you must either win one of 26 Regional events, a Mas-
                    by Vic Manning                         ters, a Women’s or be in the 10 ten at the North Ameri-
                                                           cans. If you do not qualify in the first round, a second
Well the Fleet wrapped up this year sailing with our           round is selected from a step down system where
annual meeting and elections of officers for 2004 at            those people who previously qualified at an event
the October 29th meeting and Pot Luck Turkey                     would have their slot go to the 2nd or 3rd in each
dinner. Some 20 Fleet Members were present                        event and so on down to 10 deep. If some one
and elected your new Fleet Captain; Diane                          does not want to go to worlds and all slots are
Zbasnik, for next year, with Kevin Rey-                             not filled or there are additional slots available,
nolds, who will continue to do the scoring and                      then a third list is taken from those who have
Pat Manning again as your Treasurer.                                   attended national level events. Those indi-
                                                                       viduals are put into a ranking system until all
It was a fun year being your Fleet Captain and I thank     slots are filled. The more events you attend the higher
you very much for the opportunity to represent you.        you are on the roster. Then there is a wild card selec-
We had a wonderful year with the Wednesday Night           tion system if extra slots are still available. A Wild Card
races averaging 17 boats per night for the five months     system is used to select those slots, by a drawing from
and some 34 people who participated each month. The        individual who sent in a request. Pat and I qualified last
turnouts were light for the Family Sailing Adventures,     year under the third system of participation because of
however there was plenty of sailing activities and food    all the events we attended and our ranking; seems like
for those who did. The out of town regattas also had a     we were always just out of the money, but competitive
low turn out from our traveling fleet members, however     enough to be selected to attend the worlds. For those
the in town regattas where well attended with an aver-     who would like to go to the Worlds in the future, the
age of 20 boats. Thanks for coming out and attending       2005 event will be held on the island of Martinique and
the various events planned for your enjoyment.             the 2006 Worlds in Aruba, so get your traveling’ shoes
                                                           on and get ready to play and qualify for a future worlds.
I would like to thank the Fleet, the Club and all those    The 2004 North Americans will be held at Canandai-
private supporters of Pat and I for helping us go to the   gua, New York starting July 12 through 17. If you want
Sunfish Worlds in St Martin this year. It was a great      to race earlier than July, try the Texas Circuit in Febru-
adventure where we competed with 68 of the world’s         ary at Corpus Christi, or the US Mid-Winters March 5-7
best Sunfish sailors. The Gold and Silver fleets were      in Pensacola, Florida followed by the International
divided evenly with 34 in each. Sailing in the Silver      Masters at Satellite Beach, Florida near Melbourne,
Fleet, I finished 15th and Pat finished 21st . That was    starting March 12-14.
Pat’s best finish, however not mine. I was asked how
we got a bid to the world, and with the 2004 Worlds        I look forward to seeing each of you on the water in the
being in Hyannis, Mass next year, this would be a          coming years, so get your Sunfish cleaned up and get
good opportunity to explain the qualification system.      out on the race course. Support your new Fleet Cap-
First you must be a Sunfish Class Member for the year      tain and the Fleet so there will be events for you to
you qualify and for the year you compete, since you        enjoy sailing your Sunfish.

               Secretary’s Desk                                Robert Brewer, Christi Brewer, Katie Buehler,
                                                               Andrew Fish, Emily Walters
                    by Peter Jolin
                                                           •   Resignation(s)-in-good-standing for: Jim & Daisy
                                                               Longmire, Clayton & Leticia Clabaugh, Geof-
Board of Directors Meeting: 23 October, 2003                   frey Andron, Reuel Smith & Marcia Bochiski
SUMMARY OF MOTIONS PASSED:                                 •   Resignation-not-in-good-standing for: Brandon
Upon motions made and seconded, the board unani-               Rabke
mously approved:                                           •   The newly revised UT Roster
                                                           •   Walkway plan presented by
•   Minutes of the September 2003 meeting
                                                               Danny Lien and Ryan Harden
•   Reduction of the monthly insurance escrow pay-
                                                           •   The slate of Board nominees
    ment to $3,750/month through May 31, 2004
                                                               presented by the nominating
•   Senior Membership status for: Phillip Kyle and             committee.
    Stacy Miller
•   Junior Membership status for: Bruce Cartwright,

                                                                                                                 Page 9
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