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									A Unique Capacity Building
   GeoTrax International Services
     eGramIT Services Pvt. Ltd.
Survey organizations & BPO services –
        A synergistic alliance
• Huge requirement for skilled field staff and project
• Fast evolving technologies and trends
• An imminent need to create platform-BPO services
• Differentiation through innovation – the need of the hour
• Capacity building high on priority. A definite need for
   –   Hard infrastructure
   –   Soft infrastructure
   –   Policy support
   –   Scientific breakthrough
   –   Financials
   –   Societal acceptance and audit mechanisms
• The need for high end analytics support for good
              GeoTrax - eGramIT

GeoTrax                         eGramIT
• Expertise and experience in
  land surveys                  • Valuable human resource
• Bringing in the latest        • Project management best
  equipment and                   practices
  technologies to ensure        • Information technology
  accurate recording            • Scientific training practices
About the company
• Founded by Mr. V.V.S. Bandhakavi who has 40+
  years of Surveying experience

• One of the two companies approved by
  Government of India’s premier Remote Sensing
  agency (NRSA) for DGPS Survey and

• Specializes in Ground Control Surveys and Targeting
  for Aerial Flying projects
          We specialize in…
• Boundary and Cadastral surveys using DGPS and
  ETS; Topographic Surveys.

• Route and Alignment Surveys combining
  conventional and Photogrammetric methods.

• Construction and Cross-section surveys (from road
  design to precision layout and quality control).

• GIS-GPS data collection; Collection of high resolution
  photographs and linking to the GIS-GPS feature data;
  Creating a standard GIS map database (e.g. ESRI
          Past and present DGPS
          control surveys
• 32,000 DGPS points planning, observations (60
  Primary; 900 Secondary; 15,000 Tertiary; 16,000
  Auxiliary Points) – Ongoing Project, Govt. of
  Gujarat. Location: Jamnagar, India.

• 550 DGPS observations – InfoTech, India.
  Location: Oman

• 700 RTK DGPS locations – Ongoing Project, The
  Agakhan Academy, Hyderabad, India. Location:
          Past and present DGPS
          control surveys
• 800 DGPS observations – 2009, InfoTech, India.
  Location: Oman
• Over 1,000 DGPS points planning, observations
  in 80+ cities in India, 2007-2009 – Tele Atlas
  Pune, India
• 200 DGPS observations, level transfer with RTK
  DGPS – 2008, SCTP, Sultanate Of Oman
• Over 60,000 km of DGPS survey all over India for
  OFC – Reliance Communications, India, 2006-
 Experiences in Jamnagar, Gujarat
• Creating Ground Control network, including
  Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Control
  points for the district of Jamnagar
Establishing the Jamnagar Control Framework
The spatial framework will be UTM or any other Cartesian / spherical system
desired by SCDLR on WGS -84 for X,Y and Z. The specifications along with
number of monuments and observation times are provided here.

    Task       Description    Accuracy   Density   Count    Observation

                  Primary      1:50000    16 km      55        4hours
                30*30*75 cm
     (Size,      Secondary     1:20000    4 km       650       1 hour
   Accuracy,    23*23*75 cm
                  Tertiary     1:10000    1 km     ~14500      ½ hour
                15*15*45 cm

   Auxiliary                                        15510      ½ hour
Obtaining Multi-Session Solution for
         Creating the GCN
           Equipment strength

• 33 Single and Dual frequency GPS receivers
  (include makes from China Huace, Trimble,
  Sokkia, Leica and Topcon)
• 15 Electronic Total Stations (includes 5sec,
  3sec,2sec and 1sec, from Sokkia, Leica, Topcon
  and Trimble)
• 12 Auto Leveling instruments (includes digital
  levels and Auto levels)
• A number of hand held GIS/GPS receivers
                 eGramIT –
           The Pioneer Rural BPO

To move rural India from the edge to the center
of the services economy
               The Value Proposition

Delivering world class quality services at significantly
lower costs than urban BPO centers

       eGramIT can be a useful partner in tapping the vast rural
       potential with alignment to NLRMP objectives
 Increased focus on core work      Reduced rework
  for client                        Reduced cost of hiring
 Improved productivity             Reduced cost of operation
 Reduced turnaround times          Improved stakeholder delight
 Improved compliance
                                  Service offering
 Value-added services
 Data management services                                Document management services
•     Data translation from local language to English    • Scanning of documents
•     Creation of summaries with highlights              • Indexing of documents
•     Design of websites and managing the content        • Conversion of physical text data to digital form
•     Data cleansing                                     • Archiving

    Backend Services
     Accounting and financial services                  Procurement
•     Vendor bill processing                            • Payment approval form generation
•     Employee claim processing                         • Procurement Support & Coordination
•     Pension administration for overseas clients
     HR Services                                          SMART/ Ad hoc Services
•     Recruitment support                               •   Analytics
•     Sourcing prospective profiles                     •   Survey administration (primary research)
•     Scheduling interviews                             •   Web Research (secondary research)
•     Employee engagement support

          First Rural BPO to deliver a wide range of low-end to
          high-end services
 More than 4 years of operation
 4 Centers and 300 + people in 30 months
 10 clients
 More than 3 crore documents scanning and digitization
 150,000 person-hours of Quality training sessions
 24,00,000 person-hours of World-class Service Delivery
 100% of the eGramITians are trained in Six sigma paradigm
 Highly effective onsite-offshore-near shore model

       Committed to world-class service delivery
                eGramIT Impact
 Spin-offs in quality of rural basic services

 Role models for benefits from education

 Wage generation of one eGramIT center
 equivalent to revenues from 400 acres of

 Reverse migration from urban centers

 Increased women employment

   Bringing rural youth into the mainstream economy while
   delivering business value
                 GeoTrax - eGramIT strengths in
                       capacity building
• State-of-the-art hard infrastructure
• Customized HR management
    – Tie ups with social organizations and educational institutions
    – Appreciation of language requirements
    – Rural areas as potential employment markets
• Effective in-house training methodology that prepares the
  employees for the job within a very short span of time
    – 100% documented approach
    – Tie ups with various agencies and academic institutions for specific
    – Innovative e-learning methodologies
• Project management and ICT
    – Platform-BPO capability
    – End-to-end solution providing
   Capacity building model
                        Qualification of         Training on
                        people recruited         equipment

                        Graduation / post          GIS setup

                           Graduation              Static GPS
    Cluster of 4
                           Graduation       Electronic total stations

                         +2 / Graduation       Handheld survey
Cluster of 4 villages                              devices

     Village                   --                      --

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