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					                                   Auburn University
                      Follow-up Report for March 15-17, 2005

Account Information
Project name:          Auburn University
Prepared by:           Sara Goodman
                       Principal Human Resources Consultant
                       1-800-962-7181 ex 4052 (V.M) 585-506-7002 (Mobile)

SunGard SCT             Karen Chastonay            Project Manager
SunGard SCT             John Nieta                 Account Manager
SunGard SCT             Sara Goodman               HR Consultant
Auburn University       Mike Miller                AU Project Manager

      Data mapping was the main objective; consisting of data element mapping between
       every data element within the Banner HR/Payroll product to the equivalent data fields
       within Plus to begin the initial conversion efforts.
      A second goal of the visit is to identify any areas of additional data maintenance needs
       held in traditional system fields for non traditional purposes that will also need
       identification within Banner for conversion efforts.

Progress Report

      All of the human resources and payroll tables were successfully mapped from Plus into
       the Banner conversion documents. Each data field within Banner was successfully
       identified and documented to the corresponding Plus field for the appropriate use of the
       system functionality. During the weeks discussions of mapping items, many questions of
       functionality and system use were identified and discussed, examples are defined further
       within the report. Many of these items are also duplicated within the follow up tasks
       section of the report.
            o During the discussion of the position conversion, job location codes were
                 discussed. Currently in Plus, there are division codes that define campus,
                 location and division. With the identification of the location codes it will be
                 possible to define these as they currently are held within Plus. Furthermore the
                 questions remain whether or not the job location code on NBAPOSN will hold this
                 information for the position responsibilities or on the person level or both. This
                 field within NBAPOSN could also be used to represent a hiring location for the
                 position, ownership of the position as well as the location of the position. If the
                 need to report the position by these codes is not a high priority, or if this
                 maintenance will become time consuming event, the option of using the
                 district/division code within the PEAEMPL form is an option to simply report the

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Banner HR                    Confidential and Proprietary                                2/17/2012
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               employees location. This will be decided during further implementation training
               and will be updated within the conversion mapping documents as the decisions
               are made.
           o   A conversation regarding pooled and single positions was held in detail in order
               to identify a “crosswalk” from the position numbering schema within Plus to
               enable the correct conversion into Banner with a single or pooled flag. At this
               time, the pooled positions are identified with a 00% schema which will be
               translated in to a Pooled position identification within the NBAPBUD form in
               Banner. To further this maintenance, as positions and position classes are built
               within Banner, this information will be maintained within the data conversion
               mapping documents to make sure that logic and identification crosswalks are
               kept up to date with any decisions made during the prototype configuration.
           o   The report to field on NBAPOSN was discussed for tracking supervisory
               information. Currently, AU uses the reports to on a person/posn level (in banner
               this refers to supervisory information on NBAJOBS within the miscellaneous
               information window). A brief discussion was held that since this is tracked for
               fulltime employees only, the reports to on NBAPOSN would be a better place to
               house this information in order to minimize data maintenance. This will have to
               be reviewed in full to find if this will work with the concurrent structure (meaning
               crosswalk information from PLUS to BANNER as positions are built) and the
               current SSN record currently maintained within plus.
           o   The dates within PEAEMPL were also discussed for mapping purposes. These
               dates have not yet been defined for implementation. As these dates are defined,
               it will be possible to solidify the mapping document. During this portion of the
               visit, the dates were briefly discussed for purposes of benefits and leave
               accruals. Currently within Plus, there is an area used to track benefits eligibility
               dates. It was mentioned that the First Hire Date might be an option for benefits
               eligibility as this field is an option for the benefits/deductions enrollment quick set
               up form to control enrollment dates. These will further be defined throughout the
           o   While discussing the conversion mapping of PEAEMPL, it was mentioned that
               AU needs an area to store information for mass mailings. Within NBAJOBS,
               there is a job location field that can be created from the validation form
               PTVLOCN, which will also include the address of the job location codes created
               which could be used for mass mailings.
           o   Within the Plus system, AU is currently tracking Military Reserve Status. There is
               not a specific field within Banner that speaks to this need, however, we could
               look into using the Canadian report fields to simply mark a “yes” or “no” status
               option. Furthermore, each person on Military Reserve status has 168 hours to
               use for this purpose. If the Canadian report options are used, a script could be
               created to select the employees who have military reserve status and update the
               leave balance with the appropriate 168 hours.
           o   During the mapping discussions of the job records, the job type was reviewed for
               purposes of identifying primary jobs, secondary jobs and overload jobs. AU does
               not currently use or track overload assignments. It was discussed that all
               “secondary” jobs could be marked as overload to keep the secondary job from
               having benefits against a second job. This will also be discussed and decided
               throughout the implementation.

Progress Report
Decisions Made and/or Actions Taken

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Banner HR                    Confidential and Proprietary                                 2/17/2012
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                   Name                         E-Mail Address        Attendance
 Karen Brown          ISS – Info Tech      X        X    X
 Mike Hill            HR              X         X      X
 Teresa Vest          Budget           X         ½
 Stacey Bozeman       Internal Audit      X         X      ½
 Jennifer Phillips    OIT             X         X      X
 Sheryll Meadows      OIT             X         X      ½
 Debra Sapp           OIT             X         X      X
 Elizabeth            Payroll & Emp.      X         X      ½
 McCormick            Benefits
 Michael Miller       OIT/ HR Team       X         X      X
 Danny Forrer         Budget         X         ½      ½
 Cassandra Tarver- AUM – HR        X         X
 Sam Lowther          IR & Assesment      X         ½      X
 Teresa Coker         Payroll &       X         X      X
                      Employee Benefits
 Mary Turner          Human Resources      X         X      X
 Beverly Hughes       Payroll &                        ½
                      Employee Benefits

Action Items and/or Assignments for SunGard SCT
Date        Description                    Owner                  Critical       Status
Assigned                                                          Date for
3/18/05      Review and gather           Sara Goodman             4/18/05        New
             information on Windstar
3/18/05      Begin testing various ways  Sara Goodman             4/18/05        New
             to calculate health
             insurance premiums based
             on salary range
3/18/05      Provide AU with information Sara Goodman             4/18/05        New
             regarding 1042 and EIC set
             up and maintenance
3/18/05      Begin testing various ways  Sara Goodman             4/18/05        New
             to assign Alabama State
             Unemployment based on
             campus and disc/div code
3/18/05      Begin testing various ways  Sara Goodman             4/18/05        New
             to build Tax deferred
             annuities with limits based
             on pay period basis
Status: New, Open, Completed, Cancelled, Deferred

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Banner HR                    Confidential and Proprietary                        2/17/2012
Filename: 43fe9ab2-e789-46a8-83bc-77493075b599.doc
Action Items and/or Assignments for Auburn University
Date          Description                  Owner                       Critical        Status
Assigned                                                               Date for
3/18/05       Send Sara Goodman            Payroll / Benefits          ASAP            New
              information on Tax
              Deferred Annuity structure
3/18/05       Send Sara Goodman            Payroll / Benefits          ASAP            Complete
              information regarding
              health insurance premiums

Status: New, Open, Completed, Cancelled, Deferred

Concerns / Decisions to be made
Description                    Owner                     Target Date     Action Plan
                                                         for Closure
None at this time in regards
to data mapping.


Supplemental Documents Attached

1042 Documentation
Earned Income Credit Documentation

Hours Billed
Preparation                      2
Travel                           8
On-Site Consulting               24
Follow-Up                        2
TOTAL                            36

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Banner HR                    Confidential and Proprietary                            2/17/2012
Filename: 43fe9ab2-e789-46a8-83bc-77493075b599.doc

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