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									                I Love Speed
• Speed [speed] – noun
  1. the rate at which
  something moves,
  happens, or functions.
  2. particularly, fast
  movement, progress, or
• I’ve always had a love for
  cars and bikes, but speed
  is now becoming a major
  factor in how much I like
  a certain vehicle.

• This is a picture of a Porsche Carrera GT Turbo. This car is very
  quick doing 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds.
• Speed is an adrenaline rush unlike any other, the thought of even
  tapping the gas petal of a Porsche, Ferrari, or a Lamborghini gives
  me cold chills.
• The top picture shows the
  classic Ferrari tail lights. This
  Italian roadster has over 500

• The lower picture is of a Ferrari
  F50 in torch red. It might not
  look too familiar because it
  costs over $450,000. It’s worth
  it though.
Lamborghini Diablo- The fastest car I’ve
            ever been in!
• If you want an adrenaline rush
  that isn’t as expensive as the
  exotic cars, you could always
  settle for a streetbike.
• These specific bikes cost
  around $9,000, and can reach
  speeds over 160 mph.
• This isn’t how to ride!!!!
More Amazing Fast Cars
              Mitsubishi 3000 GT
•   My favorite car is the 3000 GT. I
    had always wanted one since I
    could remember, and finally got
    one for my 16th birthday. Mine is
    silver, and almost identical to the
    one in the top, right picture.

•   More 3000 GT pictures……..
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