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Study Guide Questions
1) Describe Melinda’s first day of
school. (2-3 events)**
• No one would sit with her on the bus
• She got hit with mashed potatoes & gravy in
  the middle of the lunch room
• She received 2 demerits by lunch time
Melinda was dreading her first day of high
  school. She knew no one would talk to her
  and even her best friend told her she hated
  her. It was a horrible first day and Melinda
  feels like an outcast and alone.
1) Describe Melinda’s first day of
school. (2-3 events)**
Melinda’s first day of school was horrible. No
 one would talk to her and even her best friend
 told her that she hates her. Mr. Neck, her
 social studies teacher, already has his eye on
 her. After earning her 2nd demerit during
 lunch, Melinda is dreading high school.
                  Page 10
• Mr. Freeman turns off the wheel and grabs a
  piece of chalk without washing his hands.
  “SOUL” he writes on the board. The clay
  streaks the word (SOUL) like dried blood.”
• Simile: clay streaks like dried blood
• Imagery: the word soul dripping in blood (you
  bleed when you are hurt)
• Symbolism: Melinda is sharing with us that
  her soul is hurt=she is hurting emotionally
            Page 15-Symbolism
• White Couch                 • 2 personalities represent
• “The couch has two            the two personalities of
  personalities:                Melinda
1) “Melinda inhaling          1) Melinda’s real side
   pepperoni and                 “messy” = her internal
   mushroom”                     struggle
2) “No one ever eats in the   2) Melinda’s side she
   family room, no ma’am”        shows everyone/the
                                 side everyone wants to
                                 see “pretty side”
                                 “everything looks the
                                 way he wants to see it”
       Heathering pages 22-24
• Foil Characters: 2 characters with opposite
  traits that are placed next to each other in a
  story. Used to emphasize the character’s
• Heather: talkative, peppy, motivated, wants to
  be popular & her parents are involved
• Melinda: doesn’t talk, withdrawn, wants to be
  alone, and her parents are more concerned
  with work.
                                   Page 30
•   Cheerleaders:                            • Symbolism:
•   Judges them:
                                             • “They all have beautiful lips,
     – Pride of the “Trojans”
                                               carefully outlined in red and
     – Throw wild parties
                                               polished to shine.”
     – Get group-rate abortions
•   Describes them:
     – So cute
     – “Girls that have it all”              • Their lips represent them-they
     – Never stutter or screw up               have it together and they are
•   Why do you think Melinda is making fun
    of the cheerleaders? Why does she want
    to form a clan of Anti-Cheerleaders?     • Melinda’s lips are scabby,
                                               bleeding, and chapped. Her lips
                                               represent her-a mess.

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