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									Final Exam: (Chapters 11 – 16) Prep

1. Why does a technician wear an antistatic wrist strap? 11.2.2
   Answer: A device that keeps the technician and the computer at the same potential
   (level of electric charge) to prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging components.

2. What two dangers exist when working on laser printers? 11.2.3
   Answer: electrical shock, burns

3. A user wants to upgrade the video adapter in a computer. What is the first issue the user
   should consider when selecting a newer video adapter? 11.3.5
   Answer: Is there an available compatible expansion slot on the motherboard?

4. What is one advantage of a solid state drive? 11.3.6
   Answer:A uses static RAM instead of magnetic platters to store data.

5. Refer to the exhibit. ..

   A customer purchased a computer three years ago and needs to add a second hard drive. The
   computer has the internal and external ports listed in the exhibit. Which solution would be
   the best if optimal performance is the deciding factor? 11.3.6
   Answer: Attach a hard drive to an internal SATA port.

6. Which external connection technology would a technician choose for a customer who wants
   to connect a device capable of a data transfer rate of 700 Mb/s to a computer? 11.3.7
   Answer: IEEE 1394b (Firewire)

7. A technician is helping a customer select additional RAM for a computer. Which two items
   should be considered when updating RAM? 11.4.3
   -What type of RAM does the motherboard currently use?
   -Can the RAM be installed one module at a time, or should it be grouped into matching

8. Which would be a reason to update the BIOS of a computer? 11.4.4
   Answer: A computer being prepared for an upgrade is found to lack support for newer
   hardware devices.

9. A customer requires a computer storage system that uses no more than two drives to provide
   drive redundancy and the highest possible performance. Which type of RAID should the
   technician install? 11.4.5 Answer: RAID level 1 - disk mirroring

10. A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician
    will need to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired
    configuration? 11.4.5 Answer:Use jumpers on the drive to configure the drive as slave.

11. A junior technician finds preventive maintenance very boring and would prefer to fix real
    problems. However, what is the most important reason for the company that the preventive
    maintenance be done? 11.5.1 Answer: Preventive maintenance helps to protect the
    computer equipment against future problems.
12. A technician has been performing routine preventive maintenance on a PC. After
    maintenance is performed and the PC and monitor are turned on, the monitor displays a black
    screen. The technician does a visual inspection and determines that there are two video ports
    at the back of the PC. What possible problem should the technician investigate first? 11.5.3
    Answer: The video connector has been disabled.

13. A user is experiencing problems with a new removable external drive. What two checks
    should a technician perform to ensure that a removable external drive will be recognized by a
    computer? (Choose two.) 11.6.2
    -Ensure that the correct drivers are installed.
    -Check that the external ports are enabled in the BIOS settings.

14. A computer that worked fine yesterday now locks after two hours of use. What is the
    problem? 11.6.2
    Answer: CPU overheating

15. A computer shows the optical drive under My Computer but fails to read a DVD disc. Which
    three problems could exist? (Choose three.) 11.6.2
    -The optical drive is faulty.
    -The DVD disc is inserted upside down.
    -The DVD disc is formatted incorrectly.

16. What is different about the default location for user files in Windows Vista compared to
    Windows XP? 12.1.3 Answer: The default location for user files in Windows Vista is
    within a user-specific subfolder in the Users folder.

17. Using RIS, a technician is having difficulties performing a remote installation. Which two
    problems would cause the remote installations to fail? 12.2.2
    -The computer does not have a PXE-capable NIC installed.
    -The network shared folder that holds the OS files is not accessible.

18. What is the purpose of the setupmgr.exe file? What is the purpose of the setupmgr.exe file?
    12.2.2 Answer: It helps prepare an answer file to automate the installation of Windows

19. A technician is compiling a company computer support training manual. One of the utilities
    that is described in the manual is Sysprep. What is the purpose of this utility? 12.2.2
    Answer: It prepares a computer for imaging.

20. What is the issue if the status of a hard disk drive shows as "Unreadable" in the Disk
    Management utility? 12.2.3 Answer: The drive has input/output errors, has a hardware
    failure, or is corrupt.

21. A technician needs to stop the print spooler on a Windows XP computer because the printer
    has failed. Which set of commands should the technician follow? 12.2.4
    Answer: Choose Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools >Computer
    Management. Choose Services.

22. Which Windows protocol enables a technician at company headquarters to view the screen
    and control the mouse and keyboard of a computer in a branch office? 12.2.4
    Answer: Remote Desktop Protocol
23. A computer had updates installed and was rebooted. Nothing is displaying on the monitor
    that is connected to the computer. What could the technician do to reset the monitor settings?
    12.2.7Answer: Use the F8 key.

24. A Windows XP computer that once had three operating systems installed now has only one
    operating system. However, when the computer boots up, the user is still presented with a
    choice between the old systems and XP. Which path allows the user to make changes to the
    BOOT.INI file? 12.2.8 Answer: Click Start. Right click. Right click My Computer.
    Choose. Choose Properties. Choose the Advanced tab. Clicktab. Click Settings in the
    Startup and Recovery area. Clickin the Startup and Recovery area. Click Edit.

25. What could be the possible solution to the Windows Vista search feature taking longer than
    expected to find results? 12.5.2Answer: Change the settings of the Index service in the
    Advanced Options panel.

26. The ABC Company sales force has been provided with smartphonesand portable printers as
    shown in the graphic. Which two short-range technologies can support these types of
    devices? 13.1.1 Answer: Bluetooth, Infrared

27. Refer to the exhibit (above). A customer has upgraded to a new laptop with the specifications
    as shown in the exhibit. The customer reports that an older cellular WAN card fails to fit in
    the new laptop. What is the problem? 13.1.3
    Answer: The new laptop has an ExpressCard slot, which is
    incompatible with the older card.

28. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of technology is most suitable to
    bring Internet services to the facilities that are shown? 13.1.5
    Answer: Satellite

29. What is the general term that is used to describe components of
    a laptop that should be replaced by a service center? 12.2.2
    Answer: FRUs

30. A technician has installed new RAM in a laptop. When restarted the laptop emitted a long
    beep. What are two possible causes and solutions for this problem? (Choose three.) 13.5.2
    - The RAM module edge contacts were damaged.
    - The clips that hold the SODIMM in the slot were not locked.
    - The screw that holds the RAM cover on the bottom of the laptop was not replaced

31. A laptop less than six months old shuts down after about 30 minutes of operation. When the
    AC power adapter is connected, the laptop continues to shutdown after a short period of
    operation each time the laptop is restarted. What should be recommended as a solution?
    13.5.2 Answer: Use the laptop on a hard surface to ensure adequate ventilation and
    prevent overheating.

32. A customer has spilled some liquid into the laptop keyboard. The laptop appears to function
    properly except for the keys. After cleaning the keyboard, the technician tests the keyboard
    and it still has failing keys. What are two possible actions the technician could take? (Choose
   two.) 13.5.2
   -Replace the keyboard.
   -Use an external keyboard until the laptop keyboard is replaced.

33. A technician is helping a customer that constantly has to reset the time on a laptop. What is
    the probable cause of this problem? 13.5.2
    -The new memory must run at least as fast as the existing memory.
    -The new memory must be compatible with the motherboard.

34. A technician has installed new RAM in a laptop. When the laptop is rebooted, it makes a
    long beeping noise and fails to start. What are three probable causes? (Choose two.) 13.5.2
    -The new RAM is defective and must be replaced.
    -The RAM was incorrectly installed and needs to be reinstalled.

35. A new technician has joined the IT team and is about to service a heavy printer. Which two
    precautions should be taken to avoid any injury when transporting the heavy printer to the
    service area? (Choose two.) 14.1
    -Avoid lifting the equipment using the strength in your back.
    -Lift the equipment using the strength in your legs and knees.

36. What precaution should a technician take when checking a dot matrix printer that suddenly
    stops functioning? 14.1 Answer: Avoid the print head, which can become hot.

37. Which scanner process uses an IT8 target to complete its function? 14.2.3
    Answer: calibration

38. A technician is trying to allow user access to a printer on a small network. Which solution is
    the lowest in cost? 14.3.1 Answer: computer-shared printer

39. After checking that a new ink jet printer has new ink cartridges, that dry paper has been
    installed as recommended by manufacturer, and that the latest printer driver has been
    installed, a technician notes that the printer still fails to produce any output. Which three
    actions could possibly resolve this problem? (Choose three.) 14.6.2
    -Check and secure the cables.
    -Set the printer to Resume Printing.
    -Ensure that the printer is powered on.

40. After information has been gathered from a user about the failure of a printer, which two
    actions should be performed? (Choose two.) 14.6.2
    Answer: Ensure all cables are connected correctly;Clear any type of paper jams

41. Which statement best describes how telephone calls are carried over data networks and the
    Internet? 15.2.2Answer: Analog voice signals are converted into digital information that
    is transported in IP packets.

42. A network technician is installing network service in a new office. What is the distance
    limitation of a single data run for UTP cabling without adding networking devices? 15.3.1
    Answer: 330 ft. (100 m)

43. A user on the network needs to be able to add and remove files in a shared folder on an
    NTFS-formatted server. Users should never be allowed to assume ownership of the shared
   folder. Which permission should the administrator assign to the user? 15.4.2
   Answer: modify

44. What are two reasons why static IP addressing would be configured instead of DHCP when
    setting up a wireless network? (Choose two.) 15.5.2
    -The network has relatively few wireless devices.
    -Specific security polices can be applied to static IP addresses.

45. What is one thing a technician can determine about a system when using the command
    ipconfig? 15.5.3 Answer: system network configuration

46. A technician is working on a networked computer that has an IP address of
    and no Internet access. What could the technician do to remedy the problem? 15.8.2
    Answer: Use the ipconfig /renewcommand to renew the IP address.command to renew
    the IP address.

47. A technician uses an application to capture packets on the network. One such capture reveals
    the password that is used by a person in the classroom to initiate a Telnet session with a
    school network device. What recommendation could the technician make to the person who
    is using Telnet? 15.8.2
    Answer: If possible, enable the network device to use SSH instead of Telnet.

48. A student is trying to upload class files to an FTP server on the school network. The
    connection fails from school but works fine from the home computer of the student. What is
    the likely problem? 15.8.2 Answer: The school has port 21 blocked on the firewall.

49. Which situation is affected by an invalid SSL certificate? 15.8.2
    Answer: a connection to a web site that uses HTTPS

50. Which technology allows a user to securely access a company LAN across a public network?
    16.2.1 Answer: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

51. Which authentication technology uses a physical characteristic of the user in conjunction
    with a password? 16.2.2 Answer: Biometrics

52. A student laptop is running slowly, and the student suspects rogue computers are accessing
    the laptop. Which control panel feature is used in Windows Vista to verify the firewall
    setting? 16.3.2 Answer: Security Center

53. A technician has received several reports from employees about receiving e-mail from
    websites that request private bank information. Which type of security should be
    implemented to block employees from accessing these suspicious websites? 16.3.3
    Answer: Phishing protection

54. In a networking class, the instructor tells the students to ping the other computers from the
    command prompt. Why do all pings in the class fail? 16.5.2
    Answer: The Windows firewall is blocking the ping

55. A temporary user is trying to log in to a computer that the same user used last month, but
    now is unable to complete the login process. What are two possible causes of the failed
    login? (Choose two.) 16.5.2
    - The user account has been disabled.
    - The user is using an incorrect username or password.
56. A business is concerned that computers are susceptible to malware infection. Which two
    actions will help solve this problem? (Choose two.) 16.5.2
    - Enable real-time virus and spyware scanning.
    - Enable automatic antivirus and antispyware software updates.

57. After logging into a computer, a user can view files but is unable to download the files. What
    action can the administrator take to allow the user to download the files while preventing
    deletion of the files? 16.5.2Answer: Set the file permissions to Read and Execute.

58. A network administrator has a user that is changing the rights to files in a folder for other
    users. What rights does the administrator need to remove from the user? 16.5.2
    Answer: Full Control

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