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									“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired
not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”

-Maria Montessori

Our Vision:

Provide an experience that will last a lifetime

Our vision at Little Horse Montessori (LHM) is to prepare children to become capable, confident,

and responsible adults by developing their intellect, character, and spirit through our thoughtfully

planned environment.

At Little Horse Montessori, our indoor and outdoor environments are designed to encourage,
stimulate, and inspire the natural curiosity of each child. We seek to satisfy children’s hunger for
purposeful activity and development and empower them to become the unique individuals that

they are.

Our Program:

Children at age 2.5 to 6 years old actively learn at a tremendous rate, a stage Dr. Montessori
called “the period of the Absorbent mind.” LHM is designed to help them thrive in this stage,
educationally, socially, and psychologically.

The children in our environment will be given “the keys to the world” through learning about
continents, animals, plants, and other cultures. They will learn about language and the

development of handwriting, and reading skills. They will also work with concrete materials to
learn various mathematical concepts including the decimal system, geometry, and fractions.

Music will be in the environment everyday and children will have the opportunity to participate in
creating music with various instruments. They will learn about rhythm, tone, pitch, and the

culture of music. Art will be integrated in all other areas of the environment.

At LHM, there is much emphasis on independence and self-sufficiency. Children will learn
“practical life” skills such as cleaning, food preparation, gardening, and caring for farm animals

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and horses. Caring for animals will help build the confidence and personality of the children,
while they learn about themselves in the process. The children will also receive weekly yoga
instruction to help develop their physical strength and spirit.

Daily Schedule:

8:30- Drop Off

8:30-9:00- Farm Time

9:00 -11:30- Work Period

11:30-Pick Up for Half Day Children


12:00-12:30-Outdoor Exploration

12:30-2:00- Indoor Exploration

2:00-Pick Up for Full Day Children

2:00-5:30- Farm Time and Indoor Play

Little Horse Montessori                     951.795.2748                 littlehorsemontessori.com

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