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					           Leonardo’s Horse—Study Guide
Answer the following questions to help you study for your Selection Test on Leonardo’s Horse

1. On page 297 it says that this story is about the time called the Renaissance. It was “a time of rebirth
when people who had forgotten how to be curious became curious again.” What does “curious” mean?
Name one thing mentioned in paragraph four on p. 297 that Leonardo liked to do that showed that he
was curious.

2. Reread p. 304. Make a list of all of the statements of opinion that you find on the page.

3. Reread pp. 300 – 304. List the steps that Leonardo followed to build his horse.

4. Reread pp. 306 -308. What did Leonardo draw and write about in his notebook that inspired Charles
Dent and later Nina Akamu to carry out is dream?

5. Reread p. 301. It says that Leonardo “collected 58,000 pounds of metal”. Why did he collect so much

6. Reread p. 304. What did the duke do with all of Leonardo’s metal? Why did he do that?

7. Skim the story to summarize the main idea. Thinking of your summary, think of another title you
could give this story. Write your answer.

8. Remember that a generalization is a statement that is usually true. For example, the statement
“Artists are creative people is a generalization. Think about what you read about the Renaissance in this
story. Write a generalization about the Renaissance.

9. Skim back over the story. What is the main idea of the story?

10. What are the three main reasons an author writes a story? Why do you think the author wrote this

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