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									              Online Marketing Jobs and Social Media Jobs
What are the latest skills required to get fast employment or next employment? This
is an important question that frequently occurs in the minds of parents, students and
even working professionals.

The career conundrum is the most common happening at times even for the people
who have put considerable experience. There could be many several reasons for such
a trying situation in the course of job settlement. However, it is possible to overcome
the situation through acquisition of new skills. The skills could be planned through
studying higher qualification or undergoing short-term training programs. It depends
on the urgency, exigency, relevance besides an individuals passion.

Among several promising skills that could be targeted to catchup employment
opportunities today, Social Media skills have emerged as the easy learning and small
duration learning opportunity to get renewed for fresh employment or job shift. To
understand the job potential in Social Media and Online Marketing, I just tried to
search and found the following results which speak enough about
the trending job opportunities in Online Marketing and Social Media segment. The
results herein were obtained using the respective search string in quotes.

"Online Marketing Jobs" - 7, 40, 000, 00 Google results

"Content Writing Jobs" - 66, 50,000 Google results

"Social Media Jobs" – 88, 60,000 Google results

"Facebook Jobs" – 43, 30,000 Google results

The question now is how to acquire skills for Online Marketing Jobs or Social Media
Jobs. Conversely the skills required for both the job profiles are the same. I have
drawn relevant details in the following table.
                             Skills required               Starting pay    Experience factor
Some of the sample
Social Media OperatorSocial English Speaking and           INR 12,000      Fresher or
Media CoordinatorSocial     Writing.Social Media Tools     onwards in      Experienced
Media ManagerSocial         (Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn,     Indian
Media Strategist            Twitter, YouTube)Search        market.(Far
                            Engine Optimization            better
SEO Consultant              (SEO)Internet Research         remuneration
SEO Operator                                               opportunities
Online Marketing

Social Media Analyst

Content Writer

Web writer

    Situational advantage:

    Many of the job aspiring freshers would generally come with good English speaking
    and writing skills and are much acquainted with Internet usage. Most of them must
    also be the regular users of Social Media tools though not in a measurable
    professional perspective. This particular aspect makes them quite relevant to
    strengthen the skills through a training program under expert mentoring with a couple
    of projects so that they could become eligible for a career in the line.

    Among the skills indicated above, one may wonder what could constitute Search
    Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are conversant with Social Media Tools, I can say
    that you almost know 75% of SEO. Because Social Media tools propel the identity
    and presence of an SEOd webpage on a regular basis while the SEOd content may not
    change every often. As per SEO you have around 10 important elements to be
    practiced for a perfect SEO of a webpage. One can learn these 10 elements through a
    couple of blog posts.

    Opportunity as Part-time Job or Freelancing income:

    Besides being a source for regular employment, the above skills offer part time
    earning opportunity through Content Writing, Social Media Profile Management and
    Online Marketing. The great news for bloggers is that they are the definite winners in
    this context. A blogger, especially a regular blogger would know all of the skills as
    he / she would always work to race fast in the Page Ranking journey and thus would
    have mastered almost all of the above skills.
Every one of you whoever is looking for new skills to get fast employment, I would
suggest you to start blogging and automatically get suitable for a career in Online
Marketing and Social Media that offer job freedom and money.

You may still be having a question as to who would employ you for a full time or a
part-time job? I would like to suggest you to explore it at your end while I plan to
submit an exclusive post discussing about companies those are in active
implementation of Social Media tools for business benefits. For a quick answer, I
would say every commercial enterprise and the very Government sector is all set to
use Social Media in a big way where you can expect a job seat, provided you get
equipped with the above skill set.

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Wish you the best in your career efforts.

Happy Blogging!


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