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					                                  Intro to Web 2.0

The meaning and definition of Web 2.0 could be anything in technical sense. For me
Web 2.0 is the creator of one more world. Web 2.0 has accorded us one more
citizenship as the resident and inhabitant of the ever vibrant virtual world. The virtual
citizenship is so valuable today through which we can make friends, meet friends,
share data, promote videos, write blah blah, publish books, publish photo albums,
earn online money, shop online, and create a revenue model for any business
idea. What is more interesting is we can achieve all these while relaxing at home.

Because of its attractive flexibility, every one of us have become the addicts of Web
after it evolved into Web 2.0. We might skip a movie, meal or office. We might go
sick for a while. But we never like to skip the Web 2.0 world. Enterprises like
Unisys, Dell, Walmart, Pepsi and many other biggies have realized the value of Web
2.0 technologies in a more better way than others. Government of India is working on
the deployment of Web 2.0 platform across departments. Web 2.0 is the business
driver, personal brand maker and a dream weaver.

Some of Web 2.0 Tools

   •   Blogs, Photo Blogs, Video Blogs
   •   Google+ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
   •   Wikis, Crowdsourcing platforms,
   •   Bookmarking sites, "Add This", TinyURLs
   •   Google Web Analytics

How Web 2.0 technologies could be used by different users?

   •   Business entities
          o Obviously for business benefits through online marketing, lead
             generation, customer survey and research, customer support,
             recruitment, reputation management, stakeholder relations, and
             knowledge acquisition on evolving trends in the market.
   •   NGOs and Not-for-Profit organizations
          o Propagating programs, achievements, creating and achieving brand
             image, crowdsourcing, volunteer mobilization, research, stakeholder
             relations, enabling transparency and accountability on activities, and
             fund raising.
   •   Employees and working professionals
          o Create, strengthen and promote self-profile through professional
             networking sites, contributing and exposing expertise through various
             groups, user sites, staying in touch with colleagues, friends and Sr.
             Executives, getting noticed by prospective employees, improving
             communication skills, earning passive income through blog
             monetization, and achieving personal branding.
   •   Universities, Colleges / Educational institutions
          o Reputation management, admission sales, talent management, peer
             interaction, student and faculty development, and community
   •   Students
           o   Personality development, improving interpersonal communication,
               writing skills, staying in the notice of prospective employers, job hunt,
               one stop identity, creating a repository of achievements, circles,
               community interactions, blog monetization and achieving personal
   •   Celebrities
          o Reputation management, staying in touch with fans and peers, market
               analysis, knowing about whispers and eavesdropping.
   •   Politicians
          o Reputation management, staying in touch with constituent people,
               society, and government, propagating achievements, exploring
               leadership expertise in the team, and more.
   •   Housewives
          o Can explore areas of interest, assist children in using several skill
               development tools, knowledge development sites, create blog identity
               duly exposing their skill in art, writing, crowdsourcing, blog
               monetization and achieving personal branding.
   •   Every individual
          o Profile promotion, personal branding, blog monetization and personal
               development through improved interpersonal communication.
   •   Intellectuals
          o Thought sharing, influencing, mentoring, guiding and spreading

How will you create Web 2.0 user environment at your place?

Have a computer with Internet connectivity. You can start exploring Web 2.0
tools. The tools and applications are, however, ever changing. One need to keep
abreast with the developments to exploit the true value of Web 2.0. Go ahead with
your Web 2.0 journey through creation of online profile and blogging.

Web 2.0 evolution

Where are we going after Web 2.0? We already have Enterprise 2.0 where these
technologies could be custom developed and integrated into company's intranet for
employee driven Social Media interactions. Web 2.0 would eventually advanced with
more analytical, user friendly, feature rich, self-explanatory, cloud based,
collaborative and self-automated model. The technology would eventually become
operable through every mobile phone, virtual devices, and could find its place on
restaurant table top.

Time is the biggest challenge for every Web 2.0 user against proliferation of several
tools and the evolving need to use such tools. The future tools should be a one-stop
solution to achieve regular but divergent tasks on Web 2.0 platform.

Frankly I look forward for a wrist watch integrated with Web 2.0 platform and
operable 24 x 7 x 365.
Happy Blogging!