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									attac Thuringia
Mrs. Angelika Hesse
Forstweg 18
D-07745 Jena

                                                           Thuringia/ Germany, 12-February-2006

Invitation to an European local attac group meeting
Dear activists,

we – the local attac groups of Thuringia – like to invite you to an European meeting to the former
European cultural capital of Weimar within the German state Thuringia for the beginning of this
We’ve got the idea, that local attac groups from as many as possible countries out of Europe will
come together at one place to exchange our experiences and perspectives as activists of the
globalism criticism movement. This meeting shall intentionally have a cross-border characteristics,
because in our realization attac structures are usually limited nationally. So, the centre of interest is
the idea of a multi-national networking at a lower organizational level.

At one hand, with you we want to focus mainly on one topic, whereby we still should agree on a
detailed mutual subject. You are kindly invited to have your own ideas and proposals!
Please send us your feedback until 01-Apr-2006!

Our proposals are
   -   the European tax politics,
   -   the European finance politics,
   -   discussions about the problems of privatisation of public goods or
   -   the draft for an European constitution.

At the other hand, we are highly interested in an exchange of experiences with you, e. g. about
your realization of political situations in your country, about your regional action experiences and
alliances as well as in those issues and problems, which you are dealing with or which you think
seem to be most important, respectively.

As an target date we may propose the weekend from 16th to 18th of June 2006.

Please let us know, which lingual knowledge you are familiar with, so that we can take care for
appropriate translation and communication services. For the period until this meeting it would be
an asset, if you could answer mainly in English or in German.

More detailed information (accomodation, catering, journey, financing, agenda etc.) we like to
discuss with you in the next step. By then, we would appreciate your prompt answer and we hope
to welcome you in the upcoming summer in Weimar – the European cultural capital in 1999 amid
Thuringia (!

With “attactive“ regards

your local attac groups of Thuringia

P. S.: More about us on (with many pictures, but so far the texts are in
German only).

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