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									                             Invitation to 504 Meeting
Date of Invitation:

Dear Parent/Guardian of              ,

In accordance with the Las Cruces Public School District’s Educational Plan for Student Success
(EPSS) and Policy JBB/Regulation JBB-RA, the school has a Student Assistance Team
(SAT)/Section 504 committee. The purpose of this committee is to review the educational needs
and the progress of any student who may require additional academic and/or behavioral support.

The team has been asked to review        ’s individual needs to determine if additional support is
necessary. The team will review existing data and determine if he/she might be eligible for
accommodations in the general classroom under Section 504-a federal law that provides
accommodations to identified students.

The Section 504 committee would appreciate parental input and participation in working to meet
your child’s educational needs. You are invited to attend our Section 504 meeting for your child

        on (date)        at (time)        to discuss your child’s progress in school.

It would be helpful if you could fill out the attached parent input form and bring it to the meeting,
along with any other documentation concerning any possible disability relating to your child.
A description of your rights under Section 504 is attached

Please sign and return this form to your child’s teacher. If you have any questions regarding this
meeting, please call me at        -      .


Section 504 Chairperson

Parent/Guardian Name:________________________________
Home Address:_________________________ Phone Number:___________________
Child’s Grade in School:______ Child’s Date of Birth:________________

_________I will attend this meeting.
_________I am unable to attend this meeting (please call the 504 chairperson to make
             arrangements for participation).
_________I will need an interpreter for this meeting.

Parent/Guardian Signature:__________________________ Date:________________

July 2010

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