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									Snack Shack Guide

 “Generosity is giving more than you can, and
     pride is taking less than you need.”
                     K.Gilbran (1883-1931)

 Thank you for volunteering your time!
Opening the Stand ……………………….…….1
Closing the Stand ………………………….…...2

Handling Money…….…………….……………….3
  Using the Cash Register …………………..…4

Coffee ………..……………………….…………….5
Hot Dogs and Burgers….……..…………………. 6
Nachos ……………………………………………..7
Snow Cones …………………………….…………8

Common Questions ……………….…..……..…. ..9
Emergency Contacts ………….……….…..… 10
  Opening the Stand
 The stand will be unlocked 30 minutes before
       the first game each day by an assigned
                     team member.
1.   Turn on both switches by the door.
2.   Open sliding window (be careful of
3.   Plug in coffee maker and follow brewing
     instructions (see Coffee)
On weekends, pull-out barbeque, long folding
     table and snow cone maker from adjacent
     shed (see snow cones for set-up detail);
     open “easy-up” tent over snow cone table
4.   Set candies on counter (chocolates in
•    Set-out OPEN sign

    Please replenish supplies as you go.

     Closing the Stand
The stand will be locked 20 minutes after the last
  game each day by a assigned team member.
1.     Turn off, unplug and wash with soap and water:
     –    Coffee maker and pots
     –    Hot dog steamer
     –    Food warmer
     –     Please wash with hot water all utensils used
           during the day. Place to dry on counter.
2.     Place condiments and all chocolates in the
       refrigerator (it gets very hot inside the Shack
       when it is closed up!)
3.     Wipe down all counters; bring in sign
4.     If a weekend:
     –      Bring in barbeque (turn off, let cool, shut off
            gas then bring inside shed adjacent to Shack)
     –      Bring in snow cone maker and table
     –      Take down “easy-up” tent
5.     Close sliding window and lock with scissors
6.     Turn off both switches by the door

         Thank you!! Enjoy the rest of your day.

         Handling Money
All Snack Shack profits go the the league. Our goal is
to double the Shack’s contribution towards various
league projects. Towards that end, we are looking to
maximize pricing, inventory management and cash
handling. In addition to a “no give away” policy, we

 – Register transaction keys be used as follows:
     •   CB- COLD BEVERAGE- water, soda, & juice
     •   HB- HOT BEVERAGE- coffee & hot chocolate
     •   FF- FROZEN FOOD- ice cream & snow cones
     •    HF- HOT FOOD- dogs, pizza, nachos, &
     •   SP- SNACK PACK
     •   MD- MEAL DEAL
     •    CC- CHIPS & CANDY

           Following are detailed instructions:

    Using the Cash Register
Decimal point is already set – enter 100 to equal $1.00
To allow for inventory management, the cash register recognizes
      the following types of sales:
    –     CB- COLD BEVERAGE- water, soda, & juice
    –     HB- HOT BEVERAGE- coffee & hot chocolate
    –     FF- FROZEN FOOD- ice cream & snow cones
    –      HF- HOT FOOD- dogs, pizza, nachos, & hamburgers
    –     SP- SNACK PACK
    –     MD- MEAL DEAL
    –      CC- CHIPS & CANDY
    –     DB- DONATION BOX

     The sale of a $1.00 hot food item without change

    1.    ENTER (100), and then PRESS the (HF) key.
    2.    PRESS (AMT TEND/TOTAL) key.

     The sale of a .50 cent candy, paid with a $5.00 bill

    1.    ENTER (50), and then PRESS the (CC) key.
    2.    ENTER (500), then PRESS (AMT TEND/TOTAL) key.

    The sale of multiple items, (Meal Deal, 2 candies, beverage)
     and change for $10.00.

    1.    ENTER (350), and then PRESS the (MD) key.
    2.    ENTER (50), and then PRESS the (CC) key.
    3.    ENTER (50), and then PRESS the (CC) key.
    4.    ENTER (75), and then PRESS the (CB) key.
    5.    ENTER (1000), and then PRESS the (AMT TEND/TOTAL) key.


1.   Place coffee filter in basket
2.   Measure ¾ cup coffee into filter; gently shake to
3.   Fill dispenser with water and pour into coffee pot
4.   Press “start”
5.   Once coffee dispenser (tall grey thermos
     dispenser is near empty, please rinse out and
     make another pot. Do not replentish after 11:00

Finally, please don’t allow empty coffee pots to remain
             on burner as the pot will burn/break.

Hot Dogs and Burgers
  Best to make hamburger/hot dogs in batches, then
place in food warmer until ready to serve. When ready
       to serve, place in bun and wrap in foil.
Barbequed hot dogs and burgers
• Barbeque: Pull out barbeque from shed adjacent to
• Open gas valve, turn on gas and light with manual
• Let burn 5-10 minutes to clean grill; then wire brush.
• When finished, turn off, close gas valve and cool.
• Wipe down around grill and top of grill.
• Put barbeque back into shed; padlock door.

Warmer (for cooked hotdogs/hamburgers)
• Turn on “high”
• Add water via holes inside bottom of warmer
• When warm, adjust setting lower. You must keep
  resetting the timer throughout the day to keep
  warmer on all day.

   NOTE: To minimize waste, we suggest cooking to
   order after the 1st half of the last game of the day.

           Snow Cones

1.   Pull out long table from shed & set up outside
2.   Place snow cone machine on metal tray (using 2
     people as machine is heavy).
3.   Move machine and metal tray to fold out table,
     allowing draining tube to hang off end.
4.   Place ice chest with ice under table so it is
     shaded all day.
5.   Place syrup bottles, napkins, and straws in front
     of table.
6.   Fill metal funnel on top of machine, close lid, turn
     on machine, and all ice will be ground and in the
     glass portion of the machine.
7.   Use one paper cup to fill serving cup in snow
     cone shape. Use one half pump of single color
     per cup.
8.   Please do not let kids pump out syrup as it will
     get very messy with a lot of waste.

 Common Questions
Q1: What time do I arrive and leave?
  A. Please arrive 30 minutes before home games
  and stay 30 minutes after last game.
Q2: What if now one comes to relieve me of my
  Please contact your team organizer (team mom,
  manager, ect. I recommend your team contact the
  other covering team, 1-2 days before you’re
Q3: Why can’t my child/children be in the Snack
  Shack with me? I will be watching them at all
  A: Our insurance prohibits it; please don’t
  compromise this necessary obligation.
Q4: At the end of the day, what do we do with left-
  over hot dogs and hamburgers?
  A: We encourage cooking to order by the second-
  half of the last game; there is always the chance of
  left-overs. Volunteers may eat them or offer to the
  folks preparing the fields for the next day.
Q5: With whom should I discuss ideas for
  new/different food choices?
  A: Please send emails to
  - we are eager to hear from you!

           Snack Pack Order Form
        Please arrange and pick up before end-of-game.

      Name ______________ Date
      Team Name _________
      Number of snacks ____

   Snack Pack Options (check one)
   Healthy Snack: Granola bar, “go-gurt”
    and a juice box
   Lunch Pack: Kid sized hot-dog and a
    juice box or water (soda not included)
   Snack Shack Tickets: Undecided?
    $2.00 tickets available for children to
    select their own treats at the Snack
    Shack after the game. (no change is
    given and can not exceed $2 value)
Note: These packs are designed for convenience and fund-raising; we
recognize that nothing beats homemade or hand-picked treats!
 Snack Pack Procedure

• Please ask which specific option
  they are purchasing
• Write the option type onto the
  red tickets.
• Prepare meals (if applicable)
  ahead of time and have them
  ready for pick up at end of game
• If purchased $2 tickets, we do
  not give change and the total
  purchased items CAN NOT
  exceed $2.
 Emergency Contacts

Shack Manager: Maria Juarez-Reyes, cell 408-
League Co-Presidents: Ron Misfud

  Police, Fire, Emergency … 911



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