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									INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE: The International is composed of (1) Cities which have
had top level minor league clubs for much of baseball history—Buffalo, Columbus,
Indianapolis, Louisville, Rochester, Syracuse, Toledo. All of these had major league
franchises in the 19th century. (2) Cities which rose up from the lower minors—
Charlotte, Durham, Lehigh Valley (Allentown), Norfolk, Pawtucket, Scranton/Wilkes-
Barre. (3) And one new team in Gwinett County (Lawrenceville), Georgia.

Buffalo: After being in the majors in the 1880’s Buffalo settled into the International
League from 1912 to 1970. It returned to the International in 1998. In the 40’s and 50’s
the team was mainly a DET farm. Since then it has had numerous affiliations, the longest
being with the Indians. Leagues: Int 12-70; East 79-84; AA 85-97; Int 98-10. Recent
Affiliations: CWS 85-86; CLEV 87; PITT 88-94; CLEV 95-08; NYM 09-10

Charlotte: This was a Class B franchise until 1954, when it moved up to A, and then to
AA in 1963. This booming Southern city finally made it to AAA in 1993. Clark Griffith
acquired the Charlotte team in 1937, and it was a WASH/MINN farm for many years.
The Southern League team was an Oriole farm, and since then there have been various
affiliations, finally achieving stability with the White Sox. Leagues: SAL 19-22, 24-30;
Pied 31-35, 37-42; Tri-St 46-53; SAL 54-63; So 64-72, 76-92; Int 93-10. Recent
Affiliations: BALT 76-88; CUB 89-92; CLEV 93-94; FLA 95-98; CWS 99-10

Columbus: This traditional franchise was owned by the SLC from 1931 to 1954. After
it joined the International it was a Pirate farm, and then it was picked up by the NYY,
who had Columbus until recently. Now CLEV has decided to locate their AAA farm in
Ohio. Leagues: AA 02-54; Int 55-70, 77-10; Recent Affiliations: NYY 79-06; NAT
07-08; CLEV 09-10

Durham: North Carolina has traditionally had the most teams and leagues in OB, but
until recently they have been represented in the lower minors. The Durham Bulls are a
legendary team, immortalized in a movie. In the Piedmont League they were a CIN farm,
and after the war rhey were a DET farm in the Carolina. There was a long tie-up with the
Braves from 1980. Joining the expanded International League in 1998, the Bulls have
been a farm of Tampa Bay. The franchise has sometimes been combined with Raleigh.
Leagues: Pied 20-33, 36-43; Car 45-71, 80-97; Int 98-10; Recent Affiliations: ATL
80-97; TB 98-10

Gwinnett: This is a new franchise, created in 2009 when The Braves moved their AAA
team from Richmond. The ballpark is in Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County, about 27
miles from Atlanta. Leagues: Int 09-10 Recent Affiliations: ATL 09-10

Indianapolis: This storied franchise has been in all three AAA leagues, mainly in the
defunct American Association. Largely independent before World War II, it was
subsequently tied to PITT, CLEV, AND CWS. Then came a lengthy association with the
Reds, and after being an Expos farm they were picked up by the Reds again. Now after
50 years they are a Pirate farm again. Leagues: AA 02-62; Int 63; PCL 64-68; AA 69-
97; Int 98-10. Recent Affiliations: CIN 68-83; MONT 84-92; CIN 93-99; MIL 00-04;
PITT 05-10

Lehigh Valley: This area encompasses the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton.
The present ballpark is in Allentown. The city was in the Interstate and Eastern leagues
and was mainly a Cardinal farm. In order to have an AAA farm near by the Phillies
moved their top farm from Ottawa to there in 2008, returning the area to OB after an
absence of almost 50 years. Leagues: NYP 35-36; Interst 39-52; East 54-60; Int 08-10.
Recent Affiliations: PHIL 08-10

Louisville: After being downsized out of the National League in 1900 Louisville became
a stalwart of the American Association. They were primarily a Red Sox farm. When
they returned to the American Association in 1982, they hooked up with the SLC. Now
the Reds have moved into Louisville. Leagues: AA 02-62; Int 68-72; AA82-97; Int 98-
10. Recent Affiliations: SLC 82-97; MIL 98-99; CIN 00-10

Norfolk: This city was an old Class B farm of the Yankees, and many stars passed
through there. They were briefly in the Sally league as Portsmouth-Norfolk, then hit the
big time in 1969. The team was called the Tidewater Tides until 1993, when the city
name was used again. The Mets had a long relation with them; it was terminated only
recently. Leagues: Pied 34-55; SAL 61-62; Int 69-10. Recent Affiliations: NYM 69-
06; BALT 07-10

Pawtucket: Rhode Island’s second city is next door to Providence, which once was in
the majors. The Red Sox placed an Eastern League team there in 1970 and liked the tie
so much that it has lasted to this day. The team has been in the International since 1973.
Leagues: NE 46-49; East 66-67, 70-72; Int 73-10. Recent Affiliations: BRS 70-10

Rochester: Stability is the operative word here. Rochester has been in the International
League since 1912, and since then thev’ve had only three parent clubs. The Cardinals
had the team, 1928-60, after which they were a BALT farm for 40 years, and recently the
Twins are the overlords. Leagues: Int 1912-2010. Recent Affiliations: BALT 61-02;
MINN 03-10

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre: The Pennsylvania anthracite region was represented in the
NYP/Eastern League into the 50’s, and then it was out of OB until 20 years ago. In the
past there were two different teams, Wilkes-Barre being a CLEV farm 1938-51 and
Scranton the Red Sox 1939-51. The present park is just south of Scranton. Leagues:
Scranton: NYP 23-37; East 39-53; Wilkes-Barre: NYP 23-37; East 38-51, 53-55;
Combined: Int 89-10. Recent Affiliations: PHIL 89-06, NYY 07-10

Syracuse: This is another venerable franchise that has been in and out of the
International League since 1918, occasionally dropping down to the Eastern League
level. In the 40’s they were a CIN farm, and later there was an eleven year relationship
with the Yankees. They have just ended a 30 year affililiation with TOR and have
become a farm of the Nationals. Leagues: Int 18-27; NYP 28-29; Int 34-55; East 56-
57; Int 61-10. Recent Affiliations: TOR 78-08; NAT 09-10

Toledo: Thanks to Jamie Farr (M.A.S.H.), “Toledo Mudhens” are household words.
The city is also noted for its 1884 major league team, which had the First African-
American players. The city hooked up with DET in the 30’s, then the St’ Louis Browns
in the 40’s. Because of proximity the Tigers have been a frequent parent, 1949-51, 1967-
73, and now since 1987. Leagues: AA 02-13, 16-55; Int 65-10. Recent Affiliations:
MINN 78-86; DET 87-10

                                                                                                 Compiled by Bill McMahon

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