; Small Talk (PowerPoint)
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Small Talk (PowerPoint)


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									Small Talk
         What is small talk?

 “Small talk” is:
  •   A style of short conversation
  •   Use it in some situations
  •   Very polite
  •   Not deep
  •   Easy for you!
 When do I use small talk?

 When you meet someone you know on
  the street
 In an office or business setting
 When you are waiting somewhere
 When you meet someone new at a
  busy place
 When you are with people you don’t
  know very well at a social event
         Example situations

   Meeting a stranger on a train
   Meeting a stranger in the cafeteria
   Talking with a co-worker at your office
   Seeing a foreign teacher or student on
    the street
      Polite/Impolite Topics

 Polite Topics          Impolite topics
  • Weather               •   Personal relationships
  • Current events        •   Something to sell
  • Occupation            •   Politics
  • Social event
                          •   Your health problems
  • Traveling, your
    hometown              •   Religion
  • A common hobby        •   Death
  • Popular sports or     •   Your salary
      How to Small Talk

1. Starter sentence
2. Stay on topic as long as you want
3. Suggest another starter sentence
          Starter Sentences
 Weather
  • Beautiful day, isn't it?
  • It looks like it's going to rain.
  • It sure is hot today!
 Current Events
  •   Have you seen the news today?
  •   Did you hear about what happened in China?
  •   What do you think about the economic crisis?
  •   Do you watch NBA? (sports-style topics)
       More Starter Sentences
 Social Event
   • This is a nice restaurant, huh?
   • Are you having fun?
   • How do you know the host?
 At the Office
   • How's it going?
   • Have you had a busy week?
   • Looking forward to the weekend?
   • What do you think of the new
     accounting/computer system?
   • Working hard?
A: “Hi, how are you?”
                                            B: “I’m good. How are you?”
A: “I’m good too. This weather has
     been hot lately.”                      B: “I know! It’s too hot for me. I always
                                                 want to eat ice cream to cool off.”

A: “Oh yeah. Have you ever tried
                                            B: “No. But I like green tea ice cream.”
    chocolate ice cream?”

                                                      (silence… silence…)
         (silence…. silence…)
                                            B: “Did you hear about the earthquakes
                                                in the USA?”
A: “No! When did it happen?”
                                            B: “Last week. I don’t think it was very
A: “Oh that’s good. Well, nice talking to
    you! See you later!”
                                            B: “Ok, bye!”
Now you can try!

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