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									       HUCKING HORSES V

             NEW SYNDICATE!
           Starts November 2011


            If you have any queries, please call
John Best (07889 362154) or Helen Williams (07887 500777)
                            Racing Syndicate Information

In recent years, we have purchased some promising yearlings, which have appreciated
in value very quickly. Overall, we always show a healthy profit over the 2 and 3 year
olds' careers, provided the horses are sold when the best opportunity arises.

‘Hucking Horses’ was a small select syndicate that we put together at the beginning of
2006. Due the success of this, we are now putting together our fourth ‘Hucking’
Syndicate. This is aimed at reducing the risk to the individual owner to an absolute
minimum and, at the same time, increasing the opportunity to go racing on a more
regular basis, whilst showing a profit over a 2-year period.

                                     Owners will –

    Have the benefit of a one off payment, with no monthly bills or additional

    Be able to visit the yard, and watch their horses on the gallops and
     developing in their training.

    Have the opportunity to go racing on a regular basis to many of our top
     racetracks throughout the year

    Be supplied with complimentary owner’s badges when available, allowing
     free entry for the day.

    Have access to the parade ring, with the opportunity to talk to the trainer and
     the jockey.

    Receive newsletters containing information of the horse’s progress.

    Receive regular communication with details of where and when the races
     are to take place, along with times and jockey bookings.
                                    Syndicate Terms

                          The syndicate will comprise 2 horses

                         The syndicate will consist of 10 shares

          The syndicate will run from1st November 2011 to 31st October 2013

                       There will be one initial payment of £10,000

                             This will cover costs such as:
    Purchasing the horses, training fees, farrier, vets, jockey fees, race entry fees &
                              There are no hidden extras!

There may be a further payment, on the 01/11/2012 of a maximum of £5000. This would
 be dependent on which horses have been sold and how much prize money has been
                          received during the previous year.

        John Best will decide when and where horses will run and who will ride.

John Best will make all the decisions on the sale of any horse in the best interest of the
                   syndicate. All horses will be sold by 31/10/2013

Accounts will be provided to each owner, no later than the 31/01/2013 and 31/01/2014 to
                   show the financial situation at the end of each year.

 All monies due will be distributed along with the second financial report on 31/01/2014

 There will be a syndicate manager who will organise events, arrange ticket allocation,
      provide newsletters and inform all owners of progress, runners and results.

  Any owner can sell their share at any time, and it is their own responsibility to do so.

If any owner fails to make either of the required payments as detailed, within 30 days of
  the specified dates, the share will then be passed to John Best Racing Ltd at no cost.

 John Best Racing Ltd will receive 5% of all sale proceeds, and the syndicate manager
                       will receive 2.5% of all sales proceeds
                              Syndicate Application Form

I, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other                                                        (name)

from the following address:

enclose a cheque (made payable to ‘Hucking Horses’) for the sum of £10,000 as
confirmation that I wish to be part of the 5th Hucking Horses Syndicate, namely 'Hucking
Horses V'.

I am aware that there could be a further payment of up to £5,000 to cover the duration of

Ways of being contacted when the horses are racing


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Email                  ___________________________________________________

I have read and understand the terms and conditions overleaf


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