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									Deadline                                                                        Deadline
Apr. 12, 2011                                                                   Apr. 12, 2011
                           Western Slope Cattlemen’s

      4th Annual Heart of the West Horse Sale
                          Sale Preview May 20th, 2011
                                 Sale May 21st, 2011

    (Name to be printed in catalog)
    Shown by:____________________________________________________________________

    Address: _____________________________________________________________________
             (Address)                   (City)            (State)           (Zip)

    Phone: _______________________Email:__________________________________________

    Name of Horse: _________________________ Breed: ______________ Reg. #____________

    Color: ____________________ Sex: __________________ Birthdate: __________________

    Catalog Comments:____________________________________________________________

    Is the horse bucky or cinchy in any manner? If so explain.____________________________


    Does the horse crib in any manner?_______________________________________________

    Does horse have navicular disease, been nerved or have any soundness issues?__________

    Has the horse had colic surgery?__________________________________________________
Requirements for Consigned Horses:
      All horses will be inspected, reviewed, and accepted by a WSCLA Representative.
                  Mario Baleztena (970-270-5422)
                  Michael Baleztena (970-261-3098)
                  Bill Martin (970-858-9988)
      Commission on all horses is 10%.
      There will be a $200.00 Catalog Fee assessed to all horses accepted into the sale.
                     (Catalog Fee due by April 12th)
                     NOT REFUNDABLE
      There will be a $150.00 No Sale Fee.
      All horses accepted into the sale MUST be ride-ins.
      Picture, Original Papers & Signed Transfer, & Catalog Fee MUST accompany this
        entry form!
                     Western Slope Cattlemen’s
                        P.O. Box 275
                        Loma, CO 81524
      Horse must be in show condition:
                     Washed, Trimmed & Groomed
      All horses consigned must go through the sale. If a horse is pulled they will be charged
        a No Sale fee of $150.00 unless they make arrangement with a WSCLA representative
        to replace that horse.
      Must bring Brand Papers, Current Coggins test, and Health papers on Friday
        May 20th, 2011.
      Checks will be mailed approx. 7 days after sale date.

Photo Requirements:
In an effort to present your consignment to the best of our ability we have some photo requirements and
suggestions we would like you to follow.
    1. All pictures must be submitted digitally to
              a. Set your cameras or scanner on largest setting available.
    2. All pictures must be of the horse’s side profile. Please do not submit head shots or butt shots.
    3. When taking the picture follow the below suggestions to capture the best picture of your horse.
              a. The best time to take pictures is in the morning or afternoon when the sun is not too high.
              b. Make sure the background is simple, clean and there are no other horses in the picture.
              c. Make sure the horse fills up most of the screen. However, be sure to leave a little space
                  on all 4 sides of the picture so we can crop as needed.

                                                         (Signature of Consignor or Agent)

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