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					Animal Farm
Novel Test

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Directions: Your test for Animal Farm will take place over three days, involving three separate,
but related, assignments. Acts I and II are in small group. Act III is individual.

Act I: The Thesis.
         The first thing you need is a group of four or five. In your groups, share the answers to
yesterday’s questions and themes you reflected upon. Considering these questions and themes
what is the strongest theme among Animal Farm, “Harrison Bergeron,” and your lives?
         Your answer will be the bases for the rest of the project, so that you should be clear and
attentive to the way in which you structure your answer. Your answer needs to be a thesis
statement, not a single word or phrase.

Act II: The Script & The Skit
         Working in your groups of at least four, generate an original script takes place in
________, Ellicott City/Columbia, Maryland that demonstrates your chosen thesis. The script will
be performed live in front of the class on the day the essays are due. Therefore, all group
members must have a role with dialogue in a clear plot. Characters, setting, dialogue, and plot
need to be based within a real context of your lives. All liberties to this must be done deliberately.
         These skits will be performed live in front of the class, and are to be followed by an
identification of thesis, an explanation as to how the thesis is developed in the skit, and a
discussion of its implications in our lives.
         You will have two to three class days to prepare, depending on how productive and on
task you are throughout the allotted time.
         One copy of a script needs to be handed in before the performance.

Act III: The Writing*
        Each group member needs to turn in multi-paragraph essay (at least an introduction, three
supporting paragraphs, conclusion), which identifies the thesis from Act I and explains it in terms
of Animal Farm, “Harrison Bergeron,” and in terms of your skit. Follow the details below to
determine the format.

    1. Introduction: introduce and clearly state thesis and prepare the reader for the essay.
    2. First Supporting Paragraph: focusing on Animal Farm identify two specific, accurate
       examples from the novel (page numbers and quotes included), and use the examples
       clearly and effectively to support your thesis. *Group members cannot use the same
       examples in their papers.
    3. Second Supporting Paragraph: clearly and effectively discuss “Harrison Bergeron” to
       demonstrate your understanding of the thesis.
    4. Third Supporting Paragraph: clearly and effectively discuss the skit from Act II to
       demonstrate your understanding of the thesis.
    5. Conclusion: reflect on the thesis beyond the texts: what are its implications in our lives?

    *Writing Mechanics:
    Double space. Times New Roman. 12 point font. MLA Heading.

      Introduction                                         _______ (10)
              clearly stated theme
              prepares reader for essay
      First Support Paragraph (Animal Farm)                _______ (20)
              identifies two specific, accurate examples
              uses examples clearly and effectively
      Second Support Paragraph (“Harrison Bergeron”)       _______ (10)
              clear and effective discussion
              demonstrating understanding of thesis
      Third Support Paragraph (Skit)                       _______ (10)
              clear and effective discussion
              demonstrating understanding of thesis
      Conclusion                                           _______ (10)
              depth of thought
              appropriate and sufficient details
      Quality Performance                                  _______ (20)
              appropriate and effective plot,
              setting, characters, and dialogue
      Quality Explanation                                  _______ (20)
              thesis identified and
              clearly explained

      Writing Total                                        _______ (60)

      Performance Total                                    _______ (40)

      Project Total                                        _______ (100)

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