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									                                                    ANIMAL FARM

                                                    Animal Farm was originally published in
                                                    England in 1945, on the heels of World
                                                    War II. George Orwell wrote the book
                                                    during the war as a cautionary fable in
                                                    order to expose the seriousness of the
                                                    dangers posed by Stalinism and
                                                    totalitarian government.

                                                      Animal Farm is an allegory or fable; a
                                                      fairy tale for adults. Orwell uses animal
characters in order to draw the reader away from the world of current events into a
fantasy space where the reader can grasp ideas and principles more crisply. At the
same time, he personifies the animals in the tradition of allegory so that they symbolise
real historical figures. In their own universe, people can become desensitised even to
terrible things like deception, mistreatment and violence. By demonstrating how these
things occur in an allegorical world, Orwell makes them more clearly understood in the
real world. Animal Farm is also a powerful satire. Orwell uses irony to undermine the
tenets of totalitarianism, specifically that of Stalinism.

Animal Farm is an uncompromising analysis of human society that is understandably
used as a set work in schools around the world. Of course, it has particular relevance to
events in South Africa, which gives the book a greater depth for local students to
savour. The Tshwane University of Technology Department of Drama and Film (Drama)
intends to create a production based on Nelson Bond’s stage adaptation of the book.
This fast-moving dramatisation of George Orwell's classic satire Animal Farm is fresh
and immensely enjoyable without jeopardising the savagery of the original material.

The TUT Drama Programme’s production of Animal Farm will not rely on the spectacle,
but is a physical storytelling feast! It is devised as a site-specific experience where the
audience is invited into the performance space and enticed to participate in the journey.
This physical theatre performance is created in Janine Lewis’ distinctive style and will
take place in the Breytenbach Theatre, Gerhard Moerdyk Street, Sunnyside. The
show runs from 20 to 24 March 2012. Daily shows at 19:00, with matinees on 21
and 24 March at 15:00.

Especially for school block-bookings: a discussion session may be booked in
conjunction with the performance. This platform will enable learners to participate in a
question-and-answer session where this specific production as well as the novel itself
may be discussed. Book now, space is limited!

Tickets: R40 for adults and R30 for block bookings and students.

For more information or to make your booking, please contact the Breytenbach Theatre
at 012 440 4834 or e-mail

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