My Me Collage by FtfdO9


									                               My Me Collage

Choose 8-10 of the following categories to put on your Me Collage.

   1. My favorite animal or pet
   2. My favorite food
   3. My favorite sport
   4. My friends
   5. My hobbies or activities
   6. What I want to be when I grow up
   7. The best thing that has happened to me
   8. My favorite subject in school
   9. My family
   10.Where I live
   11.My favorite place to visit
   12.My favorite book or movie

Your collage will be pasted on the poster I give you. Remember, there
should not be any of the poster showing through. You can use pictures from
magazines, photographs, real objects that will not fall off the poster,
brochures, drawings, or other things you might think of that relate to these
categories. This will be part of your homework for the next three weeks.
Your Me Collage will be due in class Thursday, October 1.
Have fun and I know your collage will be as good as Judy Moody’s!

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