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					                                                         MODEL RISK ASSESSMENT ICT CLASSROOM
Establishment:                        Assessment by:                                         Date:

Review Date:                          Approved by:                                           Date:

                                   Who is at   Initial            Normal Control Measures                 Are Control          Additional Control Measures          Residual
             Hazard / Risk         Risk?        Risk         (Brief description and/or reference to     Measures Y/N/NA      (to take account of local/individual     Risk
                                               Rating                source of information).           In Place   Adequate             circumstances).               Rating

Defective flooring / Slips Trips    Staff &                    Inspection of flooring
Falls                              students                    Prompt maintenance of defects
Liquid spillages / Slips, Falls    Staff &                     Supervision in use of liquids in
                                   Students                     class
                                                               Immediate cleaning up of spillages
Trailing electrical cables /       Staff &                     Avoid use of extension leads
Trips, Falls                       Students                    Where extension leads are used,
                                                                staff instructed on safe and correct
                                                               Ensure sufficient sockets
                                                               Use of cable covers where cables
                                                                are a trip hazard
Electrical equipment &             Staff &                     Portable appliance testing and
sockets / Electrocution            Students                     regular visual inspection
                                                               Fixed Installation testing
Fire                            Staff &           All equipment maintained and
                                Students           tested.
                                                  No Smoking.
                                                  Smoke detectors fitted.
                                                  Fire Risk Assessment.
                                                  Staff trained in fire precautions
                                                   and action to be taken in an
                                                  All escape routes, alarm call
                                                   buttons, extinguishers and fire
                                                   doors kept free from obstruction.
                                                  Regular inspection by staff.
                                                  Reporting of defects.
                                                  Good standards of housekeeping
                                                   maintained at all times.
                                                  Avoid mounting displays over/near
                                                  Electrical installations checked by
                                                   competent persons annually
Hot radiators or heaters /      Staff &           Low surface temperature radiators
Burns                           Students           where young or special needs
                                                   children are present
Open windows / Falls            Staff &           Opening limiters fitted to windows
                                Students           above ground floor
Unsuitable screen or set-up /   Staff &           Screen to be adjustable for height,
eye strain, headaches,          Students           angle, contrast, brightness etc.
muscular skeletal disorders                       Workstation layout to be in
                                                   accordance with guidance in
                                                   County Health and Safety Policies
                                                   and Guidelines manual

Unsuitable seating / muscular   Staff &           Ensure seating is adjustable with
skeletal disorders              Students           proper backrest where used for
                                                   significant periods of time
a SEVERITY                                 b LIKELIHOOD                                  c FINAL SCORE RATING: WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE

5   Dying or being permanently disabled    5   Will almost certainly happen              16–25 Stop! Do not start activity again until risk is controlled
4   Serious injury/long-term illness       4   Highly likely to happen                   10-15 High risk level, High priority. Take action straight away
3   Temporary disability/3 days off sick   3   Not so likely                                   to control the risk
2   Will need medical attention            2   Even less likely                           6-9  Medium risk level. Tighten up controls and make a
1 Minor injury eg bruise, graze                  1 Unlikely to happen at all                      plan to do something about risk
                                                                                            3-5   Fairly low risk level. Low priority but keep possible action
                                                                                                  in mind.
                                                                                            1-2   Low or trivial risk. No further action required.
So: a x b = c
Action Required                                                        Responsible Person                          Date for Completion

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