How do I know if my system is 32bit or 64bit

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					Please follow the instructions carefully
Caution: Uninstall the application used for 2011 UTME registration and all references
before installing the 2012 UTME application
How to uninstall the application
>> Open the control panel, select the add/remove programs option, Locate the
Jambfingerprints application from the list and uninstall it
>> If you have any other biometrics library installed on your PC, you are advised to
uninstall/disable them before any installation to disallow any conflict
>>In case of any installation mistakes or error, please uninstall all installed modules and
restart the entire process
>>Open the FAQ file for answers to some issues you may encounter
>> Supported Scanners
        32bit Operating System

        DigitaPersona (Preferred)




        64Bit Operating System

        DigitaPersona (Preferred)



>>Recommended Hardware Requirements
        Pentium 4 Processor or equivalent or higher

        Windows Xp or higher version
        1GB Ram or Higher

        Reliable Internet Access
        One of the supported fingerprints scanner
How do I know if my system is 32bit or 64bit?
      >> Right click the ‘My computer Icon’ from the start menu and select properties
      >>Observe the opened windows and confirm the System type you are using as shown below

Note: Installing the prerequisite and licensing are required for fresh installation only
Installation Procedures
Depending on your operating system bit mode, Navigate to 32bit folder or the 64bit folder
>> Installing the JambPassFingerprints

1. Open the JambPassFingerprints folder

2. Click on setup.exe

3. Follow the instruction on the wizard to complete the installation

4. An Icon of the application will be created on your desktop

>> Installing the prerequisites

1. Open the Prerequisites folder

2. On non-Vista Windows or higher version, Run 'FingerPreInstaller'.

3. On Vista/Other secured Windows, Copy the Prerequisite folder to 'C:\'. In ‘C:\Prerequisite’, right-click on
'FingerPreInstallerVistaSecure' and select Run as administrator .

4. A black (DOS) page will show for some seconds, and then disappear

5. Locate your device name from the driver folder and install the required one from the setup or install
icon. Note: DigitalPersona scanner users must have the two drivers inside its folder completely installed

Biometric License
   1. Ensure you are certain the system is capable of running the application before licensing it

   2. Make sure the system is connected to the internet

   3. Navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Neurotechnology\VeriFinger 6.0\bin\Activation’ for 32Bits and ‘C:\Program
         Files\Neurotechnology\VeriFinger 6.2\bin\Activation’ for 64Bits

   4. Right-click on ‘ActivationWizardDotNet’ and select run as administrator, to launch the below form.
5. Click on the Single Icon to open the application below. Click Next

6. Click on ‘Activate new license’ button on the form as shown below
7. Copy one of the license numbers (given) and paste it inside the Serial No field. Wait for Info to be generated.

        Click on the ‘Generate Button’. Wait for the ID to be generated.

        Click on ‘Activate Online’ all in the form below

        On successful installation, an alert will be shown.

8. Repeat this for the other license number
9. If you can see the figure below after the installation with the two listed licenses with ‘Running’ on the right
   side. Then the installation is okay otherwise follow the next step

10. Click on single icon again; click next to open the figure below. With one License shown in the box (VFMatcher
    or VFExtractor), click on the + button on t the right corner of the box. Select the missing license from the
    open dialog (Vfmacther.lic or vfExtractor.lic) depending on what is missing. Check both entries from the box.
    Click next and finish the processes.

11. Please make sure the two files are backed up: VFmatcher.lic and VFExtractor.lic inside the
    ‘C:\Program Files\Neurotechnology\VeriFinger 6.0\bin\Activation’ or ‘C:\Program
    Files\Neurotechnology\VeriFinger 6.2\bin\Activation’ depending on the system. They can only be used on
    this system only.
How to Use the Application

    1. Fill in Candidate’s Serial number, Pin Number and Bio-data information

    2. Browse Passport to Select Candidate Passport from file


       Use a Webcam to Capture Candidate’s Image if one is attached and detected.

    3. Click on Start Capture to Capture fingerprint

       Place Left Thumb on Scanner until it has been clearly captured. Select the Right Thumb option;
       capture the Right Thumb as well. Having any issue follow the directives inside the monitoring

    4. Click Save Details.

    The application automatically transfers data once there is internet. To manually initiate transfer,
    click start transfer

   1. To change your settings, click settings.

   2. Ensure that the destination server is ‘’ and license server is empty

   3. To change the location of the treated data, click folder and select valid directory

   4. ‘Action After Processing’ can be used to decide the status of the treated data

   5. Click ok to save changes.

Output Details

       1. Click on output details to open the process monitoring section

       2. To view successfully transferred data, click success transfer

       3. To view failed transfer and the reason, click on failed transfer

       4. For errors without particular source, click on general Logs

       5. Entries can be exported to excel if excel is installed on the system
Exporting Data

   1. Untreated data saved on a system can be exported to another system by using the clicking on
      export from the ‘Transfer saved data’ menu.

   2. Choose export destination by clicking on ‘Select Export Location’

   3. Select Copy Files or Move Files

   4. Click Export Now To Start The Transfer
Importing Data

   1. Exported data can be imported by clicking import from the ‘Transfer saved data’ menu.

   2. Choose import destination by clicking on ‘Select Import Location’

   3. Click Import Now To Start The Transfer

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