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									My Brother Sam is Dead
Chapters 11-End

1. What news does the wounded Continental messenger have about the British troop
2. Whose troops are following the Redcoats?
3. When Captain Betts comes into the tavern after his release from the British, what does
he tell Timmy to do?
4. Where does Tim find Sam and in what shape is he?
5. What is mother's plea to Sam when she sees him? What is Sam's reply?
6. How does Timmy feel after this meeting with Sam?
7. What news of Life and Jerry Sanford did they receive in June of 1777?
8. Who shows up later in 1778 and what advice does he give Timmy?
9. Who does Tim go to see about the false charges against Sam?
10. How does Tim's mother react to this message?
11. What does she find out about the situation?
12. How does Colonel Read clarify the problem for mother and Tim?
13. What was the result of the court martial?
14. When Tim goes to Colonel Putnam in Sam's defense, what happens?
15. What is Tim's plan to save Sam the night before the execution? Is it successful?
16. What happens to Tim and his mother after Sam's execution?

The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Chapters 14-End

1. Where did Kit see Nat?
2. How did Kit feel about Governor Andros?
3. Why was the charter safe?
4. What happened to William's new home?
5. What was Nat's punishment?
6. What happened to Judith?
7. How did Mercy react to becoming sick?
8. What was Dr. Bulkeley's cure for the fever?
9. Where did Kit hide Hannah?
10. Why did the people want Hannah?
11. How did the townspeople suppose Hannah had escaped?
12. What evidence did Goodman Cruff bring forth at the hearing?
13. How was Kit proved to be innocent?
14. What change came over Goodman Cruff when he found out that Prudence could read
and write?
15. Who was going to be married?
16. How was Kit going to afford passage back to Barbados?
17. Who did Kit realize she loved?
18. What did Nat buy?
The Light in the Forest
Chapters 12-End

1. What was True Son's only regret?
2. What did the boys do when they reached the Alleghi Sipu river?
3. How did their journey change after they passed Fort Pitt?
4. Describe True Son's homecoming.
5. What did Little Crane's male relatives want to do, and why?
6. Why did Cuyloga think True Son should accompany him and the other men?
7. What was the cause of the conflict between Thitpan and True Son?
8. What was strange about True Son's dream that night?
9. What was True Son's role in the next stage of the raid?
10. How did True Son perform his duty?
11. What was the significance of True Son's half black-half white face?
12. What did Cuyloga do when it was his turn to vote?
13. What did Cuyloga tell True Son?
14. Describe the parting scene between Cuyloga and True Son.

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