United States Introduction to Regions by xiagong0815


									We’re off on road trip
  across the USA!
The United States of America
• Population: More than 300 million
  people (311,851,599)
• Capital: Washington, D.C.
• Bird: American Eagle
The United States can be
broken into major parts called

                    A compass rose
                     to give names
                    to the regions.
What is a REGION?
•Regions are areas that have
 similar characteristics.

•These areas may not have
 definite boundaries.
The United States can be
broken into 7 regions.
• New England Region
• Mid-Atlantic Region
• Southeast Region
• Southwest Region
• Pacific Region
• Mountain Region
• Midwest Region
New England Region

     Six states make up the
      New England region.
Mid Atlantic Region

    Five states make up the
       Mid-Atlantic region.
Southeast Region

      There are 12
      states in the
    Southeast region
Southwest Region

   There are 4 states in the
      Southwest region
Pacific Region

  There are 5 states in the
       Pacific region
Mountain Region

 The Mountain region has 6 states
Midwest Region

   The Midwest region
     has 12 states
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