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									                        A                                                      B                C                     D                      E                   F             G                  H                       I           J        K                 L
                    UBL Name                                        Dictionary Entry Name     Object             Object Class       Property Term       Property Term     Property          Property Term           Representation         Data Type         Associated
                                                                                              Class                                 Qualifier           Possessive Noun   Term                                          Term                                   Object
                                                                                             Qualifier                                                                    Primary                                                                              Class
 1                                                                                                                                                                        Noun                                                                                Qualifier
 2 PackingList                          Packing List. Details                                            Packing List
   UBLVersionID                         Packing List. UBL Version Identifier. Identifier                 Packing List                                   UBL Version       Identifier    UBL Version Identifier   Identifier               Identifier. Type
 4 CustomizationID                      Packing List. Customization Identifier. Identifier               Packing List                                   Customization     Identifier    Identifier               Identifier               Identifier. Type
 5 ProfileID                            Packing List. Profile Identifier. Identifier                     Packing List                                   Profile           Identifier    Identifier               Identifier               Identifier. Type
 6 ID                                   Packing List. Identifier                                         Packing List                                                     Identifier    Identifier               Identifier               Identifier. Type
 7 UUID                                 Packing List. UUID. Identifier                                   Packing List                                                     UUID          UUID                     Identifier               Identifier. Type
 8 IssueDate                            Packing List. Issue Date. Date                                   Packing List                                   Issue             Date          Issue Date               Date                     Date. Type
 9 IssueTime                            Packing List. Issue Time. Time                                   Packing List                                   Issue             Time          Issue Time               Time                     Time. Type
10 Name                                 Packing List. Name                                               Packing List                                                     Name          Name                     Name                     Name. Type
11 Description                          Packing List. Description. Text                                  Packing List                                                     Description   Description              Text                     Text. Type
12 Note                                 Packing List. Note. Text                                         Packing List                                                     Note          Note                     Text                     Text. Type
13 VersionID                            Packing List. Version Identifier. Identifier                     Packing List                                   Version           Identifier    Version Identifier       Identifier               Identifier. Type
   OtherInstruction                     Packing List. Other_ Instruction. Text                           Packing List               Other                                 Instruction   Instruction              Text                     Text. Type

     ConsignorParty                     Packing List. Consignor_ Party. Party                            Packing List               Consignor                                           Party                    Party
     CarrierParty                       Packing List. Carrier_ Party. Party                              Packing List               Carrier                                             Party                    Party

     FreightForwarderParty              Packing List. Freight Forwarder_ Party. Party                    Packing List               Freight Forwarder                                   Party                    Party

     Shipment                           Packing List. Shipment                                           Packing List                                                                   Shipment                 Shipment
     DocumentReference                  Packing List. Document Reference                                 Packing List                                                                   Document Reference       Document Reference
     DocumentDistribution               Packing List. Document Distribution                              Packing List                                                                   Document Distribution    Document
20                                                                                                                                                                                                               Distribution
21 Signature                            Packing List. Signature                                          Packing List                                                                   Signature                Signature

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          M                               N                             O    P                                                      Q                                                                     R             S                  T         U          V               W
     Associated              Alternative Business Terms               Card Compo Definition                                                                                            Examples                  UN/TDED Code           Current   Analyst   Candidate   Context: Business
     Object                                                           inali nent                                                                                                                                                        Version    Notes      CC ID         Process
     Class                                                             ty   Type
2                                                                            ABIE    A document stating the detail of how goods are packed.                                                                                                 2.0                         Transportation
                                                                      0..1   BBIE    The earliest version of the UBL 2 schema for this document type that defines all of the           2.0.5                                                2.0                         Transportation
 3                                                                                   elements that might be encountered in the current instance.
 4                                                                    0..1   BBIE    Identifies a user-defined customization of UBL for a specific use.                                NES                                                  2.0                         Transportation
 5                                                                    0..1   BBIE    Identifies a user-defined profile of the subset of UBL being used.                                BasicProcurementProcess                              2.0                         Transportation
 6                Packing List Number                                 1      BBIE    Unique Identifier of the Packing List. Reference number to identify a packing list.                                                         1014       2.0                         Transportation
 7                                                                    0..1   BBIE    A universally unique identifier for an instance of this ABIE.                                                                                          2.0                         Transportation
 8                                                                    0..1   BBIE    Date of issue of a packing list.                                                                                                                       2.0                         Transportation
 9                                                                    0..1   BBIE    Time of issue of a packing list.                                                                                                            2459       2.0                         Transportation
10                                                                    0..1   BBIE    Name of a Packing List.                                                                                                                     2459       2.0                         Transportation
11                                                                    0..1   BBIE    Textual description of a Packing List.                                                                                                                 2.0                         Transportation
12                                                                    0..n   BBIE    Textual note associated with a Packing List.                                                                                                           2.0                         Transportation
13                                                                    0..1   BBIE    Version identifier of a Packing List.                                                                                                                  2.0                         Transportation
                                                                      0..1   BBIE    Contains other free-text-based instructions related to the shipment to the forwarders or                                                               2.0                         Transportation
                                                                                     carriers. This should only be used where such information cannot be represented in other
14                                                                                   structured information entities within the document.
     Party        Consignor (WCO ID 71 and 72)                        0..1   ASBIE   The party consigning goods as stipulated in the transport contract by the party ordering                                    3036 and 3039              2.0                         Transportation
15                                                                                   transport.
     Party        Transport Company, Shipping Line, NVOCC, Airline,   0..1   ASBIE   The party providing the transport of goods between named points.                                                            3036 and 3039              2.0                         Transportation
                  Haulier, Courier, Carrier (WCO ID 49 and 50)
     Party        Consolidator (WCO ID 192 AND 193)                   0..1   ASBIE   The party combining individual smaller shipments into a single larger consignment (so called                                3036 and 3039              2.0                         Transportation
                                                                                     consolidated consignment) that is sent to a counterpart who mirrors the consolidator's activity
                                                                                     by dividing the consolidated consignment into its original components.
     Shipment                                                         1      ASBIE   Information about the separately identifiable collection of goods items (available to be)                                                              2.0                         Transportation
18                                                                                   transported from one consignor to one consignee via one or more modes of transport.
   Document                                                           0..n   ASBIE   An association to Document Reference (reference to documents that provide supplementary                                                                2.0                         Transportation
19 Reference                                                                         information to the Packing List).
   Document                                                           0..n   ASBIE   Contain information on the distribution list of the documents.                                                                                         2.0                         Transportation
20 Distribution
21 Signature                                                          0..n   ASBIE   One or more signatures applied to the document instance.                                                                                               2.0                         Transportation
22                                                                           END

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          X            Y           Z            AA        AB           AC          AD          AE
       Context:    Context:     Context:     Context:   Context:    Context:     Context:    Editor's
       Region       Official    Product      Industry    Role      Supporting    System       Notes
     (Geopolitica Constraints                                         Role      Constraint
1         l)









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